As Sony Pictures gears up for the release of Think Like A Man, the romantic comedy based on the best-selling book by Steve Harvey, many are hoping the majority-black film will also appeal to white and non-black audiences.

While Think Like A Man stars are popping up at screenings coast to coast in cities with large black populations trying to coax black men to see the film as well, Will Packer, the film’s producer is also trying to help his project appeal to the traditional RomCom audience: white women.

But as Vulture reports, only “one in three white moviegoers (37 percent) were aware of the film, and only one in four (23 percent) expressed ‘definite interest’” in seeing the film, so it looks like Packer and his team have their work cut out for them.

One problem the film may have appealing to non-black audiences is the commercials and advertising which, for the most part, leave out the film’s non-black stars. Along with Taraji P. Henson, Gabrielle Union, and Michael Ealy, Think Like A Man also stars Entourage’s Jerry Ferrara and House of Payne’s Gary Owen, both of whom have prominent roles in the film.

While the film has tested well with diverse audiences (I saw it last month with a very diverse group–they loved it), the film has a huge hurdle to overcome reaching out to non-black audiences. And one reason just might be the reviews.

Variety notes:

Tim Story’s breezy if predictable film overstays its welcome. While the result deserves some credit for finding a creative way to bring the book to life, the overlapping storylines simply aren’t compelling enough, despite the best efforts of a game and attractive cast. Mostly, “Think Like a Man” plays like shrewd promotion for the book, but the best advice would be to skip the former and read the latter. Pic falls somewhere between raucousness and date-night schmaltz, and returns should be similarly mixed.

Whatever the film’s assets, more than two hours is a lot to ask of an audience with this sort of flimsy construct, even with multiple stories designed to convey various aspects of Harvey’s guide to helping women understand men on the subject of relationships. Harvey, the multifaceted comic, appears as a talkshow guest plugging the book (Sherri Shepherd has a cameo as the daytime host), then turns up throughout directly addressing the camera.

…Ultimately, though, “Think Like a Man” dilutes its strengths — perhaps because nobody bothered to think like an editor.


While the film is definitely fun to watch (and very funny in certain parts) and perfect for a night out with your girls or a date (and a post-movie discussion with your boo), it is a bit long and predictable in a typical RomCom-y way. Still, many films catering to non-black audiences suffer from the same sorts of flaws and still manage to open strong, drawing in diverse audiences. But will Think Like A Man do the same?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Will you be seeing the film?

  • Muse

    No. They already have their own version of this. “He’s Just Not That Into You”

  • LA, California Dreaming (Ocean Blue)

    No, I will not be seeing the film and I don’t think it will crossover to White audiences.

  • Dalili


  • girlformerlyknownasgrace

    I wish the movie was not such a blatant promotion of the book.

  • lostluv224

    I’m going to see it off the strength that michael Ealy and all his amazingness is in it!!! yes sir

  • iQgraphics

    the book is drivel and i won’t be supporting anything associated with it

    but I do support #blackactors

  • Priceless34

    Not gonna support the movie and didn’t read the books. I don’t agree with the notion of movie. Women should think and act like women. Our roles have been twisted and perverted.

  • Alyssa

    so, by that logic, you have to support it because there are black actors in it. What a conundrum! We really do need to get better, quality films promoted. But hey, the public wants what it wants.

  • Alyssa


  • Anon

    NOT GOING. I wasn’t going to go anyway (Steve is on wife #THREE), but after the Kevin Hart ficasco, I’ve been telling other women about the cartoon and tweets so they can make up their minds if they want to be donating to Kevin’s future paycheck after he called out black women who are HIS SAME complexion.

  • Whatever

    Yes, I will be seeing the film. Who cares what white audiences think. They don’t give a sh!t if we see films with an all white cast. People went nuts just a few weeks ago because a black character in a book was being portrayed by a black actress in the film. We’ve been told that white audiences don’t want to support romantic comedies with two black leads (hitch)… at this point f*ck it! Hollywood will never be in sync with our views or demands so support what you would like to see more of and ignore the rest. This past year I went hard giving money and supporting projects online. I suggest everyone that is not satisfied with what’s being presented to our demographic do the same. Support and demand comes in 2 forms… MONEY and NUMBERS.

  • KnoCliff


  • Nigerian sista

    Will it be showing London?

  • NoitAll

    No, it won’t. It should even be a hit with Black people. No Black woman should shell out umpteen dollars of her hard earned money to see this trash.

  • NoitAll

    Excuse me..It should not even be a hit with Black people.

  • pink

    Why do (some) people always seek out the approval of white people? And believe me I understand the money angle in wanting as many people as possible to see the movie. But F white people; they don’t define me. Nor do I give a S what they think. I loved the book, and can’t wait for the movie. I love romantic comedies. What can I say…..I’m a romantic at heart.

  • NoitAll

    Michael Ealy is the co-lead in a new TV series on the USA network, called “Common Law.” Watch that every week instead.

  • pink

    NoitAll: Speak for yourself. No one is forcing you, or anyone else to go see the movie. It’s simple…..just don’t go. For every person that won’t be going to see the movie; another person will. To each his, or her own.

  • KnoCliff

    I agree with your assessment, but I refuse to see a film based on a Steve Harvey book, LOL!

  • apple

    I’ll wait til it comes on Starz

  • smm

    ^^^YES, it is high time to put our money with our mouths are!

    Growing up, when I was about to spend money thoughtlessly (without considering if there was any REAL benefit to myself or community) I frequently heard from my parents and grand parents they would ask: “Why are you giving your money to the white man? “. It was a constant reminder of my ECONOMIC POWER.

  • LOL!

    Dang, not a matinee feature or Netflix…you’re going to wait 6 months+ for cable. I wouldn’t even wait for Redbox either.

  • Leo the Yardie Chick

    @ Whatever – I agree.

  • Leo the Yardie Chick

    Same here. Ever last cent is already budgeted for my project, plus I haven’t paid to see a movie since Iron Man 2 (I don’t pirate, so don’t get the wrong idea). Oh, and I’m still salty that Red Tails never aired here – at all.

  • ChickenHead

    Nope! Not a Steve Harvey fan….

    I love Michael Ealy but it’s still not worth going to the movies to “me.”

  • Niki

    I had the wonderful opportunity to see this movie last night and while in line asked myself what movie were these white ppl here to see. Frankly this movie was awesome and I’m proud that this movie reflected us in a positive light. Who cares if they watch it? Support it and move on.

  • tisme

    The First National Tune-Out Neutral, Low-Value, And No-Value Black Men Week

  • tisme

    I agree.Black people should stop supporting tomfoolery and complaining about it later.

    The mindset of a person that could even enjoy this strictly as entertainment and not as some biblical scripture to live by has to be a little bit demented.

  • tisme

    I would NEVER put money into the pockets of people that hated me.

    If those black women actresses want my money they’ll be in other movies without haters like Steve Harvey and Kevin Hart involved.

  • madamsophia

    I am divided.
    I want to support my blacks folks but Mr Harvey and his nonsense is just too much for me to handle.
    We shall see!

  • alldawg

    Kevin is cool to me, ill go watch it with my frat buddies. I have no ill will or hurt feelings about any of the cast members. i hope it does well.

  • alldawg

    Ill have large PEPSI and some nachos with it.

  • binks

    I do the same thing. I will catch it on cable on new movie Saturday

  • apple

    i only go to the theaters for movies i reallyyyy want to see.. which is like 1movie like every 3-4 months which are usually fantasy movies like Harry Potter,Twilight Saga,Underworld Series,Batman,Hunger Games stuff because i have to see them in HD!..other then that i never go to movies ..

  • Jess

    def will not be seeing it.

  • overseas_honeybee

    I plan to see it whenever (or if) it shows in Germany … anytime soon (most black movies take a minute). Not going to the states until later this year … by then it will probably be on DVD/iTunes.

    The book was alright and had some funny points but I’ve learned a little common sense and respect can do wonders on its own.

  • QoNewC

    I dont like going to the cinema. I will see it when it comes out on DVD or stream it online. I will be seeing the Bob Marley doc on 04/20 or 20/04….. lol. My UK heads should get the reference.

  • May

    You couldn’t pay me to watch this movie and I hope (pray to God!) it doesn’t crossover to ANYONE!

  • rita

    Hollywood will never be in sync with our views or demands so support what you would like to see more of and ignore the rest. This past year I went hard giving money and supporting projects online. Hooray!!!!!!!!Women love man who strong, honest, brave and have the sense of responsibility. Men love women beautiful, sexy, good-heart and fond——-. “-[ BlackWhitePlanet. c0m”]—— the largest and best club for seeking singles and their admirers. Lots of handsome guys and sexy women there.Meet your soul-mate today! I loved the book, and can’t wait for the movie. I love romantic comedies. What can I say…..I’m a romantic at heart.

  • CHE

    Thank you @tisme for that link. Its AMAZING! SHE IS BRILLIANT!….now if only more Black women would read that blog and actually READ AND COMPREHEND what she is saying. SHE IS BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. PLEASE BLACK WOMEN- KNOW YOUR WORTH!.

  • CHE

    Oh yeah…*KNOW YOUR WORTH BLACK WOMEN AND PRACTICE INDIFFERENCE*…like you invented the word.

  • LMO85

    HE11 NO. Can’t support those who promote ignorance and foolishness even IF Michael and Taraji are in it.

  • Misty_Moonsilver

    I realllllllly want to see it! The question is whether or not to take my rainbeau.

  • Bunni

    …Ultimately, though, “Think Like a Man” dilutes its strengths — perhaps because nobody bothered to think like an editor.

    BWAAAAHAAAHAAA!! I almost lost my coffee reading that!!!

  • DollB

    Lol @ it shouldn’t be a hit with black people.

  • tmc

    No interest in seeing this movie…

  • pink

    No offense Britni Danielle but I don’t give credance to any PAID movie critiquers. It’s just their opinion(s) like everyone else’s (and everyone has an opinion…..which by the way is ok). Hey I ain’t mad at you for getting a payday; everyone needs to make a living. I never appreciated Sisco & Ebert either; especially when they critiqued quote unquote black movies. My thought was that they don’t remotely know anything about what black people like

  • iQgraphics

    that’s the great thing about life. its yours. although I support the craft of acting, I don’t have to give this crap a dime of my hard earned.

  • tisme

    I don’t think ANY BLACK women should go.

    The money we save will be the first step to getting our credit together.

  • LA, California Dreaming (Ocean Blue)

    I have good credit, thank you very much!

  • Alexandra

    @ apple and binks LMAO!
    I love my Starz Saturday movie premieres too :)

    “i only go to the theaters for movies i reallyyyy want to see”

    Same for me. I already don’t like theaters much, but If i’m not heavily interested in the plot or required to see a film for work, my butt is staying home waiting till its available for free.

  • Whatever

    I just feel like it’s really not that serious. Who actually takes any relationship book seriously?

    My book club read it for fun and we laughed and drank sangria while discussing the book which ultimately turned into a discussion about past relationships and our OWN views on men and relationships in general. At best it’s a decent conversation starter. None of us studied it like the bible and expected some serious philosophical gain from it… after all it’s written by Steve Harvey. The movie is a romantic comedy with an ensemble cast like “He’s just not that into you,” “Valentines Day,” “Two Can Play That Game,” etc. Fun flick for a group of friends to see and discuss/laugh about later.

    I can separate my opinion of Steve Harvey from the film and actors. Just like I do with “Mad Men” and its producer Weiner (who I loathe).

  • lulu

    not going. i have never went to movies where black people portray the same characters over and over-
    this movie is full of the Sapphire Caracture, i.e. the loud angry black woman
    the mandigo negro, i am a film buff- and these films are just modern day sterotypes -except now they dont say yes suh and no mam – but its the same mess- i will never support films like this. can we can a black detective movie, sci fi movie- black people acting like regular folks- not this tripe!

  • pink

    lulu: I’m curious as to how “regular folks act?” In this world ALL people act in different ways. Not all black people, or all white people, or all yellow people act the same way. For the record I respect your liking the types of movies you do. Everyone’s taste is different. Personally I don’t like sci-fi, or horror movies…but what the heck…..lots of other people do. Differences is what makes the world go round.

  • lulu

    pink- like you said every person is a different person -so we’re on the same page – no people are the same and everyone have their prefences- but in the media/ films stereotypes are alive and well
    and really no matter what no one says in internet land- real life or whatever – people gonna watch what they wanna watch

  • chanela

    what if you get free movie tickets tho?

  • Gem

    Release date is aaall the way in June! 22nd. I can’t promise that I won’t watch it online first *taps wrist*. But my girls and I will def head out and see it properly in June. Hopefully if it gets enough support out here, distributors will start releasing movies with black casts out here earlier, if they feel there’s an audience.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the movie. How some people can’t separate Steve Harvey from a book which was pretty much saying some basic stuff women should already know is beyond me. The trailer looks good, so why not give it a chance. The screenwriters are the same guys behind “Friends with Benefits”, so I don’t think it’ll be a bad movie.

  • jay

    decided not to see it because a few of the “usual characters” are in it. kevin hart in particular. not to mention this is lining steve harvey’s pockets. also, tired of this whole theme of “black women, go get your mane.” it’s a shame because I like taraji/meghan but I will keep my $$

  • jay

    alldawg, please we all know you’re gonna be getting it on bootleg. and drinking rc cola from the dollar store

  • Anita

    This movie will makes tons of money. The sad part is that Red Tails failed to break-even. Hollywood is convinced that black audiences only want to see what they consider comedies, because that’s what we flock to the theaters to see.
    In all fairness I haven’t seen the movie, but it seems like the same old movie, just a few different actors.
    It’s time to demand better quality and more accurate portrayals. The only way to send that message to Hollywood is by financially supporting films that meet those standards.

  • A.W.

    Will I be seeing this movie? Not a chance.

  • Chic Noir

    sci fi movie- black people acting like regular folks

    Well that was the Matrix but also see Carmen(old school I know) and Medicine for Melancholy

  • Lanette

    I am a woman. why would I want to “think like a man”? It’s offensive on so many levels.

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