No one likes to be the odd woman out, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Your moment may come when your friends want to go retro and do a roller rink outing, and you never learned to skate. It might be on the eve of a new Jill Scott album’s release; everyone you know is beside themselves with anticipation, so you don’t mention you were over her two albums ago. Your coworkers decide on a working lunch at a steakhouse; you’re vegan.

Point is: it happens. There’s no accounting for taste, and sometimes yours run contrary to those of everyone else you know.

In my case, my odd-woman-out moments often center around my lack of excitement about popular black celebrity crushes. You’d be amazed at the flak I catch for not finding certain actors and singers attractive.

Ever been there? If so, you’re familiar with the widened eyes, dramatic gasps, and sidelong glances you get when you confess that you’re not feeling a dude who, according to your friends, is genetically predisposed to make you swoon.

Here are my picks:

  • chanela

    I know exactly what you mean! celebrity men may LOOK attractive but they usually have shitty personalities in real life.they’re sluts to the max and have the ego of kanye west, they’re just better at hiding it. i don’t really care for looks. men have to be a good person and not looking to sex every woman he lays eyes on for me to find him attractive…if he has that then looking good is just a bonus :) Plus the “regular” men don’t have crowds of women after them and trying to do anything to pregnant by them.i dont want a man that every woman is crushing on…it’s awkward

  • chanela

    it’s funny cause with men i never understood the obsession with celebrity women like jessica alba,adriana lima,kate upton,and eva mendes. i thought as a woman i’d be able to get celebrity male crushes but…NOPE! i really don’t get the craze with idris elba, i truely don’t. i have never been so puzzled in my life tilli came on clutch and saw how wild these chicks go for him.hes a great actor but…nahh lol

  • Shirl

    OMG…I’ve never understood the Idris Elba craze. I mean he’s not Shrek but (to me) he definetly “ain’t all that”. I however take exception with my boo, the love of my life, the man that should’ve been the father of my children Mr. Denzel Washington (forgive me Ms. Paula). He is perfection. His parents deserve a boquet of roses and a thank you card. Now I’ve gotten myself all worked up and have to take a cold shower :-). I think Maxwell is sexy as heck but something tells me he’s kinda short. I totally agre with you about Dangelo back in the day. I watched the “how does it feel” video the other day, got light headed and had to sit down…my,my,my

  • minna k.

    That is pretty much all of them. : /

  • minna k.

    I knew you weren’t far behind. :P

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