Trayvoning: This Trend Has to Stop

by Brande Victorian

No matter what side of the fence people stand on regarding George Zimmerman’s guilt or innocence in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, I thought there was one thing that was understood across the board: His death was a tragedy. That obviously isn’t the case from a new trend that’s popped up on the web mocking the 17-year-old’s murder.

Following in the footsteps of other ridiculous pose trends like planking and owling is the most disturbing and disrespectful of them all: Trayvoning. Photos have surfaced on the Internet of teenagers—all white from what I’ve seen so far—laying on the ground in hoodies as though they’re dead with a can of iced tea in one hand and a bag of skittles in the other, mocking the items the slain teenager purchased from a corner store minutes before he was shot and killed.

What’s even more disturbing is there are Trayvoning Facebook pages where these individuals are posting their pictures and asking people to share and like the page to increase its popularity. So far, there are only 24 likes on one and 67 on the other, but that’s still 91 too many. On one page it’s clear from the comments that the participants think this is a fun and cool thing to do, the other seems to have a backward goal of raising awareness which really isn’t warranted at this point and definitely can’t be achieved in this way. I can’t think of anyone’s murder—black or white—that has ever been mocked in such a disrespectful way and this act is just further proof that it’s impossible for America to see a black boy as a victim. I get that social media sort of changes the sensitivity rules in some ways but we’re still talking about a death and I highly doubt any of these people were rallying in their cities or pushing for charges to be brought against Zimmerman. They’re trying to make a joke out of something tragic and it’s just not funny. I personally reported these pages on Facebook and anyone who comes across them should too. We can’t stop these fools from posing and taking pictures but we can stop it from spreading on social media.

Here are a couple of the pages to submit to the Facebook team:


  • Deee

    This is disgusting. Idk if people have been desensitized by the media or what, but I really can’t believe this. I don’t care who’s side you’re on, someone lost their life and there are people mocking that? How pathetic.

  • Renee

    all these children need to be spanked and told to stand in a corner.

    this is just foolishness and immaturity, ugh.

  • Sasha

    This is so shameful.

  • Anon

    Report the sites to Facebook.

  • TrAyVoNz GhOsT

    I think that this is really funny and is bringing a lighter side to a tragedy and is also making a mockery of planking and owling.

  •!/clnmike Tonton Michel

    Poor taste but not surprised…..

  • Isis

    Just awful

  • Brittany

    I think the whole thing is distasteful and truly terrible. I don’t know much about the whole ordeal besides what I’ve been able to find on a couple of news websites, but it doesn’t matter. The death of a 17-year-old boy (or anyone for that matter) is not something to make a mockery of.

    I would like the people taking part in this stupid fad to think about this for a second: What if it was your brother, or father, or best friend, who had just died and people around the nation were turning it into a joke. THAT is why I despise Trayvoning. I think of it from that perspective, and I think other people should do the same before they post something so tasteless.

  • binks

    Wow…people are sinking to a new low everyday…smh

  • Boobinator

    I thought it was hilarious. Especially when the image was taken. It’s not meant to be disrespectful, just funny. It’s not racist, it’s not mean. Stop being so uptight, get the sand out of your vaginas, and learn to laugh. Hell, even Trayvon’s Ghost thought it was funny!

  • apple

    Go to hell I hope your mother dies

  • Yb

    White people don’t see people of color as living breathing humans so when we die, it doesn’t register to them that an actual human being has died, just that a black is dead. Their racism fehumanises us and desensitises our death, and as a result I have began to feel the exact same way about white people.

  • Yb

    *dehumanises us and strips us of our humanity

  • Kam

    ‘…as a result I have began to feel the exact same way about white people.”

    I think I have unfortunately stepped far over that threshold. But I try to focus by not worrying about them as much as I worry about my own community.

  • arlette

    @TrAyVoNzGhOsT wtf?
    you are a disgusting stupid human being.

  • pandabooty

    you are a disgrace and not even worthy of the title human. you are a sub-human piece of racist trash that needs to be disposed of permanently.

  • Lexi

    Funny how people accuse the “trayvoners” of being amoral and dehumanizing, then Trayvon’s ghost shows up and you do just as bad to him, even worse, than people spreading these images. For shame.

    Also, pandabooty? Really? You can never have your comments taken seriously.

  • Lexi

    Reacting with hate to what you see as hateful is not going to achieve change. You just end up with more people looking silly on the internet (yes you, my fellow commenters. Especially you, pandabooty. what an unfortunate name)

    A note to the writer: Ice-T is a respected rapper/actor, please let him out of the can. I think you meant iced tea, tea which has been made cold. Verb in the past tense.

  • Lexi

    Another thing, writer.
    “teenagers – all white from what I’ve seen so far”

    This quote is from your article. Do you really have to make it about race? Because I’m sure those “white teenagers” didn’t have that intention. Stop fueling the hatred with More Ignorance.

    Ps: first white teenager pictured is actually a man in his late 20s. I should know, I’m an anthropologist.
    The third white teenager pictured doesn’t appear to fit into your typical social construct of the white race. Again, I’m an anthropologist, I got this. Did he go tanning with that crazy new jersey mother?

  • edub

    really, apple? completely uncalled for.

  • PhDiva

    LOL @ Lexi…I’m not anthropologist, but it is my understanding that when FORENSIC anthropologists estimate age, they typically are able to estimate based on various bone measurements. Again, I’m no anthropologist, but it would seem that one would a) actually have to see the bones (minus the skin) b) measure the bones in order to estimate a person’s age. Apparently, though, I am wrong and you have some specialized type of software or something that can estimate a person’s age based on a picture of them lying down. Am I correct?

    Also, while I am not an anthropologist I am a psychologist and your comments (and many of your comments on other stories) leads me to believe that you may have some self-acceptance issues. Now, this is solely based on some of your comments that I’ve read so I may be totally off base. If this is the case, no need to respond to me because the proof is in the pudding. What you can do instead is google Implicit Association Test (which measure implicit racial biases) and take it. It only takes about 15 minutes and is a visual task so it doesn’t ask any personal questions. In the case that you take the test and you have a preference for Black people then as I said earlier I am totally off base. However, if you find that you have a preference for White people please respond so that we can find someone in your area who can help you.

  • Birnom

    Kids. They dont know any better. Its dumb and ignorant and i blame the U.S school system and teachers

  • dvine

    oh the ignorant


    What are these people ignorant about?

  • H

    Not surprised. Some guy is selling Trayvon shooting targets online. They sold out. It’s truly disgusting. Some white people go on and on about how black people are the most racist, and I know some black people still have antipathy towards white people for what happened in the past, but by being on the Internet for the past couple of years and seeing comments from this whole Trayvon incident, I know that is far from the truth. White people are just as racist. They simply voice their hatred anonymously online whereas black people feel they have a right to voice it out loud in person. They love to make “jokes” that supposedly aren’t racist. When we get offended, we’re being uptight.

    I don’t see awareness in these photos. They simply think a dead black teen is funny. The boobinator thinks it’s funny. I already know why. They tell us when we’re offended to loosen up. Black people who aren’t offended are probably the same black people who have no problem with others calling them the n-word. They probably think blackface is funny too. Human beings are sinking to a new low. People who think like they do are the reason that genocides, slavery, and wars happen.

  • Whiskey Disciple

    Ohohohoho you have got to be kidding me. Unlike the author of this article, I’m going to sum up what needs to be said without paragraph after paragraph of self righteous explanations:
    1) its the internet. If this picture bothers you, guaranteed there are thousands of pictures and comments out there that will really get your panties in a bunch. This is tame.
    2)By writing this article you think you are slaying somr immorality beast, when in fact you are giving these pictures more attention. So.. thanks.
    3) this article was more about telling the world you reported Facebook pages. Well.. good job? Your smallest concern is Facebook.

  • I took the top picture

    If you don’t like it or it offends you… Well good. You’re perfect little world isn’t so perfect. Us people with ‘bad taste’ greatly outnumber you moralfags. Either ignore it or well just ignore it because no one cares what you have to say.

    Also, author of the article… You used my picture without my permission. Please take it down. Thanks!

  • Boobinator

    Apple. What you said to me is more rude than the entire Trayvoning picture. You want my mom to die? Here. Use this kitchen knife and put it through her chest yourself. But I’ll guarantee you this: Do it, and I will find you. And I will make you hurt. Thanks, though, edub. You’re cool by me, bro.

  • Kevin

    I love how this author says only white kids are doing it but yet posts a picture of a black kid in fact “trayvoning” another ignorant fool feeding the race hate…..a hole!

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    That kid is not black……..

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  • Erik

    I live in S. Florida. This is NOT right. My friends and I have reported these links to Facebook. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

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  • am

    Trayvoning: This Trend Has to Stop. What a load of political correctness bull. Murder and getting away with it. This is the trend has to stop! I say: keep on Trayvoning until the need for it dissapears. But dont hold your breath.

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