Retailers have been having a rocky year. While some ads have completely missed the mark (uh, MJB’s Burger King debacle comes to mind), others, like Belvedere Vodka’s rapey ad, were down right offensive.

But somewhere between Vogue Italia’s ode to ghetto haute messes, and FHM’s “dark shadows” disaster, we find a few gems like H&M’s new swimwear campaign which features women–across the size spectrum–showing what their mama and the good Lord gave them.

When I first saw H&M’s new swimwear ad featuring a Vicky P., a bronzed-up, curvy goddess, I nodded my head in appreciation. Like most American women, Vicky is north of a size 8, but unlike many of us she’s standing proudly in her two-piece glowing for the cameras. And as someone who just had the toughest time finding the right bathing suit for my trip to the Bahamas, seeing Vicky looking so damn beautiful gave me a shot of confidence.

In a world in which most women look more like Vicky than Kate Moss, I applaud H&M for reminding us that even if you look nothing like the stick-thin models we normally see (or even if you do), that we should love and appreciate ourselves…no matter what size we are.

  • Muse

    She’s beautiful!

  • jamesfrmphilly

    fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables…….

  • tmc

    She is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shanna

    This is mighty ironic! I’m ioving Vicky; but, sorry H&M beauty doesn’t end at a 14 either. I remember when they used to carry Plus sizes as well. What happened there? I currently wear 12 from H&M but I just think this “celebration” of all sizes is just a little less inclusive then it could’ve been especially when they used to cater to everyone. Great Job to ALL the Beautiful Women in the campaign. H&M’s efforts aren’t going unrecognized nonetheless.

  • Ang

    Why Does H&M Or ANY Retailer Have To Remind/Validate Something That As Women We Already Know ?!

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