Do not date a man who is not happy with his job. Do not date a man who feels inadequate about his ability to provide. Do not date a man who [insert something that says the man has not reached is idea of financial stability]. These are just a few pieces of advice women are given when looking for their mate. The connections between manhood and money are always a topic.


How many times have you heard a guy say they aren’t looking for anything serious until something changes in their financial life? I know a number of guys who took dating sabbaticals until their money was straight. But are women also foregoing dinners and relationships until they have more money in the bank? Should they?

Are you putting off your dating life until your money is right?

  • Mark

    “I know a number of guys who took dating sabbaticals until their money was straight.”

    Yes, but not because they wanted to stop dating. They knew their chances of finding a willing woman was slim-to-none. Why toss your hat in the game when the chances of winning are extremely low?

    Here are a few interesting facts about men:
    1) Men will marry unemployed women.
    2) Men will marry down, financially.
    3) Men have no problems spending money on women.

    Until women do all of the above on a larger scale, dating/marriage will become even more nightmarish.