Coming Soon: C+C PhotoShoots – Lights… Camera… Action… It’s a Photoshoot!!! Coming soon, Coco & Creme will be launching our own original images and spreads. Wanna see exactly how to achieve that red-carpet makeup look we featured?! We’ll show you. Need a visual for that Spring fashion trend we were raving about?! We got you. Sit tight, Clutchettes, it’s all coming your way very soon! (Continue Reading…)

Are We Over Pregnant Celebs Posing Naked? – We can’t say for certain if Demi Moore was the absolute first pregnant celebrity to pose nude on the cover of a major magazine, but ever since her famous Vanity Fair spread 21 years ago, every expectant celebrity mother has attempted to recreate the unabashed motherly glow she demonstrated in 1991, and frankly it’s getting a tad old. What’s not tired is what the nude pregnant photos stand for. Not many women are comfortable posing nude period, let alone when they are carrying more weight because they are also carrying a child. That type of confidence could never expire. (Continue Reading…)

Do You Tan? – We know skin tone is a big deal for women of color so as the sun’s rays begin to heat up and beam down this coming season, some of us have a tendency to either duck and run for cover or lather on the baby oil to get nice and toasty—neither of which are particularly healthy. (Continue Reading…)

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Coming Soon: C+C PhotoShoots