Despite the overwhelming number of places folks can score birth control, apparently 33-year-old Desmond Hatchet never heard of prophylactics. The Tennessee man made news, again, when he took to the airwaves begging for a handout to help him take care of his 30 children—four of whom were born in the same year.

I am hoping against hope that Hatchet is playing us all, but I don’t know any sane person who’d get on TV and admit to being a serial impregnator with a minimum wage job. So much for that welfare queen myth, Hatchett is a real-life Lothario indiscriminately sowing his oats to the nearest woman. But the state ain’t having it.

After being dragged into court 11 times and spending some time in jail for not making his child support payments back in 2009 (when he had 21 kids), Hatchett is apparently still at it, adding 9 more children to bring his total to 30.

Back in 2009 Tennessee’s WVLT reported:

On Friday, his name appeared on the docket 11 times; Representing about 15 of his 21 children.

“Can you keep up with it all?” WVLT asked Hatchett.

“Yeah,” he said.

“You know all their names, and ages and birthdays?”


Hatchett’s name is pretty controversial at the old courthouse.

“The children can’t be supported all by Desmond, so the state of Tennessee has had to step in,” Hatchett’s attorney Keith Pope said. 

It’s your tax dollars at work.

WVLT spoke with one mom who has two children with Hatchett.

She is supposed to get $67.50 a month. But many times, she gets a lot less than what she’s owed.

They all do.

“It’ll make it through half the month,” the unidentified mom said.

She told Volunteer TV, Hatchett is the father of her two sons. And she says her 4-year-old is expensive enough on his own. “He’s a heavy milk drinker. And milk is not cheap,” she said.

“It’s frustrating, but usually, when I ask he give it to me,” she continued.

For what it’s worth, Hatchett says he’s done having kids (then again, he said the same thing three years ago)—his current clan ranges from toddler to tweens. And despite his claim that he knows all of them, I doubt all of his children feel like they have a present father in their lives.

Although extreme, Hatchett and men like him serve as a reminder for women to be more discerning about who they sleep with and to always, always, pack their own birth control.

  • MIkela123

    It is a shame the comments are reverting back to blaming Black women for this man’s promiscuity and inability (or just downright refusal) to use condoms.

    This goes to back to the cross-cultural belief that women are supposed to “police” a man’s behaviors. It takes the burden off of men, so they can’t be held accountable for their actions.

  • rmccall12304

    Crunk.. I agree that the actions of this man should be the center of the debate when it comes to the reporter’s story, but the comments made, however crude, raise valid questions. As a mother, feminist, women’s and African American scholar, the entire social context needs to be addressed. Those women were responsible for their own bodies. A lot of women reject feminism on this same premise. We are required to take responsibility for our sexuality along with the rights we demand. Rights, without responsibility, is like having your cake and eating it too. That is a dangerous game to play when women are under the yoke globally.
    There are disgusting men and women out there. Understanding this is tantamount to women’s equality. If he raped the women, then we definitely have no cause to blame the women. One woman alone has two children. It takes 9 months to have one child. Somewhere in there, is a conversation unless they were just hooking up. And even so, where is the condom… or was she just as irresponsible to the next man she hooks up with?
    Some of us still live in the 1800’s, when women are blameless and the world happens around us. Not so. In that case, we will never support a woman president. We could not trust her to be responsible for a nation if she cannot be responsible for her body. The body is a gift that we must protect and nurture. Please do not tell me you have a daughter. What are you teaching her?

  • Sasha

    @Toppin: Exactly what I was going to say! Yes you’re right @Crunktastic that our critique should remain focused on him however we cannot absolve his children’s mothers of any responsibility in this sad tale. He couldn’t have sired those children without having sex with their mothers. They’re equally responsible as he is for a) sleeping with someone who I’m sure they knew had a sketchy background and b) having sex without being prepared for the consequences after the deed is done.

    @Chocoprncs- You’re dead on. He doesn’t have baby mothers from across the country, all of these women are from the same state and hell same county since his name appeared on a court docket 11 times in one day vouching for 15 different children! I wonder how many of those women know where he lives, what he does for a living, his legal history, etc. I just don’t understand how both parties could be so careless.

  • PinkyToe

    +1 to infinity and beyond

  • Sasha

    @MIkela123: No one has said this man shouldn’t be held accountable for his actions or are trying to take the burden of responsibility off his shoulders and place it squarely on the women involved in this unfortunate situation however to act like the women are victims is not going to cut it. It takes two to tango, the way he had sex with all of them is the same way they all chose to have sex with him. As far as we know, none of these women were raped. I don’t think anyone is saying women should police men’s but instead that women should police their own behavior especially when it comes to choosing who they have sex with. Both the man and the women involved are responsible and unfortunately its the children paying the price for their carelessness.

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