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Honorable mention: Maxwell 
I’ve gotten into many a dispute about this one. Lovely singing voice, but listening to it doesn’t make me quaver with desire like it does some of my friends–and I’ve seen him live. Now, if you’d talked to me back in 1997, when he looked like


Oh, we’d be having a much, MUCH different conversation. (Back then, D’angelo was my always and forever man, in a battle of the neo-soul hotties, but Maxwell was a close runner up.)

Your turn. Which celebrity crush sends your girls’ flanks up in flames, while you’re standing aside, like, “Y’all can have him?”
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  • Eri

    I’m just not that into Idris, either. Pooch (is that his real name?) is just meh. But Maxwell, and Denzel of the past, and Michael Ealy (I agree with the author, I seem to like him better when acting than in photos). Loving them, especially Maxwell. Especially Maxwell. Somebody brought up Shemar Moore. I know he’s supposed to be fine, but he looks like he’s just way too aware of that fact to be attractive to me. And I think Boris Kodjoe is fine too, beautiful, in fact, and I don’t get a arrogant or “I’m too cute” vibe from him either, which just makes him all he more attractive.

  • Cute Light-Skinned Girl

    Amazing! I enjoyed reading this article. Waiting for the “hot sisters who leave you cold”.

  • George

    The point please??? as they say “horses for courses”.. You appear to be the true definition of “contrarian”…not unique as you may think you are…just contrary..

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