• http://www.purplekeychain.blogspot.com purplekeychain

    @Danielle, you are a mess! HAahahaha!

    I never really thought about natural hair “icons”, although I will, once again, gladly admit that I stan for Tracee Ellis Ross — I love absolutely everything about her, including her hair and her giant eyes! And that style that Badu rocked when she performed “I Want You” on Chappelle Show made me want a giant afroweave.

    One lady I think is missing from this list is Lauren Hill. Her natural styles have served as inspiration for many folks, I think.

    Most of the natural hair sisters that I really admire are YTers and bloggers, especially Janell (www.kinkycurlycoilyme.com).

    I think we have to be careful about labeling ANY woman with kinky or curly hair as “natural” because a lot of times it’s not. And there are plenty of women out there with bone straight hair who are “naturals” who press or flat-iron their hair.

    But great list! I’ve never even heard of half these women.

  • MarloweOverShakespeare

    Someone else missing here is Nikki Walton of http://www.curlynikki.com

  • slim

    i think i am in the process of transitioning from relaxed to natural and this was just the motivation i needed to keep on at it. it’s only been 8months but they have been long and stressful. many times i just feel like running to the salon and demanding someone perm my hair. but i guess ima keep on trucking..

  • Leonie UK

    Anyone rocking weaves and bone stright hair pressed to perfection, gets no natural salute from me, sorry that’s just not natural to me.

  • Alexandra

    Most moderns ones I like are on YouTube. As for more popular ones I do love Tracee, Ms. Spalding and Janelle. But mine will forever be Marsha Hunt.

  • Bee

    Why is Janelle so damn beautiful? Every time I see that woman, I’m just in awe. She is a work of physical perfection.

  • mahogany

    I think Erykah wears wigs though….

  • CHE

    I love Solange and her sister who is natural too

    But I really love Hair Crush, Long hair dont care 2011, and Sera 2544 on You Tube.

  • CHE

    and Rustic Beauty.

  • MarloweOverShakespeare

    I agree Leonie UK

    Being a “natural” means your natural texture, not just simply the hair on your head.

    But are we willing to extend the naturalegitimacy to hair color as well? Hmmmm.

  • LemonnLime

    YES she’s the one that helped me through my transitioning and learning process.

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