No one likes to be the odd woman out, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Your moment may come when your friends want to go retro and do a roller rink outing, and you never learned to skate. It might be on the eve of a new Jill Scott album’s release; everyone you know is beside themselves with anticipation, so you don’t mention you were over her two albums ago. Your coworkers decide on a working lunch at a steakhouse; you’re vegan.

Point is: it happens. There’s no accounting for taste, and sometimes yours run contrary to those of everyone else you know.

In my case, my odd-woman-out moments often center around my lack of excitement about popular black celebrity crushes. You’d be amazed at the flak I catch for not finding certain actors and singers attractive.

Ever been there? If so, you’re familiar with the widened eyes, dramatic gasps, and sidelong glances you get when you confess that you’re not feeling a dude who, according to your friends, is genetically predisposed to make you swoon.

Here are my picks:

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  • namethatgirl

    Ha! Everyone has their preferences. The article’s title was kind of misleading though. I thought it was a different kind of article.

  • minna k.

    1. You are so wrong for this. :P You found the MOST unflattering photos of these men to help you make your point.

    2. What did they do to Hill Harper’s nose in that photo? Lesson; sometimes “flaws” are not mistakes, and serve a greater aesthetic purpose.

    3. I was ROTFL when I hit the Denzel button.

    4. I think Michael Ealy is very handsome, but he was so good in Four Colored Girls that I am frightened of him.

    5. I will NEVER get Idris Elba.

  • Ebony82

    All of the men are gorgeous and I’ve had crushes on them from one time to another. Denzel takes the cake, though.

  • Tami

    Denzel is not handsome to me but the man has major swag. Michael Ealy is a definite cutie pie. Idris is handsome. I loved the 90s Maxwell too…

  • MsQuita

    I totally agree about Hill Harper, he is SO handsome but after listening to him talk, I wonder if he is happy about anything. As far as Pooch Hall….. I can’t get past his name, lol. I adore Michael Ealy and Idris Elba!!!! Soooo the guy at the top of my “cold” list is Shemar Moore. I hate his teeth and for some reason he just rubs me the wrong way.