Will You Be Watching HBO’s New Series ‘Girls’?

by Britni Danielle

Since its foray into producing and acquiring TV shows, HBO has continued to dazzle audiences with its vast array of offerings. From the now-classic series like The Wire and Sex & the City, to newer hits like True Blood and Boardwalk Empire, HBO has had an uncanny knack for finding and supporting shows that are both enlightening and entertaining.

Now, HBO is hoping to score yet another hit with Girls a look at the angst of 20-something millennials in New York City.

While the Sex & the City comparisons are natural (the show centers around a group of gal pals in NYC), don’t expect to find any fancy drinks or Manolos. These women face many of the problems–being broke, dating questionable guys, having to figure out what you really want to do in life–as many young people today.

The opening scene of the show finds Lena  Dunham, the show’s creator, writer and one of its stars, getting cut off from by parents, something many young folks struggling to make it on their own can relate to, and trying to figure out who she can afford to make it in the big city while still figuring out what she wants out of life.

While Girls seems light on diversity, like it’s big sis Sex & the City, many of the reviews have dubbed it the best show of the year. Although I wish black women were able to get a show like this produced (or at least be included in the casting) the trailer of Girls looks hilarious and totally relatable to many.

But what do you think? Will you be tuning in to see ‘Girls’ when it premieres Sunday night?
  • Nope

    Would have been nice had they diversified the cast.

  • gmarie

    HBO always seems to strike gold. I’ll definitely give the first episode or two a try

  • apple

    i lived in new york and you can’t walk 5 ft without running into the United Nations., there is so much diversity there.. so many languages, cultures i had friends there from every color, almost every continent. but instead they do this white hipster shit on how hard life is being a privilege average looking white girl.
    kiss my black crack with all that

  • bella

    i love indie shows like this but hate that minority actors are never picked for them…..we can do dry comedy too…..

  • http://roslynholcomb.wordpress.com Roslyn Hardy Holcomb

    First I don’t have cable, and if I did I wouldn’t be willing to pay for cable to sit and watch a bunch of white women talk. My days of doing that are over. If there are no black people in a cast I’m highly unlikely to watch it. I support those who support me and respect my power as a consumer. Clearly HBO does not.

  • Alexandra

    Every comment so far has read my mind, especially what apple said. However this show seems to focus on an obvious type of NY’er. If you live in NY you should know about hipsters and how NYC is not the racial harmony some people make it out to be.
    I’ll give it a chance and see what other characters will be introduced. So yes, I’m going to tune in to the premiere.

  • Freebee33

    That was my first thought!

  • marais morris

    when is this show’s debut? above is not exactly clear. do want to see it though. as for no diversity, that is okay because we have our own shows that are GOOD and we need to support them. unsung, for example, cannot be done by others. and, the game is a phenomenal show. yet, i keep reading disses about THE GAME — disses that are coming from black sources. give the game a chance. it is just as good as the other shows that we watch even though we are not included in. friends, for example, was given quite a while to “catch on”; conan obrien also when he was first given his talk show. maybe we should stop trying to diversify and try to make what we have the best that it can be. and then we should support it.

  • Whatever

    Nope. Not interested. Being a native New Yorker this particular demographic truly annoys me.

  • hehe

    I’ll check it out. I like diversity but lets be real although NYC is a melting pot people usually socialize with other people who are similar to themselves which include race. I actually think it’s more accurate that the circle of friends are white instead of having a token WOC.

  • V

    i will watch Scandal on ABC. thanks.

  • nicole

    I won’t be watching this and if I could give HBO extra money to not see the promos for it, I would. The problem isn’t that it is focused on a particular type of person/new yorker/white girl whatever. The problem for me lies in the critics, pre-fans, those who have seen more than the trailers insisting that the privileged, educated, straight, self centered, myopic, nepotism-benefiting women in this show represent ALL women when that simply isn’t the case. It’s not a new story, it’s not relatable to me, it doesn’t look funny, Lena Dunham is painfully unfunny (don’t give me that Tiny Furniture crap either) and it doesn’t deserve my intentional attention or a fair shake.

  • Jai

    No women of color, I’ll pass on this.

  • LA, California Dreaming (Ocean Blue)

    Another show about White girls/women?

  • Rakel

    I’ll watch this show. I love indies and when people try to capture twentysomethings voices. I am hoping it gets diversified though.

  • hehe

    Yeah Tiny Funiture was horrible but I’ll watch out of shear curiosity. You made valid points.

  • http://afrikanmami.blogspot.com African Mami

    Nope. If a movie or tv series does not have somebody like me in it, I will NOT watch it. I put my money where my mouth is.

  • entro

    Thats where I’m at right now too I will not continue to pay to watch images of people that don’t look like me ive had to endure that all my life but I’m not doing it anymore its just a waste of my time

  • May

    No. Those days are over casanova

  • binks

    I’ am going to skip out on this one, like mention they could at least had some diversity in the casting and none of these actresses is drawing me to them and the premise behind the show isn’t really fresh and different but same old same old just recycled and polished off

  • chanela

    oh gosh. its on HBO so you know every episodes is gonna be full of orgies and random unnecessary naked broads. AND its called “girls” yeah, they’re all gonna have sex with each other on this show.lol

    then it will be the #1 show in a few months.

  • LuvIt289

    Agree w/ Nope &Apple.
    A newcomer “Aisha Tyler” type prolly would be cool on this.

  • HowApropos

    I’m right there with ya, Roslyn….

    Even if I had cable, I still won’t be tuning in. Just sick of watching mainly white people on the most popular shows and movies anymore. And even if there is a black character they make them out to be just unrelateable.

    It’s a ‘white show,’so they don’t pertain to me.

    Isn’t that the excuse they always give?

    And it just doesn’t look interesting…gimme ‘ABG’ any day…

  • Greengreen

    I will say that the time for one race casting is over. I don’t love shows like this that focus so heavily on ‘youth’ experiences but can’t be bothered to include minority youth. I will say that I like the body diversity of this show the lead actress in the trailer is a little chubby and I think it’s nice to see a show with young women who don’t look like size 2 super models complaining about how hard it is to find love. I think it’s refreshing to see women who remind me of myself and my friends as far as look go, not stunning but not hideous either.

  • Oshanae

    I probably will watch but HBO need to bring back How to make it in america that had a diverse cast and good storyline but they canceled it

  • FLG17

    “Maybe we should stop trying to diversify and try to make what we have the best that it can be. and then we should support it.”

    What a sad mindset to have.

    The Game (in it’s BET reincarnation) is just NOT GOOD. Period. It’s not even funny anymore. HBO has great writers and stories to tell…why can’t these stories be told with actors of races other than white. So what shows do you think we’re working with? BET’s line up and Tyler Perry’s House of Payne? Unsung is not a sitcom – it’s a totally different genre. When I’m in the mood to laugh I don’t turn on Unsung.

    I’m waiting for a major network to produce a really good, diversified TV show. I’m talking Girlfriends seasons 2, 3, and 4 (hilarious). I’m talking about the Game when it was on the CW. I’m talking about My Wife and Kids and Everybody Hates Chris.

    I don’t want to watch black TV just because it’s black. I want to watch GOOD TV that has people on it that look like me. I mean, at least one person that’s not a maid, nanny, cook, or any other stereotypical role.

  • Opal

    Seems like UK shows like Skins and Misfits have more diversity than American ones. They have less minorities in the UK compared to the US. I have a mix of Latino, asian and black friends so the same race friend groups seem to be coming to an end (in NYC). :/

  • befree

    Um.. white girl angst coming into her own show.**burp** had my fill.. I will pass :)

  • Lish

    This is not a good reflection of NYC.. I live in the city and I have friends from all walks of life. imagine how the good the show could have been had they casted a white girl,a black girl, a Latina and an Asian..I think the show would have been amazing and there would have been a little bit of everyone represented

  • http://www.pinkpantiesandleopardlipstick.wordpress.com Myisha of Pink Panties & Leopard Lipstick

    I will DEF be watching! The previews on HBO have been hilarious!! I agree though, a brown girl thrown in the mix would have been awesome. A show like this, well exactly like this, with a completely diversified cast would have been BEYOND amazing. One thing I can count on HBO for, is a bunch of NYC shows that give me life… and I truly appreciate it, but having one that shows my and my friends NYC perspective and trials and tribulations would be EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Holl

    I won’t be watching b/c I don’t have HBO lol, but I did watch Sex and the City. It didn’t matter that it was lacking in diversity to me because the topics affect women of all races. I’m not one of those people that has to see black people in a show to watch. I know that it doesn’t work the other way though. Black people will watch shows with white people in them with no problem, but white people will usually not watch shows with black people in them. They think that it is a show “for black people.” That is why when there is a blockbuster with Will Smith, his female lead is not black. You want some diversity (Will) but you don’t want too much diversity or else non-black people will think it’s a black folks movie like Tyler Perry or something.

    I simply believe that BET has been a waste of a channel. They have so many opportunities to do shows like this, but they don’t. That channel has been one of the biggest problems in the black community. Black people always complain that there are no good representations of us on the television, and what do they show? Rap videos showing black men as lazy thugs that only think about sex and black women as oversexed Jezebels. It’s a disgrace. Black people would have been better off without BET and just watching other channels that white people watched. More bad has come out of BET than good. There was a Boondocks episode that said that BET was trying to destroy the black community. I don’t think racists could have dreamed up anything better.

  • Dahlia

    You can look at the cast list on imdb. There is a “young black male”, Jamaican nanny, and an Asian nanny. That is all of the brown that I found.

  • connie

    i am so tired of these all white shows speaking for the lot of us, there are girls of all color going through the same things couldn’t a little of that been put on displayed on this show. As a NY’er I am beyond pissed that they are not doing my city justice, NY is more diverse than this culturally.

  • Cia

    Yes no diversity in the main cast…I only saw a few clips and trailers but I will totally be watching based on one line “I am 13lbs overweight and it has been awful for me my whole life!!” I like that they aren’t the classic beauty types either.

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