Before He Was Maybach O

by Niema Jordan

The Maybach Music Group press conference through me off. A new era for hip-hop? Will every label draft pick and album released date follow suit? Who knows. Honestly, I was hoping that with all of the big names involved Diddy was on hand to tell everyone he would let Mase out of his contract and Mason “Murder Mase” Betha would become Maybach Mase. I mean after that “Slight Work (Remix)” and YMCMB signing everyone from the 90s, it would have made sense, right? Instead, we got Maybach O.

Yes, Omari Grandberry, formerly of B2K fame, will now appear on songs next to Ross’ grunt and that model’s voice. So, it’s only right that we take a look at some of our favorite releases from the artist pre-XXL interviews, back when Right On! and Word Up! were putting out collector’s editions with photos inside.

Uh Huh

This is where it all started. They picked up where Immature (by that time IMx) left off, and there were sold out arenas featuring a bunch of girls screaming. Oh, the days.

Bump Bump Bump

Now we won’t go into detail about Diddy’s commentary during the press conference, but we will note that Diddy and Omarion are connected. We’ll also add that Jay-Z did a remix/freestyle over this track. See, there’s a bit more hip-hop to Mr. Grandberry than you remember, huh?


It was sexy. It’s still sexy. Maybe Maybach O on one of those Wale relationship tracks is actually a good idea…

  • Keli

    Hey, all three of those before songs were the jam…

  • Fiore Scott

    Listening to the B2K songs over….smh! What was I thinking as a teen?! These songs are hot garbage! I won’t front though- I still love Omarion’s Touch.

  • Gabby

    Omarion on Maybach ? We’ll have to see how this plays out… but when I first heard all I did waws LOL… I use to me a DIE HARD fan of B2K… i mean buying every single one of those word up magazines and plastering the posters on my wall… the days

  • Dreaming

    He said ‘Maybach O’ was just a family name and that he was still going by Omarion. Omari is cool, but he cannot sing very well. Him being on MMG is odd, just as Bow Wow being with Cash Money is odd. Let’s see if he actually drops an album on MMG. Bow Wow has been on Cash Money for nearly 4 years and his album is just now being released in June 2012.

  • Lisa00iz

    “The Maybach Music Group press conference through me off.”

    threw me off

  • QueenOfCastle


    I liked Ice Box and Entourage.

  • ArizonaIce

    Wow…all I can do is smile and shake my head at the flashback to those days screaming at their scream tours and Fizz’s ponytail. Anywho, Omarion did have it down pack on his solo thing but on Maybach?? In the past few years he’s been giving off a weird ‘I’m trying to find my niche and stay relevant” vibe in my op and it feels like an upcoming flop to me. But then again I though beez in trap was going to be a flop too with “biscuit” lyrics and I was wrong so who knows *shrugs*

  • LN

    Now, as a disclaimer I must say that I didn’t watch the Maybach Music Group “press conference” (SMH). But just a few things:

    1. Why the hell is your music group named after a luxury car?? Go siddown somewhere.

    2. The self importance of these men is SOOOO off-putting. I understand that hip hop is all about swag, but sometimes it is just too obvious that the “swag” is driven by insecurity. It’s like these hip hop dudes can’t take a piss, can’t bang a girl, can’t buy a new car, can’t sign a D-list has been singer without putting it in a rap song, or without the entire world watching and applauding. It’s disgusting.

    3. I’m not going to sit here and say that I haven’t jammed to a Rick Ross song while driving (Everyday I’m Hustlin’ was my joint in ’06), but I find it hilarious that these dudes are trying to ‘act hard’ (let’s remember that Rick Ross graduated from college and used to be a prison guard — all the stories he raps about are from inmates he used to guard, and Omarion?? one of the SOFTEST dudes in music) when, culturally, popular music is pivoting AWAY from gangster-ish rap and towards techno pop (why you think Nicki did Starships??? Girl ain’t stupid). It’s just sad to see these rappers trying to re-live or bring back an empire that has PASSED. The days of Tu-Pac and Biggie (and their astronomical record sales) are OVER. Rick Ross and his “Maybach foolishness” are so IRRELEVANT.

  • Sasha

    lmao, YES to everything!!! The state of rap & hip-hop is so sad that its laughable.

  • mahogany


  • ms_micia

    IKR! I think the hormones rushing through our bodies distorted our hearing. Because I can’t sit through none of these songs now. Like, realllly bad. But I think all of us 80s babies, 90s children 00′s teenagers regret alot of the pop we listened to. Britney, Backstreet, N’Sync and our very own black SMH moment B2K. But I loved them. Wish Omari success though, always thought he was a talented dancer/ok singer.

  • ms_micia

    thought I was the only person who noticed that. don’t we spell check anymore?

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