When Detroit Judge Wade McCree was confronted by a local news reporter for sending a shirtless text message to his female bailiff, his honor had an interesting response: “I’ve got no shame in my game.”

The 3rd Circuit court judge, who ironically specializes in presiding over sexual misconduct cases, proudly admitted it was his half-naked physique in the message, and said he wasn’t doing anything inappropriate because he’d sent the same message to several women before.

“Hot dog, yep that’s me. I’ve got no shame in my game. I ain’t talking to nobody else’s wife. You can almost get that here and now,” he told a local news affiliate.

By the way, Judge McCree is a married man.

The bailiff’s husband wasn’t so calm about the judge’s racy message. Her husband called it “highly inappropriate” and plans on filing a complaint with the prosecutor and the Judicial Tenure Commission.

Although Michigan doesn’t have any anti-sexting laws on the books, if the bailiff felt uncomfortable with the judge’s message he can be hit with a sexual harassment lawsuit as well as a possible penalty from the judicial ethics committee.

If this fiasco results in Judge McCree losing his position on the bench, then it seems like he  might have wished he had a little more shame in his game after all. 

  • Jack Sprat

    To add to my last: There’s also a rare sort of fellow who continually courts such disaster, yet ever emerges unscathed in every meaningful sense. I personally am acquainted with two such, albeit only at a distance with the first. He is William Jefferson Clinton, whose risky behavior is well documented. His charm lies in great part from the fact that he not only fully expects to get away with it, but doesn’t really think that it’s reasonable for anyone to object to it. Oh, he knows full well that we will, but has always relied on his ability to charm his way out of any consequences. I mean, come on, what kind of meanie would swat a happy puppy with a shoe across his wet nose, anyway? It’s not as if the puppy sees things the way that you do, after all.

    The other fellow, I did come to know personally. He was the archetypal ‘Trickster’ of your own folklore. He and I worked together in a department of about one hundred people, where everyone knew one another. He did things like routinely steal lunches from his coworkers. Never once denied it or apologized. He’d thank those who confronted him on it! Any number of guys could’ve broken him over their knee, but no one ever so much as thought of doing so. They were utterly helpless in the face of his brazenness. Mystifying, but such people do exist. (Supposedly, the Emperor Napoleon was one such. Their is much anecdotal evidence of this from the time, I’m told.) Still SMH, years later.

  • Jack Sprat

    In a few States, “alienation of affection” is actionable, even if that affection was not actually alienated. The Judge’s action may very well be viewed by a jury as an attempt to entice her to stray from her husband, in consequence awarding damages.

  • http://www.itsoftenbeensaid.wordpress.com Sasha

    @Beana: That is EXACTLY what I was thinking. There’s gotta be a bit more to this story than the husband is reporting because when cases like this you NEVER see the husband speaking on behalf of the woman who was offended. It’s always the woman speaking out and wanting to take some form of disciplinary action against the accused.

    @Jack Sprat: Sending a picture can be seen as alienation of affection? I can see maybe if it was a full on nude photo or a video of him doing sexual stuff. I don’t know, this just doesn’t seem newsworthy to me….

  • Dreaming

    I wasn’t being silly. How many stories have come out where men in power damage their own image by doing things like this?

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