After nearly three days of deliberation, a Chicago jury found William Balfour, former brother-in-law of Jennifer Hudson, guilty of First Degree murder stemming from the slayings of the singer’s mother, brother, and nephew.

Hudson took the witness stand in the trial, testifying that her family warned her sister Julia against marrying Balfour.

“I would tell her over and over again not to marry William,” Hudson told the court during her emotional testimony.

Hudson’s sister married Balfour anyway, but after the couple split up and Julia began seeing someone else, Hudson’s family claims Balfour became enraged.

During the trial, the defense argued that the case against Balfour was circumstantial and pointed out his DNA and fingerprints were not found at the scene. Defense attorneys also alleged that Hudson’s brother was a drug dealer and that his shady ties were to blame for the family’s death.

Still, after much debate that nearly left them deadlocked, the jury returned a guilty verdict and Balfour faces life in prison.

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  • African Mami

    YYYYYYYYYYESSSS!!!!!! He should be tortured!!!!!!

  • Whatever

    “Defense attorneys also alleged that Hudson’s brother was a drug dealer and that his shady ties were to blame for the family’s death.”

    This is exactly what I think happened. I think this idiot knows exactly who was responsible …since he clearly isn’t “snitching” i’m glad he’s going down for it.

  • tisme

    this whole case was odd.I never take up for criminals no matter what race but I can’t help but to wonder if they got the right person.

    They lived in what I heard from people who live in Chicago to be a rough area.
    There was also talk about Jennifer’s brother being involved in criminal activity.Don’t know how true that is but I wonder.

    I just hope they got the right person and that justice is served for the family.

  •!/clnmike Tonton Michel

    I hope the former wife is seeking therapy, this must be a heavy burden for her to carry.

  • Frances

    Life in prison without parole is better in my opinion than execution. Once executed he is relieved of all pain. Life behind bars will make him suffer every day for the rest of his miserable life. Yeah, keep him alive and make him suffer.

    • Tami

      I believe life in prison is a good punishment…To take his life would be too simple. He doesn’t get the chance to suffer…He’s not here anymore to go through physical & mental hell…