You may have noticed by now: Some of the comments have been getting a little out of hand here on Clutch. Initially, we envisioned the comments section as a means to build a positive, supportive community and promote intelligent debate – not browbeat, insult and engage in defamatory conduct. Malicious comments, which appear to be on the rise, fail to provoke a meaningful discussion, but rather discourage many readers and writers alike from taking part in the Clutch community. We do our best, but the modest size of our team prevents us from consistently moderating the volume of ongoing discussions Clutch generates on a daily basis. This unfortunate trend has caused us to make some major changes in the commenting system. As part of our anticipated relaunch, all comments and commentors featured on Clutch will be pre-approved. Stay tuned for the detailed list of commentary guidelines and any updates on our new discussion policies.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you for supporting Clutch!

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