Rihanna & Chris Brown Need to Grow the Hell Up

by Britni Danielle

Recently Chris Brown dropped a freestyle over Kanye’s Theraflu that had many wondering if the singer was taking a few not-so-subtle jabs at his ex-boo Rihanna.

In the song Breezy rapped, “Don’t f–k with my old b*tch it’s like a bad fur/ Every industry n—a done had her/ Shook the tree like a pumpkin just to smash her/ B*tch is breaking codes, but I’m the password.”

Although CB didn’t mention any names, of course fans felt the diss aimed at Rihanna, and apparently she agreed. After Brown released the track on Twitter, RihRih tweeted, “Aw, poor dat #neaux1currrrr” and quickly unfollowed Breezy. (Side note: I’m going to need someone to translate what the heck that even means. I’m old).

After Rihanna unfollowed him, Brown returned the favor and severed Twitter ties with his ex, telling fans, “Assumptions! I didn’t say any names so if u took offense to it then its something you feel guilty about.”

While the blogs have latched onto the story, I can’t help thinking how juvenile this whole thing feels.

Breezy and RihRih’s relationship has been fodder for the press since the pair began dating many moons ago, and after “the incident,” things only intensified. So far, the pair have been playing the media, stoking the rumors about a possible reconciliation by exchanging suggestive tweets, teaming up for a racy song, and shouting each other out .

And it’s worked. But I’m about done with the public fiasco that is ChRihanna. Both have had their own public tantrums, both have made mistakes, and both seem like they can use a few heavy doses of maturity.

While they party it up, dropping foolish Instagram pictures and racking up more tattoos than Lil Wayne on an ink binge, I need them both to have a seat, grow up the hell up, and decide to leave each other alone from here on out.

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  • Lady P

    #neaux1currrrr ~ Please help me with this! LOL

  • http://theuptownlounge.com Uptown Andrea Brown

    I keep silently praying that people will ignore their attention seeking antics. I feel like we bring this on ourselves… Think about it: these two made headlines today for unfollowing each other on twitter. Why? B/C ppl seem to be so invested in the relationship of ppl they dont know. That just sounds crazy to me.

  • andryce76

    Please all this is nothing but a publicity stunt
    Im sure they have something to promote
    Just ignore them

  • iQgraphics

    But um, after listening to that track above a coupla times.
    Its quite


    and isn’t it about the music at the end of the day….
    or shouldn’t it be.

  • http://www.myblackfriendsays.com myblackfriendsays


    I am also old.

  • TK

    neaux = no
    1 = one
    currrrr = care

    So, no one cares.

    They both love the attention and the limelight, that’s obvious. Both of them probably really do need some help, or just some time alone without the distractions of fame to focus on themselves, and what they value in life.

  • Mmm..

    Another name for all of this fiasco is built up sexual frustration. Once they get that out the way, all this nonsense will pass.

    They need to do the remake of “Is it still good to Ya?” Ashford and Simpson, right?

    Too funny..

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  • gmarie

    a couple of things.

    lol @ people permanently attaching celebrities to each other long after they’ve dated and separated. Rihanna is not the only celebrity he’s been with, she’s just the one everyone wants his romantic life to be about…for the rest of his life

    it’s only a public fiasco because we the people pay so much attention to it. instead of enjoying the music we’re always listening for secret messages and stalking their next moves.

    yes, it’s juvenile but…they are young. our expectations of celebrities are way too high, especially at their age. this is no different from a number of personal relationships we’ve witnessed at some point in our lives..either from the sideline or as an acting participant. let them live and sort it out, if there is even anything to be sorted out

  • http://www.clutchmagonline.com Britni Danielle

    Thanks TK! I knew what “neaux” was…but I was thrown by “currr” lol.


    ~britni d.

  • iQgraphics

    it’s no one cares

    You’re not old.

    You use all english words to convey a thought or all french to convey another… or all numbers to solve a mathematical equation.

    You’re just fine.

  • Insight

    No one cares? maybe?

  • binks

    Agreed! Maybe I’ am in a hood mood but I like the track…shrugs. As for these two personal lives I could really care less…what they do or don’t do or how they act, it doesn’t affect me or warrant me to response on what they should or shouldn’t be doing.

  • apple

    so much SHADE, its night time in here!
    but your dream didn’t have anything to do with this huh ? *side eye*

  • iQgraphics

    I didn’t know about it and I wasn’t there….
    I swear!

  • oknow

    um, y did she assume he was talking about her.. it’s her assumption..

  • Mocha

    IF these subliminal accusations are true..I think it’s a learning experience for Chris and Rihanna. For Chris, learn to either deal with one chick at a time (exclusive of course) OR accpet the BS wrath that comes with lying and cheating. For Rihanna, hopefully she has learned how to move on and not look back. I love Rihanna, lol! But I hope she learns to keep her mouth shut. One thing she could learn from B, is to not comment on stuff like this. When CB came out with his song, I wouldn’t have said a THING! That comes with maturity though…can’t expect these young bucks to be like that right out the gate. Give them some time…hopefully everything will come full circle and they will conduct themselves better. Or at least learn to hide their feelings better in public, lol!

  • Mocha

    Oh yeah! And my girl Rihanna aint no Heaux either! lol! Drake and CB have a NERVE!! Drake stay thirsty for stripper chicks and CB freaked off with a bunch of chicks too before he got with Kock-a-mammy (whatever her name is). Rihanna is SINGLE and doing HER! Men hate to see a woman doing her thing and not caring, lol! But that’s what you do when your young, no kids, and no man..you do what you want to do..IF you can..

  • GigiT

    For some reason I thought he might have been referencing Draya from BBW LA since they dated for a spell. Who knows. *shrugs*

  • lostluv224

    We’ve all done petty stuff with our ex’s (don’t deny it lol) its apart of growing up.

    I think we forget how young they are because they lead such a fast lifestyle.

  • Whatever


  • Whatever

    They’re young and growing up in the spotlight. Hopefully, they will learn. As GigiT said, he could have easily been talking about Draya.

  • apple

    Straight up Sid and Nancy with that. I would say Rihanna got the unicorn p*ssy the way Chris be stunning but since she still thristy after him imma call this star crossed lovers, doomed by fate (see how I just got deep on you? Didn’t know I knew literature hmm)

  • iQgraphics

    apple bottoms,
    i could not get past “unicorn p*ssy” without a tear forming in the corner of my eye.

  • http:www.chicnoirhouse.blogspot.com Chic Noir

    I would say Rihanna got the unicorn p*ssy


  • La ja

    After reading the lyric again, it could very possibly be DRAYA.

  • La ja

    I think so too

  • http:www.chicnoirhouse.blogspot.com Chic Noir

    These two are so sad. Whoever called them Sid&Nancy deserves a gold star.

    The sad part is, so many teenagers follow these two. This is not a healthy example of what young love is suppose to be about. What makes it worse is the number of teens who follow Chris&Rihanna, come out of broken homes so their parents haven’t given then a healthy relationship to use as a model.

  • The Taker


  • Beauty

    Cracks me up that THIS is what finally gets her upset!

  • E.M.S.

    I’m tired of both of them pretending to be bad assess when in reality they’re just your typical celebs throwing tantrums. I wish they’d both disappear off the internet.

  • H

    You are too right. These two have some screws loose. She seems determined to go the way of Anna Nicole Smith. Or maybe this is her Britney moment, and next, she will shave her whole head.

  • Mr. Man

    Here today gone tomorrow, this too will pass…

  • isolde

    I’m curious as to what Rihanna did wrong here? So standing up for yourself and unfollowing the dude that may have slut shamed you on wax is childish now? Once again, Rihanna deserves to be blamed for Chris Brown’s bad behavior? Chris Brown is the one who recorded this track, not Rihanna, and last I checked, he didn’t consult her before doing it. This isn’t the “Birthday Cake” remix, where she extended him the olive branch, risking her own career in the interest of reconciliation. Unless CB is really stupid, then the thought crossed his mind that people would associate his verse on the Theraflu remix with Rihanna, but he recorded it anyway, and he did this after Rihanna did him a huge solid by letting him record with her. If you found out that someone who you thought you were cool with was spreading malicious rumors about you, you would probably do the same. Unfollowing him on twitter WAS the mature thing for Rihanna to do in this situation.

  • Yb


  • Elle Michelle

    I’m thinking the “n” word.

  • Opinion

    Hmm, DRAMA between Rihanna and Breezy JUST IN TIME for her BIG MOVIE PREMIERE next week…I am not typically one for conspiracy theories, but the timing is too coincidental…the last time they made headlines the both had albums coming out…Battleship comes out on 5/18, could be just coincidence or could be GREAT MARKETING! IJS

  • SB

    I’m sure Chris Brown was talking about DREA!! Yall forgot he did, date other chicks after Rihanna. Drea has definitely been AROUND…like he said, people are making assumptions.

  • Alexandra

    It’s only childish because she doesn’t even know who he was referencing. All she did was expose herself as possibly being guilty of what he said. But she still has every right to defend herself if she felt attacked. Besides, the public relationship he is most known for is that with Rihanna. So naturally any lyrics he has pertaining to any ex-girlfriends, will be linked to her. I’m not sure why he didn’t think of that before he recorded it :-/

    I think Rihanna needs to learn to ignore. She lets her fans/followers rile her up easily.

  • isolde

    “All she did was expose herself as possibly being guilty of what he said.”


    So, by your logic, if I’m one of your former significant others and I do a song referring to one of my exes as a “ninja”, and you protest, then you’re guilty of exposing yourself as a “ninja.” Because if you weren’t really a “ninja,” then you wouldn’t have protested, right? Or better yet, I’ll do you one better. Suppose I accuse someone on this site, whose screen name begins with a vowel, of being a dim “ninja.” Now, why don’t you expose yourself of possibly being guilty of what I said by replying to me.

  • Peyton

    Let the church say….AMEN!!!

  • kai


  • DollB

    wow!!! I didn’t think of that!! I did think why as a society are we soooooo consumed with the actions of celebrities. This morning after listening to the radio and hearing about this for the 2nd time this morning, I thought “now why did they take to tweeter, when I’m probably sure they have each other’s cell number… why put that out there for everyone to see and speculate?” Opinion, I didn’t realize her movie is coming out soon… You are a genuis and this why I try to not get so caught up in celeb’s nonsense. I got my own nonsense to keep up with :-(

  • hehe

    Her movie comes out 7 days from now, do you really think people’s attention spans is that long that they will remember her unfollowing Chris Brown? Plus exactly how is this helping her selling tickets? Rihanna doesn’t need a stunt like this to stay relevant.

  • T

    Riiiiiight andthis trumps the non stop interviewing and promoting she and the cast have been doing….sure

  • Muffy

    The stupid media and public need to grow the hell up. No one knows why they are no longer twitter friends. The only ones who are claiming the lyrics are about her are you fools. I never knew everyone who raps over a popular beat is always talking about someone they know. Hell, he could be making fun of Kim Kardashian who is the subject of the original. I guess every Lil’ Wayne lyric is about his ex wife. Chris and Rihanna have been over since ’09, but neither one cannot do anything without people claiming it’s about the other. When Rihanna did her WFL video, everyone was claiming it was about her and Chris. She dated other people. She also has been around other people’s relationships. Matt Kemp must be really happy because no one cares about his past relationship with Rihanna.

  • Muffy

    Since they have not dated since 2009. He dated other people.

  • Muffy

    Typo fixed: They have not dated since 2009.

  • Muffy

    Great commnts, gmarie.

  • Dee

    It’s Chris Brown and Rhianna! Nothing they do makes any sense to me first of all. The whole “cake” song could easily be an “assumption” specifically the line “betta than a rice cake” could easliy be directed at Chris’ new girlfriend. I think when the writer suggests that they both grow up the point is to grow up and learn how to communicate your personal issues with the person involved. Obviously Rhianna has moved on from the past (kudos to her because that could not be me) and all is forgiven but you have an issue with lyrics of a song that could or could not be directed at you? A man basically punched your face off of your body and then took a couple bites outta you but it’s an ominous song lyric that gets you up in arms and on a public twitter rant? Girl stop. If they are twitter friends now or not is a non issue. Honestly I dont think many people care like that anyway.

  • Louisiana_born

    #neaux1currrrr…It does mean “no one care”

    I’m from Louisiana, and it seems as if -eaux is added onto everything because of French influence.

  • Kristen

    Britni, neaux1currrrr = no one cares…as in don’t neux1currrrrrrrrrrrr about Rihanna and Chris Brown’s simple asses.

  • http://gravatar.com/ninagiovanni ninagiovanni

    I’m curious how two people who claim what goes on in their relationships is their business , yet they air their dirty laundry on twitter. Than cut to 2012 they are officially a couple again “stated to the first comment”. If she really has respect for herself she would run as far away from him as she can. Not go on open and cry about how she loves and misses him while he’s with another women. Silly ho, tricks are for kids! These two deserve one another in hell! I’m so tired of them I wish they fade into darkness like the rest of the no talents.

  • http://gravatar.com/ninagiovanni ninagiovanni

    How are we idiots when they are on a public site spewing their business. STFU AND STFD! Adults are speaking.

  • http://gravatar.com/ninagiovanni ninagiovanni

    Yes she should be blamed. A dude assaulted you and left you to fend for yourself and your publicly declaring your love for the SOB! Yes he should not be the only person blamed or made into a monster. She is equally to blame for the situation cause she continues to put herself in one with him. 2012 Officially back together posting shit on instagram,.

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