Choosing Your World News

by Niema Jordan

When Francois Hollande was elected as the President of France, I made a note to read a bit more about the election and what having a socialist in office would mean for the country. A few of my friends living abroad took to social media to share their personal reactions and those of their neighbors. Despite wanting to live in France, I wasn’t completely current with the country’s politics. I needed to know more. I should know more. As I scrolled through my CNN World newsfeed, I realized how much world news was missing from my daily news consumption.

While my desire to be knowledgeable about current events is strong, I always feel like there’s never enough time. With the 24-hour news cycle, I’m constantly reading and there is always more. Filtering news becomes an interesting task because it’s possible to end up with an extremely limited and one-sided view, even when your goal is to expand and think globally.

How do you choose which international events to follow? Do you pay more attention to specific countries and regions? What is your favorite source for world news?

  • Dalili

    I don’t have a favorite international news source, I visit the following websites in equal measure:

    The BBC
    Al Jazeera
    The Daily Nation & The Standard(for Kenyan News)

    I visit CNN & Fox News but not as faithfully as the other three listed above, not for international news.

  • LemonnLime

    The Journal out of Berlin, NHK out of Tokyo, Le Monde, and BBC.

  • Misty_Moonsilver

    I hate to admit it, but I visit CNN everyday.
    I lived in Japan and I like to keep tabs on it so I read Japantoday.
    I would also like to live in France and I knew about their elections but I’d like to read their daily news.

  • Jess

    I like the BBC for a global perspective.

  • kidole

    Link TV is the best for anyone with Direct TV.

  • kaya

    The PBS station in my area once a week does a review of the biggest news happening in the n/s Korea, China, Japan and the Philippines. The also have a show for Europe news so I watch that and the only one I really go out of my way to look for is Honduras (where im from) news and I just go online to read what I can find.

  • Chic Noir

    How do you choose which international events to follow?

    I listen to the BBC radio every day. I notice the European crisis was/is major news in Europe. In the US, it doesn’t seem to be major news anymore. If Greece, Spain, and Portugal default or choose to exit the Euro, it will have major repercussions around the world. Maybe leading up to WWIII. I also read a few African news opinion web sites(nigeriaworld par example). The NYTimes occasionally does good international news but I’m starting to cool on the paper a bit.

    As a rule of thumb, I don’t think most Americans are cosmopolitan, so most don’t really care what happens in the rest of the world until it in someway effects us. Most Americans don’t own passports.

  • Whatever

    I mostly follow news from the Caribbean and Africa but try to get as much international news as possible. Local news is for finding out lotto numbers and the weather. For me the BBC and Al Jazeera have been helpful. Also, The Gleaner.

  • Chic Noir

    How do you choose which international events to follow?

    Well to be honest, much of what I follow is what I personally find interesting or important. So I’ve been captivated by the rise of a “Nazi” party in Greece who are turning against immigrants. When times get hard, people look for someone to blame. If you happen to be a minority group or immigrant, expect to catch hell.

    I also love to read anything about France but esp trend pieces. Labor laws and practices in Europe also catch my eye and they leave me thinking how Americans are pretty much allowing our employers to pull the okie doke on us.

    Another topic I like to read about is women’s rights in Sweden. It’s amazing what Swedish women have been able to accomplish.

  • The Comment

    Hands down. Al-Jeserra, Russian T.V. and Young Turks/Current TV have the best unedited, non-corporate slant, government influence free news out there.

  • Chic Noir


    A big thank you for posting this topic :)

  • Chic Noir


    How did you come to live in Japan? Are you an ESL teacher?

  • Sue

    I read or watch BBC News, most major events are covered or linked to on their home page. I think I’ll add Al-Jazeera to the list as well seeing as others seem to like it. For an overview of news in the U.S., I like NPR/PBS news.

    I used to read the Economist as well, very well written but also a very dense magazine. It’s great if you want detailed analysis of global politics or business. I also enjoy the NYTimes, mainly opinion pieces and some of their features.

    I have found that keeping up with international events is abit more challenging in the U.S. You have to actively seek out the information, most news outlets do not do a good job of covering it in an objective manner.

  • Echo

    I look to many of the resources already listed, and also to French-language outlets as well–which I was turned on to during my semester in Paris. When I lived in Japan, I got hip to BBC World, CNN World, and other international outlets that weren’t carried by my TX cable provider. Blew my mind wide open to be able to have multiple news outlets that covered news and entertainment from the US, UK, Asia, Europe, and Africa all in one place.

  • Alexandra

    I too love BBC. I like Wall Street Journal, Current, I also set Google alerts for certain topics/countries I want to read about.

  • H

    @Chic Noir – Too right you are. Whenever I read international news, there are always American posters writing “Who cares”? Not only is everything about me, me, me, but the news has to be about the US or Kim Kardashian for Americans to care.

  • H

    Yes. We have a flavor of that here. I mean why all these media attacks against black people lately? Republicans like to demonize minorities and liberal women to rile up the bigots in their base. I mean when Rick Santorum talked about creating opportunities for “blah” people so that we won’t have to rely on welfare, that’s what he was doing because to really try to work on solutions would involve talking about what is there for these uneducated black men to do in a service economy where their potential jobs have been outsourced. Newt Gingrich equating black people to poor people as well or suggesting we get rid of minimum wage and make black children work as janitors is another example.

    These are not viable solutions just things said on the campaign trail to excite the base. They like to paint the picture that 100% of people on welfare are black, 100% of black people are on welfare, and these black welfare leeches don’t work. They sit at home watching soap operas and live like black welfare queens.

    This gives white people the idea that we are all lazy. Since we are in debt, they think we should start cutting entitlement programs like welfare.

    People here are angry too. I feel like if Romney doesn’t win in November, we will see people rise up to “take the country back.” Their mindset is truly frightening considering our economic problems are nowhere as dire as Greece’s or Spain’s but they are just as extreme.

  • African Mami

    Yahoo! Clutchmagazine and

    I know, I know…..

    Just lemme be.

  • H

    Lol. I like Yahoo too. The comments are usually pretty funny and insightful if the article has nothing to do with race. Race articles or Obama articles bring out the trolls.

  • Vee

    You Kenyan? I am too!

  • kalakuta27

    I listen to the BBC world service every morning while getting ready for work (they have a great iPad app), and when i’m in front of the TV it’s CNN International and Al-Jazeera. As I’m in Nigeria, I usually keep up on local news via The Guardian and Vanguard newspapers, and various blogs/Twitter streams such as Africa is a Country, Global Voices, and Bella Naija for regional/diaspora/international stuff. I used to live in the UK, so the Guardian and Independent are must-reads for news from there. You should also check out – it picks up the most popular stories from US/UK media websites to keep you current.

  • Fatima

    I love BBC and let’s now forget about the Doha Debates…OMG, I will go to Qatar, just to be part of the audience. Next will be Al-Jazeera, France24, and RFI (radio France International). These two are my news outlet to stay up to date. To get more detail, I read the Economist, NYT, Jeune Afrique, and the New Yorker (to mostly get a sense of what my 1%er bosses are conversing over during their happy hour,lol).

  • Fatima

    And yes I will say I was quite ecstatic that Sarkozy was gone. Texted all my friends as soon as I got my BBC alert! I forgot to mention that HuffingtonPost World and Global Post, does a great job to give you the main story worldwide if you easily want to transition to international news w/o being overwhelmed.

  • Dalili

    Yes I am! Yay, us! :-)

  • Pearlsrevealed

    I don’t have a main source for international news. Occasionally I’ll start researching a hot news item that lead me to non USA sources then I weigh all the information. Instead of choosing sides I am more prone to file it all under my “that’s interesting” mental file.

    I used to watch the Christian Science Monitor on PBS back in the day. I really miss that broadcast.

    For national news I like Democracy Now on PBS.

  • Miss P

    In the UK we are exposed to world news all the time, the quality newspapers report on world news and being British the BBC is a national treasure.
    I seem to be following developments in Nigeria at the moment with all the Islamic related bombings and of course I’m interested in Syria as that situation is just wrong.

    Loved the article !!!

  • Chic Noir

    You have to actively seek out the information, most news outlets do not do a good job of covering it in an objective manner.

    This is very true. Yet those same news outlets want to give you round the clock Snooki bootay updates.

    If I were one to believe in conspiracies, I would argue that “they” want to keep the proles ignorant.

  • Chic Noir

    @ H- Yea I agree, what’s really sad is some of those people who are anti Obama and anti any Democrat are the very people who need Obama and social programs. Otherwise, they would rapidly lose ground and sink into poverty.

    I saw a middle aged 300+ pound tea party woman screaming about the evils of “Obamacare”. Now what health insurance company is going to insurance her at that weight and age(no shade). It’s like they want to cut off their noses to spite their faces.

    The NYtimes had an article a few months ago about people who take government handouts yet complain about how goverment programs are bad. You should read it( I know I know). These people are backwards, lack empathy, and sick as hell.

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