3 Things We Thought About D’Angelo’s GQ Interview

by Britni Danielle

It’s been 12 years, endless concerts and cameos, a few arrests, and a scary mug shot later, but it seems like Michael D’Angelo Archer is finally back.

I got excited when I saw video pouring out from his mini European tour earlier this year, but after GQ published an (truly amazing) interview with the reclusive singer this week, I knew it was real.

While I poured through the article (glass of wine in hand and Voodoo on repeat; gotta set the mood), noting how open and honest D was about his demons, fears and triumphs, I found myself coming back to a few key things:

Damn, he still looks good

After years of heavy drug and alcohol abuse and a mug shot that left him looking more like Old Dirty Bastard (RIP), than the chiseled, chocolate god of his Untitled video, I wasn’t sure what a reemerging D’Angelo would look like. But the GQ photo spread put my fears to rest. Although he looks a little older and a little more solid, D’Angelo is still sexy as hell. And even though I’m not a fan of grown men with cornrows, he somehow manages to make them work. I can dig it.

  • OSHH

    I had pretty much the same thoughts.
    Yes he does still look good, but alot of men tend to look better with a lil age on em esp if they have taken care of themselves and then some are just blessed in spite of…
    Yes I commented on the spirituality and being aware of those aspects in life and art yesterday.
    Fianlly I am ready for some of his new music he shouldl take Miss Janice’s advice and visit Marvin’s studio.

  • Princess P

    D’Angelo making a comeback is my dream materialized! I have loooooved this man every since I was a young teen blushing at his “Untitled(How does it feel)” lyrics.

    The GQ article was very thorough and now that I am an adult I can understand the complexities and layers he revealed while talking about his life struggles. Dope piece!

  • Tonya

    Agreed – but I get offended by the “last pure African-American artist left.” not true, not true.

  • Just Me

    DAMN, he still looks good! That is all…

  • http://theantifash.blogspot.com The Antifash

    I actually agreed until I thought about Badu, and Jill, and… that’s about it.

  • Kim

    I have always liked D’Angelo’s music but I have NEVER found him attractive. I’m probably in a small minority there, lol.

  • http://theantifash.blogspot.com The Antifash

    The interview was great. I really liked the commentary from Rock, and Quest. I am elated that D is making a comeback. I don’t stan for anyone tbh, but I will admit to being a D’Angelo stan (there I said it). I have been listening to Voodoo since the day it dropped, and I consider D one of the most talented artists of all time. I can not wait for this album to drop.

  • Ms. Information

    He is TOO sexy…I also found it funny how he rejected Madonna….what Leon, Lenny Kravitz and others could not do…

  • Mr. Man

    I too read this, I love it when the artist opens up like that and the interviewer capture all the different layers, i.e. emotions, expressions etc..Until he comes out with more music he will just be a good has-been artist. Like Maxwell everyone is waiting to grab his music as soon as it drop.

    Oh and yeah Questlove put it on too thick with that comment..

  • OSHH

    Janelle came to mind, pure artistry and I hope she remains that way.

  • TK

    Caution: Mini-book ahead

    I thought that his GQ article was very well-timed, and I’m looking forward to his comeback. However, I will also go so far as to say these “young ones” (not all, but most) will probably not feel D’Angelo. In order for this new generation to vibe with D’Angelo they’d have to either; know their D’Angelo history and have grown up on his music at a young age, have be introduced to his music by someone older than them in their younger/teen years or just be willing to take a risk and listen to something others their age won’t listen to. I think that D’Angelo can be appreciated by anyone of any age, it just takes the right type of mind to literally get into what he’s layin down. Immature kids just wouldn’t understand. Shit! I’m an adult and was a good 7 to 11 when most of these “neo-soul” artists came about, and I’m still learning and growing 17 years later through music that I didn’t understand then. To each his own though, and I’m looking forward to going to Essence Fest to check him out.

  • http://afrikanmami.blogspot.com African Mami

    Ladies, I NEVER saw why this man was hailed as sexy, but that second picture where his hair is out in a curled semi fro,HOTDAMN! Then his about to lit a cigar, Shiiiiid. If I met him, in real life doing all that he is doing in that picture, I’m suggesting we get a room and condoms.

  • Pam Pam

    I agree I don’t find him sexy at all!

  • Introverted Leo

    I don’t find him to be attractive either.

  • Leonie UK

    Anthony Hamilton, Rashann Patterson, Eric Roberson, Ledisi, KEM,Kindred the family Soul, and the list goes on. Lets stop with all this “no one gives us good soul music anymore”. There are endless artist out there hitting the stages and giving live music it’s due.

  • Tami

    I enjoyed reading this article, which makes me want to go pick up an issue of GQ. D’Angelo is sexy as hell & I enjoyed his last album. Yes, he needs to come out with another, he’s too young to just give it all up…I loved the line, ‘I’m not a fan of men with cornrows.’ That made me laugh because neither am I, but D’Angelo is definitely an exception.

  • Blasé

    that pic is a knock out!

  • Southern Girl

    I am elated that D is back and has attempted to conquer his demons. I am feeling the statement “last pure African-American artist left.” He is talented, introspective and sexy as hell. Move over Angie!

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