Oh, dear. This is what self-hate and internalized racism looks like folks.

Recently, someone shared this tragic video with me and while it’s incredibly idiotic, I’m sharing it with you because whoever this dude is…he needs a talking to. Umm…get your cousin, folks.

I’m not mad at this woman. She’s woefully ignorant and annoying. But my beef is with this guy, who–instead of putting a stop to her offensive statements–agreed with what she was saying.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those women who thinks all black men are one white woman away from leaving the race, nor do I think there’s anything wrong with interracial dating. However, I do have a problem with men who will allow someone to disrespect all black women–which includes their mother, sisters, daughters, or cousins–in an effort to curry favor from white women.

While this video is indeed offensive and inflammatory, and will certainly bring out the trolls who lurk on this site (yes, I see you), I think it’s important to shine a light on ignorance wherever it occurs and let men like this guy know that his compulsion to side with foolishness will not be tolerated.

  • Cia

    One…I suspect he is on something and not taking the conversation as something that is serious. He is just laughing like a fool. Two…I feel bad for this dude’s mother, aunties, or sisters….they have to be heartbroken to see this video.

    This is just sad. Not really upsetting but sad.

  • http://Roslynhardyholcomb.com Roslyn Hardy Holcomb

    And we’re supposed to give a big hairy damn because? I mean seriously what does this have to do with us? What is this compulsive need so many black women seem to have that anytime a jack leg black man farts we have to be there to smell it? You act like museum curators collecting the best and brightest of the black woman hating vitriol to share with all and sundry. Again, why should we care what the hell this guy says and does? Are any of us bumping uglies with him? Are any of us on his payroll? No? That being the case how is any of this germane to us? I’m not warching the video. I refuse to pollute my psyche with the putrid mouthings of morons. Indeed, I rarely listen to or read anything written by a black man on the internet. Most of the time it’s either self-serving nonsense, or even worse it’s this type of viciousness. I have no idea what their problem is, nor do I give two good goddamns, I just wish black women would stop collecting and sharing it like Birkins at a two for one sale.

  • niki

    LMBO!! Tell how you really feel!

  • Toppin

    Oh sh-it….the nothing but a brother set are about to be p-issed off…hurt feelings and all this comment section is about to blow up.

    This video has no effect on my type (i.e., those not checking for black men). I could careless what any black man thinks about black women. That is one of the benefits of not being invested in black males period.

    This video is why I keep telling these broads to STOP jumping up defending black men/males whenever something happens to them in this country. Let this chick in this video take up a petition and march on their behalf. They have no respect for you so return the favor. When something else happens to a black man in this country let Maria, Becky, Ling Ming take to the streets protesting on their behalf….let’s just see how that ish works out.

  • http://lettersfromscotland.wordpress.com/ Scotland Dior

    I was just watching this on WorldStar and I can only hope that the black women in his family does not see this. Especially if the black women in his life opened their home to her (I’m assuming they’re dating) and were completely welcoming to her without realizing she had all of those negative preconceived notions about them is disheartening.

    Somebody needs to have an ole’ fashion sit down with that young man and quick. To just sit there and allow her to speak so negatively about his own race is just; I’m not sure what it is, but it troubles me.

  • Mina

    “This video has no effect on my type (i.e., those not checking for black men). I could careless what any black man thinks about black women. That is one of the benefits of not being invested in black males period.”

    I agree, I agree!!! For real!!! And guess what, they always come crawling back too when the going gets tough smh! LMAO! It’s a real laugh!

  • Socially Maladjusted

    Troll n#1 reporting for duty mam – that places me under YOUR command.

    feel me?

    good :-)

    This one should cause out and out war.

    love it.

    gearing up.

  • Mina

    Yes! Yes!!! Amen! I concur!!!

  • Ebony

    Didnt watch the vid, just couldnt get over the fact that she look like a dude in drag *shrugs*;

  • Giselle Tousir

    From her awakrd eye contact and his continous directing of the conversation it almost seems as if this was slightly staged. Also, the question you have to ask yourself (and it is something i try to do when confronting “racism” at any level) is “Would I be offended if one of my African-american friends said ‘Black men like white girls because they don’t have tracks’.” Most of us probably wouldn’t be offend. Now understand that I am not defending this…AT ALL, but as people we should always see it from every spectrum. So denounce the white girl, the ignorant black man and any of your friends, family members, lovers, etc who would say the same comments but top it off with “I’m ______, so I can say this.”

  • Ocean Blue

    What Roslyn and Toppin said, yep!

  • Ms. Information

    You don’t have to worry about pulling tracks but they do have to worry about white women being 23 and looking 42…and he is nothing but a house nigga….It’s interesting that I haven’t seen a black women with her white man dogging black men….

  • HowApropos…

    I agree with everything you wrote, Toppin.

    The thing is they want us to care. These type of bw/ww pairs feed off the reactions of others, especially black women because many do not disappoint to give them what they need as far as the mean glares, side-eyes, teeth-sucking, etc.

    The thing is, I don’t see many black women even getting upset about that anymore because we all got the memo decades ago. So, many are heeding the message and seeking elsewhere.

    But they don’t want you to stop giving them attention. They want black women to still get upset, so they ‘act out’ in so many ways, via YouTube, rap songs, comedy skits, what have you, talking so bad about black women, just so they can get what they need for an ego boost.

    The idea that black women stay mad about their union is what keeps it going. If you don’t pay them any attention, they become redundant to the point that they become an afterthought.

    I say stop feeding them and let them become obscure.

    And you’re right, Toppin. It’s so much easier when one is not vested in the whims and/or concerns of black males.

  • Toppin

    Amen. This site only post ish like this to get hits. I mean think about it…why the hell would you post this foolishness on a site for black women??? Not just this nonsense but the Kevin Hart nonsense too.

  • Mina

    I didn’t bother to watch the video but I know if I was a white woman, I would avoid him and his boys. He looks like he hangs out with a group of black guys who loathe themselves. I would however, use him, in some way or form, to get what I want out of him. And if he got caught riding dirty or whatever, I’d go to the next black guy and get what I want out of him too. Let them wallow in their self hate. Ooh, and maybe I could get them to marry me so they can sign a will or something and when they’re strung out on cocaine and weed, I’d get someone to kill or rob em so I can get the little money left in their measly life insurance and bank account. Sounds like a swell plan so let me get my white woman disguise on. SMH.

  • Leontyne

    Is this supposed to move black women? An ignorant dude and an inarticulate dude in drag on camera. So unmoved by this

  • anony.mous


  • anony.mous

    I’m not going to watch the video, but as i can just “guess” as to the context of it, i’m not surprised. not at all. it reminds me of a conversation i heard by 2 young black guys on the bus about a week ago.

    guy 1: so man, how do you approach a white girl?
    guy 2: well, it depends on the white girl. but you can’t do it like with a black girl either way. you gotta be respectful, white girls not gonna go for that “aye girl, wussup lil mama” stuff.”

    this was of course after a lengthy debate about the pros and cons of dating a light skin or dark skin girl. so even when black guys DO date black women, half the time they think we aren’t deserving of the same respect as–or being approached like–”a white girl.”

    i certainly don’t feel bad or hold back on the affection when with my white bf.

  • Toppin

    That’s the reason BW/WM unions last longer…they aren’t based on superficial B.S. They are more genuine. You would be hard pressed to hear me say I’m engaged to a white man because of his hair or his attitude. Instead I say something along the lines of, “I met a great guy, we clicked, and we decided to make it official. I love his character etc.”

  • http://elegantblackwoman.blogspot.com Elegance

    That’s how I felt too! This guy looks like a typical thug with all those tattoos! Is his neck actually tattooed? I am not jealous about the way she looks that’s for sure! If White women want men like him they can have them because he doesn’t look like a catch to me. I wonder why she isn’t with a White man though? Maybe they think she is too low class and sleazy??? I have natural hair and I don’t have an attitude, but I’m not interested in attracting White men anyway so I really don’t care about this video.

    I also wonder why it was posted? To make Black women feel bad about themselves? To scare them into being submissive to no-good men. Yes, this woman may cater to her man but from what I have heard, “catering” means a whole new level of disgusting to White women. Black women won’t go so low.

  • Talulah Belle

    She seems “slow.” Poor thing. Does he have in a glass eye of some sort?

  • alldawg

    i doubt it, just refer to kevin harts cartoon. Why would he go back, he may view you the same way you view him.

  • binks

    Lmao…really? this video is soo stupid it isn’t worth being anger by. One of their key reasonings is a weave…lol furthermore if you aren’t checking for black women then why are you talking about us…me thinks thou doth protest too much…shrugs
    POOR little tinks tinks

  • anony.mous

    i 2nd what toppin said. my boyfriend loves me and respects me and treats me like the princess (budding queen, heh) that i am. and that’s what i love about him–for the person he is. whenever some shiftless guy comes up to me, trying to “flirt” using gibberish i don’t even know how to respond to, i just become MORE thankful for the person my bf is, he just happens to be white.

  • alldawg

    He we go again with “we last longer”, you cant seem to get past 9%. Last longer means put up with non-sense longer. You have no vested interest in BM, but do WM have a vested interest in BW. I think not..

  • Ms. Information

    Exactly, and that is why I don’t respect that interracial BM/WM mess…it is usually based on the shortcomings of black women…If you want to be with someone, it should be based on you loving them, not their prior experiences with other women…..

  • Alexandra

    I would think most Black women would be desensitized by ‘these types’ by now….

    It’s not going to stop ladies, just look on the bright side. Would you want to date someone like that? These two don’t even seem that smart, as they’re voluntarily stigmatizing their own relationship with common stereotypes associated with Black male/White female couples. This vid will give them the reaction they want, because similar to what Toppin mentioned, some Black women seem too invested in men who don’t care about/like them.

  • http://www.talesfromtheurbansocialite.com Amber (The Urban Socialite)

    For every one Black man that generalize Black women and claims to prefer women of other races, there’s three or four that love us just that way we are. Welp.

  • Stanley

    Some people are overretarded.

  • Achica89

    They do age fast.lol. But anyway, interracial dating or marriage is fine, but self-hatred is not. We as a people need to get to the point where we stop acting like uncle toms and aunt janes when we date out (those that do). You can love someone outside of your race and not hate yourself. SMH. When will we learn this as a whole? Do you see white men who date Asian, Hispanic and Black women degrading white women? Seldom. This is 2012, interracial dating is not taboo anymore for a lot of America, and personally I think by now most black women; with me included, could care less about black men dating Beckys. This video is like 10 years too late.

  • Alexandra

    And there it is; I agree as well. Last sentence made me chuckle. Haha.

    I’m 50-50 about Black men on the internet, not all are negative, however the vocal minority makes the most noise/gets the most hits.

  • LemonNLime

    Why can’t I ever post my comments? Is there something wrong?

  • Alicia


  • The Taker

    Sensationalism=This article.

  • http://www.sherpagirljourney.comm Sherpagirl

    I have not even finished the video yet, and I am already over them both. I don’t understand generalizing a whole group of people! Have you met every black, white, latin, asian person out there to say such ignorant statements? Education folks, it helps cure ignorance.

  • Ms. Information

    In my own experience (not saying that it doesn’t happen) Black men catcall, call women out of their names, physically grab black women and put them on the defensive, we are called out of our names (yes some women are bitches, but some aren’t) — when I see other men of other races doing this to their own women, I will stand down….I for one don’t believe that all black men think this way and I will only date black men, at the same time, niggas like this can kick rocks…

  • Mina

    No, no, no. That’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is, for black guys who complain about black women and get at white girls. They end up going back to black women to complain about the relationship. Like they want a black friend who’s a girl or something. I know plenty of guys who hated themselves and dated white women. All they did was brag about them, calling them snow bunnies and when the going got tough, they wanted to come and holla at me or be my friend. I was like, f*ck that! You snooze you lose and I laughed at their face and told them I hate guys who have low self esteem and talk sh*t about others just to boost their egos. And now those same guys, supposedly hate women and are taking a break from them all. SMH.

  • Jame

    And men wonder why the women they holler at on the street keep on walking without a response or backwards glance…….

  • Talulah Belle

    They’re not “overretarded.” They’re a handsome couple. They look like an advertisement for meth toothpaste and joint application antifungal cream that can be used on your feet and on your privates. She definitely needs to get in the bathtub and douche. He clearly just got out of prison. He looks like the kind of guy whose tattoo is misspelled. I can see where her third eye was removed, sightly off-center on her forehead (I can see the scar). And, if you add up their combined IQ’s you would likely get a low double digit, like 47 or something. She is smarter than him though, because she uses bigger words and has managed to affix her hair part as not to show off too much of a jutting upper cranium. Finally, even though they are clearly in love and attracted to each, they should NOT reproduce. #thatwouldbeanono

  • smm

    Errrr, but tha’ts not a Black man that’s a COON and that’s not a white woman…It’s a fugly white man with long hair…LOL.

  • Ms. Information

    Feeding the monster keeps it alive..I vow to stop looking at videos and reading articles pertaining to this subject (and commenting on them) – propaganda.

  • edub

    LOL, remember that next time some of you black women decide to become “Troy Davis” or “Jena 6″. LOL.

  • Toppin

    Somebody better tell ‘em!

  • chanela

    Seriously?two of these articles in one day???

  • Lilly

    This bitch sounds stupid stereotyping. She and he do not know every black woman in the world. So she needs to shut her mouth.

  • smm

    Well, I won’t need to remember because I can tell the DIFFERENCE.

  • Angie

    It’s 2012. Why is this still an issue even worthy of discussing. Let’s leave this type of b.s. in the past and move on folks.

  • QueenofNew


    And thats the problem with black women from the jump. They never accept black men for who they are: average and regular. By average and regular I mean the vast majority of the time, black men are going about their business doing what they do. They aren’t on TV sporting the latest non black “exotic” chick, they aren’t on the corner selling drugs, they aren’t on YoubTube making videos like this, they aren’t in jail having gay sex to pass on diseases to the beautiful black Queens of the Earth.

    Black women NEVER notice the regular black man. This is why black women are constantly angry, constantly offended, constantly wagging their fingers. The black woman only notices the Peacocks.

  • Reality Check

    @ QueenofNew

    but isn’t this video proof that black men do the same to black women ?

  • QueenofNew


    But that is a black man. But he isn’t the only black man on planet earth. And there are millions of other black men in this country that we ignore because they aren’t flashy, or obnoxious, or crazy. Instead we zero in on black men like him and extrapolate. This is a grave injustice to the regular black man.

  • Ocean Blue

    “But this is a Black man” – It sure is. And there are many more who act and think the same way he does.

  • Reality Check


    yet this particular black man is choosing to focus on the obnoxious, crazy, and hostile black women all the while ignoring regular black women who are trying to do right (in fact, he’s one of millions of black men who choose to do so)…… I think this is an even bigger injustice to the regular black women.

  • smm

    @QON: I disagree because I grew up with Black men and was raised by and have raised a Black man. That creature is NOT a BLACK MAN. He is coon in Black man’s clothing and never the two should be confused.

  • http://afrikanmami.blogspot.com African Mami

    Can I just say he is FOIIIIIIINE but dumb.

  • Kinectic

    It may be sad but it’s the truth…

  • Socially Maladjusted

    Well this thread is living down to all expectations – descending into the hate festival that was hoped for.


    This must be a microcosmic example of how black communities worldwide are kept in total disarray. Imagine the maniacs here being loosed in your community and understand why our communities are so often, such forlorn places.

    And don’t be confused about what I’m saying – none of these people or this crap, have anything to do with black people.

    What I’m saying is they are unleashed on us.

  • QueenofNew


    No it isn’t. Feminist discourse, which pervades the black community, minus the coherence and sophistication of First Wave, allows for far more disparaging remarks to be made about men and the belief that all men are guilty until proven innocent. Remember, we can’t talk about black women because our mothers are black. Are fathers are black but, they don’t really count because they were never around…apparently.

    So no, it isn’t the same.

  • Mina

    I used to come onto this site to get hair care and fashion advice but I am seeing less and less of those articles and more articles about racism, self hate, and white women. I could give two sh*ts about racist old people, white women, and black men! Give me something I can apply to myself. Give me something that is important to me. What happens to black men is THEIR problem. What issues they have is THEIR problem. It is not MY responsibility to care for these people who have low self esteem and are not BLACK WOMEN!!! Why would I want to waste my time caring and feeling sorry for an ignorant ass coon, nigger and his white broad? Why would I want to waste time with a racist white man who hates and is afraid of BLACK MEN? I don’t need to prove anything to him. I don’t need to fix anything either. IT’S THE BLACK MAN’S PROBLEM!!! MAN not woman!!! Any stereotypes that need fixing is their duty. They are MEN, are they not?! So stop babying and worrying about grown ass men who don’t care about you or your race!!!

  • Mina

    The only reason why I comment on articles like this is to put in my two cents and to voice my disdain. The only thing I’m angry about is why these articles are directed towards ME and why I am supposed to care or have some sort of duty about CHANGING these men. This is just perpetuating a stereotype for black women The stereotype of the strong black woman who must CHANGE these black men and help them to love black women only, love themselves, love their race, and to stop fighting in order to save their race and to diminish the amount of “traitors” in our race so we can build up the black community. That is a myth. Black women cannot do this, it is up to black men to fix their own problems, not us. Maybe someday in the future, we won’t need black men and we can increase our racial population with advanced technologies. But the black men we give birth to will pretty much no longer be raised by black men (who are unintelligent, stereotypes, deadbeats, self loathing coons) if this keeps up. They’ll be raised by other races of men or lesbian couples. And I have no problems with that. As long as they can be raised as strong, intelligent, respectful, responsible black men, I’ll take anything.

  • Pink Lady

    When you give this kind of bs this much light and attention is when things start to go down hill. These two people are clearly misguided and misinformed. I myself being a black woman am offended by the entire video. That guy is a follower just like his female friend is. When you hear the same things over and over again they start to fit and make sense. We need to starting breaking down these stereotypes by showing people like them that we are better than their half cocked assumptions of what we are and how we are. I myself dont wear weaves, know how to get and keep a man, and can be just as freaky as white women can.
    Having boundries doesnt make a black woman less attractive it makes us who we are. Not everthing is to be ventured into when it comes to sex. Black women have attitudes because we have been forced into submission by opressers for so long that now that we are able to think and speak freely we do so. Ask you grandmother and great-grand mothers what happened to them when they spoke out of turn in the past. We were often beaten or killed for the smallest ounce of resistance.

    Stop putting these labels on people because of their race. I dont know how many times I’ve had someone of another race tell me “your not like them”. Its all about how you are raised. My mother taught me to be the way I am and her mother before her.
    Every woman is different.

  • Reality Check

    ” We need to starting breaking down these stereotypes by showing people like them that we are better than their half cocked assumptions of what we are and how we are. ”

    I have nothing to prove to anybody.
    Let them think what they think.
    I’m sure they’ve met enough who don’t fit the stereotype.
    but then again, judging by all of those tattoos, maybe he hasn’t.
    As for her, white women have never been competition (I’ve had my fair share of white men, and don’t get me started on the hate they throw).

  • Tonton Michel

    Looks staged to me, in fact it looks like they made this with the intent of getting this same reaction and views, I saw the vid last night and joked about how long it would take before it hit this site. One day, not bad. And some of yall got nerve for real, yall stay ready to rip black men to shreds no matter what they do, hell one of the commentators makes a living off of WM/BW romance novels and you all want to cry foul over this? Whats good for the goose is good for the gander, I would give the dude in this vid an award for bait and trapping.

  • Barbie

    All i heard was weave, sex and attitude, well done your hair grows out of your scalp, well done he will leave you with bald patches and leave me with tracks that need to be added. From the video her attitude stinks, she sounds like a “yes” female. Her coon sounts like the type to run his mouth about “natural aint for everybody, i dont like napps.”

    I heard nothing about education, family values, or personality. As to why we are “losing” black men, Women know you cant make anyone stay that doesnt want to, that MF’er walk, matter fact, with my stank attitude i’ll take his shoes..

    and in closing, quoted from the coon website this was posted on
    “damn that bitch do look like jigsaw from saw”

  • Kels

    This vid made me laugh more than anything. I’m not offended at all. But one thing I find funny is this…does she not realize that if she has a daughter with a black man, she’ll be the mother of a black girl? The same type of women she’s dissing? Lol.

  • audrey

    i know why she like black guys,based on how she looks , black guys are probably the best that can do.

  • francais

    I think that giving this kind of discourse a platform, even if just to disagree with it, can hurt more than help.

    We know that there are some black men out there who choose not to date us because of a misinformed stereotype they hold.

    I don’t think there is any need to reiterate this point.

    Let’s move forward and discuss someting new.

  • Chrissy


    This is why some children of mixed race unions end up being messed up and confused.

  • minna k.

    LOL where are these people from?

    What adult MAN needs a perpetual ego stroke?

    Also, why does she speak like she is 12 years old?

    I think i have become immune to this kind of thing. I am finding that it doesn’t really have as much of an effect on my psyche as it would have 10 years ago.

    Good luck you two! :)

    Also I agree with Mina. Why is this my issue?

  • grateful


  • kim

    Just ignorant. Really wo-man? I stopped listening after 2 minutes because she has no clue of what she is talking about. Is she high? LMBO!!! Weak ass dude!

  • msbklynqn

    I agree with the white girl. White girls are quick to give up all their daddy’s money, let him drive the car daddy bought for her and stand there while he flirts with another woman while they stand a few feet a way waiting to go on their “after dark ” date. Also they are very understanding when the dude doesn’t even acknowledge them in daylight or in the company of other black ppl. yeah I totally agree with her

  • bossman

    Don’t forget to add peace at the end of your typings.

  • Michelle

    Hmm….interesting perspective (I suppose). Truth be told, I can’t get offended by this video because it was made by two simple ass people who don’t know what in the hell they are talking about. They’re “observations” aren’t based on facts. They’re based on the opinions of a basic few and perpetuated negative stereotypes. There are plenty of white women that have bad attitudes, do not “ride or die” for their man, spend a lot of money getting their “extensions” done, and basically, don’t have their shit together. Rather than spend time posting videos about nonsense, they need to visit getaclue.org and stop talking!

  • Grant

    Full disclosure my current girlfriend is white. But let me tell you something, I love black women, my best female friends are black, my mom and aunt are black I love black women. I just found love with a white woman. But let me say this, this guy is a joke. This woman is straight up trash. Nothing real about this. Asian women are nice to be around? Has he been around asian women? They are the most stuck up judgmental of the lot. This woman just feels so empowered being with a black man and just felt like she could say all the things she felt before she ever met him. This guy is the epitome of weak, and self-hating. This is so sad.

  • Ocean Blue

    You don’t love Black women. You love the Black women who you know.

  • apple

    she has already made an half a s s apology video where she tells black women to get over it and she has faced racism as an italian.

  • Susan

    This video is pure trash. They really should be ashamed of themselves. They deserve each other. White women can have that brother.

  • Tonton Michel

    I take back the award these two are idiots.


  • Grant

    If that were the case I would have agreed with him. Believe what you will.

  • Please Excuse Me

    d”oes she not realize that if she has a daughter with a black man, she’ll be the mother of a black girl?”

    You said exactly what I was thinking…I laugh when I hear WM speak foolishness and say crap like that forgetting that one day you will be the mother of a black child…that will have a darker complexion and curlier hair and will most likely identify as black.

  • mycomment

    This couple is so juvenile. They deserve each other. Obviously,their knowledge of the “real world” is very limited. I would be offended if she was remotely attractive, but what does she have to offer but being a freak in the bedroom? Very immature.

  • rosie

    “I’m not racist, but….”

  • rosie

    I don’t understand how black women purportedly have so much self-esteem yet they insist on viewing, critiquing, indulging AND PROMOTING this tripe.

    I shouldn’t be suprised judging by how poorly certain discussions are monitored and used to attack black women.

  • Purple Rain


  • CHE


    *I myself dont wear weaves, know how to get and keep a man(this is of course a womans greatest accomplishment in life) and can be just as freaky as white women can* …….uumm….You sound pathetic. Please be quiet. Thanks.

    As someone said the only people who pay ANY attention to Black men are Black women……ignore and avoid these fools……..the opposite of hate is indifference….show some indifference Black women, like you invented the word.

  • CHE


    Please dont waste your breathe on the NBAB set….just do you. If rap music/ hip hop, racism and colorism directed at them by Black men hasnt woken them up yet…well….avoid and ignore these fools.
    Some Black women will never catch a clue..even if you bye them one.

  • pat

    Charlie Murphy was right, we do have high functioning retards among us..

  • Kami

    But I mean….I got seven kids at home right now doe… and I paid $200 fo dis weave LOL psyche! I’m only 19 and I have locks.

    But seriously guise, you can’t even take them seriously. The guy looks like he did something and is high, and the girl is high on stupidity. It’s just sensationalism. Nothing more nothing less. They’re like the annoying kids on the playground pushing everyone off the swing just to be like “look at me look at me.” That’s what a lot of this whole interracial thing has become, mostly in the media outlets- it’s always a bm/ww pairing that gets the most attention versus any other pairing- wm/aw wm/bw etc. And the thing is, statistically speaking, more white people-white men rather- date interracially more-so than black men obviously because of numbers. But the media doesn’t portray that because it’s not provocative. It doesn’t get “the people” (bw, ww, bm) going, but stick a bm/ ww pair and “whoop dere it is.”

  • NY’s Finest

    This is the type of couple that if you were to see them on the streets, instead of enjoying their time together they’d be staring in a black woman’s face to see if she has a reaction to them being together. Once again a black man with a white woman so unattractive that white men don’t even want her.

  • Anastasia

    ^^ Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  • GLC

    WOW.. They’re both obviously HIGH. They’re also stupid, and stereotypical. I have no kids, I do wear weave.. and I do pay my bills. I’m also college educated. I DO have an attitude that I know how to keep in check..NEXT!?!? Oh, and yes I have a BLACK MAN who accepts me for who I am, and loves me! I don’t even care to see her apology video. The BOTH said what they mean. NOW, what if I decided to post a video of why Black men choose to date white women.. Oh it would really be some shit then. Date who you want, I don’t give a shit, nor do I discriminate.

  • HowApropos…

    Unfortunately, many black males are like Grant.

    They claim to love and admire black women but won’t date them.

    He ‘loves black women’ out of duty…

  • Nixy


  • Ms. Information

    It is interesting to me for men to come to this site that date white women though…it is clearly (read the mission statement) a place for black women to express ideas..if you aren’t interested in dating black women, then why comment? I don’t think that telling a cyber room full of black women that your current girl is white is beneficial..lol..

  • Reason

    My wife is white. Black women treated me just like that Kevin Hart cartoon. They liked my face, athletic build and smile, but as soon as I spoke (and sounded “white”…which apparently is an insult to black people), they gave me the “Nerd, ni**ga please, and No Game”, just like that cartoon. Now I’ve been married 10 years, and at 37 years old, successful as hell with with the same woman. I know what we go through with these crazy white people. I don’t need Paul Mooney’s “Ni**ga wake up call”, but black women–at least the ones that crossed my path– bring some of this ish on themselves. You can deny it all you want. I tried. YALL DIDN’T WANT ME! I feel no guilt and I DAMN sure don’t hate myself. Apparently, I have some of you to do all the hatin’ for me.

  • NY’s Finest

    @Reason: I have a hard time believing that every black woman you approached turned you down because you sound “white” and were nerdy. You were either approaching the wrong type of black women, or they just didn’t find you attractive, but don’t come with that “I tried and yall didn’t me” crap making excuses for why you married a white woman. Don’t tell me there were no college educated black women who would’ve found you interesting, I’m just not buying it and you sound bitter.

  • Kayla

    @Reason You are soooo bitter!! Get over it not all black women are the same, so Stop grouping us together. Self-Hating MF!!

  • Fa

    You know what, you are so right. I stopped the video and am going to continue on with my day!

  • NY’s Finest


  • Ms. Information

    @ Reason…my only question is, then why are you on a website for black women telling us this now? As a public service announcement?

  • HowApropos…


    When you described yourself, you sound like a guy that I, and MANY sistas could be highly attracted to you, so where you getting that tired meme that all black women scorned you because of how you talked? Where are you going to meet black women?

    That doesn’t make sense to me, and I think you use that tired excuse as reason to get with a white woman.

    Sorry, but I’m not buying it…

  • Ocean Blue

    He is probably one of those guys who is socially poor at talking to women, so he doesn’t understand why he gets turned down and then it becomes a game where a guy will talk to any and every girl/women they see until someone gives in.

    Either that, or he’s a troll.

  • twee

    @Reason but that’s not a black female thing. As a black woman I’ve been told I sound white and nerdy and unfortunately I’ve been told that in situations where I’m speaking intelligently (Which white folks don’t have a license on) I typically tell them to thank my HBCU for sounding “White”.

    And yet I’m still able to find black men that no better and have black men in my family that are great examples to me to the point where even if I didn’t experience good black men, I’d have to believe they exist. It seems that many black men that choose to date outside of their race can’t find anyone or any good examples of a black female to desire and go after. There is a difference from not limiting yourself to your own race and feeling you have to go outside of it. Where do you people live that you can’t find one black female to have a relationship with? I’ll never understand that.

  • Toppin

    Anyone else notice this Reason individual frequents this site (for black women) alot??? Makes you wonder…

  • Someone

    Grant, I am black and I believe you have the right to date whoever you want to date. Do you.

  • Chloe

    *slow clap*

  • Siren4

    I was able to sit through the first 1 min and 25 seconds before I cut this foolishness off. Have a great ladies don’t waste your time! SMH now I have 1 min and 25 seconds I will never get back. sigh…

  • Chloe

    I totally agree.
    BTW* I’m tired of mess like this being posted on this site.

  • Chloe

    I haven’t watched the video and I don’t plan to.

  • Chloe

    Very well said. *slow clap*

  • Djuobah


  • Djuobah


  • Dash

    Like they say the TRUTH hurts, that woman was 100% correct in addressing black womans nasty weave and funky attitude. Everyone knows how black woman are ;)

  • IWunder

    YES! I watched part of it and just stopped. It serves no purpose. It’s hateful and ugly, and apparently ugly was attracted to ugly and may they live ugily ever after.

    To quote Will Smith: Hate in your heart will consume you too. And those fools are not worthy of the effort it would take me to hate them.

  • LadyT

    What they basically did was announce to the world that their relationship is based on getting attention and reaction from the outside. At home, he probably sit for hours watching porn and she most likely is in the bed from the meth she just hit.

  • Furious Styles

    I’m dumber after watching this.

  • Shan

    Too much for me….clearly both of these individuals are high on some sort of drug…smh…I just don’t know anymore…also, white women do wear weaves!!! Idk where this notion came from that BW are the only women that wear weaves

  • http://facebook sonny

    This is so lame. Black guys do what they want just like EVERYBODY else on the planet. I think these people aren’t experts on the subject either, so why even pay attention to what they say! Im black and my wife is white. We love each other. Nuff said. People we need to learn to love one another for real.

  • mahogany

    1. That’s one ugly Khloe Kardashian fake look alike tranny looking white woman.
    2. I know non black women who fit the descriptions she was stating above.
    3. Stop putting all black as well as non black women in the same box. We all have different personas, levels of intelligence and various characters.
    4. Next talk about things you know of and not things you heard of.

  • HowApropos…


    Yeah, but go somewhere else with that…as if black women care that you ‘love black’ but ‘marry white.’

  • HowApropos…

    Then take your monkey azz with her ;)

  • Reason

    I don’t care what you “buy”, that’s what happened. If you need to believe that to get by, then do what you need to do.

    One person suggested (and this pissed me off because THIS is tired) there was something “wrong with my approach”. I don’t have an “approach”. Women are not deer meat. Maybe this is what the cartoon meant by “No game”. Fine, lady. I have no game.

    You’re damned right I was bitter. Great insight, genius. I didn’t get it, but apparently, I wasn’t missin’ a damned thing.

    My sister gets Essence. Right on the coffee table (years ago) was one that included a “Why we love thugs” article. I’m not a thug. My mother didn’t raise me like that and it was obvious that was the problem 95% of the time. The other 5? They liked white guys and wouldn’t give me the time of day.

    Some asked why I frequent this site. Fair question, the answer is two fold.

    1) I linked here to read the rest of an article from the Grio website months ago. So no, I didnt know it was a women’s site. And yes, once I was here there was always a fascination to find out what I never knew about why ya’ll were never into someone like me. I am smart, I have a job, low debt, no kids by any women and I don’t hit anyone. If you want me to post a picture of myself to prove I don’t look like an something from “Alien”, I can do that, too.

    But thank you. After these few months, I got my answer. To see this reaction to me where you fill in the blanks of what YOU think makes me tick. It answered it all. I now know from a bunch of strangers what my mother and sister could never make me understand. I’ll just say good luck and God bless to you all.

    If there was EVER any doubt I made the right choice, it’s gone now.

  • ObjectivelySpeaking

    They are High as all get out.
    Some of what she is saying are true for “Some” not all black women.
    Attitudes, and weaves…hmmm, How can I say objectively it is self-hating and untrue when I have witnessed it many times?
    I will say this, however:
    Many of these mean, nasty comments are supporting the stereotypes rather than dispelling them.

  • nisa

    YES! PREACH!!!

    i wish that these online forums/online zines would stop giving so much attentionto this mess. The Trayvon Martin case is an acception…but why do we need to focus our precious energies on the ish kevin hart did or this stupid video above.

    I refuse to internalize all of the issues within the black community. I recently had to check myself on one of these issues…I just found out that the current guy that I’m dating has a daughter whose mother is non black (i have not met her b/c i like to see where the relationship goes before i meet someone’s child)

    however, for some reason i got mad at him b/c his ex was not black…I had to look within and realized that I had unconsciously internalized this ‘faux hate’ against non black women. When did this happen? I have no clue..I grew up around different races and have friends from different races.

    So I definitely have to do a better job at what I feed my mind…when I see articles/videos like this..I need to keep it moving! This mess unconsciously gets into your head.

    I love black men but I refuse to think that they are the only ones within my dating pool. I also refuse to lower my standards..if he prefers to only date a certain race then that is on him….it is their decision to miss out on the vast array of beautiful, fly, stylish, intelligent black women that come in every beautiful shade that you can think of..2 words for them..BOY BYE!!!

  • HowApropos…

    @ Reason


    And I’m still not convinced…

    Be Gone…

  • G.O.

    This is too funny. I thought this was a site for intelligent black women. Turns out its just a bunch of not-so-nice black women who frequent here, which is unfortunate. I’d like insightful comments and responses to articles and not a whole bunch of women ganging up to attack a man for his God given right to chose whomever he wants to date/ marry.

    I am a black woman. I believe a man has the right to date whoever he wants, just like a woman has those rights as well. Why are we criticizing someone for their preferences? This makes no sense to me.

  • Viv


  • JayB

    Completely agree with this!

  • JoyceAfrican

    This is why I don’t spend time on You Tube, or Tumblr, or Twitter. There is waaaay too much racist stupidity. There are better things to do with my time.

  • JayB

    @Grant Love who you want, love has no racial boundaries or color. As a black woman I say, if you truly fell in love with this woman for reasons beyond race then I hope you all live a beautiful life together. It is very possible to love someone from another race while loving your race and everyone in it. In the idiots case in the video they both have some issues with black women. But being in a relationship with a white man i understand that loving outside of your race and loving yourself and your people is not mutually exclusive.

  • peaches

    i blame black men.. not all but the ones who talk about black women to women of other races. i don’t like self hating black men.. they should be embarrassed that they allow women of another race to treat black women like this in their presence.. but they are the ones encouraging the behavior.. these other women wouldn’t think so low of us if it weren’t for our fellow brothers..

    we are fighting against how society treats us and demoralize us, these sorry ass rappers, tv, racists and now our own black men..

    just sad.. do some soul searching..

  • peaches

    @ reason n @ grant.. cry me a river please.. if u feel as though u made the right choice by dating a white woman – good for u.. i don’t think there is anything wrong w/dating other ppl of other races.. i’m all for it..

    what i have a problem w/is when u categorize all black women into these man hating, attitude having, finger snapping, nasty broads.. unless u have dated every black woman in america can u really say that all women are like this.. women of all races have attitudes, not just blacks. it’s amazing though how black men who now date outsider their race will pic out the fault of a black woman and then apply it to all black women but won’t do that w/the women they are now dating.. it’s sad and unfortunate. how can anyone treat black women w/respect when black men don’t even treat black women w/respect.. Black men are the only men who do this.. it says a lot about your character..

  • lulu

    black men marry white women- but GASP!! famous black men marry and stay with black women


    go to this link. and let’s get a bunch of articles about black men who love black women

  • Misty_Moonsilver

    This is dumb and untrue. I’m kinda pissed.

  • memememem

    This girl is soooo stupid. First off, I’m neither White nor Black. But the things she says … .serously? Not only are you insulting black girls (BTW, some of the sweetest girls i’ve met are Black), you are insulting white women by representing them as yourself: a racist asshole.

    And don’t get me started with the other idiot in the video. Dude … really? Why you not going to defend Black women? Here is a woman insulting black women .. insulting you’re own mother and you’re just gonna giggle and agree? Wow. These 2 aren’ even worth the ammount they piss me off.

  • MayDay

    Do you know why white men are privileged and so powerful? Because they put their race of women on a pedestal.
    That’s how you win.
    Doesn’t matter how average looking or ugly she is (I’m looking at you Sara Jessica Parker), they will put her on that pedestal and make thirsty coons like YOU worship her.
    Again,that’s how you win.
    Make YOUR race of women the standard of beauty, uplift her, make her out to be a Goddess, that’s how you win.
    That’s how you gain power. That’s why the white woman is the standard beauty today. That’s why black males worship the white man’s daughter,sister, wife…Until black males start uplifting THEIR race of women, not a damn thing will change!

    Everyone knows this. No one respects the American black man anymore because A) They don’t respect themselves and B) They don’t respect their race of women.
    The self hatred is so deep, they are breeding themselves out of existence as we speak.
    Put this in your calendar: In 50 years African Americans will no longer exist.
    AA negros will be in History museums and a long distant memory.

    I don’t see Asian, Hispanic, Native American MEN degrade their women, and especially not to OTHER races. That’s just embarrassing and shows that you don’t value your own race!

    Until black males STOP hating themselves nothing will change for the black community. Right now, black males are conquered men and instead of building their community up, marrying their women and stop having out of wedlock children, they choose to hand over all of their resources to the white man like a bunch of spineless coons.
    And you wonder why black women don’t respect black men – This is why!

  • sandi

    money is the real power. stop giving your money to black men or any other party who disrespects black women. no more black movies starring “ignant” black males, rap songs, television shows, books, etc. keep your $$ in your pocket or share with other progressive black females

  • sandi

    lol! good point. why spend so much time concerned about people you don’t like? ##pressed

  • sandi

    we don’t have to do a dammm thing but laugh at these clowns

  • Lanee

    OK so I couldn’t get past the girl’s(?) face to watch the whole video. That grill definitely needs some work. But looking at some of these comments it’s easy to see that the self hatred cuts both ways. We can’t be mad at other races for treating us a certain way based on the propaganda and socialization they’ve been fed when we believe the bs too. Only it’s worse because we believe it about ourselves.

  • sandi

    grant you can marry who you want and shouldn’t feel bad about it one bit. it’s the dudes who date white and like to use it as ammo against black women that get the side eye, especially when coming to a site dominated by …… black women

  • minna k.

    “My sister gets Essence. Right on the coffee table (years ago) was one that included a “Why we love thugs” article. I’m not a thug. My mother didn’t raise me like that and it was obvious that was the problem 95% of the time. The other 5? They liked white guys and wouldn’t give me the time of day.”

    You give Essence magazine too much credit as being either influential or any reflection on black women as a group. Especially within the last 10 years.

  • tisme


    The First National Tune-Out Neutral, Low-Value, And No-Value Black Men Week

  • http://Theantifash.blogspot.com The Antifash

    It seems like she’s missing a chromosome… Yeah.

    I hope his mother, sister, cousin or someone related to him was able to see this video. He deserves whatever backlash he receives. They both do.

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    Brilliant. This is all that needs to be said.

  • esther

    There is nothing sadder than self hate being presented as critique on another group of people. Ignoring the fact that this girl’s comments circle around weave and pulling tracks during sex, it’s even more pathetic that neither of them realize that on any given day, they would not be anybody’s choice- white or black.

    The more people get access to the internet, the more I am convinced there should be some IQ test before broadband is set up in certain homes. Ignorance may be bliss, but not when rounded thinkers are forced to view. This video is a disgrace to the boy and the girl. A sad tale of self hate and open racism masked as self help commentary to black women. If only they had asked for your help, then maybe suxh tomfoolery would be welcome.

  • Negress

    Just any ole white girl will do. He is pure niggerstock.

  • nicole

    THANKYOU! Well said.

  • http://shesdatingagain.blogspot.com Sha’ahn

    I agree with May Day. Very well stated. I also want to point out that this whole thing about white girls knowing how to treat a man, and pulling out weaves (WHITE WOMEN WEAR WEAVES BTW), and wanting a black man’s money is bull. May Day gave all the reasons why black men want white women. Cuz let me tell you something, i know plenty of nagging, no-nonsense white women that dont take crap from their WHITE man. LOL so all these excuses laid out by this weed-smokin couple are just nonsense.

    But sadly, people do believe it. Just like they believe all Asian women are submissive and etc, etc… etc…

  • Wuluwulu

    Videos like these are just comedy to me because, most white women who have dated black men over a long period of time, or who have made children with them do not speak of black men highly. Note I stated most, not all. Many regret ever having getting involved with them in the first place and find the only joy to be the children they got out of the relationship. The truth is black men are not quite the catch as they think they are out there. The sad thing is most ppl know this except black men. I wish them all well on the other side of the fence at the end of the day.

  • Andre

    I blame black adults, we support these false media images. The reason why people think black women have attitudes is because that’s what they see in the media. When you support and cheer on “Madea” or the other character “Angela” you are saying to the world that you endorse it as a representation of our community. I can’t blame hip hop for this because you don’t see women with attitudes in hip hop videos you see a more sexist, form of submission, whores if you will….The attitude issue comes from a lot of black women’s favorite characters and movies The Color Purple, everything Tyler Perry etc….the real issue is that we actually care what these people think….we shouldn’t this guy is clearly high and she is clearly lame anyway. I know black women who are sweet, intelligent and strong all at the same time

  • Andre

    I am married to a black woman and she is amazing and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Yall can keep them white girls with that stringy hair and I’ll keep a sister who can amaze me everyday with something new, be it natural, weave or whatever. I will keep them high-cheek boned smiles and those hips and lips and that strength and that woman who is next to me and with me in my darkest moment. I will keep the women who looks better than you in your own European styles and still looks amazing in her own styles. The beautiful woman that has yall in tanning salons tryna match that work of art skin she was born with, I’m good with that, I’m more than good! And you can keep your stats, because the majority of married blacks marry each other and. We gonna be alright regardless of what your media says or desires we will be standing right here together.

  • Andre

    I don’t think that’s an accurate statement. To speak more honestly, most humans both male female and all races are not the catch that they think they are. I wouldn’t use this video of a black boy who is high as a kite as a reason to look down upon all black MEN…just as the young girl Nikki Minaj is not a true reflection of all black WOMEN. Let’s not let the media and these videos and articles convince us to bash each other.

  • Andre

    Thank you! She wants to box sistas in because in truth she couldn’t compete and this boy is high as a kite, got here actin a fool..because he gave her a little attention.

  • Nae

    AMEN!!!! Totally agree. and this is totally scripted she was def reading something.

  • binky

    They made this video while high on weed…….As far as the money thing what a joke if there is a black man with some money they are all over it{white girls} and in the end society plays white women to be the ulitmate beauty like brainwashing

  • Mya

    This video makes my black ass want to hug my educated, professional, kind, loving and supportive WHITE BOYFRIEND a little tighter tonight!

  • Mya

    Is she seriously talking about fake hair when hers looks like roadkill? I don’t understand what the point of posting videos. Okay, so there are self hating, ignorant black guys and greasy, cheap, low class white girls they love hooking up with. Yeah, until the white girl screams “rape” or her daddy gets wind of things, then them knuckled head brothas are trying to get our support (OJ, Tiger, Kanye, Diddy) when shit goes south…and it always does. Whatever.

  • Candi83

    LOL @ Stanley and Talulah Belle :D

  • Candi83


  • Mari

    “That’s one ugly Khloe Kardashian fake look alike tranny looking white woman”

    Can we be more sensitive to our trans sisters and not throw the word “tranny” around like it doesn’t hurt people or insult their struggle please?

  • geek chik

    i dated nerdy men who spoke proper before. i didn’t have any problem nor did he. i think it is was the few women you approached. stop putting all of us in the same group.please and thank you. btw i did marry one of those nerdy, speaking proper men.

  • RC

    Am I the only black women who thinks the more black men date out , the better off black women will be….
    I mean, the majority of you claim they’re 99% of your problems….. why in the hell would we want them to stay ?
    I personally, thank non-black women on the daily for taking away our problems, and highly encourage them to continue to do so.

  • frendsies

    So…I decided this video wasn’t worth a well thought out comment… (I actually didn’t finish it) and to be honest, I don’t understand why this site wastes so much time on stories like this. Too much negativity… Ok shes racist…Ok hes dumb and ignorant… What now?
    It doesn’t really effect my life and it shouldn’t be effecting anyone else’s .

    There are way too many kind and intelligent people on this huge earth (who come in all flavors and genders) for people like this to matter to anyone.

  • Dave

    1. That’s one ugly Khloe Kardashian fake look alike tranny looking white woman.
    2. I know non black women who fit the descriptions she was stating above.
    3. Stop putting all black as well as non black women in the same box. We all have different personas, levels of intelligence and various characters.
    4. Next talk about things you know of and not things you heard of.

    @Wow its not like none of you black women on this site would have dated this brother anyway! I think it boils down to you choosing the wrong men, and then deciding black men who don’t even know you have to pay.
    1. Khloe is ugly but Precious aka Gabourey Sidibe is beautiful? Yeah right.
    2. Many more black women fit this description
    3. Black women in the media, “Something new, Color Purple, for colored girls, How stella get her groove back, exhale, Precious, Pariah lesbian movie” have been attacking black men
    4. Black women hear about all sorts of things not true, I noticed online that black women say, “all my friends are married to White men” ok but in reality the rate is only 9%, or how about Beyond black and white, ran by a black woman married to a white man who only talks about black men?
    Ya need Jeezus!

  • bk_betty

    I almost feel sorry for the ignorant chick. She’s clearly insecure about her own attractiveness/ femininity. She feels that she can adopt this “hood rat” persona and use “hood speak” to get black buy’s attention. But, newsflash: no guy is EVER gonna make you feel worthy/ confident if you don’t feel that.

    He is high on p*ssy and weed. getting that from an insecure woman is interesting for like 1 second. #puh-leeze

  • So Over This Ish

    @QueenofNew…I’m not sure about that. You seem to be referring to a specific type of Black woman. Yes, many Black women do engage in the kind of behavior you’re talking about. I won’t deny that.

    But when you say that Black women (as in nearly all Black women) won’t give the average Black man a chance, I disagree.

    I believe that if a Black man has a steady job and earns a decent living, he has a chance. He doesn’t have to be wealthy…he just needs to be employed and trying to better himself.

    I believe that if a Black man is kind, caring, and respectful, he has a chance. He doesn’t have to be smooth or a player…he just needs to know how to hold intelligent conversations and present himself as an interesting person, somebody who makes you enjoy his company.

    I believe that if a Black man takes care of himself and works on being the best person he can be, he has a chance. He doesn’t have to be 6’4″ and have a perfect body, but he does need to be clean and healthy and relatively fit.

    Please don’t think that every Black woman is a gold-digger or a shrew with a bad attitude. And don’t believe that good Black men are always overlooked by Black women, because this isn’t true either.

    I know Black women who are happily married to blue-collar, average Black men. Their husbands are faithful and they treat one another right.

    Some Black women have very high or unrealistic standards and they only want to be with a baller, rapper, etc. But you can’t apply the same notion to all Black women, just like negative attributes can’t be applied to all Black men.

    You should also bear in mind that some “average” Black men claim that no Black woman will give them the time of day…when the truth is that they really aren’t very interested in Black women anyway. This is often a cop-out to justify their interest in other kinds of women.

  • So Over This Ish

    @ Kels…I agree.

    @ Chrissy…way to perpetuate negative stereotypes. Thanks.

  • Chrissy

    I did say some not all.

    I mean you (not you personally) have a white mother who pretty much hates black women and thinks she is a superior. Then you have a black male that co-signs this and probably other hateful things she says and then these people mess around and have children……..God forbid their biracial child (even worse a daughter) looks more ‘black’ than ‘white’ imagine that.

    Im not sure how often this happens but it would be crazy not to admit that this is where some of the problems biracial children have come from.

    I read a story from a man that said his white parent made negative remarks about black people….while with a black person!!!

    It does go both ways though with the black side too.

    I really wonder are children different from bm/ww than bw/wm couples.

  • http://getme-lolly.blogspot.com Getmelolly

    This woman is so ignorant and simple. And this ‘man’ sitting next to her even more simple. I really wish an educated black man would do a response to this video.

  • Purple_Rain


  • Nemo

    Black women, boycott your bashers and stand up for yourselves!

  • smm

    Oh, but there are plenty of outraged responses from Black men to this video.

  • Nnaattaayy


  • willow

    I second ALL of this!

  • Holl

    That video was so stupid. I have no problem with interracial dating. I’ve seen lots of black men with nice looking white women, but this chick was ugly. That guy was out of her league, but his ignorance and other black guy’s ignorance places a woman like that up on a pedestal. White guys probably aren’t buying drinks for her in the club, and she could never pull a hot white guy.

    I know it’s a stereotype and not always true, but ignorant black guys like this one will go for ANY white woman as long as she has some long hair. That makes her beautiful to them. I’m kind of over this. I want to know who are these black women that she knows. They’re probably based on some generalization combined from watching Maury and Flavor of Love.

  • Holl

    Sure some black women have attitudes. That’s the stereotype, but I know too many that don’t fit the stereotype to be offended by this type of ignorance. The biggest thing to notice is that a GOOD white woman would never put up with some of these losers. I mean for a black guy to make a video to try to embarrass and put down black women shows that he is not even a decent human being. Second for her to sit in the video and say all those stupid generalizations shows that she is not a good person either. Two horrible people like that usually don’t last long in a relationship. I hope they don’t have any kids. There are relationships like this that produce children which are sad. What do you tell the biracial daughter? That she is better and not really black? What if she looks more black?

    Also, I want to know where does she live that there are no black guys with black women. That’s what the media pushes, but most black men date and marry black women. She, other black guys who date interracially, and the media can try to push that as much as they want. It’s supposed to make you feel hopeless. I can honestly say that I know too many decent black guys unlike him. If every black guy in the world decided that they weren’t going to date black women, I would just get over it. Whining about their ignorance is tiring and makes you look bitter in the end. The idea is that interracial love is beautiful (which it is) and that you are racist if you oppose it. I have no problem with it when it happens like all other relationships, but many of these BM/WM relationships come from men who say they just can’t put up with the attitude and weave. Weave??? LOL. I know men like natural hair, but I don’t know that many that can’t put up with a weave if a woman is beautiful and a good partner.

  • dre

    they’re clearly on drugs. so who cares what they have to say.

  • carla campbell

    I think this is just more noise pollution being added to the discourse on the subject of racial hate-mongering. And lets not fool ourselves, there are Black men dating such women but those are not the types of men I would consider dating if I were ever to go back into the dating pool. But she can have him, he is what I like to call a throw-away. Let’s consider the source. Listen to her. We Black women have to know who we are and refused to be defined by others. There will always be critics and she is a bag of insecurity. She is so afraid of losing him to a Black woman she feels her only course of action is to disparage us. She has manged to use her fears and insecurity to her benefit. As such, she now has total control in the relationship, and he thinks he has died and gone to Heaven because he ended up with some reject for a girlfriend.

    That is my analysis of the video.


  • cabugs

    I completely understand and agree with your point. Her insecurity shows in this video and it is sad that she would bring down a whole race of girls just to lift her status and be with this man. Like the author I have nothing against interracial dating and I am open to it myself. Honestly, they both just make themselves look bad by the stereotyping and generalizing. I do feel sorry for her; he will move on to the next one soon enough.

  • Krystal

    This video is stupid and ignorant. Im embarrased FOR these two dudes….(yeah she looks like a dude)

  • P-NUTT

    Hello, Andre!!!! I have not seen this video and have no desire to be subjected to it. I agree with you wholeheartedly!!! Black American males (not men) and Black American females (not women) bash each other with equal fervor on the Internet. I reside in Houston, TX, and I have NEVER been on the receiving or giving end of such nonsense, and I’m 42 years old. Keen social observation and deductive reasoning have led me to believe that most of this bashing occurs in the media and not in real life. When I encounter bm/non- bw couples in public, I have NO problems with them and they have NO problems with me. I have dated plenty of Black men (not males) with NO drama whatsoever. Hell, I’ve dated non- black men with NO drama. This foolishness makes no sense. Non- black people look at us and either laugh or shake their heads. Stop the madness, folks!!!

  • Sarah

    I am going to tell you white trash women what your future is dating black me. It’s pretty simple.

    You think it is cool and hot but you have ruined your white heritage from thousands of years of evolution. Everyone prior to you was white/white. All of a sudden, you will date these stupid, stinky, cheating, black men and have little black nigglets as offspring. Next, your black man will leave your sorry ass to get more white girls pregnant.
    Now that the white woman has several black kids, she just changed thousands of years of family history. Next, their black children repeat the cycle.

    Now, in just two short generations, you stinky ho white girls now changed your white heritage to black. Just like that.

    You are selfish, you are stupid, and you disgust us good white women!!

    This is your future!!

  • I see right thru you

    This is a fraudulent comment. You are not a white girl. You are a black woman. White women dont normally use the phrase “sorry ass”. That’s a bitter black woman’s phrase (usually to put down black men). Also “stinky” was a poor effort to sound white. And could you have come up with a more unique name?
    Nice try, though.

  • 3rd nad

    “…Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those women who thinks all black men are one white woman away from leaving the race, nor do I think there’s anything wrong with interracial dating…”

    I don’t believe you. You just don’t like black men dating white women.

  • Boris

    If I was a black women, I would find a white guy (Eastern Europeans preferably, I heard that they are very sexy) to teach this guy a lesson.

  • Steve Hammond

    If you look at the kind of white women who take up with black men, it is not hard to see a lot in the way of self loathing and low self esteem on their part. And usually nothing good comes of the relationship. Physical and mental abuse are very common. Black men do not respect them because they do not respect themselves. And things get even worse if she gets pregnant with a little mulatto baby.

  • James Roberts

    Ignorant, stupid video. This guy is such a retard that he doesn’t mind that this girl is insulting people with nappy hair regardless of gender. What a couple of retards, lmfao.hahahahah…

  • mids

    This guy is sad and that girl is racist. That guy probably shaves his head so he doesn’t have to see his tightly coiled hair since he clearly has self-hate. The fact that you’d sit around with letting someone insult the group of humans that you claim to be apart of is just pure self hate. As a human I defend any group who is the subject of racism because that’s just the right thing to do. This is a ridiculous video and I couldn’t listen to that ugly girl’s voice who’s covered in a lot of make-up because she probably looks like a dog underneath it.

  • mids

    how is it the truth? I don’t believe that all white people are racist like this ugly woman and that all black men are self-hating like this stupid guy

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