No one likes to be the odd woman out, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Your moment may come when your friends want to go retro and do a roller rink outing, and you never learned to skate. It might be on the eve of a new Jill Scott album’s release; everyone you know is beside themselves with anticipation, so you don’t mention you were over her two albums ago. Your coworkers decide on a working lunch at a steakhouse; you’re vegan.

Point is: it happens. There’s no accounting for taste, and sometimes yours run contrary to those of everyone else you know.

In my case, my odd-woman-out moments often center around my lack of excitement about popular black celebrity crushes. You’d be amazed at the flak I catch for not finding certain actors and singers attractive.

Ever been there? If so, you’re familiar with the widened eyes, dramatic gasps, and sidelong glances you get when you confess that you’re not feeling a dude who, according to your friends, is genetically predisposed to make you swoon.

Here are my picks:

  • African Mami

    You must be on that kray Kanye be smoking to think it is a-okay to show us his thong in public when you are talking about the god, IDRIS ELBA!

    I will drop it low, open wide for this man! without protection so as to fall pregnant and have his dem baby hopefully twins.

    Listen this new coffee that I got at Dunkiiiin has me up at 4:05 in the morn, talking shiiid. Gotdamn…I’m supposed to be sleeping. It’s called ICED COFFEE with a short of french vanilla. I think that chic spiked ma drank with some unsleep pills.

  • tisme

    I agree on ALL those men.I don’t find ANY of them attractive either.

    But I don’t find most celebrity men attractive anyway.The most attractive and good looking men I’ve ever seen have been men who weren’t on television.
    Men who’s names I don’t know.I just saw them walking somewhere,or driving in the next lane,or sometimes a random male model that I saw in a magazine.
    Then there have been men in movies who played extras or were just men walking by on the screen they didn’t really have a role.

    It’s always the nameless random guy that I find most attractive and I get mad sometimes because I never get to meet them or find out who they are as I’m only seeing them in passing.

  • LemonnLime

    I wasn’t an Idris fan and then I heard him speak… good Lord that accent is hella sexy. Since then I’ve been a fan. Michael Ealy beautiful, yes I wanna just swim in those blue green eyes! And I get the Maxwell thing. Give me 90s Maxwell in a heartbeat.

  • overseas_honeybee

    Yep … body is crazy too.

  • C

    I agree….except for Denzel and Michael Ealy.

    I must say I cannot understand the Idris craze, at all.

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