When it comes to diversity in advertising, companies often get it wrong. Whether we’re excluded all together or included in a stereotypical way, advertisers often miss the mark when it comes to marketing to people of color. But one ad agency hopes to change this.

In AMC’s new show The Pitch multicultural ad agency (the only on the show) Muse Communications hopes to shine a light on the lack of non-white people currently in the industry.

Jo Muse, chief creative officer of Muse, explained his company’s mission: “The rate of hiring and retention of people of color has always been dismal in the advertising industry. It’s time the public felt the outrage of these people who, even now, can’t find a job in this business, much less move up to the executive ranks.”

To further their cause Muse Communications created a series of ads to shine a light on the lack of diversity within the advertising industry. In one ad called “White Space,” a black woman in an all-white office laments, “They say it’s because they can’t find us. But they can find us when they want our money.”

The ad aired during last week’s episode of The Pitch and Muse Communications hopes that their ad will serve as a catalyst for change. Because as they explain, “Saying you want to do more about diversity is not the same as getting something done.”

  • iQgraphics

    Oh please oh please…
    Although I believe in my soul that ‘Marketing is where creativity goes to die’ (trademark)

    The responsibility of diversity does not fall in the hands of the marketers and advertisers… it falls on specific company, the brand, the business.

    If at a pitch meeting, the company does not express their targeted demographic to the marketing and advertising team, whose fault is it when the end result is lily white.

    And is this ad addressing the issue of color of the people in the advertising agencies??? Again… that’s a company issue.

  • Ms. Information

    They need to because they are missing the mark with these Mary J. BLige chicken commercials — at least get a token Black in there to help – geesh.

  • iQgraphics

    things to avoid
    chicken, watermelons, monkeys and tap dancing…

    class dismissed ;)

  • minna k.


    this actress is over-accessorized, and I could barely hear a word.)

    But on topic. I don’t need to be marketed at. I don’t need a commercial’s poor attempt at “getting” me. It usually ends up being offensive.

    Most adults have probably adapted to the 30 year old marketing tactics, and are not as affected by commercials.

    Companies should spend more money making a decent product, so they won’t need to gain favor through subliminal means. Many of the products that I buy have virtually no advertisement, and an occasional positive you tube review. I am more interested in how a product performs in real life.

    Also, it’s 2012 and WE are still asking THEM to “let us in”.

  • Muse

    dead@ tap dancing LOL!!!

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