A friend of mine once said she feels bad for men. She finds the fact that movies, television shows, and advertising are always trying to arouse their sexual senses by selling sex right along with whatever product is being pushed in the form of a nearly naked woman – or girl – unfair. I would imagine the creators of a new documentary, “Are All Men Pedophiles,” would agree with her.

In its simplest definition, a pedophile is an adult who is sexually attracted to children. There are all sorts of negative connotations that come along with that and this stamp is a label that’s almost given to men until proven otherwise. Mothers are always hesitant to leave their young children in the care of not just male friends or acquaintances, but even male family members. And though men who act on these urges are often considered to have psychiatric disorders or to just be plain “sick,” this film suggests all men may have a little pedophile in them, so to speak, because of the images that are pushed on them.

With interviews from Muslim and Christian leaders, model scouts, psychologists, and sexologists, this documentary examines the global impact of pedophilia from a cultural and professional perspective. We know in some places girls are married as young as 9 and 10 years old in ceremonious ways steeped in cultures that say attraction to young girls is natural. In America, we don’t support that type of sexualization but we do push it in others ways, particularly the fashion industry. Vogue recently banned any models under the age of 16 but that’s just one glossy out of a sea of mags that typically uses girls around the age of 13 to sell clothes and fantasies—which is problematic to both women and men.  The filmmakers say it is that hypocrisy of encouraging men to look but not touch young girls who they may not even be aware are in fact adolescents, that begs the question, are all men pedophiles? But in asking that, the creators are also suggesting men have zero control over their sexual urges which is a stereotype males have increasingly been attempting to fight lately, and that they all feel aroused when they come across these images which isn’t fair either.Watch the trailer and tell us your thoughts.

Does society play a role in pedophilia by pushing images of young girls on men?

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  • jamesfrmphilly

    most men are naturally attracted to females who can best bear children which rules in young women but rules out children.

    • Toppin (Formerly Known As Just Sayin’)

      And most women are attracted to men that will give them the best looking offspring, but somehow or the other women are supposed to overlook their “natural” desires. *Roll eyes*

    • Toppin (Formerly Known As Just Sayin’)


      Step into the 21st century. Women don’t need men to provide for them anymore and if you listen closely today’s men stay complaining about women judging them on everything but being able to provide.

      The liberation of women has allowed them to act out their “natural” desire and judge men much of the same way they have judged women.

      Men checked women by keeping them economically oppressed…here in the west. They also put biased gender roles on them. Those days are over. Again we see now that “natural” desire has come out swinging now that it can’t be checked.

      Also don’t get me wrong. SOME women do still embrace gender roles (both those of men and women). I’m saying women do NOT need men to provide for them anymore. However, some still WANT men to provide.

    • indigorama

      @QON- gotta agree with toppin here. your argument sounds too much like evo psych which uses a lot of relatively modern justifications(excuses, suppositions, etc) for supposedly “ingrained” behaviors. all in all i definitely feel like the natural order of things is for people (regardless of gender) to usually be attracted to a someone in a similar age range/maturity, which is subjective. you can definitely argue that since girls mature faster they would likely choose someone older, but the same can be said of boys (besides the maturing faster).

      a lot of times when a teen is testing out his/her new-found sexuality they may choose someone older with experience. however once that stage is over people usually want a partner that reflect themselves. it was only with the advent of patriarchal societies that you saw women supposedly preferring men -older with hopefully more resources.

      but if you allowed the natural order instead of society dictating what’s supposedly the natural order, i’d say you’d see a lot more survival(mating) of the fittest going on. and older men definitely wouldn’t come out on top in such a scenario(neither would older women, but hey, they’ve never come out on top :-/ ). i feel like the current prime of fertility for women is around 18/19 to 40 and for men is around 18/19 to 45(maybe to 50). with attraction having way more variables than age and fertility concerns, i say whatever floats your boat or finds your lost remote :)

      @james – i agree but that child-bearing age range is where the confusion comes in. some folks like to use historic age ranges such as 13-22 when society has well progressed past the need for women(girls at that age) to have kids so young.

    • Toppin (Formerly Known As Just Sayin’)


      “What is a good looking child and why would that be a measure of a man’s desirability. The subjectivity of what is good looking makes Toppin’s argument harder to prove.”

      Let’s not play dumb here. If given a choice MOST black women would pick Morris Chestnutt over let’s say Terrance from 106 & Park.

      Good looks are subjective but conditioning and standards of beauty have made the issue a little bit more black and white.

      Morris Chestnutt= Alpha Male, who most black women would favor having children with.

      Terrance= Beta Male, winner up each and every time because he doesn’t have the desirability of Morris and his offspring probably won’t either.

      Women are doing exactly what they are supposed to do in a survival of the fittest contest: they are pursuing men more likely to give them good-looking/strong offspring. They don’t just want to sleep with Alpha…they want to have his children.

  • TAE

    I think that a very large percentage of men would do a child if they had the chance. Back in the day once a girl hit that menstrual she was fair game, so what makes us think that this has been bred out of human beings. I’ve seen it time and time again, old men staring lustfully at the little 10,11,12,13,14,15, 16 year old girls, and yes to me 16 years old is a child. I had homegirls in middle school was was getting it in with men in their early 20’s. 13-14yrs old with a 21 year old boyfriend, ummmhmmm yall know. Well that’s not really pedophilia that’s ephebophilia which I believe is a bigger cultural problem than pedophilia. Just look at all these teacher’s getting caught sexin they students. shame, shame, shame……..

    • Toni

      ^ for real? YOU don’t even believe that one.

    • @ QON,

      Why do you BASH women?! There is a difference between critiquing a gender and going in on them day in day out. C’mon, that shiiid kray.

    • Toni

      Oh Mami…why bother. She hates womankind (black women anyway). I’m done trying to reason with…it.

    • @ Toni,

      Lol!!! Probably she has a disease, that is yet to be found out, so I need to be know forehand.

    • Yb


      “I just read a story about a female teacher having sex with a disabled student. We live in a society that hides the truth to protect women’s feelings. Its not good.”

      Wait……..so these stories are supposedly hidden to supposedly protect our feelings EVEN though you just effortlessly read that story AND female teacher and student relationships stories are told and sensationalised more in the media? Really? C’mon son. At least proofread your comment to make sure it makes sense.

    • @ QON,

      “We live in a society that hides the truth to protect women’s feelings. Its not good.”

      Right. Mmmh. #whatev…..

      Read what YB said!!

    • This pedophilia hysteria is a tool to incriminate men’s sexuality

      Cry me a river, and make it larger than the river Nile!!!! :)

      Have a great day doe!

      I’m done reasoning with you on this subject matter, but I do love your exchanges. They hella kray doe!!! VERY.

    • binks

      Bingo! I don’t believe all men are pedophiles or ephebophiles or to go a step further rapists but I do think a lot of men can have those tendencies knowingly or unknowingly (and even may act on them) depending on if the situation was opportune and the child/person involved, especially the latter. It may not be PC to say but I just feel that way, based on the horror stories I know of and heard. Heck I believe given the opportunity we don’t know what some people will do in certain situations especially involving children

  • oh yeah…I just remembered a tale of pedophilia, that I need to share. It is disturbing but as always funny.

    Growing up, swimming was part of my learning curriculum, and in any case I loved it. So, I was overly enthusiastic as always to be a participant of swimming sheenanigans until this one day, my young 10 year old mind was invaded by a pedophilia sight to behold. We had finished swimming as a group and were going back to the locker rooms to shower and change back into our uniforms. I was walking with a friend, when we came across a man who was sitting outside the girls locker room, with his legs SPLAYED and his woola woola out for all to see!!!! He was MASTURBATING and getting off, in front of a locker room for young girls!!! Like this dude was MOANING out loud.

    Let me tell ya’ll he was PACKING, BUT this was not a time for appreciating and winking. In any case, I was too young to even know what the hell he was doing, what I did know was that it was WRONG!!! I had grown up at a time when RAPES and murders of women were RIFE, so I knew what time it was. Besides, my parents were overly cautious and I had been taught to react in a case such as this. I was to RUN AS I SCREAMED!!!!!! No looking back and turning into salt like Lot’s wife!!!

    My friend and I SCREAMED at the top of our lungs as we run and alerted my class teacher, swimming instructor and anybody that was around the vicinity!!!! The young class teacher-she was around 24 at the time, gathered us and counseled us-God bless the heart of that young lady!!! I really don’t know what became of that man. I don’t whether the authorities were alerted.

    I have very many stories to tell on this issue-not as they relate to me but from observing. Jesus!! Ladies, if you have daughters and sons-FIERCLY PROTECT THEM!! If you have a slight feeling that your brother, or uncle may be up to something. Trust your GUT feeling!!!! -Read Malcolm Gladwell’s “BLINK” to get an expat opinion on snap judgments!-They are very very important..

  • Pedophilia is an attraction to children who are prepubescent Ephebophilia is the attraction to someone who is in their mid to late adolescence. So that’s comparing being attracted to a 5 year old vs a 15 year old. It’s all deplorable but there is a distinction.

    Our society likes youth. That is obvious so the media uses the youngest women it can get away with. It’s disturbing because it sexualizes young women who aren’t ready for such a thing. Sure a 15 or 16 year old can have an adult body but she doesn’t have an adult mind. And men aren’t taught to be attracted to minds.

    It’s just a mess.

    • at the end of the day a little wrong don’t make it right either in reference to your 5 and 15 year old distinction.

      I am not in any way, refuting or arguing what you just posted dear. Just adding to it…ya know like ehee maggi in goat stew. yummmm!

  • Tonton Michel

    I am disturbed by the generalization presented here but I can not deny that in the Western World at least the hyper sexualization in the media and society as a whole feeds into a segment of male population that are dysfunctional. From kiddie beauty pageants that dress kids like adults, unchecked minors who emulate strippers and video models, to poor role models in the home and media that encourage a very grown look in tweens this world is a pedophiles wet dream. But to say that all men are predisposed to this as opposed to being conditioned to this with out resistance is wrong. All men do not run around with the desire to want to sleep with children as part of their make up. But society does turn a blind eye or at least encourages the sexualization of kids and than penalize men for acting on it. You can go to any middle school in America were you see kids drrssing grown, their intent may not be to entice grown men but those men are exposed to them and the more debased among us will act on it. Many women encourage the behavior by allowing the girls to play dress up or teaching them it. How many videos are out there were you see women “twerking” it in front of minors or the children them selves mimicking the adults not fully understanding the underlying meaning of the dance. Look at R. Kelly, you can find an army of supporters who will defend him not because of the “quality” of his music but because they really do not see anything wrong with his actions with a minor. They will rationalize it away because they accept the behavior and more than likely have been exposed to sex at an early age themselves. The pendulum has swung to far from being sexual conservative to being hyper sexual and this world that has been created were little girls are ripe for picking is the end result.

    • I was anxiously waiting for your response, thank you.

      Now QON up thurr said that

      “The attempt to rebrand men’s very natural and NORMAL attraction for younger women as pedophilia and then you can guilt them into desiring their old behinds.”

      Please weigh in on this, because I’m practically jumping through the screen. May be I misunderstood what she is saying…..thanks much.

    • Tonton Michel

      Pedophilia is categorized as 11-14 pre puberty but given the hormone loaded diet that we eat and feed the kids now a days that age has dropped way below 11. And that is a problem just because a girl is capable of bearing children does not mean she should engage in sexual relations with a man because of it. Its just ridiculous, I have a friend who breeds pitbulls, she doesn’t allow her younger female dogs to breed because they can, they are incapable of properly taking care of their pups, they may inadvertently kill the pups. Now how is it that common sense is known among breeders but humans can not figure this out with children?