Despite the overwhelming number of places folks can score birth control, apparently 33-year-old Desmond Hatchet never heard of prophylactics. The Tennessee man made news, again, when he took to the airwaves begging for a handout to help him take care of his 30 children—four of whom were born in the same year.

I am hoping against hope that Hatchet is playing us all, but I don’t know any sane person who’d get on TV and admit to being a serial impregnator with a minimum wage job. So much for that welfare queen myth, Hatchett is a real-life Lothario indiscriminately sowing his oats to the nearest woman. But the state ain’t having it.

After being dragged into court 11 times and spending some time in jail for not making his child support payments back in 2009 (when he had 21 kids), Hatchett is apparently still at it, adding 9 more children to bring his total to 30.

Back in 2009 Tennessee’s WVLT reported:

On Friday, his name appeared on the docket 11 times; Representing about 15 of his 21 children.

“Can you keep up with it all?” WVLT asked Hatchett.

“Yeah,” he said.

“You know all their names, and ages and birthdays?”


Hatchett’s name is pretty controversial at the old courthouse.

“The children can’t be supported all by Desmond, so the state of Tennessee has had to step in,” Hatchett’s attorney Keith Pope said. 

It’s your tax dollars at work.

WVLT spoke with one mom who has two children with Hatchett.

She is supposed to get $67.50 a month. But many times, she gets a lot less than what she’s owed.

They all do.

“It’ll make it through half the month,” the unidentified mom said.

She told Volunteer TV, Hatchett is the father of her two sons. And she says her 4-year-old is expensive enough on his own. “He’s a heavy milk drinker. And milk is not cheap,” she said.

“It’s frustrating, but usually, when I ask he give it to me,” she continued.

For what it’s worth, Hatchett says he’s done having kids (then again, he said the same thing three years ago)—his current clan ranges from toddler to tweens. And despite his claim that he knows all of them, I doubt all of his children feel like they have a present father in their lives.

Although extreme, Hatchett and men like him serve as a reminder for women to be more discerning about who they sleep with and to always, always, pack their own birth control.

  • Toni

    Gross! I believe that all kids should be provided for but I DO NOT feel sorry for any woman that laid up with him, if they knew that he had all of these kids. Sounds like a case of the “I am better than his last chick and he loves me so he won’t do me like that”. SMH

  • I got sense!

    EXACTLY! Even if they didn’t know it would have been easy to find out. A lot of women don’t do any digging when they first meet someone. They let the guy tell them what he wants them to know and they believe it. Fools, every last one of them.

  • Sasha

    This is so disgusting. All these women who slept with him need to run to their nearest clinic and take a battery of STD/ STI tests along with HIV/ AIDS. Ugh men like him make me sick and the mothers of his children are morons.

  • Toppin

    This right here is why I say welfare etc needs to go. The state needs to STOP stepping into this picture and just let the ship sink. And I don’t want to hear that ish about “It ain’t the kids fault…don’t punish them.” They are causalities in this war on ratchet behavior like that of this man. Something needs to be done about this ish.

  • tisme

    yes wrap it up but I just don’t see why any woman would have sex with a man with 30 kids even if it was protected.He’s the type I wouldn’t say hi or bye to.

    If I were any of those women I’d move far away and start my life over without him.It’s not like he’d notice or care that the woman and kids are gone.I would move away,get a name change,go to counseling,get a better job,go to school and pretend it was all just a nightmare.If I were one of them I wouldn’t have even introduced my kid to him if I had found out beforehand.

    oh,well.They probably end up on Maury or some horrid reality show trying to get that tv money.

  • Crunktastic

    So interesting to me that this portrait of a clearly inept Black father has inevitably circled back around (in the comments section) to an attack on Black mothers. He’s the only one that knows how many children he’s fathered with how many women, and our critique should remain focused on him. Yes, the women in his orbit might have made better relationship choices, but a failure to do so doesn’t make them morons, nor does it mean that they don’t deserve assistance or compassion. To make this about Black women’s poor choices is to suggest that he wouldn’t have had all these kids if Black women simply wouldn’t sleep with him. And that means that even though these mamas are clearly taking responsibility for their actions and advocating for the resources their children deserve, prior commenters have ultimately made them accountable for this whack-ass dudes’ ridiculousness. I reject Black woman-blaming on its face and I hope these mamas get the help they need.

  • tisme

    I agree Toppin.I feel bad for the kids.They are casualties but it is what it is.I say he should be forcibly made to get a vasectomy and maybe even imprisoned for life along with the women.The women that knew he had all those kids and still got with him should also be made to get their tubes tied or burned and I think he and they should have to become servants of the state/society to repay their debts.

    They can be made to do the cleaning of the community picking up trash alongside the road,planting flowers,they can clean our museums and landmarks all without pay.No cash in hand ever.All they should get is the cheap subsidized apartment they already have +free cheap meals.The state should own all the parents for a lifetime or until the debts for food housing healthcare are repaid.

  • tisme

    “To make this about Black women’s poor choices is to suggest that he wouldn’t have had all these kids if Black women simply wouldn’t sleep with him”

    But that is the truth.He wouldn’t have had all those kids if black women wouldn’t have slept with him.And they did choose poorly just like a whole lot of black and not black women who have sex with trash like him.

  • Toppin (Formerly Known As Just Sayin’)

    “To make this about Black women’s poor choices is to suggest that he wouldn’t have had all these kids if Black women simply wouldn’t sleep with him. And that means that even though these mamas are clearly taking responsibility for their actions and advocating for the resources their children deserve…”

    Huh? Where exactly do you see the women taking responsibility here? The responsible thing would have been NOT to sleep with him in the first place. On top of that these mothers aren’t taking care of the kids either…that duty falls on the state and the taxpayers. Just because they stick around and stay in the picture doesn’t make them exempt from criticism….especially from taxpayers.

  • Priceless34

    I’m sure he’s not with any of these chicks therefore creating single-parent homes.
    The cycle of disfunction continues.

  • girlformerlyknownasgrace

    I honestly feel that if welfare were not there, society would pay for it in other ways.

  • bob

    Women are the gate way keepers to sex, women have the power to choose who they sleep with , these women made the wrong choice plenty of good men out there. Men need to step up to the plate too and prevent foolishness like this from happening by shaming their male friends that do this stuff by teaching their sons better, or we all going to be messed up.

  • Sherri

    What woman would be stupid enough to sleep with him after the first batch of children?

  • mamareese

    Why why why….. This fool aint even cute! God said be fruitful and multiply…not create your own nation. How does this fool have enough game 30 times to get away with not strapping up? You know what….let’s help this fool out….we gon’ take up a fund to buy him and his ditsy babies mamas a remote island. We need to drop them and they kids off….this type of stupid does not need to be mixing its DNA with the rest of the world any further. Just nasty…and you know he has other kids and kept on messing with him…..I almost blame the mamas too!

  • Chocoprncs

    I’m sure he doesn’t have enough resources to sleep with women in different areas of the city. I’m willing to bet that many of them knew each other. Women should be as discriminative as some men are. If a woman has more than two children some men are less likely to date her. I think women should be the same way. It’s obvious that he was dating them because where’d he get the money to take them out. So basically he was just stopping by to get what he could, plant his seed and moved on. I think many of these women share just as much blame as he does.

  • MIkela123

    It is a shame the comments are reverting back to blaming Black women for this man’s promiscuity and inability (or just downright refusal) to use condoms.

    This goes to back to the cross-cultural belief that women are supposed to “police” a man’s behaviors. It takes the burden off of men, so they can’t be held accountable for their actions.

  • rmccall12304

    Crunk.. I agree that the actions of this man should be the center of the debate when it comes to the reporter’s story, but the comments made, however crude, raise valid questions. As a mother, feminist, women’s and African American scholar, the entire social context needs to be addressed. Those women were responsible for their own bodies. A lot of women reject feminism on this same premise. We are required to take responsibility for our sexuality along with the rights we demand. Rights, without responsibility, is like having your cake and eating it too. That is a dangerous game to play when women are under the yoke globally.
    There are disgusting men and women out there. Understanding this is tantamount to women’s equality. If he raped the women, then we definitely have no cause to blame the women. One woman alone has two children. It takes 9 months to have one child. Somewhere in there, is a conversation unless they were just hooking up. And even so, where is the condom… or was she just as irresponsible to the next man she hooks up with?
    Some of us still live in the 1800’s, when women are blameless and the world happens around us. Not so. In that case, we will never support a woman president. We could not trust her to be responsible for a nation if she cannot be responsible for her body. The body is a gift that we must protect and nurture. Please do not tell me you have a daughter. What are you teaching her?

  • Sasha

    @Toppin: Exactly what I was going to say! Yes you’re right @Crunktastic that our critique should remain focused on him however we cannot absolve his children’s mothers of any responsibility in this sad tale. He couldn’t have sired those children without having sex with their mothers. They’re equally responsible as he is for a) sleeping with someone who I’m sure they knew had a sketchy background and b) having sex without being prepared for the consequences after the deed is done.

    @Chocoprncs- You’re dead on. He doesn’t have baby mothers from across the country, all of these women are from the same state and hell same county since his name appeared on a court docket 11 times in one day vouching for 15 different children! I wonder how many of those women know where he lives, what he does for a living, his legal history, etc. I just don’t understand how both parties could be so careless.

  • PinkyToe

    +1 to infinity and beyond

  • Sasha

    @MIkela123: No one has said this man shouldn’t be held accountable for his actions or are trying to take the burden of responsibility off his shoulders and place it squarely on the women involved in this unfortunate situation however to act like the women are victims is not going to cut it. It takes two to tango, the way he had sex with all of them is the same way they all chose to have sex with him. As far as we know, none of these women were raped. I don’t think anyone is saying women should police men’s but instead that women should police their own behavior especially when it comes to choosing who they have sex with. Both the man and the women involved are responsible and unfortunately its the children paying the price for their carelessness.

  • overseas_honeybee

    I can’t …

  • Ms. Information

    Not to blame women…but we are the carriers, the carriers ALWAYS have more responsibility….we have to be smarter because some of the men aren’t going to…just know when you open your legs that if a baby comes out of it, there is a big chance that you will be on your own.

  • OSHH


  • Lady P

    I am shaking my head. This is beyond disgusting. A physiological imbalance for certain exists with this Hatchet dude and especially with the women. It is so embarrassing for our community. As mentioned by another poster, the cycle of dysfunction and DESTRUCTION continues. Tax dollars are at work being allocated to less commendable programs due to ridiculous decisions. I wish not to see kids starve; however, at the same time parents should be held more accountable for THEIR actions. Think about how the entire population is affected. It is clear that this dude could care less about anything or anybody. Next, the women *shakes my head again* is more concern about just having a man even if it is for temporary pleasure and a baby. More than likely, their decisions have created an unpleasant situation for their parents as well.

    This is just an embarrassing situation all the way around. In our community due to some (maybe most) of our actions, you have to throw up your hands and agree with the conservatives. If you choose a man that can’t provide for his seed, it is direct reflection of who you are. At the end of the day, it does make the women look worse because of her choices.

  • Lady P

    I agree with you 100%. Well said. .

  • d2damurf

    “I say he should be forcibly made to get a vasectomy and maybe even imprisoned for life along with the women.”

    Be careful what you wish for…there was a time when states were oh so willing to make this the “solution” and communities of color quickly became the main targets (until it became unconstitutiona)l. I hear what you’re sayin’ — but there are many steps to consider before this one.

  • Ms. Information

    +1..I was thinking that too..this must be a psychological thing..on the man and the women’s part…but I do think that when people KNOW that they can get healthcare, food, housing, utility assistance the idea of ‘planning” for a family becomes foreign..the government will take care of them, probably for the majority of their lives.

  • rmccall12304

    MIkela123… the blame game it not the point. We as women bear the burden of childbirth or abortion on our bodies. We suffer the pain and then healing. We make the decisions to care for the child or give it up for adoption in most cases. Why should we let a man “pick” us? Insecurity is an emotional dysfunction and letting anyone choose you as company, whether it be a man or a woman is insecure. Listen to our young women’s conversation, “That chick thinks she can have him? Uh uhh, that is my man. I will stomp her.” This was from a 15-year-old, whose mother’s conversation is exactly the same. Why go after the woman if the man does not respect you? Why teach the woman to challenge another woman when the choice to be unfaithful is the man’s? He knows how he regards you. You know too if you close your legs and listen critically to what he is saying when he approaches you. I would bet (as another post implied) that this man never took these women to dinner, dancing, or walked with them in public. Another post implied that these women may know each other, which is highly likely given they visit the same courthouse. So when does this end? Do we, as women, continually compete for the attentions of men who are not worthy and abuse other women because he finds them attractive? If you are a pick up, you stay a pick up until you decide to become a “woman.”

  • rmccall12304

    Thank you, Ms. Well said. I would like to add, if you have not grown from the experience, now there is a child out there with a child taking care of them. Oh my goodness and we wonder why our children are out of wack.

  • apple

    Unpopular opinion but this why I support abortion and sterilizations. Some people dont deserve to have kids.

  • rmccall12304

    The sad reality is that as women move to higher levels of learning, social responsibility, and employment, there is always the mythical “Welfare Queen” peering up our dresses. I have nothing against social programs. They are necessary. It is the irresponsible men and women I would like to run into the sea of forgetfulness. How dare we justify those women’s lax character. I cheer the ones that are not asking for support and are holding their own. There were only 11 cases on the docket. So a few wised up.

  • Lady P

    @ Ms. Information

    Thank you! I meant psychological..multi-tasking this morning! Yes for sure, these people are well aware of government assistance. Not only that, generational welfare recipients are a part of this picture as well. This makes it more inevitable for a cycle of dysfunction to continue from seed to seed.

    Also, I wonder if there’s a competition thing that’s going on here. 30 kids and 11 mothers, yeah they know each other. I’m sure a few live in the same housing complex. Hmm…I would love to conduct a survey. Never mind, that would be too draining..LOL!

  • MIkela123

    Ladies, we still live in a patriarchal society (yes, the Black community is patriarchal, a dysfunctional patriarchy) where many Black girls and young women still do not feel empowered enough to make the demands needs to protect their body and personhood. That coupled with the poverty and low self-esteem of many of these women is what allows men like Hatchett can move from female to female in this manner.

    Also, outside of the court system, Hatchett doesn’t feel guilt or is subjected to wrath from the community for these destructive behaviors. We all claim it takes to two to tango, but we are still unwilling to hold this man even 50% responsible for 30 kids he can’t provide. In any ancient polygamous societies a man couldn’t have more than one wife is he wasn’t wealthy enough and demonstrate that he can take care of her and their offspring.

    I don’t disagree with the women being “carriers” and bearing the responsibility of childbirth. But if we are going to put the burden and responsibility on women, then we need to ensure and create a world that supports women, teaching them and PROTECTING them from abuse and predators, and that world currently does NOT exist.

  • Angie

    I’m sure several of the women knew or knew of each other and didn’t care that he had a bunch a children with the last chic. This is ignorance and ghetto mentality at its finest. Truly, truly sad…..

  • http://themodernmedicineman d-rhyme

    If society was perfect then we could blame the father and mothers. However there is real hopelessness in poor black areas. Fact. Most women if not all would pay
    money to have a child. If the only gauranteed thing you can do to be a successful adult is have a child, you will do it. Especially if you can get welfare and Medicaid. If a woman can get paid to have a child she will do it. It kills me when folks ask why black athletes have so many kids. Duh! Reactionary and insecure people need others to look down on and point fingers. It is a commentary on society that anyone has to have a child to alleviate hopelessness or even abuse.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    can the court order vasectomy?

  • RJ

    Black men and women need to strap on a effing condom. I am sick of these stories. And although this represents an extreme, this is more common than it should be. All of these irresponsible black women and men (because both parties play a role in this tomfoolery) are raising a bunch of kids who will probably contribute VERY LITTLE TO SOCIETY. This is the kind of stuff black folks need to be more up in arms about. If you are going to be quoting Bible scriptures, this is the time to pull them out.

  • edub

    “teaching them and PROTECTING them from abuse and predators, and that world currently does NOT exist.”

    If any of the men and women involved made it to the 7th grade of any public school system then it is highly likely that they partook in a sex ed course that gave them the basics of reproduction and protection. Further, ANY public high school, free clinic, or subsidized clinic offers FREE condoms, birth control, abuse counseling, etc, that they can use.

    In this day and age, outside of rape, there is NO excuse. NONE.

  • edub

    I agree 100%.

    This is what I don’t get. People make better decisions about how to keep their ipods from being stolen than they do about whose penis can ejaculate inside of their vaginas.

  • http://themodernmedicineman d-rhyme

    Pointing fingers. No empathy for the oppressed. That is so Tom.

  • Thinkofnext

    Very true…we women have so much power than we know. Once a woman has a child she could be on her own caring for that child depending on the type of man she has the child for.

  • Thinkofnext

    So true Mikela123 everyone wants to shift the blame on women it takes a man and a woman to make a baby not a woman by herself we are not asexual.

  • LemonNLime

    Really… EVERYONE involved in this is DISGUSTING. The “man”, the “women”, are all STUPID and should not have been allowed to reproduce. WHY aren’t ANY of them using protection? EVERYONE involved in this story is to blame. And that woman wanting to hide her face from the camera, please maybe if she took the time to protect herself, she wouldn’t need to protect face from cameras.

    People need to take responsibility for their own actions. It takes 2 to tango so everyone, not just these pathetic “women” and this lame a** “man”.

    You tax dollars at work America…I just can’t.

  • mamareese

    Um hello….everyone is a fool in this matter. All 12 parties should have said hell to the no I love myself enough not to do this. And why would you not place blame with all the women as well as the man? They knew they were going behind each other after the 1st 3 or 4 kids surely….. You can’t make this many “mistakes” (kids are a blessing ya’ll don’t get me wrong but when you have them to the excess and can’t raise them…you have made a wrong turn) and not know you are in the wrong!

  • Rosey

    Blame on both him and the mothers equally. Stories like this make me sad that the poor black community doesn’t have access to birth control and/or has a stigma about using it. You don’t have to have a baby every time you have sex. The cycle of poverty continues on.

  • Rosey

    and dare I say it…abortion would be a better option for some of these mothers if they did get pregnant by this jerk.

  • Candi83

    This is a cautionary tail for both men and women. Women, it’s the truth that we are gatekeepers of sexual activity, so be very selective who you sleep with and use 2 kinds of birth control (condoms and the pill, patch, etc). Men wrap it up each and every time, they need to be selective too. Both men and woman need to think critically before they hop in the sack with someone, do you really want to deal with this ex-girlfriend/boyfriend, etc for 18+ years?

  • PinkyToe

    I had a long comment about this and then I realized that most people are most comfortable blaming the gov’t for how society behaves so I’ll just state that I will pray for these children because they are innocent.

  • Deeee

    Even if he wanted to take all of his kids out together he’d need a limo, or at least multiple vans. I can’t.

  • LemonNLime

    My God, I had no idea woman were defenseless dense creatures not capable of making their own decisions about what to do with their bodies! Seriously, gtfoh!

    Those women are “adults”, if they decided to sleep with him, they could have decided to do the following:
    - NOT sleep with him
    - make him wear protection
    - wear female protection
    - use birth control
    - use plan B
    - have an abortion
    - give up the kid for adoption

    Stop trying to make these dumb a** women the victims. They have control over their bodies just as much the idiot they slept with. This is about personal responsibility and ALL of the people involved in it lack it completely. Like it or not, women carry the kids, if they didn’t want them or couldn’t afford them, there were multiple things they could have done (without his consent or knowledge…you know so as not to affect their fragile “self-esteem”) to ensure that this didn’t happen.

    All can we please stop with the PC bull. If women can figure out how not to get pregnant in colonial times or the times of the ancient Greeks, women regardless of their self-esteem (ie another PC bullcrap excuse) and economic background can do it in 2012. With all the things readily available for people of all incomes that is NOT an excuse. Crap all you have to do is stop by a plan parenthood and they have condoms (male and female sitting on the tables for FREE).

    This is about a stupid man and stupid women BOTH. Stop making victims out of stupid people. One, it takes away from real victims (women who are forcible impregnated and have no say in it) and two, it implies that women are too dense to be responsible for their own actions…which we all know isn’t true.

  • Damn

    Men have the final say when it comes to bringing a child into this world & those who have the final say should be should be held accountable for their decisions.

    but its like men cant handle the accountability

  • Angie

    Gotta agree with RMCCCALL on this one. Low-self esteem, lack of self respect and low integrity is an issue many Black women (such as the ones who gave birth to his 30 children) deal with so much to the point that a lot of them don’t even think they deserve better than someone like Desmond. I’m not making excuses for these women, but as long as women don’t start taking responsibilties for their own existence, stories like these will continue to be commonplace. Women need to know their worth, realize they have more talents than laying up having babies and that they don’t need to sit around and wait for a man to choose them. These women are hopeless and don’t even know it and that’s the saddest thing about it. They don’t even know they deserve more. We can critique on blogs all day long, hell, most of us on here know better. But the ones who don’t know better don’t read blogs like this. This is sad and so disturbing….

  • African Mami

    They don’t make condoms in his size, or what really is the problem hurr?!

  • joeclyde

    These women know all about him and his other kids. They CHOOSE to get pregnant by this loser because of some hind-brain competition with other women.

    Now we have to pay for it. The only victims are the children.

  • joeclyde

    Please Stop. These women where not rapped. They knew about the other kids. They knew he doesn’t take care of his kids. They ASSumed they were special or had a different feeling receptacle.

    They wanted to get pregnant.

  • LemonNLime

    That makes absolutely no sense. Women carry the babies and women give birth NOT men. Women have the final say…unless you live in, say, Afghanistan.

  • Pat

    They don’t call them Johnny Apple Seed for nothing. As Forest Gump once said “Stupid is as stupid does.”

  • apple

    Yuck, it’s like he’s setting up his own franchises lol

  • November Rain

    This is the best response I’ve read so far. Not only does the responsibility lie in the hands of the women as gatekeepers but also in the men. We need more males, men, guys (whatever you want to address them as) who will shame their friends and teach boys (friends, family or otherwise) with their words and by setting a better example. The responsibility is on the women AS WELL as the men.

  • R

    Too much of the Black community is like Sodom and Gomorrah

    Its time to separate the wheat from the chaff

    No more water, the fire next time

    If people feel powerless, especially men, they will take it anyway they can, be it destructive or not

    This guy feels no remorse and has no conscience. Look at his face, he is enjoying the attention. He is a sociopath.

    Black women, RUN!

  • chanela

    Wow! Sounds like an std cesspool

  • http://themodernmedicineman d-rhyme

    Forget critical thinking. I see no thinking. Fact. Black male incarceration is
    astronomical. Add gay men. Black males with white women and the result is a BMW black female ratio of about 50 to one in some places. No this is a trend that will become worse.

  • CHE

    Maybe for some Black women, but quiet as its kept, a lot of other Black women are exercising many different options for relationships….If some choose not to, then thats on them.

  • CHE

    I swear

    Some Black women are too pathetic.

    That is all.

  • oknow

    i wanna know why all these dumb assss women keep allowing themselves to have children w/this sorry excuse for a idk what to call him???!!! i know some women feel like, “this is my child and my child has nothing to do w/the other children” but guess what they do.. your taking food out of one child’s mouth to put in another every time you have another child by this idiot.. it’s obvious he doesn’t know how to use a condom and it’s obvious these dumb ass women don’t know how to make him put on one or use bc.. now everybody want CHILD SUPPORT!! this could have been avoided..

    it’s sad when dumb adults make irresponsible decisions and don’t put the children 1st..

  • oknow

    the gov’t should not be stepping in to help them.. let them figure it out..

  • theminute

    The second welfare benefits are eliminated…Marriage rates will increase and Out of wedlock births will decrease. Guaranteed

  • Krishna

    Great comment Ms. Lady P! I agree with you 100%.

  • http://themodernmedicineman d-rhyme

    No hope for black race. You people still font get it. You lesbians can’t make no baby. Lesbianism is no solution to an obvious social problem . One and one make two. No sense in arguing with godless people. Goodbye Romans. You are doomed.

  • lady t

    I blame the women 100%

  • BFDuster

    Makes me glad that I was born a bi femme/gynsexual. I can stay in a cushy bubble and be protected–mostly since there is rape and sexual harassment–from the failings of heterosexual society and male privilege.

  • CHE


    Not lesbianism( at least not most)

    Opening up Options for some Black women = non Black men. More and more Black women will partner with non Black men.

  • Chic Noir


    Are you trolling for a reaction? I hope not because most of the ladies on this site are progressive.

  • Chic Noir

    I am willing to pay for Desmond to have a vasectomy. I’m sorry but the women who allow this idiot to knock him up are stupid as hell. They need to be embarrassed for being so stupid.

    At least the dumb BM didn’t allow the reporters to put her face on the news.

  • Chic Noir

    I bet his size is a big reason why he was able to talk 11 women into having 30 children for him.

  • Chic Noir

    Guys there has been an update on this story. Desmond Hatchett aka the guy with a thing for Ratchetts has a new girlfriend named Angel.

    Desmond and Angel will be moving into a shoe very soon.

  • Chic Noir

    Well said Bob.

  • binks

    Amen to all your comments on here because I couldn’t agree more. And in this day and age, you can’t fringe stupidity due to all the options in BC and handing unwanted pregnancies we have now. I would seriously like to see what people would do if they didn’t have the option of filing for gov’t assistance or court order assistances in this matter…

  • Chic Noir

    d-rhyme Pointing fingers. No empathy for the oppressed. That is so Tom.

    What was does his being oppressed have to do with making 30 children?

  • haffie

    Can someone please castrate this man so no more tax money will be spend on this fool and his baby mamas. That what happened when people want to live their lives separate from God’s words. Wife + husband = kids not the other way around.

  • thinkpink

    @theminute. Bingo. What most don’t know is that welfare was created to keep black males out of the home and disintegrate black families. We have to research our history to understand why issues like these are more prevalent in our communities. It is no accident.

  • danielle


  • BFDuster

    I’m not trolling. I just feel that my sexuality has somewhat shielded me from most things (except anti-LGBTQ stuff). And I do not feel the need for male approval/acceptance/love/sexual atterntion that the women in the article subjected themselves to–and for what prize really? To be called welfare queens? Labeled baby mamas? Sluts? Hos?

    I feel these women could have done better for themselves even if I feel that most of the blame should be on Mr. Dickity-douche and his seed-sewing.

  • Lawd, lawd, lawd…

    +1. There are so many stages at which these mistakes could be prevented/corrected. Why are we so ignorant about abortion? It’s a viable and (mostly) still legal option. Use it, people!

  • A.

    This entire story is shamelessly ratchet.

  • S

    What troubles me the most is not that he keeps getting girls pregnant but the idea that 1) he keeps finding women willing to have his children and 2) these women are having mulitple children from him knowing he cant afford the first child you had with him. I hate to say this but shame on these women. The man can only do what you allow him to do.

  • binks

    Seriously? Sighs I guess another one bites the dust Chic Noir. This guy must have THE BEST personality or a mean stoke game because I don’t know any woman personally who would entertain this guy. Smh….

  • MissD

    @ S- you literally took the words right out of my mouth. The women that are laying down and having unprotected sex with this irresponsible idiot are EVEN MORE responsible in my opinion.

  • Lattelicious

    This fool here, I just can’t!!!!!!!!! Who are these women, who allow him to have sex with them without protection knowing he has multiple, multiple kids?!?!?!?!?! Is he for real???? Who would date him, he has no money, will never have any money with 30 (30????) kids. Are women in Tennessee that desperate?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • theminute

    Do the math. Why do these mothers expect child support?

  • Kathy Henry

    Now that was funny :)

  • C


    *Welfare was created to keep Black males out of the home and disintegrate Black families*


    Come again?

  • LemonnLime

    What an embarrassment. How dare she say that somebody needs to take care of her kids! And of course trash like this becomes the representative of the welfare and social services system when there really are so many people who just need a bit of help and aren’t abusing the system. I hope they lock her up for child endangerment so she can’t have any more. And those fathers?! Seriously, they show up in court and say they hope someone helps? Why not get their kids!? I can’t…

  • C

    Is he the last man in Tennesee?

    Depraved and sad- him and the women.

  • C

    Good one@Chic Noir

  • C

    Welfare might be reformed somewhat but they wont do away with it completely because alot of people(ahem-Hasidic, white, latin, Asian, etc) depend on it , even though they have made Blacks the face of it.

  • apple

    Whoa when they said she had 12 kids my eyes got huge ! I thought this was really his girlfriend but umm what’s her problem? 1 kid wasn’t enough??? How does this happen after the first mistake or couple mistakes?? How much is tube tying at a clinic? Do they do that at clinics?

  • S.O.B

    Mikela…you said it better than I could!

  • Perspective

    I’m glad I’m not seeing the usual comments unlike what the author’s title leads you to believe of the classic.

    ‘These are strong independent blameless black women who are the victims and just trying to get buy in a system thats against them and its the despicable black man not taking care of his children, ONCE AGAIN.”

    I’m so glad some people recognize the BS for what it is. Idiots getting with idiots.

    Come on now – You expect me to believe these women don’t know each other? You know he’s not taking care of the kids he already has – but

    Commmmmmmmme on Desmond – come hit this RAW!

    Yea whatever. That’s right – its Desmond’s fault – like that’s going to solve anything.

    Also what I don’t get is with the idea that women are always the victims – it essentially makes it out to be like they’re helpless children that are incapable of making intelligent decisions and any idiot of a man can come through and either A) make decisions for them or B) use women emotional nature against them to get what they want.

    Either way – it pretty much chalks up to – WOMEN ARE INCAPABLE OF MAKING INTELLIGENT DECISIONS ON THEIR OWN – which is NOT something I think women want to promote, yet they keep doing it – with these – WOMEN ARE THE VICTIMS IN EVERY CASE stories, instead of calling the BS out for what it is.


    Do we forget women have the final say on determining if kids come into the world or not?


  • Perspective

    What many women don’t realize is that making women out to always be the victims strips them of their humanity. Adults make decisions, and adult people can be held accountable for their actions, but when women can’t be held accountable for their actions and have the same protected status in society as children, then we are in essence saying that women are like children, incapable of making proper decisions (so don’t let them make their own decision), just as we do with children. Children are not held accountable for their actions because they are children.
    In other words, men are accountable for their wives just as they are accountable for their children. This flies in the face of women’s fight for equality. If women are to be seen as adults with the same inalienable rights and priviledges as men then they must also be just as accountable and accusable as men. As long as women claim their protected status as women in society when convenient, which translates to the blamelessness of women, then men nor society should ever be forced to see them as equal or treat them as equal, because they, unlike men, have the protected status of children and can never be held accountable for their actions. Without female accountablility women will never be seen as adults who exhibit their own agency and ability or right, to make their own decisions, but more like children who have to constantly be monitored for fear that her actions will cause irrepairable damage that ultimately some male, somewhere, will be blamed and held accountable for.

  • Chic Noir

    @ C

    *chic noir winks at c*

    Can you imagine if the two of them got togeather? OMG Angel would have chain pregnancies. Like as soon as she droped one, the following week, she would be pregnant again.

  • Hypocrite Slayer

    First of all there are far more women with multiple children by multiple baby daddies than men with children by multiple baby mamas.

    see here

    “Tami Winfrey Harris shares some of Jones-DeWeever’s concerns. Winfrey Harris is part of the editorial team of Love Isn’t Enough, a blog focused on parenting and race. She said the University of Michigan study could indicate that the country is shifting to a new normal in terms of parenthood.”

    Oh so it’s a “new normal” when black women fail to conform to european standards of morality but it’s open season on black men who also defy them.

    Hypocrisy at it’s crudest.

    This is dude is rare, in fact UNIQUE that’s why he made the headlines. Women with six, seven, eight kids – by as many men are common.

    So black women had better not complain about their own villification if they so readily mete villification out to black men.

  • RC

    Funny how so many people want to blame the women like their any smarter than this dumb ass man….. everyone involved in this matter IS STUPID.

    some people should not be allowed to have children.

  • Hypocrite Slayer

    “The study shows that 28 percent of American women with two or more children have done so by more than one man, and when it comes to African-American women, that figure jumps to 59 percent.”

    So who’s the bigger burden on the american tax payer now?

    Are We There Yet

  • Hypocrite Slayer

    I don’t think black women are a protected class in any way shape or form, I see many of them as I see males like you – easily manipulated by the powers that be into supporting ideas that hurt yourselves.

    Nothing in what you or anyone else has said addresses what this story is really about, namely, to undermine the welfare system by associating it with “undeserving” blacks. This is anti-welfare propaganda and you people play right into their hands everytime.

    You think black women will be forced to be dependent on males like you if only they abolish welfare – right? Well I doubt that’s what will happen, my guess is that black women will be forced to turn to each other and other charitable sources for relief.

    The abolition of welfare will impoverish as many black men as black women, many men will turn to crime and end up in the penal system. Black women will be forced into prostitution and find themselves caught up in the revolving door of the criminal justice system. Impoverished black children will be taken away from their mothers and placed in children “camps”, where they will stay indefinately . . . .

    If males like you were really able to offer black women an alternative to welfare, you’d already be doing it, but you’re not that man.

    The abolition of welfare isn’t going to help anyone who writes or posts on this site – truss me.

    I pity you all because you will suffer first and most when the clamour for the abolition of welfare becomes so loud that they feel strong enough to dismantle it once and for all. smh

    Careful what you wish for.

  • thinkpink

    @ C

    Walter Williams is an economist that provides more information on the welfare state, how it was modified to negatively impact black families and the social implications it is having on our families in the present.

    We have to love our culture enought to think beyond a news story and understand how the social structure in this country created many of the issues that are unique to black society.

    Don’t hate the player. Learn and understand how the game created the player.

  • d-rhyme

    @chic noir. he is black. he is not white. he and females are in the underclass. you are clueless is why you ask that question. walk in someone shoes is appropriate. and seems that you all are making these people your “nigger”. this is really sad. none of you know or care to know about what oppression can do to peoples behaviors. Sad.

  • tisme

    black women can and will complain and vent about what they damn well please.The exact same way black men can vent about the racist white man,the police,and black women.They have the right to complain and be concerned like anybody else.Furthermore your research is only more proof of the fact that black women who desire to have a better life should cease all sexual relationships with black men.

    1.These women are having multiple children by men that are not into monogamy.Men who use any excuse to leave and to not marry

    2.These women are having multiple children by men who keep going to jail for years at a time.While the last baby daddy is in jail serving a few years they date other men and try to start a relationship with him and have another kid only to have that one leave for another woman,man,jail or something else

    3.Some of these women are having children by men who have a short expiration date.They die fast or at younger ages due to the lives they lead.

    4.Black marriages DON’T last MOST of the time.Neither do marriages involving black men and non black women.These women start new relationships with new men,mainly black men,and they have children by the new man thus adding to them having multiple baby daddies.

    All of this affects those women abilities to start and keep a family with one man and one man only.

    Luckily over 40% of black women have not fallen into the single parent trap and are exploring other options with non black men,women,some practice a lifetime of celibacy.

    I’m all for it as long as it cuts down the illegitimacy rates,divorce rates, and disease rates among black women and children .

  • Hyprocrite Slayer

    First of all mind your damn business – racist

    who was addressing you?

    You don’t speak in any way or for anyone that affirms you as having the best interests of blacks, including black women – at heart.

    You are just a twisted maniac stricken with a hate virus that is rotting you from the inside. But I don’t pity you, I revel in your pain. .


  • CHE


    Good points

    I think you are the true hypocrite slayer

    It/he/ she couldnt deal with your logic so resorted to name calling which proves you hit a nerve.

    KEEP ON! lmao.

  • Perspective

    Hypocrite –

    You name should be left as just that.

    “I don’t think black women are a protected class in any way shape or form”

    Which is why only women with children receive welfare, free housing, educational vouchers, but men don’t all because the woman popped out a baby.

    No one said that BLACK WOMEN don’t experience racism or discrimination but to act like WOMEN! that including black women aren’t a protected class is WAY off mark. If anything your second statement would only support why keep black women a pseudo protected class would be beneficial to white supremacy because it keeps her in the mind state that black men are not needed nor required.

    “Nothing in what you or anyone else has said addresses what this story is really about, namely, to undermine the welfare system by associating it with “undeserving” blacks.”

    Look at the title?! Does the title really speak to the article being about welfare queens being over exaggerated to destroy welfare?


    It doesn’t even have WELFARE in the title. Sheeesh!

    “Well I doubt that’s what will happen, my guess is that black women will be forced to turn to each other and other charitable sources for relief.”

    Why would black women have to turn to charitable forces? I thought they were all Scrong, independent, and self sufficient.

    And unless women are just inherently weaker than men the only idea that they would need assistance is because of having babies by men who aren’t going to be there, but if you’ve already identified black men as a bunch of degenerates – WHY CONTINUE TO HAVE BABIES BY THEM?

    “The abolition of welfare will impoverish as many black men as black women, many men will turn to crime and end up in the penal system.”

    Ummm hello – black men are already struggling and the highest demographic of the unemployed disproportionately.

    I would love to know what it is that black men are receiving from welfare when they do not have custody of the children?

    You don’t know your facts and your responses are delusional – No seriously they are.

    The welfare state is one of the worst things that has ever happened to the black family.

    At this point in the game there are women who would rather live under the conditions of welfare and claim it to be self sufficiency then to but “underneath the feet,” as they see it, of a patriarchal male who is handling his damn business when it comes to his family.

    THAT IS A PROBLEM. I’m tired of woman always claiming the victim and then searching for someone else to rescue them – only to turn around and throw up – WE NEED EQUALITY.

    Equality- and ya’ll talking about welfare.

    Look around the next time you walk through the subway – I see a lot of homeless black men. I don’t see a bunch of homeless black women with their CHILDREN! – or even without their children.

    LIKE I SAID – women are protected, especially in comparison to men.

    Equality my behind!

  • Perspective

    @ Tisme

    “1.These women are having multiple children by men that are not into monogamy.Men who use any excuse to leave and to not marry

    2.These women are having multiple children by men who keep going to jail for years at a time.While the last baby daddy is in jail serving a few years they date other men and try to start a relationship with him and have another kid only to have that one leave for another woman,man,jail or something else

    3.Some of these women are having children by men who have a short expiration date.They die fast or at younger ages due to the lives they lead.

    4.Black marriages DON’T last MOST of the time.Neither do marriages involving black men and non black women.These women start new relationships with new men,mainly black men,and they have children by the new man thus adding to them having multiple baby daddies.

    All of this affects those women abilities to start and keep a family with one man and one man only.

    Luckily over 40% of black women have not fallen into the single parent trap and are exploring other options with non black men,women,some practice a lifetime of celibacy.”


    1) Black female unaccountability – clear as day. (ALWAYS THE MANS FAULT)

    Question do irresponsible hoes ever exist in your universe. Why don’t you go check out the youtube video of the black woman who has 15 kids and she recently just had her 16th and had the nerve to say that SOMEONE SHOULD PAY FOR HER KIDS.

    2) Here we go with the Rainbow Coalition – Dating outside the race.

    You really don’t understand why white men or other races of men value their women do you?

    Well, let me break it down for you and I hope I don’t shatter your fence jumping dreams.

    Other races of men have intact communities. They value their women because their women is the only woman who can make them, and they are trying to keep the wealth and power that they have accumulated in their community. So unless your black ass can start making white, asian, hispanic babies that look like Ricki Martin – … You know what I’m not even going to tell you, you can’t go over there.

    All I’m going to say is the choice ISN’T up to you, its up the them as to whether they want you on their team or not.

    Good luck. I hate to see you go…

    …(I then politely open the door for her.)

  • tisme

    Where do you live that men aren’t eligible for subsidized housing,food stamps,life saving medical care from hospitals,tax funded education,job corps etc.?

    Cause where I live men don’t even need to have custody of their children to be eligible for these things.There are a lot of men here that get a free ride and have been for a long time.

  • tisme

    I’ll try this again.In response to Perspective.

    I am for black women taking personal accountability.

    Black women taking personal accountability for their actions would include re-evaluating the men they are dealing with and ceasing all relationships with those men so as to not end up single mothers or mothers with multiple baby daddies.

    There are plenty of non black men in the world that do not have the view that you have espoused.There are also women for black women to choose from, as well as a lifetime of celibacy.I am for all these things because they could very well curb the rate of oow children among black women,poverty,disease,abuse as well.

  • Jay

    If he was White it wouldn’t be about his race but about his utter stupidity and that of the women. However, since he is black it is now about race and the black man vs black woman. Who made it about race and male vs female? All the black commentarors. I swear, you all are easily divided. Thats why as a whole you all fail. There is no rich Black country in the world. Only like 5 black billionaires. Call me racist if you want but you all are your worst enemy, this is about ignorance, lack of education and the under class not the black man vs. black woman. SMDH.

  • African Mami

    size is very important because you don’t want to be splayed and not know that he is already in, but can’t feel him! I honor his penis for its size and capability.

  • Pema

    Thank you Jay! I was just about to write something similar but you took the words out of my mouth. The guy is an idiot and his “baby’s mamas” are idiots. The end…nothing to do with race.

  • Haley

    This LOSER is straightup SCUM!

  • Haley

    @Jay, yes, it is about race because it is about the United States. It is ALWAYS about race because that’s how the ‘whiteman’ wants it. Jay, you are RACIST! Why? It is how you have positioned you in your written Copy Content. You could have made your point without it being centered around your prejudice. You are RACIST! Yes, you are Jay! This article is about a man in America who is the product of a society that doesn’t give a dam about its people. Yes, the US doesn’t give a dam about the American people except to recieve its annual TAX PAYCHECK eveyr April 15th. Your RACIST remark about why Blacks are not succeeding is invalid! Whites in America lose more homes and jobs in the US because they are in the larger number! The US is divided because of the ‘whiteman’. The ‘whiteman’ loves having slaves. It use to be the Blacks and now it is the Mexicans. Before you begin your banter via pontificating, make certain all your ducks are in a row!

  • kc

    We forget sometimes who the victims are…. the children. They learn this behavior from mom and dad(s) and think it is acceptable. The kids of these morons have no idea that life could be better if their parents stuck together and worked as a team.

  • Haley


  • Cherish

    This is sad. This kind of thing isn’t uncommon for say, a polygamous sect, but this is outrageous. I blame both parts, especially the father. If you know that you don’t want that many children, you wouldn’t persist in the trysts or protect yourself. USE PROTECTION. I just finished my first year of college, and I am being conscious of how much freedom I have. It’s a privilege not to deal with one or more children. Being born in this current generation is great, because I can look back 2k. years and see how things play out, including having children. Not every relationship with children is tumultuous as this. Personally, it is benefiting to have both father and mother in a child’s life; to have both parents with a child and their siblings. Just thankful to have had that with my father while he was on this earth.

  • pink

    This man, and all the women that bared kids for him are stupid as hell in my opinion. I thought Terrell Owen’s situation was wack; but this takes the cake!! Stupid “A” people indeed. From a woman’t standpoint we are in control of our bodies; and I’ve never understood why anyone would want to have a baby by a man that’s not their husband, or even remotely interested in marrying them. Poor (pun intended) desperate woman!!

  • pink

    S: I don’t know why you hate to say it because it is “shame” on these stupid women. I for one am totally embarrassed for them. Even though it doesn’t appear they are shame at all. LOL LOL

  • Ms. Information

    Waves at Chic Noir and African Mami **Hey beauties!** — but um yeah…he HAS to have a huge one…all hail King Penis (his new name)

  • African Mami

    sup mama!!! Ain’t nobody but a foo gon complain about size! Yes and Amen to his new name, King Penis. Mandigo’s is where it’s at!!! :)

  • truth hurts

    “but a failure to do so doesn’t make them morons,”

    You must be joking.

  • Essence

    As irresponsible as he seems, the women are just as crazy for sleeping with him before knowing about his many children.

  • HSlayer


    Bullsh it

  • Alexandra

    Poor kids; products of idiocy. I don’t want to hear no complaints about child support or the so-called bad habits of men. This starts with the women in my opinion; even if they weren’t going to do a background check, why not close ‘em or use BC?! Ugh.

  • Frankie 5

    Whatever. This is same type of nigga most of these confused ass women praise in rap songs and shit. Now all the women wanna act all rightous and blame him. What about the women who opened their legs?

  • ruggie

    This man is a ghetto sperm bank, NOT a failed father. The women wanted to have babies and he was the chosen person. If they’d been middle class or wealthy, plunked down $15K at a fertility center and picked his anonymous profile from a book, the results would be the same. In his community he represents a genetic ideal the way that a blonde Ivy League grad would.

    The only difference is that at least these kids know who their “father” is. With sperm banks (largely unregulated as they are), there are dozens of kids out there fathered by the same man who don’t know they are brothers and sisters.

  • For sure

    Ladies, you have to to have standards. If a man already has 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 kids, maybe you need to ask yourself is it worth it? Do I really want to baby mama #12?

    At what point did these women think lying down with him was a good idea? He wouldn’t be having all these kids if it weren’t for women agreeing to have sex with his irresponsible behind.

    Sadly, it’s not all his fault. Too many dummies were stupid enough to sleep with him.

  • Shacara A Jefferson

    Absolutely disturbing!! But it happens every single day, you think that you are better than the last then you end up like the last!! SMH We GOT TO DO BETTER!!!!

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