Over the weekend I was flipping through the channels on my radio when I heard a song I hadn’t heard in years: Joe Public’s Live and Learn. As I chair-danced to the song, which was pretty big during my childhood, I began to think of all of the other ditties I loved, but the artists just didn’t quite make it.

In a culture that is known for fleeting success, one hit wonders are the backbone of the music industry because their hit songs generate much-needed cash and buzz, despite their albums possibly becoming utter flops.

From Joe Public and Mad Lion, to Candyman, MC Brains, Positive K, Men At Large, and Wreckx-n-Effect, one hit wonders churned out some of the best music of my youth, despite not being able to follow up on their success.

Which one hit wonders were your favorite? 

  • Alexandra

    Macarena – Los Del Rio
    Freaks – Lil’ Vicious (?)
    Drop it Low – Ester Dean

  • Dgrrl