When Francois Hollande was elected as the President of France, I made a note to read a bit more about the election and what having a socialist in office would mean for the country. A few of my friends living abroad took to social media to share their personal reactions and those of their neighbors. Despite wanting to live in France, I wasn’t completely current with the country’s politics. I needed to know more. I should know more. As I scrolled through my CNN World newsfeed, I realized how much world news was missing from my daily news consumption.

While my desire to be knowledgeable about current events is strong, I always feel like there’s never enough time. With the 24-hour news cycle, I’m constantly reading and there is always more. Filtering news becomes an interesting task because it’s possible to end up with an extremely limited and one-sided view, even when your goal is to expand and think globally.

How do you choose which international events to follow? Do you pay more attention to specific countries and regions? What is your favorite source for world news?

  • Miss P

    In the UK we are exposed to world news all the time, the quality newspapers report on world news and being British the BBC is a national treasure.
    I seem to be following developments in Nigeria at the moment with all the Islamic related bombings and of course I’m interested in Syria as that situation is just wrong.

    Loved the article !!!

  • http:www.chicnoirhouse.blogspot.com Chic Noir

    You have to actively seek out the information, most news outlets do not do a good job of covering it in an objective manner.

    This is very true. Yet those same news outlets want to give you round the clock Snooki bootay updates.

    If I were one to believe in conspiracies, I would argue that “they” want to keep the proles ignorant.

  • http:www.chicnoirhouse.blogspot.com Chic Noir

    @ H- Yea I agree, what’s really sad is some of those people who are anti Obama and anti any Democrat are the very people who need Obama and social programs. Otherwise, they would rapidly lose ground and sink into poverty.

    I saw a middle aged 300+ pound tea party woman screaming about the evils of “Obamacare”. Now what health insurance company is going to insurance her at that weight and age(no shade). It’s like they want to cut off their noses to spite their faces.

    The NYtimes had an article a few months ago about people who take government handouts yet complain about how goverment programs are bad. You should read it( I know I know). These people are backwards, lack empathy, and sick as hell.

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