Wise Words: Mind Your Business

by Britni Danielle

“What other people think of you is not your business. If you start to make it your business, you’ll be offended for the rest of your life”– Deepak Chopra

While we may talk a good game and say we don’t care what anyone thinks of us, often times really we do. We want to be liked, we want to be thought of as smart, beautiful, exceptional, and perfect. But if you don’t believe it about yourself and continue looking for validation from someone else then you’ll always be trapped by how they see you.

Break out of the box and mind your own business. Don’t allow the way others see you define who you are as a person.

Happy Tuesday!

  • http://afrikanmami.blogspot.com African Mami


    Her eyebrows got that arch that makes me wanna hollllllla!!!! LOVE EM!

  • edrina

    “But if you don’t believe it about yourself and continue looking for validation from someone else then you’ll always be trapped by how they see you”.

    Happy Tuesday to you!

    I wish all Clutch readers will embrace these words and stop letting others define who they are-tape these words onto your mirror so that you read it at the start of your day as your daily mantra before venturing out into the world.

    Please find strength and courage; stop knee jerk reactions and self defeating thoughts. Don’t let anyone suck away your positivity!

  • Steamer

    It took me WAY too long to figure this one out. I mean it nearly consumed a year of my life after I left an emotionally abusive relationship and all the mutual friends I thought I had saw me as the trouble making b!tch for walking away. I mean, really? They would have preferred me to be miserable and a doormat to someone unworthy of me over the assertive and capable woman that I am. That is just sad on their part.

    I held on to caring what they thought because I had hope that they would see I was right and we’d move on together, but I now know that cutting out my ex and his friends was the best thing for me. I am strong, resilient, and my life is the only validation I need.

  • OSHH

    So so so very true, even with your parents/fam etc

  • Alexandra

    Everyone needs to grow a backbone and remind themselves of the dangers in conforming to the thoughts of others.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • Introverted Leo

    What other people think of us, is sometimes our business. How can anyone improve as a person if no one points out what they may be doing wrong?

  • Miss September

    Totally true ! What people think of me does not concern me . There will always be some
    one who has problem with you for whatever reason . My motto : I am only accountable
    for one person and that is myself . At the end of the day , it really doesn’t matter what
    someone thinks/likes you . This is a very liberating way to live ;-D

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