Veteran writer, filmmaker, activist, pilot, and mother dream hampton has been an active participant in important discourse on Twitter for some time now. But she’s always been vocal about her unease with the medium, citing its occasional distractions from real-life progress and its propensity to foster premature familiarity and inappropriate interaction. In the past, she’s gone as far as deleting her account because of those concerns.

Those who follow her know that, when she’s able to fully engage with the social media site, she’s masterful at using Twitter to facilitate healthy, useful discourse on a multiplicity of topics, from street harassment to domestic violence to international affairs.

Perhaps her most impassioned topic of Twitter conversation is her daughter, whose anonymity she has always fiercely guarded, referring to her only as “the awesome daughter.” Just yesterday, she was informing her followers of the books she’d recommended for her daughter’s summer reading. They included Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye and Audre Lorde’s Sister, Outsider. She proudly informed readers who offered additional selections that the awesome daughter was already conversant in bell hooks, Sonia Sanchez, Gwendolyn Brooks, and Octavia Butler. Mind you, the awesome daughter is only 15. She’s also a science superstar, as hampton has informed the Twitterverse in the past. In addition, she’s cultured and becoming well-traveled, the latter trait hampton recently discussed in a column at

Needless to say, dream hampton’s daughter is her pride and joy — and rightfully so. And many of her followers, who are themselves parents, greatly enjoyed hearing about the various creative bonding and educating techniques hampton uses to raise an extraordinary young woman. I can personally say, as mom to a toddler daughter, the anecdotes have truly been inspiring for me.

Despite what hampton’s disclosed about her daughter to the online community, it’s clear that she’s fiercely protective of her only child, as any high-profile mom would be. This makes what happened online yesterday, following dream and the awesome daughter’s VIP experience at one of Beyonce’s Revel shows, so unnerving.


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Apparently, a Beyonce “stan” posted a picture of the singer with dream’s daughter to a Tumblr page, where commenters promptly began leaving negative comments about the teen, whose identity was initially unknown to them. dream requested that the photograph be removed. When it wasn’t, she removed herself from both Tumblr and Twitter, to the disappointment and chagrin of many of her followers.

We’re daily reminded that ignorance is everywhere. If any of us remember our middle and high school experiences, we know that unapologetic cruelty is part of humanity’s course. Someone will always divulge information that isn’t theirs to give or hone in with laser-like critical focus on a person’s physical appearance without any regard for who they could be hurting. But even armed with that knowledge, it’s still surprising when adults openly ridicule children, when they ignore the civil requests of their parents to refrain, and when they are fully aware of how hurtful they’re being.

Now, the picture is irretrievable and the damage is done. But in an effort to re-appropriate the concert photograph, which was clearly taken in a moment of unabashed joy (both Beyonce and the awesome daughter are grinning beautifully), Beyonce has posted the snapshot on her own highly publicized Tumblr account. Hopefully, her inappropriate “stans” will realize that this remarkable girl is someone of purpose and value — though it’s a shame that she’d need to re-post the girl’s picture herself to assert that.

Some dismiss Beyonce’s more radical “stans” as irrational parodies whose slavish devotion to her preempts all appeals to reason. “These Beyonce stans out here are CRAZY!” people observe with a chuckle. But behavior like this shouldn’t be excused so easily. Even Beyonce hasn’t been exempt from the kind of backlash dream hampton and her daughter experienced yesterday. When the superstar’s daughter was born, Twitter exploded with speculation about the baby’s physical appearance — some of which was truly reprehensible.

Something should be done. In an information age when celebrities are willing to engage their public and allow us access that would have been utterly impossible ten years ago, shouldn’t we all show our appreciation, for whatever openness they can afford, by being respectful of their families and keeping any criticism we may have constructive and above board?

If we don’t, we will lose our ability to interact with some of the most talented, ambitious, and intelligent minds of our generation. Like dream hampton.

  • Val

    Well if you are going to allow your daughter to be photographed at a concert with one of the most famous women on the planet then you might expect her photo to get out.

    As for the comments about Dream’s daughter; reprehensible but the internet has created some seriously evil bullies who will attack anyone.

  • Zan

    What kind of sorry, pathetic something do you have to be to say derogatory things about someone’s child? I am sorry to see dream leave Twitter but I honestly don’t blame her. Some “people” go absolutely too far and take social media to a level which it was not intended.

  • Vee

    Why do you keep writing dream hampton, should’t it be Dream Hampton? Petty I know, I just couldn’t help but notice…

  • Nanita

    dream hampton doesn’t use capitilization as an homage to bell hooks.

  • Marissa

    Something if off about this situation. You are a writer, you live on Twitter constantly talking and discussing others + issues, your daughter takes a picture with the biggest star in the world right now and you get mad someone posted it. It’s Beyonce! They didn’t know if was your daughter. Sadly, if you didn’t want your daughter to be seen don’t post to Facebook! It’s that simple.

    Then dreams all day Twitter rant, if just dumb. If that was my mom I would hope she would address it and keep it short and leave. Also, even her tweeting saying “I know my story is not blog worthy” or something like that shows she was looking for a little press from this situation (i.e. her leaving Twitter)

    Beyonce stans are the worst but dream going back and forth with them and talking about her leaving and the situation all day shows she stooped down to their level and engaged. As a grown woman you can address, but don’t go back and forth with children talking about your child. It makes you like quite stupid. I wonder why no one told her to address it and dead it not make a press event out of it like she is trying to do with her leaving Twitter cause these chicks (and me) could care less. Sorry.

  • Valerye

    Messed up situation. I don’t believe dream was upset about the picture being posted, she was upset because of the comments made about her daughter. The picture was posted on her personal Facebook and somehow ended up on Tumblr, she asked for it to be taken down and that’s when the comments started.

    Sometimes people push you especially when it comes to your child and you feel like you have no choice but to say something back. It’s a mother trying to protect her daughter. Natural instinct to respond. She shouldn’t be chastised for responding.

  • African Mami

    I understand her need for privacy, BUT her daughter was at a concert, and she snapped a pic with Beyonce. At some point, somebody was going to recognize her, I’m just saying. There was no need of dream getting off twitter, and tumblr only to sign back on. Just address the whole situation, or simply, IGNORE! Bey stans are cray, and cannot be taken seriously—–>these kids are so immature, and live vicariously through their queen. If it means insulting you, they will go at it.

    Frankly, I’m tired of celebs signing on and signing of, eh decide what it’s gonna be!

  • allthingsmwny

    It’s a sad situation that she had to delete her Twitter page because of all the
    drama. This should be a lesson for and her daughter that having thick skin is very necessaryin this industry which she should know. I believe the picture was initially on Beyonce tumblur page anyway.

  • Zaza

    These people are crazy, there is nothing ‘wrong’ with her daughter, even if there ‘was’ A. you’re talking about a child B. what is the need to talk anyway!?

    However(not condoning these people) we all know in this internet age, say I put up a photo of me and Drake on my private locked facebook where certain friends can see it, I would expect it to remain private as with countless other fan photos in private albums. However if I am related to a Twitter famous/popular person, and they put that photo of me and Drake on a public forum like Twitter, sad or not you can expect public scrutiny and comments on the ‘civilian’ just as happens to the celebrity person they are stood next to.

    Understandably a mother’s love blinded her from the notion that someone would have anything bad to say about her baby, but as a web-literate person, dream should have known better…we all know the web can be a cold-ass place unfortunately! Either don’t post family photos, or do it in full knowedge of the potential hating and keep ya chin up/keep it moving.

  • Kenzy

    if this comment makes no sense its because my first comment has not been allowed to be free from purgatory but i hope it does but i would like to further add that my honest first reaction to this whole situation was that if dream had said nothing …no one would have even know that was her daughter except for the people who already knew…now EVERYONE knows for sure what her daughter looks like. without her response maybe it would have eventually come out or mentioned that this was her daughter but otherwise she would have just been a bey fan, a concert winner, radio station winner, random fan takes pic w/ Bey you get teh point

  • K

    i think this was a sad situation but here is my problem…since when is cursing at someone and then saying please considered asking nicely and being polite?? i think it is horrible what grown adults said about her child but really??? no one has said one word about how she came at that person and on top of that we are even going so far as to say she ask nicely?? (im referring to those tweets on the left of this article and the author of this article saying dream “requested”) 0_o am i living on another planet?? thats like saying to someone talking too much can you please shut the f**k up..please doesnt negate the cursing.. im sorry i a stickler for peoples tone and words used as an English major who has accomplished nothing in comparison to ms. hampton and you mean to tell me as smart and accomplished as she is as a writer she couldnt find other words to request the photo being taken down. I understand she is fiercely protective of her daughter but I am willing to bet that had she simply asked that the picture be removed or where he/she got it w/o the cursing…this whole situation wouldnt have gotten as big as it did.

  • Isis

    The daughter looks Just like her. I thought it was her

  • Kacey

    Yes, ignorance is everywhere, but, honey, its permanent residence is Twitter!

    Side Note: I looked up the photo in question (on Google). The girl is cute – she resembles her mom. I don’t understand what negative things these “people” (read: animals) could possible have had to say. *smh*

  • I got sense!

    i don’t get it. No, really, I don’t get it. She was upset that someone posted of a pic of her daughter, umm, okay, but was all that really necessary on her part or beyonce’s? No one will remember the girl in two days and had they stayed quiet no one would have known who is was. I mean after all dream or beyonce would have to confirm or deny the identity of the child so if they had just shut the hell up no one would have none anyway. As far as not wanting your child’s pic on the internet (I’m guessing that’s why she mad) get the fuck over it! It’s 2012 and you are obviously in the public eye. She should have asked beyonce for some pointers is she was that concerned. Or she could go the Michael Jackson way and get a mask on them. Other than that I don’t give a damn.

  • Sasha

    I don’t see what the big deal is….

  • isolde

    The only reason why this piece was written was because one of the author’s faves is no longer on twitter.

  • isolde

    “In an information age when celebrities are willing to engage their public and allow us access that would have been utterly impossible ten years ago, shouldn’t we all show our appreciation, for whatever openness they can afford, by being respectful of their families and keeping any criticism we may have constructive and above board?

    If we don’t, we will lose our ability to interact with some of the most talented, ambitious, and intelligent minds of our generation. Like dream hampton.”


    Um no. Just no. It’s pretty disingenuous to pretend that celebrities utilize social media mostly or even solely for altruistic reasons or that celebs are somehow deserving of special internet privileges because of their fame. The real reason why so many celebs utilize social media has less to do with them giving access to their lives out of the kindness of their hearts and more to do with courting their fans so they can cheaply promote their projects when necessary. So, don’t be shocked when dream Hampton miraculously reappears on twitter again the next time she has a book to promote or a link to a video that she’s directed, etc.

  • tameka

    From reading dream’s tweets the main issue was the comments that were being made.Teens use the internet so I believe dream’s concern was that her daughter would see the comments. For me as a parent that is understandable if I post a picture of my child regardless of who they pose with and people make negative comments about my child I’m going to be mad too. But maybe if you don’t have kids you can’t understand.

  • Sasha

    *Thought it was just me who thought that. It seems that people are vicariously living their lives through Twitter and celebreties.

  • ms_micia

    This is such a multi-faceted issue. There’s bullying *cyber and otherwise*, there’s idol worship and the issue of a lack of privacy and a lack of control of the information that is known about you and your loved ones in the “information” age. The issue I have with social media sites is the over use and misuse of them by, lets be honest, the youth. It’s a free pass to anonymously be very mean and hurtful, not only to people that you know, but even complete strangers. A very short while ago I was on the band wagon with all the other people tweeting and Facebooking every little portion of my life. Then I had my son, and it took me til he was almost six months old to post a picture of him. And I only have friends who can view them that I know. But what about the people that THEY know, and the people that KNOW THEM! When is anything on the internet ever private? Answer: They’re not. Now the issue of idol worship is a deep one and I honestly don’t wanna type an essay so I’ll keep it simple. Those who participate in it are normally young and impressionable, disturbed or both! Stanning for anyone who isn’t immediate family and/or someone you love is a sign of an extremely unbalanced life. So it’s those who stan that I feel most sorry for, not only the people they harass online. Most large entertainers have extreme fans. Most of the time they’re ignored like the crazies they are but for some reason with some urban pop artists we give them cart blanch as if they’re not disturbed in the head. I understand why dream did what she did but honestly girl, block the crazies and keep it moving. Your daughter is beautiful, smile and kiss her and realize that it’s just the internet, and that unless they threaten you or your child, brush the dust off your shoulders.

  • NY’s Finest

    I really don’t get it, her daughter is cute. Like I’ve always said Beyonce and Nicki Minaj stans are the worse. Adults making fun of a child’s appearance is ridiculous, I swear ppl have so much to say behind a computer screen.

  • girlformerlyknownasgrace

    I think beyonces people encourages stanning. Her website goes out its way to define “beyhive,” dragging, etc. She may appear nice on the surface but its because she has people being mean on her behalf. And that is just as bad.

  • OSHH

    I understand the point of this article and people on these nets can be incredibly cruel and ignorant, bottom line though if you don’t things jacked off FB pages etc don’t put it out there tbw. Like I don’t do FB period and definietly don’t have photos of me posted anywhere, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram whateva because I value my privacy.

  • OSHH

    People do not understand and/or take lightly idol worship which is essentially making gods out of other human beings.
    You can enjoy, admire and respect someone’s art/work but that is where it should end.
    Worship should be reserved for the one true and living GOD through Christ Jesus.

  •!/clnmike Tonton Michel

    She seems a bit over protective of the kid.

  • Angel

    Oh please, a Bey stan made that and her people thought it was a clever tongue and cheek assessment so they added it to her website.

    Only the people who don’t like Bey in the first place have a problem with it. So you can miss me with that.

  • iQgraphics

    I agree with what you said and with your reply above but I’d like to add this:

    Anyone who thinks that little lock icon is something more than a placebo to make you feel protected on the world wide web is an idiot.

  • iQgraphics

    Your life is no longer yours the moment you subscribe to social media. If you want to stay off the grid then stay off the muthafunkin grid.


    I do remember a time when talking bout peoples kids was off limits.

    Twitter ain’t the place to heighten morality.

    So she signed off… celebs in general are poster children for narcissism. Lets see if she stays off.

  • Yb

    I don’t understand why those deranged sheep attacked that little girl. For taking a picture with Beyonce?

  • iQgraphics

    also, i want to add…

    why announce you are signing off and turning down FB requests.
    Just do it.

    She is secretly an attention wh0re.
    In some respect, we all are.

  • iQgraphics

    she is supposed to be protective about her kid. I think she over reacted to something that was foreseeable. And from what I can see above, people started saying things about her kid when she went HAM trying to get the picture removed in a rather PUBLIC FASHION.

  • Stacia L. Brown

    I didn’t say that celebrities are allowing fans increased access for altruistic reasons; of course it’s in their best business/marketing interest to avail themselves of social media. Regardless of motive, increased interaction with fans is a byproduct–and one that it would make sense for “stans” to respect, rathe than abuse.

    If celeb harassment/stalking/insulting persists, abusive fans may lose the privilege that embolden them in the first place.

    Both of the personalities mentioned in this article have proven their ability to sell product without the use of interactive social media. I’d imagine they’d continue to do so without it.

  • jane luna

    The pic wasn’t posted on beyonces tumblr until Dream complained to beyoince, dream explained this last night. That’s exactly why dream was pissed someone stole it from her facebook

  • Lucky

    On many occastions Beyonce as spoken against het stans behaviour, I’ll give her that. And I’m sure she’s not in support of her stans coming for her freinds daughter, hence her posting the pic on her tumblr and tagging it beautiful princess. This whole thing should have been avoided really. :(

    And I. Somewhat agree with angel, that part of the website was developed by the stans, and that write up was credited to the author; her name is there

  • Topanga

    I’d have to disagree with that, stans have been crazy even before any website. Artist have no control over their fans behviour. I remeber once when beyonce said in an interview that she wants her fans to tone it down, a blogger quoted this to them and they went on to insult the blogger and beyonce claiming beyonce dosnt know what she’s talking about. This stans are crazy, infact stans of any artist. They love the artist soo much to the point of delsuion,that’s why stalkers exist

  • Lisa

    So wait… just so I’m clear. That’s dream’s 15 yr old daughter in the picture and not her, right?

  • apple

    You have to do what Michael Jackson was doing with his kids! Mask and blankets nobody ain’t never seen then kids til he died!

  • Stacia L. Brown

    The picture accompanying this article is of dream and Beyonce. The embedded link to Beyonce’s Tumblr in the second to last graph of the article is the photo of dream’s daughter and Beyonce.

  • Devan

    “Apparently, a Beyonce “stan” posted a picture of the singer with dream’s daughter to a Tumblr page, where commenters promptly began leaving negative comments about the teen, whose identity was initially unknown to them.”

    “Last night, after tweeting abt summer reading lists & the challenging day I had to face today, I searched my name on Twitter. What I found was a Bey “stan” page who’d tweeted the pic of my daughter and Bey from some other Bey “stan” tumblr w/the comment “ewww”…This Twitter Bey stan later reposted the same pic on Twitter w/my daughter cropped out, then RT’d s’one’s comment abt being grateful+..”ugly girl” was cropped out.”

    I think if the initial commentary hadn’t been so (unnecessarily) vicious she might have been prompted to truly “ask nicely” when requesting that the photo be removed.

  • twixtntween

    Um, so no one noticed that it started when dream cursed at the person who posted the pic that could only have been stolen by someone with access to her Facebook, right?

    The whole “she was attacked! the stans have gone crazy!” spin is more dramatic, but not accurate. Even if someone said “eww” to the pic on Tumblr, a 40 year old role model couldn’t do better than “where the f– did you get that picture?” Really?

    dream hampton’s stans are far worse than this so-called BeyHive, as hers write articles like this, calling her daughter someone of “purpose and value”, while dismissing Bey’s fans as beneath her. And why? Because they were verbally abusive after she was? Please.

    She quits Twitter all the time, comes back all the time, and you clowns fall for her big-headed need for attention. All. The. Time.

  • Oh Please!

    Full disclosure: I’ve never been into dream hampton and I think that woman is highly overrated.

    That aside, it’s common sense that if you’re on a social (read:PUBLIC) network like Facebook or Twitter, expect your life to be put out there without your permission. Expect people to be nice and not so nice. Deal with it. If YOU upload pics, also understand that the pic no longer belongs to you. If someone else snaps a pic of you or a loved one, again, it’s no longer YOURS!

    I don’t care how much you “lock” down your profile, pics will always get out. “Celeb” or not, I’ll never understand these people uploading anything but a simple profile pic on any of these networks. People share without permission or regard so why expose yourself in the first place?

    Oh yeah, it’s because you like attention. Cry me a river. This world has bigger problems than dream hampton’s ego.

  • iQgraphics

    ^not mad at this^^

  • gmarie

    yeah that’s pretty sad. BUT it is what it is. I never see any of these sites defending willow smith from the same attacks.

  • Stacia L. Brown

    Her daughter *is* someone of purpose and value; that doesn’t mean anyone else isn’t.

    Can we at least agree that piling on insults about a 15-year-old’s appearance behind the cloak of internet anonymity is *not* valuable, positive behavior and that, after seeing that those insults persist, her mother had a right to be angry and to respond angrily? Her anger was triggered by the insults; they didn’t begin after she used an expletive.

    Also, I haven’t insulted Beyonce’s fans, as a monolith, in this article. I haven’t said they’re “beneath” anyone. What I’ve done is comment on how inappropriate it is for adult internet users to “go in” on a teenager because she’s posing with someone they admire.

  • Lisa

    oh ok. Thanks for clearing that up!

  • twixtntween

    @Stacia – If being of purpose and value isn’t something you’re presenting as unique to dream’s daughter, why mention it at all?

    Look at the time stamps of the tweets posted – dream’s “where the f—” comment came before anyone on Twitter said anything about her daughter’s looks. She was mad that they’d accessed it. She’s deleted her piece in this, oddly. When the person cropped her out, dream was already mad about someone having commented “eww” on Tumblr. The people on Twitter couldn’t care less who it was, and dream made it personal by talking to them like they weren’t worthy of her respect, instead of checking the folks with access to her Facebook. You did no investigative reporting, and even ignored the evidence that exists in your own article.

    The whole posting things about a 15 yr old while anonymous – where did I ever say that was ok? But to go from outrage that it left your Facebook page to getting Beyonce to post it on her Tumblr and feigning victimhood? Come on, b. And dream likes to brag about her ability to pay a geek to get someone’s identity from an IP address, so she can do that and really put those kids in their place for daring call her child ugly. That is, if all these blog posts don’t sufficiently silence anyone who might see through her megalomania.

  • Queen

    Stuff like this not only applies to celebrities but everyone else as well…once information is on the net it’s out there (with or without your permission) and on lookers are left to critique where they see fit, which is why it’s important to take extra care when posting. With that being said I don’t think that in anyway excuses people’s behavior toward one another on the net. The lack of face-to-face communication has created a “bully free for all” where people feel that can say anything and everything. And unfortunately they do.

  • myblackfriendsays

    I am vaguely familiar with Dream Hampton (I actually clicked on this article because I thought it was about the singer The Dream :p) Anyway, it’s not nice to make fun of people on the internet. It doesn’t really matter if they are young children, teenagers or adults. Dream Hampton should know that anything she posts on Facebook is essentially public, and so if she doesn’t want pictures of her daughter on the internet, she shouldn’t post them on the internet.

    If she wants to quit twitter over this, that’s fine. If she comes back to twitter later, that will be pretty dumb, because it will be clear that is just an attention seeking maneuver.

  • Nigerian sista

    Beyonce fans just crazy. Its getting ridiculous

  • stacy

    dream hampton is overrated & so was this story.

  • Stacia L. Brown

    “If being of purpose and value isn’t something you’re presenting as unique to dream’s daughter, why mention it at all?”

    - Because her daughter, specifically, was personally attacked and her appearance treated as though it was repulsive (“Eww”), as though she had no purpose or value.

    The source I used for this write-up was primary; I used hampton’s Twitter explanation. She commented on Twitter in response to the person she thought was the initial Tumblr poster; Twitter is where she first encountered a link to the Tumblr post:

    She later acknowledged, in her explanation last night, that she may’ve been the one who provided initial access to the photo, admitting that she wasn’t sure she’d reset the latest FB privacy options properly:

  • sojrank

    ..why didn’t you capitalise this person’s name?


  • Stacia L. Brown

    That question is answered on Page 1 of the comments.

  • twixtntween

    So even though dream says she didn’t leave because of the overwhelming hate (and, of course, she didn’t really leave at all), you still find it necessary to play up that angle? Should everyone who gets an “eww” or worse on a pic write you to pen pearl-clutching articles in their support, as their “purpose and value” have been questioned? Give me a break. This isn’t a story. dream faked another exit, and you followers lost your sh*t, manufacturing a conspiracy to support your sycophancy. That’s the real story.

  • TC

    dream hampton intentionally doesn’t capitalize her name, like bell hooks.

  • Gfkag

    I agree with you all that her fans were a bit intense before all of this. I guess what I was trying to say was that having posted on your website is a silent way of approving of that sort of cyber behavior.

  • iQgraphics

    everything you said.

  • imadime

    the comments by these people were ignorant, reprehensible and completely un-called for.

    that said, when are people going to realize that no matter how “private” you think your account is, facebook is A PUBLIC PLATFORM. if you don’t want something out there, don’t post it, period. doesn’t matter how carefully you think you’ve curated your friends list. any one of them can download your photo and send it to a friend in an email, post it elsewhere, etc. their intentions may be completely innocent, but once you publish it, it’s out there. you can’t get mad at facebook and twitter because of something you chose to put out there. they’re free, you’ve chosen to use it and you’ve seen this happen time and again, so watch and learn.

  • paloma

    I completely agree

  • Kanyade

    She’ll probably come back, but keep her page private for a time like she did before.

  • Kanyade

    She’ll probably come back, but keep her page private for a time like she did before. I followed her back in the day when Twitter first began. I don’t know what happened exactly…someone said something or was harassing her or something and she deleted her account then, but she came back.

  • C

    Dreams daughter is beautiful, model material in my opinion.

    Thats all I got.

  •!/clnmike Tonton Michel

    Protective and having a fit over comments made behind the safety of a computer is silly especially given her profession. In fact it stinks of being a drama queen. There are jerks out there who are going to say stuff to her kid’s face if they haven’t already, there going to say things to her just because she is the mom, what is she going to do to do hold her hand for the rest of her life? Let her take her licks and be better off for it.

  • Eden

    1st. I watched the whole thing unfold. In the first picture her daughter was cropped out. Someone replied, you cropped that girl out of the picture. The twitter then replied the girl was not cute, ugly or whatever. The picture was then posted by a totally different tweeter. It was not cropped and it said dream hampton’s daughter with Bey. Someone replied eww. Dream searches her name (lame) and saw the ewe. She then asked the person who said eww. Where the fuk did you get my daughters picture. The person replied they just retweeted. She went off and they went back at her. I don’t think she was mad that the pic was tweeted but sensitive that they called her ugly.

    Her attention seeking ass made this bigger than it was. So what your daughter was called ugly. She then tweets that fans are coming for her daughter. Really? Cause someone didn’t like her looks. Then she calls Beyonce to tell her. Really. How old are you? Then Talib Kweli tells people to report a particular tweeter as spam? They were surpringly immature.

    Dream will be back. How many times has she left twitter? I love her as a writer but she is soooo extra with her attention seeking ass.

  • Justine

    Dear Clutch,

    Please do something about the awful trolls who come onto this site and leave nasty comments. It makes it hard to read some of your articles because I just know that some crazy person is going to start some negative dialogue while hiding behind the screen.

    Please and thank you

    #Positivity is never overrated

  • Mr. Man

    I know nothing of this dream women outside of this article, I’ll have to look her up.
    Anyway her daughter is gorgeous, theirs absolutely nothing ‘eww’ about her picture. Folks are being mean just to be mean possibly out of sheer jealousy due to all the bragging this women does about her. The world is just an ugly place.

  • sar

    This is a none story

  • Stacia L. Brown

    “Should everyone who gets an “eww” or worse on a pic write you to pen pearl-clutching articles in their support, as their “purpose and value” have been questioned?”

    - Minors should, and perhaps, especially when their harassers are adults. My reason for writing this and for using spending so much time establishing dream’s close relationship with and commitment to her daughter here was to build a case for why she was so upset with what was being said about her and how that anger motivated her response.

    Whether she leaves Twitter or stays, her kid was still violated, not just by the “Eww,” but by the numerous other insults that followed. She had a right to take issue with and call attention to that. We all do, particularly in any case where herd mentality results in potential emotional injury to a child.

    I get that you believe this article is about me being a dream hampton fan, but I didn’t write this as an encomium. I wrote it to call attention to the kind of offensive, harassing behavior that needlessly occurs on social media and the fallout it causes. This is one case of it and true, we wouldn’t know about it, if dream hadn’t publicly discussed it. But it’s an example of a pervasive exercise that’s increasingly targeting kids. When it’s aimed at public figures and causes them to withdraw, their fans consider it a loss. The same is true when it happens to non-celebs with whom we primarily engage online.

    It’s unfortunate that we can’t have this exchange without you reducing my work to sycophancy, but as many here have said, “it is what it is” and “when you put it out there, you get what you get.”

  • Evette Dionne

    First and most importantly, thanks for writing this! The commentary was necessary because social media and the access it affords to “celebs,” public figures, and elected officials is unprecedented. We should cherish it and use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to begin the process of building relationships and networking with the dream hampton’s of the world rather than belittling and disregarding their presence.

    With that said, I am saddened by dream’s decision to disengage from Twitter. As a student journalist who was formally educated at a HBCU, I was raised on her 90′s wisdom. Being able to use Twitter as a medium to connect with such an amazing writer, mother, and activist truly made my social media experience worth the time.

    I hope that moving forward, Twitter, and the other sites will establish some perimeters so that intellectual dialogue with profound people can continue.

  • binks


  • shirleygal2

    Love your responses Stacia! I’m really liking how the authors are responding to commenters on their articles. Maybe this will help with the trolls.

  • isolde

    “If celeb harassment/stalking/insulting persists, abusive fans may lose the privilege that embolden them in the first place.”


    Nah, I don’t think this is about abusive stans losing privileges, so much as it is about you not being able to read dream’s twitter, until she reactivates the account. I mean, why would the loss of privileges for abusive stans be cause for concern? And actually, abusive stans lose their fan interaction with their faves all the time. It’s just that many of those celebs don’t usually quit their twitter accounts because of those abusive people. They block those abusive people, sometimes curse them out, or just flat out ignore them and keep it moving. And anyway, the elephant in the room here is that abusive fans do not harass their faves. They harass other people’s faves, and since most celebs utilizing social media are unlikely to quit their twitter accounts based on a handful of abusive people, then those abusive stans are probably going to remain emboldened because they’re not on the receiving end of any negative consequences for their abusive behavior. The Bey-Hive is not pressed over dream hampton quitting twitter. You are. Beyonce is not going to give up her tumblr because of what some of her stans were saying about dream’s daughter. She’s also unlikely to give up her tumblr based on what trolls are saying about her right now. As long as social media continues to benefit the branding and marketing of celebs, they will continue to utilize it, regardless of trolls.

  • Natasha

    So this entire post (article?) is based on social media “evidence” aka tweets
    from a woman who gained notoriety because of social media? The expectation that people
    will be kind to others–even children–is quite juvenile. If she didn’t want her child in the. [Social] media spotlight then she shouldn’t talk about her daughter. Simple.

  • imsorrywhat?

    “from a woman who gained notoriety because of social media?”


    dream hampton is a veteran writer and the co-author of a NY Times Bestseller. she’s hardly some random from social media.

    the fawning over her by younger writers is expected, but inappropriate. a writer quitting twitter is a non-story. only other writers care. this was a slow news day.

  • beastwork

    So she shut her twitter down. Who really cares. I just started following her maybe 3 weeks ago, and while I enjoyed her content, life will go on. When I read her tweet asking “where the fuk did you get this pic….” she sounded just like every other idiotic, internet tough guy. She kind of brought alot of this on herself. I seriously doubt that the Bey Stan’s started jumping down her throat until they read that one tweet from her.

    She should’ve known better. She’s the one that screwed up by posting her child on the internet but wants to blame everyone else for the repercussions. For all the Don Quixote’s out there that want the internet to be a nice place with rainbows and ice cream cones, grow the hell up. For those that can’t put up with the craziness, remember, you don’t HAVE to be a part of social media.

  • Vee

    @ Nanita- Oh, thanks

  • YeahTam

    This whole situation blew out of proportion…
    Sometimes it best to grow thick skin & keep on kicking.

    The whole “I called Beyonce and we discussed…” save it… I am a Beyonce fan in no way jealous of her connection but she does seem to name drop a lot.

    She has to sometimes deny FB requests…. : don’t we all.

    She deleted/stopped tweeting: she will be back.

    ALL children/teenagers are people of value. The kid at the cash register at McDonald’s that gave you your double cheeseburger is a child of value. Stop putting people on pedestals based on who they write for or know (ie: the Carters).

    The same people that are in shock & awe over what “stans” tweeted about her daughter are the same people that tweet & retweet for hours about Willow Smith. You don’t see Jada or Will going off… they keep it moving.

    I clicked on the picture of dream’s daughter & Beyonce expecting the worse but her daughter is beautiful.

  • opinionatedgal

    When you have a Facebook account and post pics on it, you have to understand that you are allowing people access to take those pics when you have an account, that is the reality.

    I still don’t have a personal Facebook account for that reason. Although I understand the perks of FB, I have always been fascinated by how quickly people have taken to living all aspects of the life publicly and memorializing it online.

    Quitting twitter will not prevent this from happening in the future; the solution might be to not post pics of your child, with a celebrity, online- even if you meant to buy it for private viewing only.

  • OSHH

    *nods in agreement and to all comments similar to this^*
    Please stop the idol worship if nothing else, all people are of value.

  • iQgraphics

    me too.
    I’ve had nothing to say except to state that nothing is private on the world wide web, duh.
    but for the most part, the majority of these commenters have hit the nail on the head for me.

  • Sparkle

    This was a great article and I found it disappointing that so many people missed the mark.

    Whether or not dream hampton is a noteable figure or responded angrily to negative comments posted about her daughter, or whether others feel like she subjected herself to this by posting the pic on a private FB page is irrelevant.

    The point the author is trying to make is that the fact that the online harrasment occured especially if it was indeed by adults is reprehensible. The fact is that it happens to daughters of noteables, and non-noteables alike and it’s equally as bad.

    Cyber bullying, internet “thugs” and even some of the comments on this article are very telling in how crass, unsympathetic, and unfeeling we are becoming as a society.

  • isolde

    “This was a great article and I found it disappointing that so many people missed the mark.”


    No, it’s not that a lot of us missed the mark. Cyber bullying, poor internet etiquette, and all that are in fact serious issues which people are well aware. A lot of us are having a hard time taking this piece seriously because the article reads like hyperbolic concern trolling. Between the dicey second hand account of how the situation unfolded (see page two exchange between “twixtntween” and Stacia) and the whole “ZOMG, if the abusive stans keep this up, celebs will flee twitter in droves, and then whatever will we do?!?! Oh the humanity!,” the cyber bullying aspect seems secondary to the author’s fan-girling.

  • Mari

    Neither of those children are private citizens.

    I don’t know what her FB settings were, but it’s not naive of her to assume she had some level of privacy. And her anger is understandable; who wouldn’t feel threatened if that happened to their kid? I haven’t been formally trained in dealing with craven lunatics via twitter, but it seems pretty clear that she did the best any of us could do. No one really knows what makes these people tick.

  • overseas_honeybee

    Spot on. Nothing is private … settings or no settings. I do not have a Facebook account either. I was forced to sign up for one for a class I was taking and after I was done I deleted it immediately. I try and limit my SM interaction… on it mainly for work. It’s sad some people are jerks but it comes with the medium. You make the choice.

  • Dceasy

    So someone posted and made fun of a pic of her kid. I know she loves her daughter, that’s natural, but there are no guarantees your feelings will remain intact online. Part of what drives social media are vitriol and spiteful attacks. I can’t knock her defensiveness, but she must be really naive to think people wouldn’t make fun.

    Callass people will always troll the net but you can’t control their opinions, no matter how vile, because they make you uncomfortable. Next time, keeping the pics to yourself would be the smarter move.

  • DCeasy

    So public photos are now off limits? I understand it was from her Facebook page, which is private, but come now! Nothing online really is. That pic, as well as anything put in the public, is open. We just need to develop thicker skin.

  • Sally Mayfield

    There is no greater Cyber Thug than Ms. Hampton herself. Just try disagreeing with her sometime. She brought it all on herself. #NameDropMuch?

  • Sally Mayfield

    Nailed it.

  • Sally Mayfield


  • Sally Mayfield

    Maybe she’ll write a six-word story about it. LOL I feel bad for her daughter … and I saw this coming a looonnnnggg time ago. KARMA’s a bitch.

  • Sally Mayfield

    The real problem is, Ms. Hampton started believing her own, self-invented, press. The celebrity line (that she loved to disparage) got blurred in her overblown mind and ego took over. Oh how the mighty have fallen!

  • LuvIt289

    Internet bullying just isn’t right.
    This will start a domino effect. Dream should fight back!
    I just wish these celebrities that these “stans” love so much would step up and put them in check.

  • Sally Mayfield

    Yeah this is a wake up call. Damn straight! It’s a wake up call for Dream Hampton to examine her role in all this drama inflicted upon her beautiful, innocent daughter. But sadly, what she will do is use it to go on the offensive, rally her band of minions into a frenzied crescendo of victimized banter and sidestep the issue of personal responsibility altogether.

    Something tells me this latest incident is just the tip of the iceberg of what her daughter has suffered at the hands of an all-too-vocal mother. She is the epitome of the overbearing, rigidly self-righteous, black-than-thou sort of woman who puts her busines far too out there on the Internet for all of Awesome Daughter’s classmates and peers to see.

    I can see it in her eyes – Ms. Hampton’s daughter has the pain of not being able to just express herself without the heavy-handed politicized rhetoric haunting her every step of the way. And the grand irony is that Ms. Hampton, for all her anti-celebrity, anti-American, anti-capitalism talk was deep in the thick of all those things when this incident occurred. She has been courting psuedo-celebrity for quite some time now. Obviously not content to stay quietly in the background like a traditional ghostwriter would. No, no, no, her ego is far too grand for all that. She never let her readers forget that – while she was just a down-home, salt of the earth, type of Everywoman, she rubbed shoulders with Pop’s current flavor-of-the-month. It was that very behavior – NOT TWITTER – NOT FACEBOOK- NOT BEYONCE’s “STANS” (whatever the hell that is) and NOT WHITEY – that was her ultimate undoing.

    Take a lesson DREAM HAMPTON. If you are still teachable.

  • lilkunta

    i dont see the pic on beyonce ‘s tumblr.
    dream get over it. people make fun of people.
    your daughter is probably being made fun of at school.
    yes words hurt .’remind your daughter every day that is is somebody, she is beautiful.

    and if that dont work, tell her the truth : stans are just jealous bc she has a personal connection to beyonce but they DONT. haha ha

  • Monique


    #BitterMuch?! dream may need to get over this incident, but CLEARLY YOU have some moving forward to do yourself! Goodness! #ReplyAboutpersonalopinionsandUnrelatedIncidentsInvolvingdreamhamptonmuch?!

    I think we’ve heard enough from you. Go away!

  • honeyxzillah

    “I can see it in her eyes – Ms. Hampton’s daughter has the pain of not being able to just express herself without the heavy-handed politicized rhetoric haunting her every step of the way.”

    ^ God, I hope that’s not the nightmare her daughter is living. So heavy.

  • tmc

    I agree. I really, really agree. Dream hasn’t always been a bastion of civility herself online. Coming after her child was reprehensible but she lead with bombastic and, thus, elicited a bombastic response. I somehow imagine life will go on.

  • soulfullyreal

    I used to follow dream and stopped long before this happend. To be honest she does come off as self righteous and self important, and the fact that she came at them like “where the fuk did you get this” certainly fanned the fire. However, i think the point here is that they were attacking her daughter. I don’t know how old these stans were, but adults calling children ugly, this, that and the third is disgusting. A bunch of grown ppl cyber-bullying? Really? To me that’s the saddest thing about it all.

  • Pingback: I am not auditioning to be your wife & a counter to Tracy McMillan | Single & Happy

  • Jo Elliot

    Yeah I think we were all intrigued with her at one point or another. Her writing is admirable when she avoids the politicized mumbo-jumbo that is her stock in trade. She is not a heavy-hitter, though, and definitely not a director, nor an intellectual. Perhaps she is a pilot and perhaps she is still “low, firing” which was once her Twitter calling card in deference to her thug roots (before it became unfashionable). One wonders just how badass and “low firing” one can really be when they cower and run at the first serious bout of cyber-bullying. She was a master at bullying herself, albeit from the safety of her keyboard, so she should have been able to “boss up on” those emotions. In a world where you are only as good as your last Tweet, this is the end for @dreamhampton.

  • Jo Elliot

    “Twitter ain’t therapy and you ain’t gonna be working nothing out on here.” – LOL, advice she could well live by now.

    “Boss up on your emotions before you become a slave to them.” Et tu, Dream? Et tu?

    And the ever popular maybe-they’ll-think-I’m-exotic-if-I-omit-a-vowel “fuk.”

    Come back in a few years Dream, and we’ll let you play with the Big Girls of journalism.

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