WTF: Need a Vacation? Try The Hamster Hotel!

by Thembi Ford

People are into some weird stuff, and that’s cool. Whatever floats your boat. But a hotel that lets you experience life as a hamster? Really?

I hope this is connected to some kind of sexual fetish that I don’t understand because otherwise the whole running on a hamster wheel and eating grain thing is not merely ridiculous, it’s moronic.

This news clip made me realize that I’m doing it all wrong. All of these years I’ve just been working and paying my rent without taking advantage of the rodent simulation opportunities sitting right in front of my face. For the low price of 99 euros (which by the way is like $130), you can come stay at my house and pretend to be a mouse or even a roach. Any scraps of food that fall off of my plate can be all yours, and you can sleep in the back of one of my cabinets. I have wifi and I won’t even charge you extra for it. Any takers?

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