Hot Brothers Who Leave You Feeling Cold

by Stacia L. Brown

No one likes to be the odd woman out, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Your moment may come when your friends want to go retro and do a roller rink outing, and you never learned to skate. It might be on the eve of a new Jill Scott album’s release; everyone you know is beside themselves with anticipation, so you don’t mention you were over her two albums ago. Your coworkers decide on a working lunch at a steakhouse; you’re vegan.

Point is: it happens. There’s no accounting for taste, and sometimes yours run contrary to those of everyone else you know.

In my case, my odd-woman-out moments often center around my lack of excitement about popular black celebrity crushes. You’d be amazed at the flak I catch for not finding certain actors and singers attractive.

Ever been there? If so, you’re familiar with the widened eyes, dramatic gasps, and sidelong glances you get when you confess that you’re not feeling a dude who, according to your friends, is genetically predisposed to make you swoon.

Here are my picks:

  • Bee

    I adore Idris Elba and Michael Ealy (any day, every day, almost no matter the role), but I agree with the rest of the list. Maxwell: I loved Maxwell’s old look; 90s Maxwell as sexy as hell, but I’m not feeling the new clean cut fade look. As for Pooch Hall, girl bye. I’ve never understood what women see in him or any of the men from The Game. Denzel: No, just don’t get the hype (but I’ll say this much, Denzel in “Devil in the Blue Dress” could get it, I’m saying). Hill Harper: he seems cool, intelligent, but I don’t see the talent as far as his acting.

  • Gigi Young

    Number one and only: Shemar Moore: He has beady eyes!

  • Natsuka (Summer Child)

    Why won’t my comment post?

  • Natsuka (Summer Child)

    Andre 3000, Blair Underwood, Boris Kodjoe, Brad Pitt, Columbus Short, D’Angelo, Derek Luke, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Larenz Tate, Lenny Kravitz, LL Cool J, Morris Chesnut, President Obama, Pharrell, Rick Ross, Shemar Moore, Tyrese, Tyson Beckford, and Usher Raymond

  • Vee

    The only person i disagree with you on is Pooch Hall, coz good lawd that man is sexy! The rest, yeah, whatever.

  • African Mami

    You must be on that kray Kanye be smoking to think it is a-okay to show us his thong in public when you are talking about the god, IDRIS ELBA!

    I will drop it low, open wide for this man! without protection so as to fall pregnant and have his dem baby hopefully twins.

    Listen this new coffee that I got at Dunkiiiin has me up at 4:05 in the morn, talking shiiid. Gotdamn…I’m supposed to be sleeping. It’s called ICED COFFEE with a short of french vanilla. I think that chic spiked ma drank with some unsleep pills.

  • tisme

    I agree on ALL those men.I don’t find ANY of them attractive either.

    But I don’t find most celebrity men attractive anyway.The most attractive and good looking men I’ve ever seen have been men who weren’t on television.
    Men who’s names I don’t know.I just saw them walking somewhere,or driving in the next lane,or sometimes a random male model that I saw in a magazine.
    Then there have been men in movies who played extras or were just men walking by on the screen they didn’t really have a role.

    It’s always the nameless random guy that I find most attractive and I get mad sometimes because I never get to meet them or find out who they are as I’m only seeing them in passing.

  • LemonnLime

    I wasn’t an Idris fan and then I heard him speak… good Lord that accent is hella sexy. Since then I’ve been a fan. Michael Ealy beautiful, yes I wanna just swim in those blue green eyes! And I get the Maxwell thing. Give me 90s Maxwell in a heartbeat.

  • overseas_honeybee

    Yep … body is crazy too.

  • C

    I agree….except for Denzel and Michael Ealy.

    I must say I cannot understand the Idris craze, at all.

  • chanela

    I know exactly what you mean! celebrity men may LOOK attractive but they usually have shitty personalities in real life.they’re sluts to the max and have the ego of kanye west, they’re just better at hiding it. i don’t really care for looks. men have to be a good person and not looking to sex every woman he lays eyes on for me to find him attractive…if he has that then looking good is just a bonus :) Plus the “regular” men don’t have crowds of women after them and trying to do anything to pregnant by them.i dont want a man that every woman is crushing on…it’s awkward

  • chanela

    it’s funny cause with men i never understood the obsession with celebrity women like jessica alba,adriana lima,kate upton,and eva mendes. i thought as a woman i’d be able to get celebrity male crushes but…NOPE! i really don’t get the craze with idris elba, i truely don’t. i have never been so puzzled in my life tilli came on clutch and saw how wild these chicks go for him.hes a great actor but…nahh lol

  • Shirl

    OMG…I’ve never understood the Idris Elba craze. I mean he’s not Shrek but (to me) he definetly “ain’t all that”. I however take exception with my boo, the love of my life, the man that should’ve been the father of my children Mr. Denzel Washington (forgive me Ms. Paula). He is perfection. His parents deserve a boquet of roses and a thank you card. Now I’ve gotten myself all worked up and have to take a cold shower :-). I think Maxwell is sexy as heck but something tells me he’s kinda short. I totally agre with you about Dangelo back in the day. I watched the “how does it feel” video the other day, got light headed and had to sit down…my,my,my

  • minna k.

    That is pretty much all of them. : /

  • minna k.

    I knew you weren’t far behind. :P

  • minna k.

    Maxwell is roughly 6ft tall. he is not short.

  • namethatgirl

    Ha! Everyone has their preferences. The article’s title was kind of misleading though. I thought it was a different kind of article.

  • minna k.

    1. You are so wrong for this. :P You found the MOST unflattering photos of these men to help you make your point.

    2. What did they do to Hill Harper’s nose in that photo? Lesson; sometimes “flaws” are not mistakes, and serve a greater aesthetic purpose.

    3. I was ROTFL when I hit the Denzel button.

    4. I think Michael Ealy is very handsome, but he was so good in Four Colored Girls that I am frightened of him.

    5. I will NEVER get Idris Elba.

  • Ms. Information are crazy…I must be too…cause I LOVE him…and Andre 3000..I would pay their light bills…at least the cable bill ;)

  • chox


  • Ebony82

    All of the men are gorgeous and I’ve had crushes on them from one time to another. Denzel takes the cake, though.

  • Tami

    Denzel is not handsome to me but the man has major swag. Michael Ealy is a definite cutie pie. Idris is handsome. I loved the 90s Maxwell too…

  • African Mami

    @ chox,

    You confused or sum’thn, need coffee elaboration or what I’m going to do to Idris elaboration?! pick one, which one.

    @ Miss Info
    *hey girlie*————>yes I’m kray, and have accepted it.

    @minna k

    when i first read this, I was dumbfounded

  • minna k.

    Yes I knew you would be dumbfounded, and did you get ANY sleep last night?

  • Shirl

    Gigi Young: HaHaHa “he has beady eyes”. I agree and you can tell he thinks he’s God’s gift to the ladies. I say he needs to have several seats.

  • Wanett

    *RUNS ACROSS THE ROOM TO HIGH FIVE* I am so with you on this one!! I don’t get his appeal at ALL.

    I also agree with everyone on this list, too. Denzel had his moment in Training Day, though.

  • MsQuita

    I totally agree about Hill Harper, he is SO handsome but after listening to him talk, I wonder if he is happy about anything. As far as Pooch Hall….. I can’t get past his name, lol. I adore Michael Ealy and Idris Elba!!!! Soooo the guy at the top of my “cold” list is Shemar Moore. I hate his teeth and for some reason he just rubs me the wrong way.

  • Nestafan2

    I have never and will never see the ‘fine’ in Idris Elba. Almost every woman I know thinks he’s super fine. I can’t see it. When he was on “The Wire,” I was more attracted to Wood Harris than Idris. The rest of the men are decent looking. Michael is attractive, but I’ve seen photos of him that weren’t so flattering, especially when he has that unkept look. Hill Harper is intelligent, I’ll leave it there. Denzel is masculine, which is attractive, but I’ve never seen the sex symbol in him (although he did look juicy in “Training Day”). Pooch Hall? Nope. It’s something about his hairline that’s a little off. And Maxwell, I once thought he was hot, but I’ve since grown up.

  • Princess Di

    I’m just going to leave Blair Underwood here and call it a day.

  • JoJo

    I agree with this list ( Denzel and Idris have a likeable swag though). I also don’t get the hype about Boris Kodjoe but to each her own. Nas is about the only celebrity male that I find very attractive ( I can sit and watch him all day)!

  • African Mami

    my dear. I finally did at 4.30. Coffee gives me WIIIIIIIIIIIIINGS, let me be specific DUNKIN DONUTS——–>which I’m about to grab in an hours time. Looking forward. Join me!! :)

  • African Mami

    @ Nestafan2

    He is not your regular pretty boy jock. He is a box of GODIVA black chocolate. Succulent and heaven sent. He his chocolate rain drops in a desert of ugly drought.

    How you don’t find what I said making sense is beyond my understanding. Imma hand you over to Jesus and em to explain this CREATION right hurr!!! He puts the C in creation, real talk!

  • slim

    I don’t see it for hill harper just because he doesn’t have a neck.

  • freebee33

    Dang Natsuka! That’s almost all the men in the entertainment industry lol

  • NinaG

    no, not Andre 3000 (or Larenz or Pharrell or Pres Obama or Lenny Kravitz). but yes to the rest LOL

  • freebee33

    I think Hill Harper is handsome, but I wouldn’t swoon over him, I feel the same way about Pooch. Denzel is eh…I told my mom the other day, while watching one of his movies, that I didn’t get the hype about Denzel’s looks, she gave me the meanest stank eye she could muster up lol

  • Angie

    Everyone on the list plus Morris Chestnut. He is a beautiful looking man, but you can tell he must have heard that about a million times because every time I see him now he’s got this “come and get this, ladies” look on his face. I like a man who is attractive, but doesn’t act attractive. In other words, I like humility.

  • Yulez

    I agree with all of these, except Hill Harper. He definitely made me stand up in church. (mother tugs skirt) “Girl, sit down.”

  • black_feminist

    LOL!!! One of these things just doesn’t belong. How did Rick Ross make the list? Who thinks he is hot?

  • Dalili

    LOL @ some of the comments. I agree with the list and would add:

    Moris Chesnut
    Shemar Moore
    Will Smith
    Jesse Willams
    Laz Alonso
    Mehcad Brooks
    Djimon Honsou

    All handsome men, but am not moved at all by any of them.

  • LMO85

    I agree about Morris and Idris–both brothers used to be so fine to me but now….eh. Feeling themselves too much. Plus Idris’ accent is so ugly to me. And somebody please tell him that singing is NOT his forte’.

    Never got the hype about Shemar, Blair or Maxwell. Denzel is just old swag to me. Hill is cute but short. Michael? He looks good when he is more rugged to me, his facial hair is leaving a lot to be desired in this pic. NEVER UNDERSTOOD the hype about Terrence Howard, just double UGH.

  • LMO85

    And WTF is a Pooch Hall?

  • The Taker

    YES! to this ENTIRE list. Blahhhhhh!!!

  • edub

    A hypothesis:
    I think that on some subconscious level, these “hot” brothers leave us cold because we know that they would never give us the time of day.

  • Dalili

    LOL! It’s the name of the actor featured bottom right in the photo.

  • The Taker

    You’re just like me. I’d take a no-name, regular, pass-you-by-on-the-sidewalk, type guy anyday. Those men were and are usually THE FINEST. I’ve seen men on the A,C or E train(NYC) who could make every man on this list look like Ogres.

  • Leonie UK

    Sooooooooooooooo true, lets not try and be all analytical on it. Most, if not ALL ,would not even see us in a deserted room…But I would try and get noticed for sure lol.

  • Natsuka (Summer Child)

    You’d be surprised how many women think Rick Ross is fine, Black Feminist.

  • Wow

    What do you guys like then?

    Not men, apparently. .. .

  • Natsuka (Summer Child)

    I am like that as well.

  • LMO85

    I disagree, I mean believe it or not it really is possible to not be attracted to someone who is considered “attractive” by most. Just like you can be attracted to someone who is not conventionally attractive.

    My prime example is Jay Z. I saw him in person and even though I admit he is still not attractive to me, he does have a swagger about him that makes him appealing and he doesn’t look as bad in person either. Just like a great sense of humor or a nice body can make someone with an ugly face still be attractive. Except…uh Rick Ross? no. That ain’t nothing but MONEY talking….

  • LMO85

    Dumb comment.

  • Natsuka (Summer Child)

    I don’t find that to be true for myself. I don’t view celebrities as superior beings.

  • LMO85

    @ Dalili–lol, I can’t get past his name.

  • Dalili

    Gary Dourdan
    Richard Jones
    Don Cheadle
    Chiwetel Ejiofor
    Mos Def
    Harry Lennix
    Adam Rodriguez
    James Pickens Jnr( Lord have mercy)

    and those are just the brothers LOL!

  • Dalili

    LOL! I hear ya, it baffled me the first time I saw it too.

  • Jaslene

    Shemar Moore I agree 100% maybe its because he’s twice my age and he also he had that weird gray patch.

  • edub

    I agree that ultimately, we are attracted to those we are attracted to. No qualms there. But attraction is a complex mechanism. Part of it stems from perceived probability of rejection.

    Additionally, I don’t understand how my hypothesis denotes superiority. How did you come to that conclusion?

    My claim: We are not attracted to those who will potentially reject us even if they are attractive.

  • Sparkle

    Never found Idris attractive till I started watching Luther on Netflix. It’s something about that character! I agree with you on Hill Harper and Denzel but I have to disagree on Maxwell! May I also add Shemar Moore and Taye Diggs? Handsome brothers, but never have been my cup of tea.

  • the other JQC

    Wood Harris > Idris Elba

  • Joan

    I so, so, SO agree with you about Hill Harper. I find him to be trite and annoying. His acting is horrible. And I don’t care how many Harvard degrees he has; a short man is a short man.

    I don’t see the appeal of Dijimon Hounsou (Kimora’s husband). Women swoon and I just don’t get it. I feel nothing.

    Never thought Pooch Hall was fine. There’s something weird going on.

    I consider Denzel and Idris handsome, but not fine. There’s something about the way they carry themselves that is so appealing.

    I love Chewitel Ejiofor…just wish he would grow a few inches taller and he’d be perfect. LOL. His eyes are hypnotic. And his voice. And his mouth.

  • niksmit

    I can so feel this list, except I still think younger Denzel is attractive.
    I’ve had this conversation with my friends about Maxwell, Shemar Moore, and Idris Elba.
    Some actors play some attractive characters, then I make the mistake and hear them interviewed as themselves. Attraction dead. Same goes for models. I can see past an attractive wrapper to the ugly or boring person inside.
    I will say that Hill Harper, the man, and Hill Harper in any character he plays are all unattractive to me. There is something about his personality and acting, he’s extra all-around.

  • Miss J

    I would add Laz Alonso and Omari hardwick on the list

  • binks

    BINGO! To this little thread, I never understood why celebrities are always held as these otherworldly beautiful individuals. I mean most are fine to look at but I don’t see the hype surrounding most of them, seriously most of us probably seen average people walking on the streets that can blow most celebrities/models out of the water in the looks department. I believe most people go crazy over these celebrities is because they create a fantasy/illusion of what people think their ideal should look like…shrugs. And for the most part the novelty of a lot of these men listed wore OFF. But since most guys have been listed already I won’t do any repeats but will add:

    David Beckham…great to look at with a wonderful sense of style and personality but that baby voice kills me every time

  • Natsuka (Summer Child)

    Women swoon over him to make themselves appear different.

  • Glow

    Hill Harper most definitely—he is short too. End of story. Plus he needs a hug, he’s so angry all the time, lol!

    Taye Diggs, Tyrese, Tyson Beckford, Blair Underwood, Shemar Moore, and Morris Chestnut—all of them they know they’re fine and that irks me and makes me not like them at all, esp. Taye Diggs. I can’t even watch ‘Brown Sugar’ or ‘The Best Man’ because of him, he just gets on my last nerve, talking all fast and grinning all wide, ugh, he just doesn’t come off likable at all.

    If we’re talking about brothers here, I disagree, Idris is oh so FINE to me—something about him—he’s got something there that is sexy, throw in Gary Dourdan, Daniel Sunjata, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Vin Diesel, and 90′s Maxwell, and I’m a happy girl.

  • minna k.

    Poor Shemar Moore.

    I thought he was GOD back when I was an awkward teenager.

  • Bee

    Here’s my list of attractive men (attractive because they are physically beautiful and seem to have a genuineness and intellectual depth about them – and physical and brains equals HOT, imo) who don’t leave me cold:

    Mos Def
    Wood Harris (his poem on Def Poetry is simply inspiring)
    Malcolm Jamal Warner (with his dreadlocks, damn, I’m saying)
    Harry Lennix (Old school Chi-Town swag done to perfection)
    Lupe Fiasco (with less hair than he has now)
    James Pickens
    Johnny Depp (with long hair and facial hair, weird and rough around the edges guy)
    Joseph Gordon Levitt (with his longer hair)
    Wendell Pierce (I don’t like a big man, but there’s just something adorable about him)
    Maxwell (90s version)
    Adrien Brody
    Gael Garcia Bernal
    Daniel Craig (the man is smart and can rock a pair of tight jeans)
    Isaiah Washington (90s version, with dreadlocks)

    *Honorable mentions: Richard Roundtree and Harry Belafonte (especially in their young days)

  • Bee

    correction: *physical beauty and brains equals HOT*

  • That’s That

    @ The Taker

    Lol, I think the same thing when I’m on the 4 train.

  • PJ

    I love my Denzel now! Michael Ealy is okay. Michael has sex appeal. The rest on the list don’t do it for me. As much as I love my intelligent men, I agree with what Glow said about Hill Harper. He does need a hug or something…haha! I love a mysterious man as well. Just because they are handsome or attractive, doesn’t mean they will appeal to me.

  • iQgraphics

    I think the fascination with ol’ Hilly-Hill is knowing that he is hung like a horse.

    But these brothers don’t leave me cold at all! But perhaps I’m not picky. I dream about girls.

    For those that put Shemar on the list… AGREED. And as he gets older…. it just gets worse.

  • Doctora E

    T.I., ugh. Tupac (back in the day, but may he RIP), DMX, Tyrese, Ocho Cinco, T.O., Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade (this new part on the right side of his head is KILLING me!). And just fo’ the record and not to be bringing up WP, but I don’t see what the big deal with Tom Cruise is, way too short! LOL.
    And thanks to all the ladies that don’t like Idris…move out the way so I can get closer to my husband, uh’scuse me but that man is almosthavetoleavemymanandtellhimtohisfacethati’mdoinhim FINE :)

  • freebee33

    Natsuka you are so right about some women actually finding Rick Ross (or his money) attractive though, there is an article over at Madamenoire about that very same phenomenon. I can’t agree with the rest of your list though, lol.

  • iQgraphics

    do people like Terrance Howard? I think he’s pretty wack

  • Dalili

    He doesn’t even factor on my radar for consideration. Something is a bit off about him.

  • MK

    I think all of them have something that appeals to certain women. I like all on this list expect for Pooch Hall. Agree on the comment about Hill Harper, all his roles are ugly men, don’t like that, but I do like and intelligent man and he is. Denzel, maybe the way he walks. Michael Ealy, I love him and it is not only his eyes, there’s something about him. Maxwell with the 90s look, love that look, not right now.
    Morris Chestnut, love him. Taye Diggs, love him and others

  • Candy 1

    I agree, especially about Mehcad Brooks and Shemar Moore because they are not attractive to me, and never have been. I do find Laz Alonzo and somewhat attractive, and although Will Smithhas lost a lot of appeal, I still think he looks good, and same goes for Morris Chesnut.

  • Chic Noir

    With a name like that, I can’t imagine he would be checking for me. I picture him at the balls vogueing and doing some mean dips.

  • Nina

    Hahaha! I love this list. I’m shocked to find my boos Idris and Michael Ealy on the list, but I get what you’re saying.

  • Chic Noir

    I actually love Hill Harper. I love a beta, nice,nerdy man with a small build. Not pressed about height because I’m tall and I come from a family of tall people. Nothing like a man with a brain. Hill Harper seems like the type of guy who would be a good husband and a good dad. Like it something happened to you, you won’t have to worry about what will happen to your children because he has it in him to be nurturing and caring.

    Idris is handsome and I love his swagger but he has bad skin. I can’t get with a man who has bad skin. I think if he had a peel or two, maybe a lil microdermabration, his skin would look better on camera. Another Blk Brit actor I can’t get with because of his skin issues is Chewitel Ejiofor.

    I actually liked “Weebay” from the Wire more than I digged Idris.

    Did anyone else notice how many of the actors from The Wire had memorable manly voices?
    Stringer Bell
    Slim Charles
    Lester Freamon

  • Nina

    And Pooch is cute but his hairline is way too low and dense!

  • Chic Noir

    Denzel was fine as all get out when he was younger. He just had a bit of a yuck mouth.

    Look at a clip from one of his early movies when he was young and his body was in shape and tell me he wasn’t fine.

  • Chic Noir

    Yulez I’m need you to back up off my husband but do give me the dirt on why he was at your church.

  • Nina

    Hey, don’t knock short men. I had one who knew how to love me right in the moonlight.

  • Nina

    +1 for Mos Def and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Lupe Fiasco is nice, too.

  • Chic Noir

    NEVER UNDERSTOOD the hype about Terrence Howard

    The man made his fortune not in acting but investing in baby wipes. Besides, Terrence does not date chicks who don’t use baby wipes*.

    *google Terrence Howard baby wipes Elle mag for more info

  • Chic Noir

    Daniel Craig????

    I mean really, that man has the face of a boxer. If you like that sort of cloring, I’ll raise you Paul Walker or Chris Hemsworth.

  • Dalili

    LOL @ Chic Noir, he is married with a kid or two. That made the visual of him vogueing and doing mean dips at the ball even funnier.

  • Chic Noir

    I think the fascination with ol’ Hilly-Hill is knowing that he is hung like a horse.

    *spits out tea*

    Are you talking about Hill Harper? Link or it aint true.

  • Chic Noir

    And Pooch is cute but his hairline is way too low and dense!

    *somewhere in the Hollywood Hills, after reading this, Jamie Foxx pumps his fist and throws away cabinet full of black shoepolish& black spray paint*

  • Chic Noir

    Blair Underwood really I like Blair and also Reggie Bush. I love that dark chocolate doll faced look on a masculine body. Blair has aged very well over the years too. Blair’s skin is smooth like butter.

    Johnny Depp is good looking but I don’t like how run down he looks in public. I like men who dress well.

  • Chic Noir

    Adriana Lima is gorgeous face wise. Even without makeup. She is one of the best looking models working but I agree with you on the rest of that list althought I think Alba is/was very cute.

  • Chic Noir


    His poor wife. Can you imagine calling out that name during a passionate moment???

    “Oh Pooooccchhh. Yea Pooooooch get it.”

    Naw chile, I’ma leave that alone.

  • Bee

    @Chic: I feel you. But Daniel Craig has a better body than any other well known white male actor out there. The man looks amazing in his clothes, and without them. His face ain’t the best at all (although his eyes are beautiful), but his acting skills, body and British white boy swag makes up for it. Plus, I’ve watched some interviews done with him, and I’m genuinely struck by his intelligence and willingness to speak his mind. Paul Walker is like a little boy next to Daniel Craig (although, don’t get me wrong, Paul Walker is definitely nice in the “I’m a surfer boy” kind of way. Not my cup of tea).

  • Natsuka (Summer Child)

    ‘Pooch’ isn’t his given name.

  • Dalili

    @Chic Noir: LMBO….I can’t with you today….I just can’t.

  • Chic Noir

    Natsuka (Summer Child),

    So he choose that name. SMH I just can’t with a man named Pooch and I really think he’s good-loking too,what a shame.


    I’ma a fool but I think about this stuff when I date a man :)

  • African Mami

    Mechad Brooks can get itttt, with a black paper over his face! He is sooooooooooo not appealing!

    Mind you I like ugly dudes.

    Riot act readers, don’t even dare…not in the mood, will go off!

  • Tonia


  • Tonia

    I thought it was just me but I don’t see what women see in Idris Elba. He is not by any means unattractive, but, he looks like a brother I would see at 4:30 pm in my local Walmart. He looks regular to me. Please don’t yall stone me!

  • Anon


  • Peppy Chick

    Idris’s swagger is on 100! Which makes him attractive to me. Michael Ealy can get it! I have never thought that Denzel was attractive, but he is an excellent actor. Hil Harper is cute. Pooch Hall is actually really handsome in person. Shemar Moore is absolutely beautiful in person!!

  • simplyme

    Story of my life… I’ve always been into odd quirky guys. Basically the antithesis of the type most women swoon over (not fake quirky guys like Donald Glover either lol). I’m also kind of a chubby chaser… which excludes most celebrities. I’ve always had a thing for Anthony Anderson since his Hang Time days though.

  • clevagirl73

    Never saw Denzel as fine either and I remember his St. Elsewhere days when his teeth were NOT on point!

    I love Idris Elba (but then I’m married to a Black British man) but Pooh Hall, not at all. In fact, the stage name Pooh is a major turn-off.

    I never thought Shemar Moore was fine. His pictures at a nudist gay beach didn’t up his fine quotient either.

    Old Maxwell could get it all day. New Maxwell, only when he is singing Old Maxwell songs.

  • chanela

    Yuckkk she a rat to me. honestly,people only like her cause she has blue eyes. eww

  • minna k.

    O.K. Paul walker is NIIICE!! :)

    And consistently so. Hair cut, shave, beard, smile, left angle, right angle, clothed, no clothing.


  • Pseudonym

    [*Googled "Terrence Howard baby wipes Elle mag"]


  • Chic Noir

    @Minnia K,

    Paul Walker is my ubber vanilla Viking :)

  • Alexandra

    Haha this is awesome! I always felt alone in my lack of interest in Idris Elba. I do not see what a lot of women rave about. He’s not worth all the wet panties. I see a lot of men that look like him in NYC all the time. So I guess that’s why he’s no stunner to me. Same with Denzel, it’s mostly cause he’s older but I watched a lot of films of him when he was young and I wasn’t tickled at all. As for Ealy, if it weren’t for his eyes, a lot of women I know wouldn’t find him ‘hot’.

    There’s hardly any celeb men I go crazy over, so I’m always the odd woman out.
    Many famous people are attractive and some aren’t. If not for their status a lot wouldn’t find them hot. Most of the men on that list do look good though; just not worth the gaga in my opinion.

    A lot of girls go nuts for Robert Pattinson (barf), Lil’ Wayne, Drake?

  • Alexandra

    You’re not alone. For some reason I see guys that look like him (or similar) all the time in my city. He’s an average looking guy.
    I do think for some women it’s the accent that makes him attractive. .

  • minna k.

    But the bad news is that I foresee him aging a la Brad Pitt. :(

  • OSHH

    Gay men leave me cold, regardless of their looks/physique

  • OSHH

    I love humility on a handsome guy as well not false modesty but true humility.

  • Thinkofnext

    Wow you are the first to admit you love the chubby beau is chubby and cute :)

    BTW I loved me some Heavy D.

  • Thinkofnext

    I think Pooh Hall is cute but that name for a grown man nah!!

  • OSHH

    Most of this list and quite a few others that have been named do nothing for me. For my reason listed above and a few others.
    Attraction is a strange animal and I disagree with Edub, you can be very much attracted to folk who don’t want you, happens all the time. Difference being most men would still hit LOL

  • Urbantravelbug

    I’m joining the club on this one. I had my crush on Keenan from Keenan & Kel days; but I hated when Keenan was rocking those awful dreads. Ice-Cube is another one and I love me some Heavy D. (RIP) for his dancing skills.

  • Patti

    Being a B-more girl, made the Wire just a detailed saga of my hometown, loved the writing and the acting but, Stringer had smarts and a steely, calculating mindset, that was sexy. Same with Hill Harper, the smarts, the activism are sexier, plus his skin is beautiful. Pooch Hall’s real name must be ridiculous, who would allow anyone to call them a dogs name? Denzel for me it’s his swagger too, I’m just realizing it’s the swag that gets me every time. Good to know since I’m newly single.

  • iQgraphics

    Sorry babe, no link.
    I know because I Know

  • Publicity Chic

    First, let me check you. . QUCK. Chiwetel was in a horrible car accident where his father was KILLED and that is from where he received the “SKIN ISSUES” or SCARS…

    It really messes with me when people are so judgmental of others without FIRST knowing the FACTS.

  • Krysie

    lol. I thought I was the only one.

  • iQgraphics

    You wrong for that
    but HI LAR IOUS

  • au napptural

    I never got the Idris thing either! Michael Ealy…I may be alone but his eyes are what’s messing it up! I can’t stand blue eyes, esp. on black people. Otherwise he’s a nice looking dude. I loves me some Denzel and Hill. As for Maxwell, old/new/ indifferent they all could get it! Twice.

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  • clay

    These comments are hilarious. I would love to see what these women look like.

  • Chic Noir

    Well well well If it ain’t my cousin who decided to make an apperance here.

    Look,I didn’t say the man was a horrible human being. I actually liked him in Dirty Pretty Things and I have a lot of empathy for his losing his dad and getting those scars but I don’t find the man attractive. I’m sure he, Chiwetel, isn’t into women who have scars either.

    First, let me check you
    Who gonna check me Boo?

  • hehe

    Really? Omari hardwick is all types of fine! Especially when he plays a characters with a little bit of “edge” to them.

  • hehe

    @Chic Noir

    I get what your saying and a few months ago I would’ve agreed with you but then I saw him in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and his body is amazing! Also he’s suave which adds to his appeal.

  • DollB

    You can’t stand a physical attribute someone was born with… wow! That’s deep! I mean, the person had no choice in the matter… wow!

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  • Chnyere

    ‘genetically predisposed to make you swoon’
    Hmm, I wonder what the response is when they find (i.e. blk women), that they don’t make most of these men swoon at all. Genetically Predisposed, get out off here smh.

  • wow

    well, Stacia, you’ve convinced me. You’re just a hipster.

    The fact that sexy sexy sexy gorgeous sexy chocolate hunk of a man Idris Elba is even on this list is the signal to me.

    Michael Ealy???? He shouldn’t be on here. DENZEL? Now that is just blasphemous.

    I’m wondering who you DO think is fine and sexy?

    Are they all hipsters?

  • Isis

    I totally agree with The author. None of these men do it for me. They are all attractive but Im not attracted to them

  • Leya R

    I SOOO agree with Idris Elba! My girlfriend LOVES him! but I just don’t see it…*shrugs* His accent is everything, mainly because I wish I had it lol but I really just don’t see it… :/

  • lexdiamonz

    THAT is EXACTLY why I looooveee him… LOL he don’t look hollywood and the ACCENT santo dios!!!! he just got a swagger that makes you want to put it on him … LOL

  • African Mami

    It just came to me like an epiphany, I am in LOVE with the silver haired fox-Anderson Cooper, that brother!!! lawwwwd hammmercy! He was over created by Jah.

  • H

    My friends think Will Smith is amazing. He is okay looking, but that’s about it for me. But I liked everyone on the list except Maxwell. I also think Blair Underwood and Boris Kodjoe are good looking.

  • UK Chick

    Why would u even need to see the women?? That’s NOT the point of the article which prompted these women’s responses and thoughts… This is not a compare and contrast exercise SMH. Negative minds just can’t seem to switch off….

  • UK Chick

    DollB are u being purposely dramatic? It’s a personal opinion, why has it gotta be “deep”? I don’t like lightskinned guys, is that any different? Au napptural I get what ur saying, coloured eyes on a black guy does not do it for me either no ma’am!!

  • L

    @Uk chick

    *I dont like lightskinned skin guys* SO? Are they crying? Why do you feel the need to say this on a public forum?

    I always hear black chics(assuming) like you, spouting this ignorance, then always crying when others spout their ignorance about Black women. Do you think saying this makes you BLACK and PROUD? Shut up! NO one cares.

  • L

    Dont waste your breathe trying to show them(a lot of Black women) whats up.

  • Eri

    I’m just not that into Idris, either. Pooch (is that his real name?) is just meh. But Maxwell, and Denzel of the past, and Michael Ealy (I agree with the author, I seem to like him better when acting than in photos). Loving them, especially Maxwell. Especially Maxwell. Somebody brought up Shemar Moore. I know he’s supposed to be fine, but he looks like he’s just way too aware of that fact to be attractive to me. And I think Boris Kodjoe is fine too, beautiful, in fact, and I don’t get a arrogant or “I’m too cute” vibe from him either, which just makes him all he more attractive.

  • Cute Light-Skinned Girl

    Amazing! I enjoyed reading this article. Waiting for the “hot sisters who leave you cold”.

  • George

    The point please??? as they say “horses for courses”.. You appear to be the true definition of “contrarian”…not unique as you may think you are…just contrary..

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