A friend of mine once said she feels bad for men. She finds the fact that movies, television shows, and advertising are always trying to arouse their sexual senses by selling sex right along with whatever product is being pushed in the form of a nearly naked woman – or girl – unfair. I would imagine the creators of a new documentary, “Are All Men Pedophiles,” would agree with her.

In its simplest definition, a pedophile is an adult who is sexually attracted to children. There are all sorts of negative connotations that come along with that and this stamp is a label that’s almost given to men until proven otherwise. Mothers are always hesitant to leave their young children in the care of not just male friends or acquaintances, but even male family members. And though men who act on these urges are often considered to have psychiatric disorders or to just be plain “sick,” this film suggests all men may have a little pedophile in them, so to speak, because of the images that are pushed on them.

With interviews from Muslim and Christian leaders, model scouts, psychologists, and sexologists, this documentary examines the global impact of pedophilia from a cultural and professional perspective. We know in some places girls are married as young as 9 and 10 years old in ceremonious ways steeped in cultures that say attraction to young girls is natural. In America, we don’t support that type of sexualization but we do push it in others ways, particularly the fashion industry. Vogue recently banned any models under the age of 16 but that’s just one glossy out of a sea of mags that typically uses girls around the age of 13 to sell clothes and fantasies—which is problematic to both women and men.  The filmmakers say it is that hypocrisy of encouraging men to look but not touch young girls who they may not even be aware are in fact adolescents, that begs the question, are all men pedophiles? But in asking that, the creators are also suggesting men have zero control over their sexual urges which is a stereotype males have increasingly been attempting to fight lately, and that they all feel aroused when they come across these images which isn’t fair either.Watch the trailer and tell us your thoughts.

Does society play a role in pedophilia by pushing images of young girls on men?

  • Sydney

    Though I think this movie will make some valid points and an interesting watch, I’m not so sure about the title. I think it’s important, when it comes to sociological issues surrounding gender and sex, to include both men and women, and the title “All Men Are Pedophiles” doesn’t seem like something an average man would see. It comes off as insulting, though I am sure it was used for marketing and generating buzz. We can’t make changes if only women are the ones fighting for women’s equality etc. Men need to be part of the process too. If this movie really wants to make a difference, MEN need to see it, not just women!

    Regardless, I’d be interested to see it!

  • Pat

    Wow. That’s are hard pill to swallow. But none the less there is some truth to what they are saying. I don’t believe ALL men are pedophiles, but I do believe there is a large percentage of men that have it. Some act on it and some don’t. There is no cure because its pushed by media outlets fashion, film and tele etc. Its pushed by some religions. Its pushed by contest and other outlets I can go on. Unless we adapt strict rules/ regulations for theses industries that profit and the men that commit the crimes; we will continue to see pedophilia on the rise world wide.

  • bekah

    No matter what men will have a preference for a younger woman than an older one. I just got schooled on this recently. It’s because they assume the younger girl is naive and more submissive to their prospects rather than an older woman who has been there, done that. Even if the two are equally attractive. When does it go from a preference to pedophilia? That is up for debate.

    I agree that images in the media don’t help the situation.

  • http://afrikanmami.blogspot.com African Mami

    Yes. BUT to question if ALL men are pedophiles is INSULTING! Tonton. Your perspective is needed. I wash my hands off this one.

  • tisme

    Yes it’s insulting to men but it’s also scary to even think it.I’m sure they will have some “facts” to back up their claim but before women embrace this they should consider that this could happen to them.

    Like what if someone came out with a film “Are all women baby killers” Since there are facts that state that women kill babies in some circumstances more than men.

    Did I mention how scary this is to even have to entertain?When something is being presented from a scientific perspective people tend to believe it wholeheartedly even though some theories that are proven to be true now will often times be proven to be false somewhere down the line.

    I don’t know if I’ll watch this.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    most men are naturally attracted to females who can best bear children which rules in young women but rules out children.

  • Toppin (Formerly Known As Just Sayin’)

    And most women are attracted to men that will give them the best looking offspring, but somehow or the other women are supposed to overlook their “natural” desires. *Roll eyes*

  • http://livefromthematrix.wordpress.com TAE

    I think that a very large percentage of men would do a child if they had the chance. Back in the day once a girl hit that menstrual she was fair game, so what makes us think that this has been bred out of human beings. I’ve seen it time and time again, old men staring lustfully at the little 10,11,12,13,14,15, 16 year old girls, and yes to me 16 years old is a child. I had homegirls in middle school was was getting it in with men in their early 20′s. 13-14yrs old with a 21 year old boyfriend, ummmhmmm yall know. Well that’s not really pedophilia that’s ephebophilia which I believe is a bigger cultural problem than pedophilia. Just look at all these teacher’s getting caught sexin they students. shame, shame, shame……..

  • http://afrikanmami.blogspot.com African Mami

    oh yeah…I just remembered a tale of pedophilia, that I need to share. It is disturbing but as always funny.

    Growing up, swimming was part of my learning curriculum, and in any case I loved it. So, I was overly enthusiastic as always to be a participant of swimming sheenanigans until this one day, my young 10 year old mind was invaded by a pedophilia sight to behold. We had finished swimming as a group and were going back to the locker rooms to shower and change back into our uniforms. I was walking with a friend, when we came across a man who was sitting outside the girls locker room, with his legs SPLAYED and his woola woola out for all to see!!!! He was MASTURBATING and getting off, in front of a locker room for young girls!!! Like this dude was MOANING out loud.

    Let me tell ya’ll he was PACKING, BUT this was not a time for appreciating and winking. In any case, I was too young to even know what the hell he was doing, what I did know was that it was WRONG!!! I had grown up at a time when RAPES and murders of women were RIFE, so I knew what time it was. Besides, my parents were overly cautious and I had been taught to react in a case such as this. I was to RUN AS I SCREAMED!!!!!! No looking back and turning into salt like Lot’s wife!!!

    My friend and I SCREAMED at the top of our lungs as we run and alerted my class teacher, swimming instructor and anybody that was around the vicinity!!!! The young class teacher-she was around 24 at the time, gathered us and counseled us-God bless the heart of that young lady!!! I really don’t know what became of that man. I don’t whether the authorities were alerted.

    I have very many stories to tell on this issue-not as they relate to me but from observing. Jesus!! Ladies, if you have daughters and sons-FIERCLY PROTECT THEM!! If you have a slight feeling that your brother, or uncle may be up to something. Trust your GUT feeling!!!! -Read Malcolm Gladwell’s “BLINK” to get an expat opinion on snap judgments!-They are very very important..

  • Toni

    ^ for real? YOU don’t even believe that one.

  • http://afrikanmami.blogspot.com African Mami

    @ QON

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhollllll up!!!

    The attempt to rebrand men’s very natural and NORMAL attraction for younger women as pedophilia and then you can guilt them into desiring their old behinds.

    -Excuse me?!!!! A 40 year old getting attracted to a 16 year old is NOT normal that is PEDOPHILIA! Stop the madness!!!! That is NOT rebranding, it is calling it as it is. eh ehe…..weeeeeeee!

  • http://afrikanmami.blogspot.com African Mami

    @ QON,

    Why do you BASH women?! There is a difference between critiquing a gender and going in on them day in day out. C’mon, that shiiid kray.

  • Toni

    Oh Mami…why bother. She hates womankind (black women anyway). I’m done trying to reason with…it.

  • http://afrikanmami.blogspot.com African Mami

    @ Toni,

    Lol!!! Probably she has a disease, that is yet to be found out, so I need to be know forehand.

  • http://eclecticspectrum.tumblr.com/ Afia

    Pedophilia is an attraction to children who are prepubescent Ephebophilia is the attraction to someone who is in their mid to late adolescence. So that’s comparing being attracted to a 5 year old vs a 15 year old. It’s all deplorable but there is a distinction.

    Our society likes youth. That is obvious so the media uses the youngest women it can get away with. It’s disturbing because it sexualizes young women who aren’t ready for such a thing. Sure a 15 or 16 year old can have an adult body but she doesn’t have an adult mind. And men aren’t taught to be attracted to minds.

    It’s just a mess.

  • http://afrikanmami.blogspot.com African Mami

    at the end of the day a little wrong don’t make it right either in reference to your 5 and 15 year old distinction.

    I am not in any way, refuting or arguing what you just posted dear. Just adding to it…ya know like ehee maggi in goat stew. yummmm!

  • Tonton Michel

    I am disturbed by the generalization presented here but I can not deny that in the Western World at least the hyper sexualization in the media and society as a whole feeds into a segment of male population that are dysfunctional. From kiddie beauty pageants that dress kids like adults, unchecked minors who emulate strippers and video models, to poor role models in the home and media that encourage a very grown look in tweens this world is a pedophiles wet dream. But to say that all men are predisposed to this as opposed to being conditioned to this with out resistance is wrong. All men do not run around with the desire to want to sleep with children as part of their make up. But society does turn a blind eye or at least encourages the sexualization of kids and than penalize men for acting on it. You can go to any middle school in America were you see kids drrssing grown, their intent may not be to entice grown men but those men are exposed to them and the more debased among us will act on it. Many women encourage the behavior by allowing the girls to play dress up or teaching them it. How many videos are out there were you see women “twerking” it in front of minors or the children them selves mimicking the adults not fully understanding the underlying meaning of the dance. Look at R. Kelly, you can find an army of supporters who will defend him not because of the “quality” of his music but because they really do not see anything wrong with his actions with a minor. They will rationalize it away because they accept the behavior and more than likely have been exposed to sex at an early age themselves. The pendulum has swung to far from being sexual conservative to being hyper sexual and this world that has been created were little girls are ripe for picking is the end result.

  • http://afrikanmami.blogspot.com African Mami

    I was anxiously waiting for your response, thank you.

    Now QON up thurr said that

    “The attempt to rebrand men’s very natural and NORMAL attraction for younger women as pedophilia and then you can guilt them into desiring their old behinds.”

    Please weigh in on this, because I’m practically jumping through the screen. May be I misunderstood what she is saying…..thanks much.

  • modern lady

    All men are certainly NOT pedophiles. But the media would certainly like to make it seem that way. If you listen to the news too much, they’d have you believe all female teachers are giving it up to their male students. It rarely happens. I wish people would stop sensationalizing things for viewers.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    males are control by their hormones. men control their hormones.

  • Tonton Michel

    Pedophilia is categorized as 11-14 pre puberty but given the hormone loaded diet that we eat and feed the kids now a days that age has dropped way below 11. And that is a problem just because a girl is capable of bearing children does not mean she should engage in sexual relations with a man because of it. Its just ridiculous, I have a friend who breeds pitbulls, she doesn’t allow her younger female dogs to breed because they can, they are incapable of properly taking care of their pups, they may inadvertently kill the pups. Now how is it that common sense is known among breeders but humans can not figure this out with children?

  • Yb


    “I just read a story about a female teacher having sex with a disabled student. We live in a society that hides the truth to protect women’s feelings. Its not good.”

    Wait……..so these stories are supposedly hidden to supposedly protect our feelings EVEN though you just effortlessly read that story AND female teacher and student relationships stories are told and sensationalised more in the media? Really? C’mon son. At least proofread your comment to make sure it makes sense.

  • http://afrikanmami.blogspot.com African Mami

    @ QON,

    “We live in a society that hides the truth to protect women’s feelings. Its not good.”

    Right. Mmmh. #whatev…..

    Read what YB said!!

  • http://afrikanmami.blogspot.com African Mami

    @ QON,

    It isn’t pedophilia its older women’s fear of younger women

    -I’m so confused with your statement. I do not think we are understanding what the other is saying, so could you please provide more insight with your original statement. Hun, I never run, not unless there is a lion chasing me! :)

  • Toppin (Formerly Known As Just Sayin’)


    Step into the 21st century. Women don’t need men to provide for them anymore and if you listen closely today’s men stay complaining about women judging them on everything but being able to provide.

    The liberation of women has allowed them to act out their “natural” desire and judge men much of the same way they have judged women.

    Men checked women by keeping them economically oppressed…here in the west. They also put biased gender roles on them. Those days are over. Again we see now that “natural” desire has come out swinging now that it can’t be checked.

    Also don’t get me wrong. SOME women do still embrace gender roles (both those of men and women). I’m saying women do NOT need men to provide for them anymore. However, some still WANT men to provide.

  • apple

    Do I think that all men are pedophiles no? But I do think that most men are sex hungry animals. Sorry!

  • Alexandra

    As others mentioned this generalization is dangerous. It is going to be interesting to hear the theories. Like bekah commented, I wonder if ‘natural’ instincts are going to be examined as some of the reasoning. And I wonder how much blame is going to be placed on the media, because many psychological researches on mate selection have shown the preference men have for young women has been around for ages.
    Several graphs I read years ago, showed that men preferred younger women. These same graphs showed women preferred men a bit older than them. In conclusion, the results showed that the older a woman got, the more even the age preference became. But for men, the older they got the preference for young age remained steady :-/
    Some might find this silly, but regardless of legality (over 18) sometimes when I see women dating men 10+ years, I immediately think of their ages if they were young. Ex: say the man is 40 and he’s dating a 23 yr old woman; she wasn’t even born when he was going through puberty and growing into a man. By the time she was 18, he would have already lived close to 4 decades. This extreme but in that same sense, who would be ok with an 18 yr old man marrying/dating an infant? If you go by development (which varies among girls), who would be comfortable with a 14 yr old (though fully developed), dating a much older man?

    However, as Tonton mentioned in recent times you can blame the media and some women. I watch pageant shows with disgust sometimes. Some of the girls are being encouraged by their mothers to be ‘sexy’ while they wear very skin revealing clothing. And have you seen how mature they look with the makeup?

  • indigorama

    @QON- gotta agree with toppin here. your argument sounds too much like evo psych which uses a lot of relatively modern justifications(excuses, suppositions, etc) for supposedly “ingrained” behaviors. all in all i definitely feel like the natural order of things is for people (regardless of gender) to usually be attracted to a someone in a similar age range/maturity, which is subjective. you can definitely argue that since girls mature faster they would likely choose someone older, but the same can be said of boys (besides the maturing faster).

    a lot of times when a teen is testing out his/her new-found sexuality they may choose someone older with experience. however once that stage is over people usually want a partner that reflect themselves. it was only with the advent of patriarchal societies that you saw women supposedly preferring men -older with hopefully more resources.

    but if you allowed the natural order instead of society dictating what’s supposedly the natural order, i’d say you’d see a lot more survival(mating) of the fittest going on. and older men definitely wouldn’t come out on top in such a scenario(neither would older women, but hey, they’ve never come out on top :-/ ). i feel like the current prime of fertility for women is around 18/19 to 40 and for men is around 18/19 to 45(maybe to 50). with attraction having way more variables than age and fertility concerns, i say whatever floats your boat or finds your lost remote :)

    @james – i agree but that child-bearing age range is where the confusion comes in. some folks like to use historic age ranges such as 13-22 when society has well progressed past the need for women(girls at that age) to have kids so young.

  • Toppin (Formerly Known As Just Sayin’)


    “What is a good looking child and why would that be a measure of a man’s desirability. The subjectivity of what is good looking makes Toppin’s argument harder to prove.”

    Let’s not play dumb here. If given a choice MOST black women would pick Morris Chestnutt over let’s say Terrance from 106 & Park.

    Good looks are subjective but conditioning and standards of beauty have made the issue a little bit more black and white.

    Morris Chestnutt= Alpha Male, who most black women would favor having children with.

    Terrance= Beta Male, winner up each and every time because he doesn’t have the desirability of Morris and his offspring probably won’t either.

    Women are doing exactly what they are supposed to do in a survival of the fittest contest: they are pursuing men more likely to give them good-looking/strong offspring. They don’t just want to sleep with Alpha…they want to have his children.

  • http://afrikanmami.blogspot.com African Mami

    This pedophilia hysteria is a tool to incriminate men’s sexuality

    Cry me a river, and make it larger than the river Nile!!!! :)

    Have a great day doe!

    I’m done reasoning with you on this subject matter, but I do love your exchanges. They hella kray doe!!! VERY.

  • Paramore

    I don’t believe all men are pedophiles, but I do frequently question why older men hit on me or try to talk to me when I look like a teenager even though I am in my late twenties. I’ve definitely seen older men look at young girls and it disgusts me. There was one man who I would see on the bus and he would wave at me. I never waved back, but one day I watched him and noticed that he would only look at girls/women who appeared young and never older looking women.

    I don’t agree with the sentiment that society ‘pushes’ images of young girls on men.

  • http://stephanietalktome.blogspot.com Stephanie

    Well when you have images of the sexy school girl being the foreplay for adult men in the bedroom what do you expect?

  • Laina

    I think some men are pedophiles and to me that includes looking at girls up to age 16. When I go out and about I observe people and their interactions and I am always sickened when I see older men looking at girls. Why is a grown man looking at a child? I also do not understand men 40 and above looking at someone 20. When was the last time you looked in the mirror? Time did not stand still for you. Where is your growth that you are looking for the same type of women you did 20 years ago. But I guess those type of men were probably dating someone 15 when they were 20.

  • http://theaaridan.tumblr.com TheMuseintheMirror

    Google NAMBLA. That is all I have to say.

  • Ms. Information

    Oh God, I googled it….and people like this live among us? Gross.

  • minna k.

    Yes, that adult shop costume idea is ages old.

  • MDA

    No, not all men are pedophiles, though sadly, so many men are. I don’t read fashion magazines or pay attention to high-fashion runway shows so the problematic trend of using 13-year-old models described in this here article is something I wholeheartedly believe, but haven’t actually witnessed first hand.

    Now that I got that out of the way, I want to say I appreciate the commenters who noted the difference between pedophilia and ephebophilia. Both are problems that need to be addressed more often, but I do wish people would stop acting like a 30-year-old man who finds a 16-year-old desirable is as sick as one who finds as 7-year-old physically desirable. Many 16-year-old woman have fully developed bodies and can pass for grown woman in the face AND body.

    This leads me to another point about physically appearance…I think it’s legitimately hard for some men to differentiate between a teenager and woman while out in public, especially if a woman is in her twenties. I am damn near 25, but people insist on me looking like “a lil ol’ baby” (read: 14 years-old). I KNOW I am not the only young women who faces this issue. Likewise, I personally know some very grown looking 15-year-olds who can pass for at least being college-aged women, even without makeup.

    I’m know I’m steering off topic a bit, but like I said, I just don’t think it’s fair to call a grown man sick because he finds a 16-year-old physically desirable, ESPECIALLY when he thinks she 18+ and she’s not (think here of men who approach women on the subway, out shopping, etc). I’ve read that some men find this very offensive and I completely understand. Moreover, I hate the fact if I’m out in public on a date with a late 20-something or 30-something man, onlookers may think there’s something inappropriate going on. It has happened before…

  • MDA

    Oh, man. Pardon the typos. -_-

  • Paramore

    A 16-year-old isn’t a woman. She is a teenage girl.

    Your comment rubs me the wrong way for the fact that you are essentially excusing men lusting after teenage girls because these girls have ‘developed bodies’.

  • http://afrikanmami.blogspot.com African Mami

    The world is definitely coming to an end.

  • MDA

    Paramore, I agree with the first part of your comment. A 16-year-old girl is a child, not an adult. A 16-year-old girl–developed body or not–is NOT a woman.

    I just said that a 16-year-old could easily pass for woman and an adult man could understandably view her as a physically desirable woman, ignorant of the fact that she is a child.

    My point was that I don’t think a man who finds a 16-year-old desirable should be deemed as “sick,” especially if he doesn’t know that the 16-year-old is actually under the age of 18. It’s common for some men to think girls in their mid-to-late teens are adults due to developed figures and/or faces. They don’t know.

    I am not excusing grown men who deliberately seek out underage girls. Those men are likely to be:
    A) too insecure to engage with women in their own age group
    B) have predatory attitudes who seek out teenagers (yes, children!) who are very vulnerable and likely misguided.

    This will probably be my last comment on this article. I appreciate you for engaging with me respectfully because that doesn’t always happen in the comment section on Clutch.

  • MDA

    Paramore, I agree with the first part of your comment: a 16-year-old isn’t a woman. A 16-year-old is a teenage girl, a CHILD.

    I am not excusing men for lusting after teenage girls for having developed bodies; I was trying (perhaps, unsuccessfully) to explain why a man might find a teenage girl physically desirable despite her being underage. It would be because she appears to be an adult and he may be unaware that she is still a child. As I mentioned earlier some girls and woman look younger or older than their actual age. That’s why there are so many grown 18+ women playing teenagers in TV shows and on film. It’s also why so many underage teens can successfully gain access to clubs despite not meeting the posted age requirements; they look grown.

    I think the men who deliberately seek out teenage girls (especially in pornography) have issues. I think they are insecure men who sadly seek to benefit from vulnerable, often misguided young women. I would never condone something like that.

  • H

    I think that the title of this is horrible. It is like when feminists call all men rapists.

    But I think you are incredibly naive if you think men aren’t looking at these teenagers. They have bodies like adults. I mean in the West, the fashion and entertainment world’s ideal woman looks more like a thin teenager rather than a curvaceous woman. Curvy woman like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, and J.Lo (probably even Marilyn Monroe in this day and age) are considered fat by some b/c of their womanly shapes. Remember when people were drooling over Pippa Middleton’s tiny bum lol? Look at these new Victoria’s Secret Models. Compare Chanel Iman to Tyra Banks. Is it thin is in, or are these women trying to look like teenagers?

    I don’t understand why parents let teens dress like prostitutes because the kids say it’s fashion. This is an obvious sign that the teens are too naive. I mean they dress this way to flirt with and entice the boys at school, but they are too naive to think that older men are actually looking. They think that there is some undeclared rule where people stay in their own lane. Men are visual creatures and will look. Decent men will control themselves, but there are men out there who don’t care.

    I understand that men like to date young looking women, but a 21-30 year old still looks pretty freaking young. They’re still perky without wrinkles. But young teenagers? Really? I think that is more because they like the innocence of a young girl. She is young and naive, and he will be the one to take her innocence. I think that is part of it. Also younger girls haven’t experienced life, so they are pretty upbeat and bubbly. Also there is the control aspect. It’s easy to manipulate someone who has no clue about life.

  • H

    @Alexandra – Yes. I read somewhere that a group of college aged men said that if age differences weren’t an issue, they would like to date a 17 year old. I think if men could answer without anyone knowing what they said, it would be even lower. I’m not a man, but I just don’t see the big physical difference between a 17 year old and a 21 year old. They are both young, wrinkle-free, and bubbly. Why do they want the one right out of high school? To me, it’s because she has no clue about life. The older women get, the pickier they get. A 21 year old has probably been to college and knows more about life.

    I don’t think we should ever get too comfortable with saying “Oh well it’s okay b/c it’s natural for men to want the youngest women.” We are animals, but we are humans able to reason and control ourselves.

  • binks

    Bingo! I don’t believe all men are pedophiles or ephebophiles or to go a step further rapists but I do think a lot of men can have those tendencies knowingly or unknowingly (and even may act on them) depending on if the situation was opportune and the child/person involved, especially the latter. It may not be PC to say but I just feel that way, based on the horror stories I know of and heard. Heck I believe given the opportunity we don’t know what some people will do in certain situations especially involving children

  • chanela

    DUH! have you people not noticed how girls in school uniforms and high school cheerleaders are automatically seen as sexy?in horror movies it’s always a bunch of (usually grown women acting as teenage girls) prancing around naked and being overly sexual.when you go to porn sites they always have stuff that says “sexy slutty teens” for 18 year old women. then you have women who are constantly pressured to be more like teenage girls.they have padded bras and stilettos for 4 year olds. i even read something yesteday about this french company having lingerie for little girls.


    it’s sick!

    i don’t see how all of this still goes on and nobody bats an eyelash. at the same time they wonder why so many men are perving on little girls and teenage girls.

  • isola

    Pedophilia and the sexual objectification of girls is deeply embedded in our society. All men are not pedophiles, but there are enough of them out their to make it an extremely dangerous issue. As a society we are sick. A glossy ad of a scantily dressed teenager or little girls in heels and a swimsuit at a beauty pageant are just some of the symptoms. We constantly look the other way or blame the victim for the adult’s actions. These articles pop up every now and then but sexual abuse of children is a real every single day problem. Until we start to seriously address it grown men we will continue to believe that young girls (and boys as well) are on this earth for their sexual pleasure.

  • bob

    Im 23 years old If I see a woman on the bus with a nice figure , Im not thinking oh let me see her ID to see if she is legal before I check her out , im going to check her out. Now if I see a girl with a book bag on with a over developed body , I think to myself this is wrong , but she looks grown I will check her out she, but I would never flirt with a girl or court one , but I have friends that dont care. To be honest most men do check out over developed teenage girls , women do the same thing to teenage boys , why is it ok for a 21 year old to check out a teenage justin beever and find him attractive , but if a 21 year old man finds a 16 year old attractive he is the devil, this is another bull shit double standard, men are perverts, and women are doing whats natural.

  • bob

    I have tons upon tons of female friends that lust after over developed teenage boys, but they are not seen as pedophiles. How many women can say they never checked out an over developed attractive teenage boy before in there life ?

  • isola

    Checking out a developed gir and engaging in sex with an underage child are two different things. Thoughts and ideas are completely different from actions.

  • http://cupofjo-jo.blogspot.com bk chick

    @ Paramore, yes! I def look young for my age..about teenage years and it always creeps me out that much older men are often attracted to me. It’s like the best of both worlds… when they look at me they keep quiet cuz they think i’m too young but when they find out I’m actually in my twenties its like they hit a gold mine! A girl who is legal but still fulfills their fantasy of being with a young girl..gross. I always keep my guard up because of it.

  • bob

    yes it is different but alot of women will be disgusted by men that just look at over developed teenage girls, but will be ok with women that look at over developed boys. Its a double standard that exist in our society, and one that I find especially funny. Are all women secretly pedophiles because of a couple women teachers that take advantage of their male students. We live in a world where a woman can rape a child and not be sent to prison.

  • Paramore

    I hear you, BK Chick. I don’t even bother to entertain men who approach me on the street.

  • Paramore

    What makes a boy ‘over developed’?

  • bob

    a boy that looks like a man , their are 15 year olds with more facial hair than grown men, having a fit muscular build, developed sexual organs.

  • http://livefromthematrix.wordpress.com TAE

    1. Lolita, classic
    2. Pretty Baby, staring an I think 8 year old Brooke Shields
    3. 25th hour

    For starters I find all three of these films fascinating. Lolita, the remake with Dominique Swain, is like the standard pedophile love story manifesto or something. Pretty Baby is even worse than Lolita cause the age difference is way more severe, she’s like 8 or 9 and her lover is in her 30′s and I know 25th hour may be a stretch but this conversation reminds me of the scene in which Monty meets Naturel for the first time, in her school uniform, complete with thigh high stockings, smoking a cigarette, on a swing of all places. Hell you can even add American Beauty in there for good measure. That image, the young nubile supple young lady and the lustful older man, is like everywhere. Save for the Mary Kay Laternou story I can’t recall many movies where the roles are reversed.

    Now I may be wrong for saying this but I definitely think that when you have a younger woman and an older man the sexual dynamic is more pronounced and the attraction is more lust driven than when you have an older woman and younger man. I have seen some very handsome young men and I have thought to myself that when they got older they were going to be some stunners, so I’m not trying to demonize for looking, but looking often leads to touching and I think that men are more inclined to touch pyt’s than women, though I completely understand that women do take it there and it’s also interesting because it seems the number of women who are taking it there is on the rise.

    The question all of this raises for me is what do we do? As a society, are we going to change our views on exactly what it means to be a child? Are we going to quit acting like once children bear a certain physicality they are still seen in the same way? We know they aren’t that’s why you have these strict fathers who swear they will kill any man that even looks at their daughter sideways. And I notice that on average young women receive the watchful eye far more than young men which is really sad. There is so many dynamics here. Like in the movie KIDS, we call them children but they be getting into some heavy stuff yet mother’s don’t want to talk to daughters about condoms, schools don’t want to teach sex education. We don’t want to view our youth as sexual beings but in actuality they are. So where does that leave us?

  • mluv

    i havent.

  • Paramore

    A boy with ample facial hair and a muscular build translates to him looking like a man? I don’t agree with that.

    How would a woman know how developed a boy’s sexual organ is unless she had seen it first hand?

  • bob

    “Now I may be wrong for saying this but I definitely think that when you have a younger woman and an older man the sexual dynamic is more pronounced and the attraction is more lust driven than when you have an older woman and younger man”

    for past generations of women , I would agree, but todays women are just as lustful as men, that women are more sexually innocent then men mantra is dead, the sexual revolution has killed it women lust after alpha males as equally as men lust after beautiful women. Todays women follows her natural instincts to breed with alpha males like men instincts tell them to breed with pretty women.

  • bob

    What ever lets just leave it at attractive young men , that look resemble grown men. How many grown women find justin beaver attractive, or were lusting after a 16 year old chris brown.

  • bob

    congratulations for not finding any underage male attractive.

  • mluv

    Kids do look to grown these days and we are an oversexualized, fast-moving culture. And no matter how grown a child may look or how over-developed a child may be, a pedophile KNOWS what he/she is doing and has SICKNESS. Are all men pedophiles, NO. Some women just like some men can be pedophiles too.

  • mluv

    “I have tons upon tons of female friends that lust after over developed teenage boys, but they are not seen as pedophiles.”

    “”congratulations for not finding any underage male attractive”””

    I can say that someone is attractive but it doesnt mean that I lust or am attracted to them.

  • bob

    The reason in our society why men are more demonized for having sex with underage girls than women that sleep with underage boys is because boys are taught to enjoy having sex even if they are being raped by an older woman , it should be their pleasure to have sex at any cost, and they will be applauded for sleeping with an older woman. While a under age girl that sleeps with an older man is at risk of being pregnant and being labeled soiled goods by society. She will be called a slut, and will be more emotionally scared from the affair if the man does not stay with her, which most of the time does not happen.

  • H

    @chanela – There was a case recently where some 50 year old man married a 16 year old. That’s just not right.

    Like I said, I understand that men might be attracted to a teenager b/c she has a body like a woman, but to try to start relationships with them or act on your attraction is wrong.

    I don’t care what people say. The average 16 year old is not mature enough to make a decision like that especially not our teenagers of this day and age. They are still children.

    I don’t have a problem with all older man / younger woman relationships. A 40 y/o man and a 25 y/o woman is different. She is a woman and has had life experiences. She is probably mature enough to not be taken advantage of. When men deliberately decide to enter in relationships with girls who haven’t even finished high school, it is just wrong.

    @bob – We have seen that women are just as lustful as men, but men find the average woman more attractive than women find the average man.

  • arlette

    i thought there was another word for men who are attracted to young teenagers and not actual kids. btw the girl pictured above is 12, how creepy is that.

  • Dalili

    It’s ephebophilia. Which is just as creepy as pedophilia in my opinion as the teenagers haven’t actually reached the age of consent (well at least in the US). Who comes up with these definitions?

  • bob

    ephebophilia is also when grown women are attracted to a 16 year old justin beiber or chris brown.

  • Dalili

    I wasn’t gender specific Bob, I said teenagers. Either way, it’s gross!

  • arlette

    oh i know its just as bad i just forgot the word.
    you are very defecive, no one said anything about it being ok for women to be pedos
    chris brown is not exactly a kid, i thought he was in his 20′s. justin beiber is my age. i personally dont find him attractive because he looks like he is 13.

  • bob


  • my_reply

    @Dalil – Bob keeps trying to point out that men aren’t the only pedophiles. Of course we know women can be pedophiles.

    They specifically talk about men because that is usually what the publicized cases involve. Also, teenage boys aren’t sexualized the way that teenage girls are. Also, I think sugar daddies are more common than cougars. They mention incidents of pedophilia in the past and in bible days. In those days, a woman would have probably been stoned for pedophilia. So I think they are focusing on men because of the past history of men and pedophilia (not saying that there weren’t female pedophiles in the past) and because of the prevalent sexualization of young girls in the entertainment industry. Will the sexualization of young girls lead to an increase in pedophilia or ephebophilia they wonder?

    When we are not talking about pedophiles but regular men, men are attracted to the innocence and inexperience of young women. In general, women are not attracted to innocence and inexperience from young men. People say this is why older man/ younger woman relationships are common. The man wants a younger innocent woman, and the woman wants an older man with money who knows what he is doing.

    Also @bob No one is demonizing men for looking at girls who have bodies shaped more like women, but if I can tell that she is a teen and you can tell, but you give that creepy look, then yes I will think you are creepy. You know that look – that I’m picturing you naked look.

    I think women being attracted to Justin Beiber or Chris Brown is seen as more socially acceptable than a man saying that he is attracted to a young starlet. Yes this a double standard, but that will probably not change any time soon.

  • http://afrikanmami.blogspot.com African Mami

    You can miss me and my kinks that are in true need of shea burra, you know where I can get me some cantu, with your whole comment, when we live in a PATERNALISTIC society!!!

    This is not an Olympics between which gender is more ostracized for committing pedopholic crimes than the other.!!!

  • LuvIt289

    Good point, sir.

  • LuvIt289

    Parents, please just STOP buying ur kids these mature outfits.
    I think a lot of these outfits are moreso made for different body types
    ( non curvy), but when curvy girls &/or teens buy them then the outfit takes another shape or silhouette.
    A lot of these clothing companies promote this through popular propaganda (I.e tv,magazines, commercials, etc.) American Apparel, H&M, Forever 21 are also apart of this. Although, its not there fault per se there still doesn’t seem to be any slowing down. IMO, parents need to pay attention more and talk to their kids. If she or he is wearing something inappropriate then call them out on it. How else can they learn?

  • chanela

    YES! this is so so so so very very true!

    i was just in ross,marshalls,forever21 and these other clothing stores yesterday and i was frustrated because ALL of the shorts that are available are short as hell,they literally look like underwear on me.skinny white girls are able to wear it with no problem i see them in it as if it’s a white girl’s uniform rain or shine (seriously). even size 13 shorts are pretty much hip to vulva length. it’s ridiculous. then i see all these young girls with tops that look like bras,super sheer clothing,and open back tops. it’s disgusting. then again i live in a mainly hispanic are and their culture is usually focused around looking sexy. (i see 7 year old girls in high heels,butt length skirts, halter crop tops,and tons of makeup) then when they get older they go get ridiculously large breast implants (if you look at spanish tv you’ll see why. nearly every female on those shows have huge implants). hispanic culture is also full of 50 year old men with 15 year old girls and nobody sees anything wrong with it as long as he has money to spend on her.( i see this everyday too.) it’s to the point where i’ve stopped expecting it being their father or grandfather,cause 95% of the time they’re a couple.

  • Rochelle

    They probably approach you because you don’t look as young as you claim. You probably look 30-35.

  • http://livefromthematrix.wordpress.com TAE

    I hear you Bob, and I hate to say it but my college senior research paper was on human sexuality, i know, i know, i pulled out the research paper, but I did a whole chapter on sexual deviancy and in my research it is consistently documented that upwards of 98% of pedophiles are men. From a statistical standpoint it is extremely rare to have a female pedophile. Not trying to start a gender war but that’s what it is my brother. Women pedophiles do exist but the overwhelming majority of pedophiles are men. Another fun fact, pedophilia can’t be treated. Once the sexual drive and preferences are in place the only successful alternative is chemical castration or meds to suppress the sex drive.

  • http://livefromthematrix.wordpress.com TAE

    @Chanela, I don’t mean to sound racially insensitive but them lil hispanic girls around my way, I live in Oakland in a heavily hispanic area, they be killin me honey! They’re cute but I saw this lil girl who couldn’t have been more than 7 and she had on some tuff mid-calf boots with the two and a half inch stiletto heel, and was STRUTTIN. If her outfit came in my size I would’ve rocked it.

  • TheTuth

    A pedophile is someone who is sexually attracted to PREPUBESCENT children. These are kids who do not resemble adults in any way, shape, or form. They are clearly and unambiguously children in every sense of the world. THAT is what turns a pedophile on.

    A guy who is physically attracted to a female teenager with the looks and body of a grown woman is not a pedophile beause he wouldn’t be attracted to that. A pedophile finds children attractive BECAUSE they look nothing like adults, not in spite of. The guy who is attracted to a teenager with the mature body is just being mislead by his natural instincts. The teenager looks like something he is SUPPOSED to be attracted to. However, this doesn’t mean he should act on those base urges. Once he finds out the true age of the person, that is when his higher reasoning faculties should automatically jump in and override his sexual impulses. But being attracted to a female who, by all visual indicators, looks like an adult is a simple mistake that can happen to any guy.

    Also, there is a huge disconnect between how the law defines a “child” and how science defines a “child.” Technically speaking, “childhood” ends around 11 or 12 years of age. After that comes the teenage years. Mainstream society inaccurately uses the word “child” as a catch-all term for anyone who hasn’t reached the age of consent yet. TEENAGERS ARE NOT CHILDREN! That’s a fact. Teenagers may not be adults yet, but they’re NOT children either. That’s why we have different terms for them. A teenager is much closer to an adult than to a child. At this stage in life your thought process becomes more critical and mature. And you are old enough to understand the consequences of your actions. But age of consent laws do not take these facts into account.

    People wanna act as if teenagers are some innocent little children who magically turn into full grown adults overnight once they reach some random age set by the courts. Like one day you’re playing with blocks and the next day you’re a responsible working adult. It’s totally stupid! Do you think there’s THAT much of a difference between an 18 year old and a 15 year old? Do YOU remember when you were in that age range? The idea of youthful innocence is just a myth.

  • R


    Isnt that why(well that and theyre white or mixed) black dudes will step on you or any other Black chic, including their mothers, to get to a Latina? I know you see how they act in the hood when they see a Latina; Practically doing cartwheels and losing their mind.LMAO!!! A lot of Black dudes are crazy and lame,

    As for pedophilia, a lot of them think it is their right.

  • my_reply

    @TheTruth – Wow. There is such a thing as youthful innocence. Just b/c teenagers are fooling around with each other doesn’t mean that they are mature adults. People just sound like they are itching to have relationships with young teenagers these days. So since 15 y/o are similar to 18 y/o the limit should be lowered? But 13 y/o are similar to 15 y/o, should the limit be lowered to what you consider children at 12 years old? I don’t know why people think CHILDREN who haven’t lived away from mommy and daddy or many who haven’t worked a full time job are so capable of making adult decisions. Most of them are still immature. There are lots of adults who act like children.

    I don’t know about you. Maybe you were incredibly mature at your age, but most 15 y/o are not capable of making adult decisions. I mean we hear all the time about teenagers being immature and getting in trouble at that age. No there is no magical age where teenagers become adults overnight, but that doesn’t mean the age limit should be lowered. Relationships are about more than sex, and most grown men have nothing in common with the average teenager. Being attracted to a teenager because they look like an adult is one thing, but to try to start relationships with them b/c you think they are mature enough is wrong.

  • befree

    + 1

  • http://laneewrites.blogspot.com LovelyAnon

    As a woman I will step up & say you are right Bob. It’s sad but the double standard does come into play when the topic comes up. I know many women who get excited when they see these young boys & even joke “he can get it”. Ex. Diggy Simmons, I hear plenty of grown women joke around saying he can get it & he’s sexy. But when a guy says it about a young girl, it’s not considered funny or a joke. I’m not sure why that is, but I think it’s because women SEEM a little more harmless & less likey to act upon it. And men seem like they will actually do it, if the situation was presented to them.

    I’m 25 yrs old & I’ve had grown men (25-40) hit on me, then when I tell them my age they say “oh, I thought you were like 16″. So you were hitting on me thinking I was a kid? Gross! And many women experience the same thing. So maybe thats why when people think of pedofile, their mind goes straight to men.

  • JW

    This is the most accurate comment. Pedo’s are attracted to children which goes against biology and if you have ever seen a brain scan of one you will know why. Their moral centre does not light up. Should 30 year old men be sleeping with 13 year old girls.. The answer is no.. Of course.. Good comment though.

  • TheTuth

    “Wow. There is such a thing as youthful innocence.”

    Not when it comes teenagers. Especially not the teenagers nowadays.

    “Just b/c teenagers are fooling around with each other doesn’t mean that they are mature adults.”

    I made it clear that teenagers are not adults. However, they’re not harmless innocent children either.

    “Being attracted to a teenager because they look like an adult is one thing, but to try to start relationships with them b/c you think they are mature enough is wrong.”

    That’s what I said.

  • BFDuster

    I think men, despite being shamed in some cases, are more eager to act out their desires. Now if a guy is into little kids (-12) then if he finds the opportunity, he’s going to do it–maybe he’ll have to do do some child grooming or outright kidnap and force/coerce, but sure enough he’ll do it after deciding he’s going to do it.

    But women can be paedophiles too. They are often the ones left in the care of children and because of this, they have more opportunity. I wonder how often they act on it or simply think about it. How many women actually are attracted to children?

    Personal anecdote- My little sister keeps being hit on by this old man every time we go down to our neighborhood store or bus stop. He is either mentally ill OR is completely arrogant because he sees NO problem with hitting on my little sister in the presence of our mother and even me (a masculine kind of women that would literally beat the shit out of him if she wanted to). He touches, says inappropriate things, etc and… I should have reported him.

  • my_reply

    @BFDuster What! How old is she? You should definitely warn her about this man. I have read that these types of men into ephebophilia are very common in urban settings(I don’t know if that is your situation), but they are not reported as much as white offenders are. So it is common for teenage girls in these neighborhoods to have relationships with much older men especially because many of them are trying to fill the absent father void with a man. The older men basically take advantage of their neediness to have sex with them. That is why I don’t like when people make the argument that it should be okay because these men actually care about these girls and would marry them and take care of them and so on. In black neighborhoods, this is far from the truth.

    That’s creepy to me. I would have told him off after he touched her. That is very inappropriate. I hope she stays safe.

  • Introverted Leo

    You should report him!

    I am not a teenager, but a young looking woman, often mistaken as a high school student (late twenties) and I have had the same men in my neighborhood make repeated attempts to give me car rides. What I am saying is – Yes, these men are arrogant and see nothing wrong with hitting on those of the opposite gender who appear young looking/are young.

  • Jess

    WARNING! WARNING! Bob the pedophile-apologist has entered the building. Don’t let his sick “reasoning” sway you from understanding the problem addressed in the article.

  • Jess

    WARNING! WARNING! Bob the pedophile-apologist has entered the building! Don’t let his sick “reasoning” sway you from understanding the problem addressed in the article.

  • BFDuster

    The problem is, women in my family are rather… short. And for my sister who is both good looking and young looking, she comes off as maybe a developed 12-13 yr old even though she’s 26. So when we get together to visit our mom and hangout–do fun stuff–we have to contend with street harassment–especially from guys that are most definitely looking for young gullible prey.

    But yeah this guy… the next time he tries that shit I will knock his ass out.

  • Stanley

    This can’t get more crazy….

  • Jane

    In all fairness, being attracted to people who look like adults is not pedophilia. It’s not entirely ethical, but it’s not pedophilia. That said, though, advertising can be super creepy in the way they depict women both as children and as sexually available sometimes. Remember those Love’s Baby Soft ads with the very very young looking girl holding a teddy bear?

  • bob

    what are you talking about , im trying to go after all pedophiles male and females , while this article is just addressing men im tired of a society that turns a blind eye to women that sleep with under age boys, and even make the boys pay the women child support, yes we make boys pay their rapist in america, yeah thats male privilege, and then put men in prison for the same crime. Stuff like this is inexcusable and thank God that more and more men are catching on to this and are refusing to marry woman as a step to take by their dignity, taken by feminist.

  • anne

    Ok we are not blind yes we can look . when im at the pool with my kids i see guys on the swim team and say yes that are built very good. But only the sickos would do more than look. They are children. anyone under the age of 21 is off limits.

  • armando

    All I know is I’m really, really sick of meeting 50-year-old men who think it’s normal to be attracted to 14-year-olds.

  • Aaron

    It’s not Ok. but sadly I think it is normal (widespread) than most people realize.

    I agree with a poster above about ephebophilia being much more widespread than pedophilia, at least from my experience with other guys.

    We really need to have a pill or a procedure to reboot people’s sexuality. If I could become gay- I would.

    Another thing I would say is that I think the risk of violence against pedophiles keeps the rate of sexual assaults on children up. No sane person who was sexually attracted to children would ever admit that they were sexually attracted to them because of the risk to their body and person. Thus there is no chance for ephebophiles and pedophiles to do the right thing and seek help. The male culture of sexualizing young women on one hand and “protecting” them on the other assures that this unhealthy dynamic is maintained in the culture.

    I read somewhere up top about how “men control their hormones, males are controlled by their hormones,” but really this gives the impression that somehow we can ‘control’ our sexuality through willpower. A view that is just plain wrong. We have no ‘control’ over our hormones just our behavior and even people often need help in learning how to have appropriate behavior.

    I’m glad that this film is coming out and I hope it leads us to fortunate action.

  • Pondereerr

    Agree with you fully un untill end of “Some act on it and some don’t. There is no cure because …”
    > because … it is in the genes. It would not have made sense for male ancestors to see first signs of fertility on female ancestors but wait, not get turned on for several year. Eighteen years was middle age for humans in some time periods, still is someplaces today. So getting turned on by first signs of sexual maturity in females is natural for males.
    Then there is another angle, due to great access to calories nowdays female humans are showing these signs lots earlier than 50 years ago.
    N. b. that on pictures (screens) proportional size can not be easily measured, for most males the urges aroused by first signs of sexual maturity are cancelled out if the female is obviously to small to get pregnant.

  • http://gravatar.com/cooljoebay2 Jake M

    Pedophilia isn’t understood because it isn’t properly defined. The mere fact that the majority of the population can lust over images of children in sexual poses tells us that pedophilia is more than just some disorder or condition. I believe it’s a sexual desire for innocence. Men and women both like virgins. For the longest time, society has gotten away with influencing behavior and appearances of people, including children. The way kids act and dress, it triggers the natural instinct for sex in people. So it is far less about the fact they are children, and more about the innocence they emit. When a man masturbates to thoughts about a sexual act with an 8 year old, they aren’t feeling empathy. Yet, in the real world, they may feel it around children. The more that man exercises his fantasy, the less empathy he will feel around children over time. So, we literally grow into our desires if we embrace them. It is important to suppress certain tendencies for the sake of what is right and just in the world. Children have the right to carry their innocence with them for as long as they can. As a parent, I work hard to protect their innocence from others. It is that part of them that makes them good people when they grow up. To shatter innocence at an early age restricts proper upbringing. We end up with a very self centered and uncaring population.

    With all that said, the word pedophilia should be tossed. It now has a stigma that creates a false interpretation of what is really happening and why. We have a helluva long way to go before we really “get it”. I don’t though. My kids will know better.

  • http://gravatar.com/cooljoebay2 Jake M

    So you are saying that its normal for a 16 year old to be attracted to a 16 year old. But when that 16 year old turns 40, they are no longer attracted to a 16 year old? Bullshit. Our attractions don’t go away. They remain. We start feeling sexual attraction in our teens. They remain. We feel the same. Our beliefs and rituals alter how we feel about our attractions. But nevertheless, they are there. If I see a hot 16 year old girl with a sexy behind, its easy to imagine being shacked up in a bed with her, just like I did when I was 16. But the difference is that I wouldn’t act upon it because I am 40 and know better. It is important to see things for what they really are.

  • Nick

    This is insulting and dangerous. There’s no point in discussing this as anything other than a crock of shit. I don’t give the time of day to people who claim that blacks are violent, women are bad drivers, or liberals support terrorism, and whatever this project has set out to do has been swallowed up by halfwits who want to use the sentiment without the evidence to justify their stupid fears and beliefs.

  • PJ

    On the one hand, this needs to be talked about.

    On the other hand, the film (and the title) demonizes men for the uncontrollable fact of happening to be born with a penis. And it ignores the many many women sexually attracted to children too (just reported less).

  • PJ

    TAE then I’m guessing you got low marks. Because I have done reams of research and found plenty of evidence that there are about as many female paedophiles as male ones (just not STATISTICALLY as many because it simply isn’t reported anywhere near as much, and is often excused or dismissed).

    So it’s completely FALSE that the “overwhelming” majority of pedophiles are men. The female ones simply aren’t reflected in statistics due to much less reporting. I could show you at least five books that confirm this comment.

  • Kevin

    My son onl monts n to being 18 got a sentence of 9 years a thir ff making it 6 years plus half of that for a guilty please and already serving 9 months makes it 2 years and 3 months to serve. This was because he accpted invitations by 3 girls who all knew each other I might add, and he naively and stupidl met these girls. edidn’t knw their age atthe beginning because the dreaded facebook (if it can’t be controlled along with twitter shoul be banned) and heallowethe 12 year old who I might add again looks 16/17 and a 14 year old perform oral sex on him. He also hbad sex with a 14 year old having bought drink for her and a friend. Now then to some especially the present day see’s this as uder ge sexual encounters with 2 of them but the 12 year old it is seen as rape and not statuary rape as it was once deemed. All these girls have a repuation o facebook second to none and all continued their trait even aftergvng impact statements to th fact they were ‘traumatised’ et me make it clar tat I do nt wish myson to behave immoral like this but the plain facts of teenge life s that it is is a norm amongst society. I have no qualms with my son being punished if they address he whole siuatio and stop allowing under age teenagers to beak the law bydinking smoking an having sex. My son is guilty f only one of those facts yet these girls can enjoy doing as the wih we have been told by the police. If the law cannot or won’t address it with the teenagers and it appears they also allow the parents to get away with it, parents who I might add still allow these girls on facebook and to carry on with their mmoral behaviour then why are we addressing one decent loving caring sweet lad, who offers much more than these girls offer society. He was honest enough to own up to his wrong doing where these girls and parents lied in court to shift the blame away from them. I want to see as judge do exactly that and judge the situation and use the guides with common sense. We print screen everything we see on facebook so what I am telling you about hese girls are factsnot hearsay. My partner and I are jusdt ordinary folk whever been invlved ith the law and ae living with broken hearts. I for one noiw I know what I hae learned from delainwith the police will never put my trust in them as my son did when confessing to what he did. Knowing people in the force we have been told this is all about statistics and looking good to the government. Well when it comes to this and putting away a harmless lad who was hooked lined and sinered by these girls and if we were being honest act like unpaid whores.

  • lUISA

    Pedophilia is the attraction some adults experience toward PREPUBESCENT children. Attraction to teenagers is NOT pedophilia though the western media has misused the term pedophilia to include adolescents. I don’t think most men are pedophiles, they’re just men and therefore feel attracted toward females that are able to procreate, including teen girls. Most societies do not see anything wrong with adults dating, marrying or having sex with teenagers and it is widely practiced. Only those societies that have embraced feminism consider relationships between men and teen girls as perverted and immoral. There are places in South America, Asia, and Africa where 40 year old have relationships with 15 year olds and is not considered a big deal. In fact, many teenagers prefer older men because they think older men treat them better or are more likely to pursue a formal relationship leading to marriage.

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