Yaya Dacosta

We all were introduced to model, Yaya Dacosta on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 3. She is a queen of natural hair variety wearing fros to braids. As she continues to pursue a career in acting and modeling, she has been committed to staying natural.

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  • Bee

    Why is Janelle so damn beautiful? Every time I see that woman, I’m just in awe. She is a work of physical perfection.

  • mahogany

    I think Erykah wears wigs though….

  • CHE

    I love Solange and her sister who is natural too

    But I really love Hair Crush, Long hair dont care 2011, and Sera 2544 on You Tube.

  • CHE

    and Rustic Beauty.

    • LemonnLime

      YES she’s the one that helped me through my transitioning and learning process.