In a few short years, reality TV and its most infamous stars have taken over pop culture. And while positive, inspiring shows like The Biggest Loser and The Amazing Race beam into millions of homes each week, the shows that seem to get people talking the most are those rife with drama. From Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise to VHI’s Basketball Wives, fans seem to both love and loath the petty beefs of some of the most outspoken ladies on TV. But with so many watching, discussing, and dissecting their every move have these ladies become our new role models?

When I first saw Vibe magazine’s latest cover crowning Kandi Burrus, Evelyn Lozada, Chrissy Lampkin, and Tamar Braxton our new “roles models” I quietly whispered, “WTF?”

Were they serious or were they simply using this group of obvious non-role models to sell magazines?

Bonsu Thompson of Vibe wonders:

“Reality television’s vengeful, ’bow-throwing drama queens get paid to ante up, catfight and go dumb for a living. They’re also funny, thoughtful mothers, sisters and self-made businesswomen who’ve spun our thirsts for theater into bankable fame. Can they live?”

While Thompson goes on to highlight the ladies’ problematic behavior—bottle throwing, cursing, fighting, and rampant bad behavior—he gives them the benefit of the doubt and delves under the surface to find out what makes them tick. What we read is a host of contradictions that keep these women in the public eye.

When asked what they thought about Star Jones’ criticism of the how the women act on air, they had a few harsh words for their fellow TV star: Mind your business.

VIBE: Star Jones started a petition, lashing out against women and violence on reality TV. What’s your reaction?

Evelyn: [Bursts into laughter] I think she’s going to have to get a whole lot of names. Actually, I like the petition and I like the controversy because I’ve learned controversy is good. But I think she’s irrelevant. And she’s using our coattails to get relevant again. Nobody gives a fuck about her.

Chrissy: Whatever Star Jones is feeling is a little deeper than what she sees. I think she has her own issues.

Kandi: She may not be violent, but I’m sure she goes off on people in her day-to-day. I just don’t think it’s fair to block somebody from getting money.


  • iQgraphics

    Why did you quietly whisper “WTF”

    That should be shouted off a rooftop

    “what in the low-expectation fcuk is this??”

  • slim

    this can’t be life.


    yes! That’s exactly what I was thinking too!

  • Isis

    Kandi can be a role model. She has done very well for herself

  • Laugh

    Well I’m glad to say I only know 2 of these people Kandi and Tamar. And out of all the riff raff on reality tv they are 2 of the most positive ones, which is not saying much at all. Tamar is obnoxious but a talented singer and smart girl behind the attitude. Kandi seems like the biggest freak with her sex business and Kandi nights but at least she takes care of herself and saves her money. But as far as being role models, Lord help us! I don’t watch this trash anymore it’s just wrong in sooo many ways and if I had a daughter there is no way on Earth she would be allowed to watch any of this! I admit I do watch the Braxtons they are talented women with serious husband issues but you neve see them jumping on tables or fist fighting. I also enjoy Tia & Tamara now those are some well rounded beautiful women. The other reality shows need to get off the air STAT! You don’t have to act like wild beast to be entertaining!

  • For sure

    Kandi is the only one that should be on this cover. Vibe get your ish together.

  • Britni Danielle


    I was out in public. ;)

    ~britni d.

  • Sasha

    They don’t disgrace Black women, they disgrace themselves, their children and the people who I’m sure raised them to do better….or I guess not since they act like barnyard animals. I’m speaking exclusively to Chrissy and Evelyn, I don’t particularly mind Kandi and I’ve never watched the Braxton show. Ladies you can’t take that weave, pseudo-fame and Loubotins so enjoy them now because there’s a special spot in hell for you where you won’t have supercificial things to comfort you during your eternity in the Underworld!

  • Tiffany

    So since Vibe clearly uses the Urban dictionary to define role model(or this is a cruel irony)….let’s see what Dictionary dot com has to say, shall we?

    role model: n. A person regarded by others, especially young people, as a good example to follow.

    Now….which one of these ladies are good examples to follow? And Kandi post-Xscape isn’t it…unless you envision your neice selling beatboxing dildos.

  • Natalie B.

    Ish like this is why I refused to purchase a Vibe magazine.

    Role models, really? As if women of color, and black women especially, didn’t have to deal with sterotypes and intra-community strife, now we have to deal with the assumption that we should want to live and act like these women.


    These women might be getting paid, but it’s the rest of us that are paying the price.

    Please somebody make it stop.

  • apple

    kandi is okay to be here, she was in top selling group, she writes successful music and can live off the royalities of it and she started her own successful business.. now tamara is a failure, sorry she is, you will never be toni,evelyn is a 2 dollar hoe and chrissy is a thirsty b*tch who had to beg a n*gga for a ring..sorry bye now

  • Sasha

    I think you summed it up pretty nicely. I don’t know who disgusts me more- Chrissy or Evelyn. Upon further thinking it would have to be Chrissy. She strikes me as such a sad, empty human being.

  • LN

    So basically it’s ok to be violent as long as you’re getting money? Kandi and all these ladies are in complete denial. While I can appreciate Kandi’s success, she’s still part of the foolishness that is RHOA. Evelyn needs to be confined in a facility and Chrissy needs some positive mentoring. Tamar definitely needs a reality check and some prayer.

  • iQgraphics

    oh apple,
    how rude

    but true ;)
    Kandi has more than the 1 successful business we know about, she is still ghost writing, still owns that boutique… etc. She’s not perfect, but shes a gawd damn hustler. Chrissy and Ev have chemical imbalances. Both bullies, washed up…old tired hoes. Yeah, I said it. That’s what they chose to project, so that’s what it is. Tamar has delusions of grandeur.

  • Alicia

    “I just don’t think it’s fair to block somebody from getting money.”

    This is the problem. People are WAY TOO willing to throw away every ounce of self-respect, restraint, and decency they have to make a damn dollar. It’s sad.

  • Nikesha

    VIBE is straight wrong for this. While Evelyn and Chrissy are the most violent and Tamar and Kandi may be the best of the worst role models featured VIBE should not promote any of them as role models because as reality tv stars none of what they promote is actually real.

    these women as “real” as they are, are caricatures of themselves and although they do should not have such power to influence young and impressionable minds through subconscious.

    the difference between ricki lake and jerry springer and sally and all the “reality (talk) shows” of yore is that it was evident some of the guests were paid and programmed to get on tv and act a fool, not get on tv and live out an exaggerated version of their real lives.

    the line is too blurry and role models these women are not. they’re barely entertaining.

    people tune in because they just can’t not tune it.

    these women are trainwrecks in every since of the word and metaphor

  • Rae

    +1 Yessssss. My thoughts exactly. In reality, it’s all a game of numbers..I guess the publishers felt they they could sell a few more issues by labeling them role models on the cover. Folks don’t give into the hype..

  • Yb

    We are doomed.

  • Rae

    +1 Yessssss. My thoughts exactly. In reality, it’s all a game of numbers..I guess the publishers felt they they could sell a few more issues by labeling them role models on the cover. Folks don’t give into the hype…..

  • iQgraphics

    I think the word you are looking for is “Morals”

    “Huh?”, said Chrissy, “Is that bicth trying to get at my Jimmy?”
    “Oh, who does he play for?”, asked Ev
    “Boom-bap-pow” added Tamar

  • kathryn

    Vibe is clearly confused about the definition of role model. Seriously they should be completely embarrassed for including Evelyn “Thug In a BodyCon Dress” Lozada as a role model.

    If young black women need role models they should be looking to women like Michelle Obama, Condaleeza Rice, Tamaron Hall or Valerie Jarrett. Obviously, Vibe couldn’t get any one well-respected to be associated with their magazine, but this is still unfortunate.

    I am left wondering why Marlo Hampton wasn’t included, she fits right in with the sort of embarrassing behavior VIBE wants to promote.

  • overseas_honeybee

    No ma’am. Role models my azz.! Vibe has gone straight trash and I refuse to buy into this foolishness. I think it happened right around the time they “slimmed down” the magazine itself (An issue of Vibe used to take up the whole mailbox back in the day). Just ain’t the same.

  • African Mami

    This is that new new sorority that will start taking hold across campuses, called the
    Hoodrat Snatch A Weave, Talk Ebonglish, Sorority!

  • chanela

    It is so sad how no matter what horrible things you’re doing, as long as you’re getting paid then it’s okay. i hear people saying this a lot lately and it depresses me. someone the other day said “i can’t stand how nicki minaj is trying so hard to be in touch with those two little girls. they shouldn’t even be listening to her songs! but oh well the girl is gettin paid!” is that all that matters now? so are sex traffic groups fine and dandy to force young girls to prostitute themselves as long as they’re “makin that paper”? these old enough to know better women with kids should be ashamed of their behavior…but no. they’re making money so nothing is wrong with it and we’re just hatijng. sm

  • kidole

    Speaking of irrelevancy, you’re on the cover of VIBE magazine!!! I wonder if Evelyn knows how many accolades and accomplishments Star has under her belt? I wonder if Evelyn can even spell a-c-c-o-l-a-d-e-s?

  • iQgraphics

    Huh, what… oh, you must have meant Escalade.

  • binks

    Who still takes Vibe seriously? To be honest I don’t know too many people if any that reads Vibe. But if this is the best they can do then wow have we fallen, I wish people would stop murdering the term “role model” though because these women are pure fools but at the end of the day who is the fool… them for acting a fool and doing anything to be relevant on TV or the people who watch them and continue to make them relevant through support…shrugs.

  • African Mami

    @ iQgraphics,

    I’m right there with you hun!

  • African Mami

    I don’t know if these women realize that Vibe magazine is one of the most hoodrat publications out there. I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t even put it on my resume for fear of potential employers discriminating on my talents based off of that magazine.

  • los angelista

    “I just don’t think it’s fair to block somebody from getting money.”

    There you go. That’s all they care about. They’re not thinking about us, our sisters, nieces, cousins, daughters–or how the rest of the world that watches this foolishness perceives us. And Evelyn needs to go sit down somewhere. These days being on the cover of VIBE is one step up from being on the cover of KING. She’s not on the front of Time, Newsweek, The Atlantic, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, Vogue, or even Cosmo–and I’d bet half of the people who’ve been on a VIBE cover are has-beens now. Her 15-minutes are almost up.

  • African Mami



    *DEAD* I’ll meet you in heaven!

  • Priceless34

    Foolisness at it’s best.
    In no way are these chicks role modeling.
    Is this what our little girls have to look up too?

  • ko

    I understand there is a void in television for young, attractive black women. Think about it. Young black girls/women–ages 15 to 25 or so–have never had a version of “The Hills” or “Laguna Beach.” They don’t want to be the best friend or the sassy side character. They want to see someone who speaks and dresses like them is a leading role. I get that. But why must we degrade ourselves to be in the spotlight?

  • getmelolly

    I can’t hate on Tamar, I have a soft spot for her craziness.She is truely harmless!

    As for the rest….

    ESPECIALLY EVELYN… Larwd have his mercies! I think she is a very emotionally damaged individual and needs to get some help to manage her emotion in a more mature fashion. She is a prime example of someone who has not dealt with their inner demons. No well balanced individual should rationalise situations like she does.

    KANDI… To be honest she is the only DHW I can respect.

    And the other one…. well I don’t watch her show so I can’t really comment.

  • kidole


  • Chic Noir

    This is sad, so very sad esp for young blk women who are teenagers and don’t have anyone to guide them to healthier role models.

    Thank God my mom and older sisters were there to guide me with women like Dominique Dawes, Brandy, Tomiko Fraiser,Tyra,Lena Horne, Diana Ross, and Iman.

  • Chic Noir

    cosign ko.

  • T. AKA Ricky Raw

    Forget the role model discussions about the quality of the story, I’m just shocked they still print Vibe magazine. I haven’t seen it in years, not at the barbershop, not at my friends’ houses, not on the stands, nowhere. I’m truly shocked.

  • T. AKA Ricky Raw

    It could have been worse. At least they didn’t put that chick Tami from the old Real World on. She’s on the current basketball wives, right?

  • Chic Noir

    This is the problem. People are WAY TOO willing to throw away every ounce of self-respect, restraint, and decency they have to make a damn dollar. It’s sad.

    Anything for a dollar. A dollar that most of them won’t have for long cause they are running to Barneys to spend it 100 paris of “red bottom” shoes, tacky logo LV bags and expensive cars.

  • Chic Noir


    *chic noir goes to to order casket*

  • edub

    lol@ barnyard animal!

  • Dalili

    There had to be implied sarcasm in this article, there just had to be. That or it was done to achieve high sales for Vibe. I wouldn’t consider anyone one of them a role model, including Kandi. Just because she is a savvy business woman doesn’t automatically make her a role model.

  • Crumpalina

    There are a lot of beautiful witty and successful black women in the world. Why choose this lot of fools? (although I do love tamar and kandi, just not as role models) I really loved Rev Runs wife (Justine, right?) and I thought his girls were spoiled but funny and sweet. I mean I would even take Tyra over these girls.

  • daphne

    Exactly! That’s why I hate that whole relevant thing. When in the hell did blowing clowns and throwing bottles make anyone relevant?

  • Anon

    I think that is the ONLY reason these shows have lasted. I frequently get asked (and have to shut folks down) about why I don’t watch any of this nonsense, and the most common and defensive answer is “Well what else is on for me to watch?”. Because a good number KNOW this is some absolute ratchet mess, but are willing to take just about anything for entertainment that looks like them.

    Notice, no one is fighting for overweight middle aged black women to stay on T.V. That’s the main stereotype. I’ll give out one compliment only, they are all pretty fit.

  • Keep it Real

    Why are you all complaining when this is is the exact same behavior you’ve seen your girlfriend or female relative act out in public in the hood, at school, at the supermarket, the department store, on public transportation, at work ect, ect ect. What is the reaction of the black women who are with her when she goes off? hehehe or they are acting just as much a fool. It’s now a problem because your dirty laundry is being aired publicly? Until I see these women friends and relatives stepping in and diffusing the situation calming their home girl down, I say keep the mirror up.

    I know it’s not the majority of black women but it’s a solid 20% which is far too many to ignore and say that you’ve never seen or don’t know any black women who act like that. As with all, there is truth in the Sapphire sterotype.

  • Amber

    That’s not the issue. Everybody knows a black woman that acts like this. And yes it is a problem when it’s being aired publicly. It’s especially an issue when the dirty laundry gets more press than the clean laundry (to stretch the metaphor). Particularly for BBW, much of the drama is fabricated for ratings and the profit motive wins against pride and dignity. The REAL issue is that VIBE magazine had the nerve to call these women “Role Models”. Um, no thanks. Perhaps Kandi fits that mold in some ways but Evelyn and Chrissy? If we were talking about Evelyn the entrepreneur, maybe. But Evelyn the BULLY gets no love from me.

  • C

    People are really surprised!

    These women are the other side of C-rap and hip hop culture. These are the people elected to keep that debased culture going.

    Without rap and hip hop in the form it has taken on for decades, these women wouldnt exist. Everyone accepted that soul and a people killing culture and so called music and they are the result, and now everyone wants to complain.

    of course they are popular. Like rap and hip hop, these women would have been history already….if it wasnt for Black women; Black women are propping them up…and then complain.

  • C

    Also watch BLACK WOMEN be blamed in the long run for the ill effects of rap and hip hop culture on the Black community.Watch people(especially Black men).

  • thinkpink

    @ keep it real I think you are missing the point. Every culture/gender has dirty laundry to be aired. And I’ll be fair most reality t.v. will showcase the worst side of an individual to get rating regardless of race. However other (white) people get to be multifaceted. So yes they can act a fool on the bachelor, bad girls club, the osbornes, keeping up with the kardashians etc. but they also have tons of other shows, movies and magazines to showcase them as students, scholars, loving parents…etc. Black People…Women in particular don’t get this same chance. The negativity is aired with no positivity to contrast it with. Now maybe I’m the exception but I honestly don’t believe the stuff aired on this show represents most of us. I don’t have time to argue over foolishness because I dont have that kind of time on my hands. In real life most of us don’t have time to jump over tables because we have careers to build, degrees to get and children/families to take care of. I believe most of us aren’t mad over the content of the show. Rather we are upset because no matter how many things we achieve the media will cherrypick the most negative representation of us and put that ish on replay for the world to see without showcasing positive aspects of our lives as well.

  • Yb

    Right………and black men are perfect angels. Funny how you never have any crictism for your boys.

    If there is truth in the Sapphire stereotype and I wrong to say there is truth in the black brute and savage rapist stereotype?

  • Jenni C

    People are attracted to the drama, not these women in particular. Any black woman can get on TV and act a fool and bam, just like that your on the cover of a magazine. I like Kandi, and she doesn’t act a fool so I can respect her, but those other women need to grow up. Chrissy and Ev are just here for the today, they know that they are not people that have talent to last forever, they are defensive, and have no idea how to properly express themselves. I think one thing that we need to teach young women is how to respectfully disagree with each other. No one is going to tell you that your are right 100% of the time, and that is just fine. That is life. I would never say these women are role models, What ever happened to Michelle Obama being a role model? These women have found a way to make quick money and it works for them, but you will never read about these women in a history book, and when the cameras stop rolling they will be gone.

  • apple

    Totally forgot about her boutique! All I remember is the DILDOs .. All caps DILDOS ^_^

  • Pat


  • Keep it Real

    You all are missing my point. How can you be insulted and protest these women on a reality show when you’re girlfriend, sister, cousin or mamma is QUICK to do the exact same thing over petty minor disagreements in real life? Again, it’s not the majority but 20% of black women going off just can’t be ignored, dismissed, hidden and not spoken about..

  • Jinx Moneypenny

    Really? Kandi the only one that belongs on that cover, the rest of them need to kick rocks.

    Who wants their kids to look up to reality stars who don’t know how to be quiet sometimes or reason their way through problems?

    Get Vibe outta here. Perpetuating money hunger and greed like it’s cute.

  • Insight

    @ keep it real — uuhhh…. no I don’t think you get the point. Amber and thinkpink nailed it on the head.

  • kay

    don’t worry people, karma comes back around. all of these messy individuals on television and in the rap industry will regret their ways and how they’ve affected the youth over the years, all in the interest of “gettin paid.”

  • kay

    I’m surprised they even bother putting words in that magazine. They should just have pictures and a coloring box (pack of crayons on the back)

  • Keep it Real

    Sorry, I didn’t finish my point. Until black women start demanding the same from the women in their little circle and at least trying to calm down black women acting irrationally in public. How can you be insulted and make demands on these women? My guess is that you’re just as insulted but afraid you’ll get a tongue lashing or a beast down if you said something to many of those black women behaving irrationally in public (with her girls jumping in).

    Are we going to be honest and frank or play make believe?

  • kay

    keep it real assuming you’re a black male… why can’t you and your brothers do the same when it comes to rap music and hip hop? are you in the streets telling your brothers to stop acting like the thugs in hip hop industry, glorifying drugs and violence, fighting and acting a fool?

  • Chic Noir

    You know the angry blk woman meme is real. Shows like this are only adding fuel to the fire. It’s so bad now, that some idiot of a journalist has taken four of the most high profile blk women(Oprah,Gail, Michelle Obama, Valerie Jarett) in this country and made them into angry Black women.

    When I read this, it made me so angry I got heartburn.

  • H

    These women, rappers, and black entertainers are the modern day version of the African people who sold black people off during the slave trade.

    They don’t care about the black community. All they care about is making money. They’ll sell out in any and every way to get it. Look at rappers. They rap against snitching and encourage the violence that is ripping black neighborhoods apart. Do they care? No. They could stop the nonsense by calling this idiocy out for what it is. Do they try to portray the black women in their videos as anything other than oversexed? All they care about is money. But black people continue to go out and support their ignorance!

    Asian women are stereotypically portrayed as feminine, cute, and girly. White women are usually portrayed as feminine and girl next door. Fir some reason black women constantly love to embrace our negative stereotypes of being angry, masculine, and oversexed. I just don’t understand. Michelle Obama was called an angry black woman b/c that is the only view white people have of black women. How is she angry??? Think of all the black women on TV. How many of them are fit, beautiful, feminine and don’t speak in Ebonics? If you are worried about image, you should think about these things. Compare a hip hop music video to a pop music video. In the pop video, the girls are acting sexy yes, but in the hip hop video the girls are grinding on the floor in a thong. You can be a feminist and act like a lady and be feminine. If you don’t need a man, fine. That doesn’t mean you have to act like one.

    Wake up black women! When the majority of women on TV with the same skin color as you are fat, loud, ghetto, or oversexed, it’s not something we should be proud of. Some black women are proud to see any black woman on TV. I would rather not see them if they’re going to be trashy.

    I remember when all girls dreamed of being a lady. Now they want to grow up and be trash.

  • Rae

    I remember reading that last week…Totally had the same reaction. Wow…

  • ms_micia

    lets not give this or the respect as of this is something to take seriously. they don’t represent me and vibe has been non existent on my coffee table for many a moon.

  • thinkpink

    Again @keepitreal I think you are dismissing logic because you want to make a point. Why do you advocate focusing on a few bad apples as an excuse to ignore the other 80 percent who aren’t acting a fool? So you’re trying to say that black women who show out in public aren’t being spoken about? Real Housewives of Atlanta, Basketball Wives, The Bad Girls Club, Mob Wives. All of these shows indicate that the 20 percent you speak of are the star of the show. They’re on the main stage front and center. They are not hidden. Again read that list and tell me what I’m missing. I’m not insulted by Basketball Wives to be honest I think it has its place. The point I’m trying to make is that other shows showcasing african americans in a positive light have a place too but they are nowhere to be found.

    If i’m to go by your logic then all good should be ignored to focus on the bad. Because that’s what the real issue is here. Honesty and frankness goes more than one way. Honesty is acknowledging an individuals faults but also praising their light. And if you want to get really honest Black Women and men are multifaceted. Thats the honesty that America can’t handle and that many of us cant handle. Black Women and men cant be placed in a box. Thats exactly what these shows attempt to do. And as a super smart nerdy women I can tell you that individuals like you often see stereotypes everywhere because you unknowingly brush off other african americans that dont fit inside a box or category. It has been done to me a million times. I work hard, have a passion for public policy reform, love to get my run on and surround myself with women who dont engage in foolishness of any kind. We are frequently looked over or ignored by men because they don’t know what to do with black women that don’t fit into stereotypical boxes. I literally dated a guy who flat out said ” I don’t know what to do with you”. He had a check list of how a black woman should act but me not fitting that box rocked his world and he ran. Couldn’t handle it. I have heard this from many black men who’ve told me similar things in confidence

  • thinkpink

    Something is definitely in the air. Divide and Conquer is operating at maximum levels. First separate black men and women from each other. Next convince black men to be suspicious and distrustful of other black men. Next get black women to distrust each other…I’m curious to know what the true motives are behind this cycle.

  •!/clnmike Tonton Michel

    “I just don’t think it’s fair to block somebody from getting money.”

    I know some drug dealers and pimps who say the exact same thing……

  • overseas_honeybee

    Lol !!! That’s real talk :)

  • Pseudonym

    Ummmm…do you check your girlfriend, sister, cousin or mamma who apparently acts like these women? I don’t have a girlfriend, sister, cousin, or mamma who acts this way, to keep it real with you.

  • Sparkle

    People still read Vibe?

  • Angie

    I’m with thinkpink on this one. I do not have one girlfriend/sister/cousin who carries on in public as Keep it Real suggests. I wouldn’t even surround myself with those types of women because I do not behave that way myself. The point that I think alot of us are making is that it would be nice to see some shows that portray a wider array of Black women. Not just the role-the-neck, get-in-your-face type. Sure, let them have their little reality shows, but gives us a little variety as well. Additionally, I can’t police and control how other grown women behave. If I see some woman wildin out at a store or wherever, I will be leaving. I have small children and will not have them subjected to someone’s violent outburst nor will I subject myself to violence. Let the authorities handle those clowns

  • Angie

    Right, Tonton! As long as it makes money, get out of the way. Forget morals, integrity and principles. Can we say selling one’s soul to the devil….

  • Nadell

    Satire, right? There is no way in Hades!!! I do see the good qualities in these women but they never allow that aspect of them to shine — rather they put the good on the backburner and act out for ratings…

  • Tami

    I enjoy watching reality TV…but to consider these women role models!!!! What! Now, that’s just crazy…A young lady can learn a lot from Kandi…But the others? I cannot believe people would consider them role models…Get out of here!!!!

  • Sparkle

    Remember when VIbe used to be a music magazine? They are really reaching with this cover…

  • hu

    baldwin hills?


    There are some things to learn from these women, from a branding perspective.

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