ABC’S popular dating show, The Bachelor, is heating up for Season 17, with this season’s first African American bachelor from Portland, Oregon, Lamar Hurd.

The creator of the show, Mike Fleiss, began an effort last year to add more diversity to the show, but claimed that no one reached out.

But it seems like the perfect candidate has been waiting in the wings.

According to Entertainment Weekly,
A movement is afoot to crown Portland-based sportscaster Lamar Hurd as the first black Bachelor. According to his professional-looking audition video (click through to watch), Lamar’s assistant Tammy first came up with the idea to submit an application to ABC on behalf of her boss, whom she describes as “perfect.” While Lamar was initially resistant — “Let’s say I wanted to go on it, and was willing to do it, they haven’t even had a black Bachelor” — he ultimately warmed to the idea and agreed to apply for season 17.

Will you support Lamar?

Check out his audition video below!


  1. mzslick

    I think he gave a little TMI during this video. Lost me half way through.
    He’s going to need some grooming, Teeth whiting for sure.

    I watch the bachelor for comedic purposes; they choose a mix of genuine seeking, desperately seeking and psychotic. I watch for the drama between the women. It’s entertaining

    but I can’t see black women fighting over him or being so desperate to get “married” like the women they choose for the show.
    We’re riders but all that kissing other girls in our faces doesn’t work. once we’re turned off we’re done. especially on tv you gon embarrass us in front of our friends and family? oh hell no lmao

    but I’d watch regardless of race and who he chooses because majority of the bachelor relationships never last anyway…

  2. Krisitan

    I am happy to see this show finally add some diversity after 17 seasons. I have not been a fan of this show simply because of its blatant lack of diversity. I am glad to see an African American Bachelor. I’m not necessarily concerned with who he chooses (whether she is black or another ethnicity). My question is, When will we have an African American or any other ethnicity Bachelorette?

    • Keep it Real

      That will Never happen.

    • soulfullyreal

      I could see a Latina, they’re stereotyped as sexy and spicy (good tv) and attractive to everyone physically. Black girl? Not happening. Asian? Maybe.

      Also, I haven’t watched this show since like the 3rd season, so they may have already had a Latina/ Asian and I wasn’t paying attention.

  3. soulfullyreal

    I see him with an Olive skinned Latina…safe bet.

  4. The Bachelor is a show that reinforces the idea that any man is worthy of a woman demeaning and contorting herself for. It supports the idea that it is more important for women to compete against one another then to have true sisterhood. It falls into the false notion that we are only complete and worthy when we are “chosen” to be a wife. Despite being beautiful, interesting and talented all of the women fell into being desperate and insecure, tittering on any approval this so-called prince charmings farted in their direction. We are better then that, we can give life, be creative, brilliant and equal partners. I for one do not see a brother on the show a triumph or a sister chasing him like an thirsty idiot the bomb. i’d rather have a V8

  5. Robbie

    Nope! I never watch any one of them and I am not about to start. Trashy tv at its best based on what I have heard and read. Some women would do anything for money.

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