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I appreciate his passion, but I want another album

D’Angelo is an artist, no doubt. Questlove even went so far as to call him the “last pure African-American artist left,” and I’m almost inclined to agree. But his legacy as one of the “greats” will continue to be in doubt if he can’t overcome his…ego?…demons?…sense of perfection?…to let the music go.

When I heard of his mini-tour I was upset. I was happy he was hitting the stage, but sad that I was missing his London stint by a few weeks. I wanted to be in the building, listening to him croon and moan and shout live, not just in the comfort of my living room. I’m ready for D’Angelo to light up American stages and TVs and radios again. Not just for selfish reasons—of course I love his music—but to let the young ones know that there is something more than Weezy and Drake and autotuned voices. Real music still exists and we need D’Angelo to hurry up and teach these new cats a few things.

Did you read the GQ interview? What did you think?

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  • Tami

    I enjoyed reading this article, which makes me want to go pick up an issue of GQ. D’Angelo is sexy as hell & I enjoyed his last album. Yes, he needs to come out with another, he’s too young to just give it all up…I loved the line, ‘I’m not a fan of men with cornrows.’ That made me laugh because neither am I, but D’Angelo is definitely an exception.

  • Southern Girl

    I am elated that D is back and has attempted to conquer his demons. I am feeling the statement “last pure African-American artist left.” He is talented, introspective and sexy as hell. Move over Angie!