Since publishing his bestselling book Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man, Steve Harvey has had a lot of ish to say about women and relationships. While many have brushed his advice off as the rantings of a comedian whose had many failed relationships, others have embraced his “common sense” wisdom.  But a new video, coming on the heels of Think Like A Man’s successful theatrical release, reminds us of the crazy things Harvey has said over the years.

After her mother asked why she hated Steve Harvey so much, Jasmine Suntrell decides to make a video using the game show host’s words against him. What emerged was a scathing critique of the gospel Harvey’s been pedaling for the last few years. The video takes issue with the sexist and homophobic things Harvey has said while he’s been doling out his advice across the country.

Check it out:

What did you think of the video?

  • http://@clnmike Tonton Michel

    Mean while in another part of the world Steve Harvey laughs uncontrollably watching the video as he sits down on a mountain of cash waiting for the Brinks truck to pick him up and take him and his cheddar to the bank.

  • Toni

    I think that was the point of this video…folks need to be more conscious of who they give their dollars to. We made this philandering egomaniacal bigot, very rich. Hearing THIS man dole out relationship and morality advice is just laughable…

  • Kesha

    Steve Harvey is an idiot. I don’t know why anyone would take any relationship advice from him. This is why I didn’t go see “Think Like a Man, Act Like a Woman.” How about just calling it “Think Like a Woman, Act Like a Woman, and Don’t Let Any Man Disrespect You” ?

  •!/clnmike Tonton Michel

    Steve Harvey uses a hundred dollar bill to wipe away a tear after hearing your insult.

  • Stephanie

    A friend of mine in the acting world once said to me during a discussion that there are some people in the entertainment industry that we adore, who if we knew what they did behind closed doors we’d never support them. The truth of the matter is that about 90% of those especially in the entertainment industry are the complete opposite of the morals that we declare to have. You can’t just pinpoint one person. When you go to the movies, you support an entire cast and you have no idea how they really feel about you.

  • thinkpink

    I may be one of the few women that isn’t anti steve harvey. Has he made a lot of money giving out relationship advice? Yes but many men have before him and will continue to do so after. I’m still confused as to why this one man’s “bad” relationship advice is targeted so heavily when he is just repeating what other men have stated (in print) before. Do I like everything he says? No. But I can hear or not hear his perspective without throwing daggers in his direction everytime a post is written about him.

  • Val

    Steve Harvey is nothing but a prosperity pimp. You watch, very soon he’s going to become a preacher. And then he’ll really get rich.

  • Jai

    Why doesn’t he talk about all the black men that are killing each other?

  • Chic Noir


    For the same reasons some brothers raised hell when Obama told them to do their part and to take care of their familes.

  • Tia


  • huh?

    I like Steve Harvey as a entertainer. Obviously I don’t know him personally so I don’t have opionion on his personal character. I loved the book. I loved the movie as well. His advice is helpful, but not absolute. Take it or leave it. It’s not that serious. Next…

  • huh?


  • jamesfrmphilly

    harvey is really dumb. harvey is really rich.
    says something about the rest of us doesn’t it.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    harvey is really dumb. harvey is really rich.
    says something about the rest of us doesn’t it.

  •!/clnmike Tonton Michel

    Steve Harvey approves this message.

  •!/clnmike Tonton Michel

    Steve Harvey cares not for your flippant remark.

  •!/clnmike Tonton Michel

    Steve Harvey says “because I can make more money off of you ‘females’ than I can off the brothas, they dont read”.

  • H

    I don’t think men only become your friend in the hopes that you will be with them. I think that they are your friend, but they also notice that you’re attractive and would like to be with you. I hate when guys say that because it sounds like they think women have nothing interesting to say, so they only want female companionship in a romantic way.

    Maybe I’m being naive. Are there any guys out there? What do you think about the male/female friendship? Is it that you only befriend in the hopes of a romantic relationship? Or is it a genuine friendship, but you would like a relationship? Or is it just possible to be friends with no relationship thoughts?

  • DivaHunni

    I don’t really understand the point of this video. I actually agree with him on most of what he said. That’s not because I read (and enjoyed) his book, but because of what life experiences (plus my own father and 3 brothers) have taught me. When I read “Act Like a Woman, Think Like a Man” I nodded in approval 99% of the time. It was actually confirmed things that I have known to be true since long before he came along. But if you don’t agree, fine… Move on. What’s the big deal?

  • Chic Noir


    I’m not shocked you’re acting like a Steve Harvey stan.

    That Easter Sunday zoot suit you had in your gravatar was clearly a inspired by Steve Harvey’s days as host of Showtime at the Apollo :)

  •!/clnmike Tonton Michel

    Steve Harvey wants to know what the hell does this have to do with the article.

  •!/clnmike Tonton Michel

    Steve Harvey says “Gold Star for you!”

  • Jazmine

    My sentiments exactly Tonton!

  •!/clnmike Tonton Michel

    Steve Harvey says “Men respect standards- get some!”

  • Dreaming

    [Shaking My Head] – Steve Harvey is a fool.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    you actually read that ish?

  • Glazed’

    Why is everyone so pressed on this man. If you don’t like the movie or book keep it moving. He didn’t just upright give women advice on dating. The women ASKED him for advice on the radio. Most women are always asking men for opinions on how to find or keep a man. He responded and turned it into a business which is impressive. So, some of you may not care to read the book or see the movie (don’t believe) but there are millions of women who do that’s why it has become so successful. Address the women who are asking him for his opinion instead of bashing him.

  • H

    @Tonton Michel Lol. That’s funny. I think most celebrities would rather keep their mouths shut rather than tick off supporters.

  • Chic Noir


    Are you addressing moi?

  • binks

    Agreed sis! Steve Harvey’s advice is basically a woman’s guide on how to attract neanderthals. His views are really outdated and leaves no wiggle room, why people listen to him, especially on his morning show during the “strawberry’s letter” piece I have no idea.

  • I got sense!

    Steve Harvey is an asshole and has been for a long time. I stopped supporting him way before he started giving relationship advice. I didn’t see the movie because I don’t support him or Chris brown. If black people actually cared about where their money went our entire population would be doing much better. I see no point in throwing stones at this idiot. He will continue to talk as long as there is a woman to listen. My question is, has he done any follow up studies, polls, or surveys of all the women who took his advice to see if their love lives have improved?

  • BlackWomen&GirlsNeedLoveToo

    I would really like to find a blog/forum on the internet SOMEWHERE where neither anti-Black female comments nor comments supporting anti-Black female racists are allowed.

    The search continues…………………….

  • Terri


    I love you for this!!!! Yes!!! I concur.

  • Dreaming

    Yea, sis. I couldn’t even finish watching the video because of that mess he was spewing.

  • Shannon

    Steve Harvey is a COMEDIAN. Why are yall taking his OPINIONS so seriously? It is just that, an OPINION. Just like I have opinions, just like everyone else has opinions. He is not a proclaimed or accredited psychologist, so I honestly don’t understand why some people are so mad. It’s actually kind of funny to me. I would never take Steve Harvey’s relationship advice and I’ve been saying that for years; I mean the man is on his third marriage… hellooo lol. However I did go see the movie, because he is a comedian and I wanted a laugh… mission accomplished; mostly due in part to Kevin Hart, yet another celebrity some have a problem with when it comes to his opinions on relationships, but who cares? Come on yall we’ve got to quit putting so much stake into these celebrities

  • Whatever


  • Whatever

    Exactly. It really is NOT that serious. He wrote a book based on topics women talk about ALL the time. We discuss many of theme here in the comment section. Why is everyone acting like he asked to be called God?

    Whatever happened to not worshiping false idols? Stop holding these celebrities to such high standards because the ones you love may be the most rotten. You have articles on here with people swearing up and down for people they do not know and never will know… He is not perfect, he wrote a book, it was successful, a film was based off of it, it was also successful, The End.

  • Whatever

    Exactly. It really is NOT that serious. He wrote a book based on topics women talk about ALL the time. We discuss many of them here in the comment section. Why is everyone acting like he asked to be called God?

    Whatever happened to not worshiping false idols? Stop holding these celebrities to such high standards because the ones you love may be the most rotten. You have articles on here with people swearing up and down for people they do not know and never will know… He is not perfect, he wrote a book, it was successful, a film was based off of it, it was also successful, The End.

  • Whatever

    I agree. Also people take advice from Oprah on everything and act like she speaks the word of God. Mothers and married women take advice from a woman who is unmarried with no children. To me that is just as bad as listening to Steve Harvey. These people are all out to entertain and make money… why people are getting so emotional is such a puzzle to me.

  • BlackWomen&GirlsNeedLoveToo

    This post is the very picture of Black female self-hate. If it is written by a Black female that is. Some of these posts on here are so dripping with anti-Black female hatred & contempt that sometimes it is really hard for me to believe that a Black female wrote them. I think a lot of these comments could be coming from people who Black males or White/non-Black females. But if this post is in fact from a Black female, then Black female self-hatred is worse than I thought it was, which is scary.

    When you have to not care about yourself/throw yourself under the bus in a vain attempt to make a certain group love you, what does that say about that group?


  • NY’s Finest

    Seriously, who the f**k is taking relationship advice from this idiot?

  • NY’s Finest

    When someone is disrespecting black women I care, and I will not take my hard earned money to make that person who doesn’t even like me or people like me richer. So to you it’s just comedy and entertainment, but it’s so much deeper than that.

  • The Comment

    Steve Harvey, Sheri Shephard, Beyonce (journalism award???)

    Rise of the dumb negro.

  • Socially Maladjusted

    Never had much time for Steve Harvey, but if this is supposed to make the man look bad then it’s a massive fail.

    The man seems to be brilliant at his job –

    which is to chat fluffy shit for two minutes, to other people who chat shit, for the amusement of people who watch shit.

  • QueenOfCastle


    Why do you constantly throw non black women under the bus? What have they ever done to you? What have they ever done to black women/girls?

  • QueenOfCastle


    Well he must be doing something right. Both black men and women hate him.

  • Socially Maladjusted


    I don’t they hate steve harvey per se, I think they hate the dumbed down trash he and others and like him represent,

    I think that’s a good thing – nigros is finally gettin some -

    depth. (I hope)

    next stop is -

    we’re going to pull the plug on all mainstream media and build a massive wall to keep it out.

  • itsapain

    Sorry, I did not see the homophobic, sexist, nor rape innuendo. Im a woman and before marriage, I had discussions with men who expressed the same things as Steve. As women we may not agree nor like it, but the truth is the truth. Men think differently, period. People, not just men, will treat you the way you let them.

    Im not a fan of his book because I believe women say they want a good man but deal with idiots without moral fiber. Good men are out there. Date them. If you want to marry… date decent, respectable men who value marriage and who want marriage as their goal. Date men on your page. And stop having kids OOW, many men dont want to raise another man’s kids.. Good men wife women on their page. Unlike too many women who will hook up with a deadbeat, falling for his lines hoping he will man up.

  • char

    It’s not that I hate him, it’s just that I marvel at the fact people want to take advice from him.

    Then I start wondering can I dupe people the way he can?

    I swear people will give money to ‘gurus’ and ‘pastors’ and since I kinda sorta do believe in a higher power and do not want to offend i guess the guru path is next on my list of ways to make that paper. lotto ain’t workin so hey.

  • Al Greene

    Sounds like biz as usual for black folks. As long as he has money, he can be an idiot? I don’t think we as black folk can be close minded anymore. How can we still discriminate against gays or those believing in other gods or none at all? How many folk who think Steve is cool cause he got a ill bit of change even know who Neil degrasse Tyson is? Wake up. Steve left his wife for his mistress, went into court and left her homeless, penniless, and she can’t see her son. Getting relationship or any advice from Steve is like letting the homeless tell u how to get rich.

  • Aza Ma’at

    Not knocking his advice, his books, or the movie but I DO NOT agree with anything he is saying in this particular video. He sounds like a 4th grader trying to explain something he overheard an adult say. I respect this Brotha and give him all of his props because he took his thoughts and made millions$$$ all based off of HIS perceptions. But Steve needs to get it to and gether before his gets on TV/Radio and discusses “moral barometers” and such (^_^)

  • Patti

    really have we sunk so low that we need relationship advice from Steve Harvey? Really? I don’t think Steve Harvey should be helping me do anything. He barely helps me to laugh.

  • LN

    I was too embarrassed for Steve Harvey to even get through the end of this video. Him calling atheists “idiots” on the Joy Behar show is as far as I could get. This is cringe worthy.

    The last time I paid attention to Steve Harvey was when he was starring in the Steve Harvey show. That was my joint in high school :)

  • mahogany

    @ Chic Noir, You had ROTF w/ the Steve Harvey suit joke.
    @ Tonton, si tu aimes Steve c’est pas un probleme mais les autres ont le droit de donner leur avis.

  • Queen

    Why do we even need to “Think like a Man”? I don’t see relationship advice being marketed to women of other colors. It’s like the world assumes that Black women need some sort of equation to help them find a man. You see this in other publications as well.. how to keep your man…how to get married.. blah…blah…blah..

  • mahogany

    That’s what I’m waiting on as well. Where are these women that follow his advice and what were the results if any? I’ll wait….

  • NYCChica

    I think he has a problem turning off the “comedian” crowd-pleasing entertainer side of him when giving interviews. I’m happy for his success and used to laugh out loud at “Mr. Hightower” but giving serious advise to real life issues and being CONSISTENT with it seems not to be his best act yet.

  • Tami

    I don’t understand where all the hatred is coming from. Steve Harvey is a man with an opinion. I read his book, agreed with most of it. I loved the movie. Even agreed with some parts in the video…But for folks to call the man an idiot? I wish I were in his shoes making millions of dollars. I’m be a laughing idiot on my way to the bank to deposit my funny cash, while living out my dreams.

  • Muse

    Ok, so it’s looking like I’m the only black woman that I know who doesn’t hate Steve Harvey or his book. Steve Harvey is a COMEDIAN. Why are so many women taking his OPINIONS so seriously? (Keyword: opinion) The man tells jokes for a living and wore a lacefront for years! It ain’t that deep! I don’t remember white women verbally castrating the author of “He’s Just Not That Into to You”, Greg Behrendt. He’s a recovering alcholic AND a comedian. Why does he get a pass and not Steve Harvey???

    Instead of ALWAYS bringing up Steve’s failed marriages, why not mention his NATIONWIDE mentoring camps for young black boys?? Can we direct all this energy towards the Lil Waynes and Tygas of rap? Because unlike Steve Harvey and his book, those coons and their music have become the COMMERCIAL for black Americans around the world. Not Steve Harvey.

    I’m an educated black women with bougie tendencies (or so I’ve been told) but this whole “I’m too educated/bougie/good/ etc” for Beyonce, Tyler Perry, Steve Harvey and any other black man that has an opinion about black women (again keyword: OPINION) is EXHAUSTING. Sometimes my brian needs a break, dammit! Can we talk about something else? PLEASE???

  • Dreaming


  • Rastaman

    Steve Harvey is us. Everyone is claiming he represents something and someone other than them but his success is proof that he is a representative of us. Many of the things he says about men, women and relationships are some if not all of what many of us grew up hearing from others.
    There is a crisis in male/female relationships in this society, our experiences inform us of that crisis, Steve Harvey offer many a simple elixir to solve these problems. It is a witches’ brew of common sense and nonsense but it works because it re-affirms so much of what many of the fans already believe or thinks make sense. Harvey in his book proposes for women to embrace a process that treats all men as the same and in that philosophy his process only fails because that man is not a “Man”, i.e gay, religious or a chauvinist.

    I think people are offended because they see themselves and those they interact with as outside the simple relationship tropes that Steve Harvey presents. If you are, you are probably not the intended audience so stop being so incensed. You are probably not a fan of Tyler Perry or find mega church preachers all that appealing but the formula for all their success is the same. Provide a simple connect the dot approach to success, too bad if you don’t want to go where the dots lead.

  • Yeahright2011

    “Educated” = tuition paid and 2.0 GPA. Cut the games chick, its getting old.

  • Yeahright2011

    Being called “idiot” for being an Atheist ain’t a problem for me. You should see what I call Christians and Muslims.

  • Muse

    no, actually it means a 3.7 GPA while working my way through college with a child. It also means I don’t use my degree to demean and judge others especially people i don’t know, jackass. And yes, I know calling you a jackass is VERY uneducated of me but I just call it like I see it.


  • Fatima

    Tonton Michel tu es si drôle!! I’m dying here @ the hundred dollar bill!

  • D.L.

    Actually, I find that a lot of what Steve says is pretty on point. I know some dudes may not like the fact that he’s putting it out there like he is with the book and all, but he’s not wrong.

  • D.L.

    You make a lot of sense. A lot of what Steve says is stuff that we’ve heard before, but he just put it in a book. The part about men and sports…that is spot on true. Most men do not want to have to explain a sport when they are trying to watch and enjoy it. The part about men looking for shallow or dumb women…that’s true too. Like he said, trying to run game on a smart woman will not work, so if that’s all you want to do, you need to find a shallow woman who will accept your BS.

  • Shell

    With all that education your still a kool aid drinker. It not as simple as saying “he a comdian” “its funny, its jokes”. its clearly not. he is passing off his “wisdom” as sound advise and all the other kool aid drinkers are drinking this up and reading this book like some sort of twisted bible. Steve Harvey claims to be a man of god, a “saved” christian but, yet having pre martial sex (clearly agianst biblical laws) is ok, according to him as long as you wait 90 days…this is the same man who has cheated on every wife he has had…but i guess thats ok, since according to him its the womans fault why men cheat.

    Whats the difference between Lil Wayne, Tyga and Steve Harvey? Those dumb nigs dont try to come off as some sort of “saved” rightous man. They are ignorant coons and live up to every meaning of that term with no problems.

  • Marq

    I find it curious why so many people have a problem with Steve’s rise in this area. Through his radio show he took hundreds of letters of women complaining about their trifling situations with men and he gave them common sense answers from a male perspective. As a result, his “Strawberry Letter 23” blew up. Well one day, he got a bright idea and decided to write a book that once again brought a (un)common sense approach to how men think. It blew up as well because apparently many women are clueless to how a man thinks.

    “Think Like a Man” is not Steve telling women to literally think like men from now on. A woman thinking like a man all the way to the bone would be a major turn off! It’s telling women to understand how men think so you can avoid getting played by men who are not serious about settling down.

    It’s funny how so many women disagree with his advice (though apparently through his success many more otherwise agree) that is pretty much consistent with how the average man is psychologically. I believe if black men would play a more prominent role in the household, his book wouldn’t have blown up because he did not kick any rocket scientific knowledge about us. It wasn’t prolific nor Pulitzer Prize winning material; it was pretty basic stuff when you have been exposed to men’s thoughts.

    Women who generally shake a fist to what he has to say generally miss the point. He has said many times he is not a relationship expert; he’s an expert of men. That’s always his angle. If you want jacked up advice about how a man thinks, go to a woman (and vice versa is true). If you want the real on how a man gets down, speak to a man. He’s blown up because it’s quite obvious that many women have not. Blame society; you can’t blame Steve. As a brotha, I don’t agree to everything he says, but the vast majority of things he said are accurate with how men are. Women, you don’t have to agree, but it’s best you understand…

  • Muse

    @shell – where did I say I took his advice? The main point of my comment was his book and the movie shouldn’t be taken that seriously. I’m sorry but I’m not going to lose sleep because Steve Harvey decided to give relationship advice. If I was truly sipping the “kool aid” I’d jump on the “Hate Steve” bandwagon…kinda like you.

    Clearly the man isn’t a relationship guru and I never said he was. If the book was really that serious, the movie would have been a drama and not a romantic comedy. From what I’ve seen, Steve has been pretty honest about his shortcomings in his past relationships and other areas of his life. And news flash, Christians are sinners too. It’s like the moment someone publicly says they’re a Christian, all their flaws are suddenly scrutinized. Gimme a break.

    When he says think like a man, I am 99.999999% sure he didn’t mean it literally. I took it as him telling women what men are thinking and I didn’t even read the book. Ya’ll act like the title of the book is “Bend Over and Make It Clap Because That’s What Men Want”!!

    As for him being in the same boat as the rappers I mentioned, I disagree. However, you obviously feel differently. Good for you. I’ll still hold on to my opinion. :-)

  • Muse

    agreed 100%

  • purplekeychain

    I still don’t understand why my comment wasn’t posted…


    Steve Harvey makes me SAD. That he is famous, and popular, and rich, makes me ANGRY.

    It’s black men like this, who think they know EVERYTHING, and have a response to EVERYTHING you say, and can’t just say “Hmm, I never thought of it that way,” and are SO INCREDIBLY SMART that they know how to be better women than women do themselves, that turn SO MANY SISTERS away from dating black men altogether (so many doesn’t mean ALL, btw).

    His line of thinking and reasoning is so ignorant and misogynistic, that he gives rappers a run for their money when it comes to hatred of women. He’s one of those people who will say something stupid like “some FEMALES deserve to be called b’s and h’s”.

    But, seriously, what’s his moral barometer?

  • purplekeychain

    “I’m an educated black women with bougie tendencies”

    LMAO! I love people who call themselves “bougie” like it’s some kind of statement of fact about their quality. Hahhahahaa!

  • purplekeychain

    Damn, Shell, you laid it down, especially: …”i guess thats ok, since according to him its the womans fault why men cheat.”

  • Furious Styles

    In other words, Harvey’s success is a barometer of everything that is f*ed up about black male/female relationship conversations already. He’s just a convenient target…a scapegoat.

  • Muse

    “I still don’t understand why my comment wasn’t posted…”

    LMAO, I do. Bwahahaha

  • Furious Styles

    @Queen, actually, there is an entire relationship advice industry/section aimed at women of other colors (or to white women that is supposed to be universal). Just go to Barnes & Noble. So many people have already referred to “He’s just not that into you”. Our problem/situation is not that dire or unique. As long as enough people conform to/believe in the stereotypes on which his advice is based, people will buy. But let’s see where he is later. In five years we will look up and it will be as if he was never there.

  • purplekeychain


  • Yeahright2011

    You know damn well you couldn’t get a 3.7 even if you wrote down. That’s what happens when you write crap like “educated” to qualify your opinion. Payback your loans yet?

  • Beautiful Mic

    What’s your moral barometer? I guess one would have to know that to know whether or not to throw someone some b.s. You gotta know how to compromise their self-respect.

  • tiffany

    If y’all need me, I’ll be sitting over here in the corner mumbling angrily to myself about black folks’ religious bigotry and repeating “not all black heterosexual men are regressive misogynists” over and over again until I believe it.

  • Over It

    @yeahright and his/her 5 other usernames- it’s funny how you all jump on Muse for saying shes educated without acknowledging the rest of her comment. I happen to agree with her whether she has a 2.0 or 4.0 gpa. Why? Because unlike you and your alter egos, she makes sense. And like it or not, so does Steve Harvey’s book. I read it and not once did he put black women down. The whole book was really just a snapshot of what goes on in the minds of men. THAT’S IT! Nothing more, nothing less. If anything, men should be annoyed since they were the ones exposed.

    @muse – girl, don’t pay these miserable fool(s) any mind. you know what they say about arguing with them.

  • Yeahright2011

    I’ll write what I want using whatever name I want. Not like you or aMUSEment can do anything about it except……….read it. You have no power here.

  • Marlon

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with any of Steve Harvey’s comments.

    I Feel sorry for any of the people who really are bothered by his opinions and work.

  • Dreaming

    “Jesus take the wheel”, for this woman/man cannot see the blatant intolerance of others beliefs, the sexism, homophobia and overall idiocy of Steve Harvey.

  • tiffany

    and therein lies the problem.

    indeed the problem isn’t with steve harvey. it is with our tolerance and for most our acceptance of his b.s.

    he trades in gender stereotypes. he propagates ignorance (”if we evolved from monkeys, then why are there still monkeys?” uh, because we didn’t evolve from monkeys. re read that chapter from your middle school text book please.). he is a bigot. (one of us believes there’s a dude in the sky who as legend tells it.has the ability to defy physics but no one has seen that happen in almost 2,000 years. one of us doesn’t. and yet i am the idiot?)

    that so many black people do not have a problem with that is astounding.

  • Moto Pamba

    It’s official, Steve Harvey is a moron. You don’t have to believe in god to have a moral barometer or know right from wrong. I haven’t heard anything this pathetic in years.

  • Was Für Ein Arschloch


  • Y The Bleep Won’t U Post My Comment?

    I used to be skeptical about Steve Harvey writing the book “Think Like A Man…” but I learned you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. After watching this video I now firmly believe this guy is a moron. More stupid than I ever thought.

    Everybody doesn’t have to be Christians/Religious or believe in god. SMH. You have the right to believe or not. Just because someone is ATHEIST doesn’t mean they’re EVIL. Most atrocities known to mankind were and are still to this day committed in the name of god. Glad I didn’t buy his book.


    @Britney Danielle.
    …comedian whose had many failed relationships..
    It is WHO’S had not WHOSE had…

  • Dreaming

    Yes, Tiffany, the bigger issue at hand are those who so willingly accept the message he is spewing. It seems to be very prevalent in the BC for one to not question what someone else is telling them. I see it time and time again; BP latching onto what they hear without ever questioning it or even understanding. They just repeat the nonsense, and when asked to explain why they believe what they do, they can’t do it.


    How is that even possible in 2012!? We have unlimited access to knowledge yet steve harvey can make idiotic comment about atheists and feel justified. This is not about freedo of speech. We have FREEDOM but Harvey chose to be a FREEDUMB.

    I’m an African living in a third world country but can’t believe some people feel like what Harvey said about atheist is ok. Use your brain, folks.

  • L.A. Favorite White Girl

    If I had a dollar everytime Steve Harvey said something retarded I’d be a effing millionaire.

  • modern lady

    People should try thinking for themselves instead of believing the myth that celebrities have some higher knowledge than God already gave each one of. Common sense is just not common anymore.

  • modern lady

    *each one of us.

  • L.A. Favorite White Girl

    The homie Harvey thinks gay men are not real men. Nice! You should be glad Whoopie tried to save your butt on that. And you’re an atheist, you’re an idiot! Really though, I thought you were smarter than that.

  • bk chick

    “If you don’t believe in God, what’s your moral center?” as much craziness and destruction ppl have wreaked in the name of God or every day B.S. they do and think they can just pray it away, I think it’s pretty obvious to see that morality does not begin and end with God…anyway I can sit and debate why his points are asinine all day…In general he doesn’t seem very intelligent and I am sometimes embarrassed for him when he makes his “points”…but I guess if enough ppl are willing to support him I can’t be mad…I just won’t participate..smh.

  • Miss L.Davies

    If you’re educated and take your relationship advice, then you have yourself to blame. This guy’s making profit off your dating malheur, and still misleading you women.

    Watching this is actually embarrassing.

  • Miss L.Davies

    *take your relationship advice from steve harvey

  • ostie

    please forgive this boy

  • modern lady

    It’s funny that people claim that God isn’t real simply because people do bad things ‘in his name’. A lot of people claim to be Christians, or Muslims, or other affiliations when really, they couldn’t be further from God if they tried. And simply because humans do crazy things doesn’t disprove the existence of God.

    I understand the motivation behind being an atheist, there are sometimes I have doubts. Having doubts doesn’t mean I have to give up all I believe in.

  • Name Withheld

    Agree with him on women and sports. It’s annoying when a woman ask questions about sports especially right when you’re watching a game. We men know you’re not really trying to learning anything about that particular sport, it’s more b/c you’re not the center of attention when we watch a good game. I hate when women do that!

    However, what he says about atheist is beyond stupid. The comment about women/men and nagging? highly ignorant. Then he consciously or subconsciously thinks gay men are not real men!? Medieval.

  • bk chick

    can you please tell me where I said God wasn’t real? I respect everyone who practices organized religion and I never claimed I was an atheist either…The thing that blows my mind is how ppl think that God is really a moral barometer, and morality can’t exist outside of that concept..even if you disagree with atheist I don’t think the solution is to call them “idiots”…How can you be so closed minded as to not understand that morality can exist outside of the concept of god and religion, and that atheists can just be practicing a certain type of morality…I don’t condemn ppl for practicing organized religion…I condemn willful ignorance

  • Name Withheld

    @bk chick, You my friend are a genius!
    @modern lady, i personally don’t believe in god and that doesn’t mean that i or other atheist are evil. you can stay have a moral barometer even if you’re a non-believer. this is not rocket science. you have the right to be a believer, and we have the right not and that’s ok. him calling us idiots shows how ignorant he is.

  • Tonton Michel

    Steve Harvey reads your comment to help ease his bowl movements as he uses 100 dollar bills to wipe him self. “Kick rocks!” Steve says.

  • Shelly

    Not saying you have to agree with him, but why tear him down? Does CNN, Fox News, or any other non-black media outlet spew so much negativity toward Steve Harvey, his book, and his movie? I think it’s fine to disagree with the man, but it seems like this website always speaks about his work in a hateful tone. Not cool.

  • Name Withheld

    Well, he made idiotic comments about atheists. Heck, we’re tired of people attacking us and getting away with murder. Just b/c you’re atheist doesn mean you have no moral barometer. He actually made a fool of himself during the interview with J. Behar. Plus, on The View he pretty much said gay men aren’t real men. I mean this mofo is really an idiot.

    I don’t even understand why women, black american women at that would go and spend their hard-earned money on that book of his. Since when do comedians give relationship advice?!

  • heartofGOLD


    It is WHO’S…

    …comedian who’s had many failed relationships..

    Because you can break it down.. ”…comedian who (has) had many failed relationships..”

    For example, ”Who’s going to the store?” / ”Who (is) going to the store?”

    We use WHOSE when WHO IS or WHO HAS does not apply. ”Whose phone is ringing?”

  • Dreaming

    Actually, WHOSE is used to show possession.

  • d-rhyme

    hey, not believing in religion is fine but not believing in God is not human. Robots have no comcept of God due to not having feelings or perception. Can you make a universe? a sun, the wind? I don’t think so. You might think you can but that makes you God. People who don”t believe in God are egomaniacal. They think they are God. God is the good we see in ourselves and others. Robots have no inner vision.

  • d-rhyme

    hey wait now. i thought that’s what gay meant. i am confused or are gays confused. a gay man is a real man? then he is not gay.


    @heartofGOLD and @Dreaming. I’m glad to know some people still care for grammar. Oh, English is not my first language and I don’t live in the US neither, so if I do make grammatical mistakes, excuse my French. lol. Sill, I do know the difference between who’s and whose, and it kills me when I see “journalists” WHOSE mother tongue is English make this type of mistakes.

    So @heartofGOLD,you do agree with me that Britni Danielle (the author of this article) made a mistake when she wrote :«…comedian WHOSE had many failed relationships..», she should’ve written:«…comedian WHO’S had many failed relationships..» or …comedian WHOSE many relationships failed..maybe!?

  • Name Withheld

    I don’t believe in god nor do I believe I’m god. That’d simply insane. It’s ok if you d-rhyme believe in god but calling atheists egomaniacal is wrong to say the least. Everybody has the right to choose their religion or not to choose one.

    So god is almighty and stuff.Why did he let arabs first and then europeans enslave africans and bring them to the americas? Many of us lost our languages, cultures, and our names. Look at us, to this day many of us stil bear our slave masters’ names. I got rid of mine, by the way.

  • bk chick

    @ Name Withheld…Thx!

    @d-rhyme…that is crazy…to think that having a guy called the pope sitting on a gilded throne with a gaudy hat and gown…with the power to preside over millions of ppl is not ego maniacal….you need to rethink things or open your eyes to a different perspective…every single human being is susceptible to being narcissistic and believing in God does not automatically act as a buffer against that tendency

  • Name Withheld

    «I don’t understand where all the hatred is coming from. Steve Harvey is a man with an opinion.»
    Well, that’s the problem. Opinions are like A dot holes, everybody has one and that stinks. Now, I don’t know how (un)educated Harvey is but how can he call Atheists idiots? He’s an idiot for making such a comment.

  • minna k.

    1. Steve Harvey is an obvious tool.

    2. The video about twerkin’ for Christ is a classic.

  • Ms. Information

    Why can’t this just be taken in the same grain as “He’s Just Not That Into You”…it is JUST a book….who is taking this advice as absolute?

  • apple

    if we’re thinking like men and they’re thinking like men then who is thinking like a lady? …oh yea..drake

  • Samantha

    I don’t agree with he way Steve Harvey phrased it but I do agree with what he said on dating an atheist. I wouldn’t do it because our spiritual goals clearly don’t match up. I don’t know whether this guy has a sense of Karma or not. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. But that’s just me.

    I also see what Steve Harvey was saying about people asking questions during sports. I’m a huge NBA fan and when me and my dad are watching a game, the last thing we want is someone asking questions. Especially when we know they’re not genuinely interested in what’s happening.

    With that said, the main reason I can’t stand Steve Harvey is because he makes excuses for all the isht men pull and puts the blame entirely on women. Why doesn’t he criticize men who only go after the unintelligent women only for a roll in the hay. And if a man can’t be in a relationship and not cheat, that is on him not the woman he’s with. Men aren’t perfect, they make mistakes too and the best I think any woman can ask for, is a man who is willing to grow with them and do what’s necessary to make a relationship/marriage work.

  • JessicaMercedes

    I was started to side with him when he was saying if your potential partner doesn’t believe in God you shouldn’t pursue a relationship with him. But he went left with that one. I thought he was trying to say, if you are Christian, then your partner should be Christian, because it could cause problems later on down the line if you are of different religions. Obviously, that wasn’t what he was getting at.
    Also, his definition of a “real man” seems to that of what some might call a “manly man” or a man who fits into stereotypical gender roles. His postition here is actually a pretty common (yet, still, quite annoying) one
    He does make some rude comments. I’m still curious enough about this “Think Like a Man…” book and movie that I would probably check them both out. I do want to see what all the hoopla is about. However, I don’t take anyone’s advice if it doesn’t meet the standards of my own “moral barometer.” LOL

  • d-rhyme

    @name withheld and bk. you didn’t answer my question. Can you make a sun? if you can’t, we all know it is there and you didn’t make it. so what is the answer? something greater than you exists. If nothing greater than you exists then you are an egomaniac. a narcissist. I assure you sir if the sun is there and you ddn’t make it then there is something we called God. it is like adding 1 and 1. its not rocket science. right? but i am willing to listen, give me your side.

  • Name Withheld

    Our good friend Steve Harvey needs a new job! Let’s help him find one! One he can ACTUALLY do!

  • Name Withheld

    @d-rhyme. No, I can’t make the sun. Well, if you’re saying god made it then who made god. This can go on and on. It’s like the egg/chicken theory. Which came first!?Why couldn’t god stop slavery then? Earthquakes, the Holocaust, etc? You’d probably say no that’s man-made and it’s not od’s fault! Why is it that when evil things happen it’s human beings’ fault but wonders are from god? Isn’t supposed to be almighty.

    Really, I’m not trying to convert you. I totally respect your religous belief. But religion and god? Not for my cup of tea. Me, egomaniac and a narcissist, though? Well, that at least puts a smile on my face. lol. life can be hard it’s good to laugh…All humans beings have to right to choose their religion, and choosing not to chose is also a choice. And we can co-exist peacefully but I have zero tolerance for a guy like Harvey who thinks if you’re atheist then you’re an idiot.

  • bk chick

    @d-rhyme…I don’t think you read my comment thoroughly because I never claimed to be an atheist…I said I don’t practice organized religion…now going to your point about the ego/atheist thing…I think that its very fallacious of someone to equate someone who CLAIMS they are “godfearing” or “religious” with non-egomanaical…are u speaking about people who REALLY believe in God or ppl who say they do…and how can you really make that distinction…which goes back to my point that claiming a belief in God or belief in God itself does not automatically mean someone is NOT ego-maniacal or immoral…you really can’t tell.

    As god-fearing as Steve Harvey was he still disrespected his wives and I’m sure had they known what they were getting into they would’ve ran the other way from his God-fearing self….There are many pastors who drive expensive cars and make bucketloads of money off of people’s can you say that these pastors are not narcissist? ….you’d be surprised how many so called religious leaders are really bowing down at their own alter rather than the one of the God you believe in…bottom line…morality or any other flaw is not ONLY mediated by belief in God

  • U First

    Steve is right about sports. Men need their play time. Don’t try to engage your man in conversation when he’s watching his sports. He’s doing something. He’s watching and participating in his sports.

    Yes, he loves and adores you. But he has this need to connect with guys on the tv screen. Believe me — it’s not about you, it’s his thing.

    You know as women we have our thing, going out with our girlfriends, shopping, whatever. Or maybe we are homebodies and want to play with our kids. But when you do that you are doing your thing.

    Wait until your man is DONE WATCHING his game. Do not interrupt. Bring him his drinks, his sandwiches, his beer. Let him have his fun. He will totally love you for it and you will be the talk of the town with his other guy friends.

    People need to just be. Let your man be with his sports. It’s part of his personality to connect with other guys. It’s a guy thing. Yes, I learned this. I was like you, always in the poor guys face, 24/7. Don’t do that. Now I want to find a husband who is all man. Not a wimp.

    Steve Harvey, keep giving your great advice. Some people may not like it, some of us do. You are talking to the ones that do. Bless you, and keep it real for us. Thank you, Steve.

    Paula Jean

  • Name Withheld

    Yup! Power to you Paula Jean! With that mindset it should be relativily easy to find a husband. Well, there are other aspects too but respect.

    The only part of the video that makes sense is the reference to sports and men/women. He screwed up when he started calling Atheists idiots. I understand if you’re Christian and you don’t want to date/mary a non-believer but idiots we’re not.

    Good luck with your search!

  • http://themodernmedicineman d-rhyme

    @BK. Thanks for that and I agree totally. Many represent God but don’t believe in god. Especially the Pope and other pimps in the pulpit. I apologize to you. But name
    withheld went very fuzzy. Loose associations. Who made God? My child would ask that
    one. As a sincere concerned person he needs help with his thinking . I’m saying this out of love too. He needs to get a close friend withlots of common sense to read what he
    just wrote – very tangiential. A feature of mental illness.

  • bk chick

    @ d-rhyme…’preciate the apology. I think it’s unfair to claim someone is mentally ill..I think name withheld has a right to his/her opinion without being personally attacked. I understand both sides of the religious vs. atheists debate. It makes total sense for ppl to believe and have faith in a higher power, just as it makes total sense for ppl to choose to not believe in something they have no proof of knowing exists. My thing is when Steve Harvey says it’s idiotic to be an atheist, that’s problematic for me, and he has a platform. In this instance though, I def think it’s a matter of making a choice to support him or not. Based in this video alone, I choose to not support, but thanks in engaging me in debate.

  • http://themodernmedicineman d-rhyme

    You just UN earned the apology. WOW. IT IS MY JOB TO KNOW MENTAL ILLNESS. Not
    believing in God and thinking you are God is psychotic. Do not respond. I did him a
    Favor that you are too mentally ill to see. I am a doctor.

  • Exso Esco

    Steve Harvey IS THE MAN, sitting next to the man, sitting next to the man, sitting next to the man, sitting next to gotda^^n man

  • Humanista

    Apparently quite a few non-black women were on board with his book. I read it; while we tend to assume it’s FOR black women cuz it’s written by a black man, I do think it was intended to be universal. It’s certainly not racial….

    So, on the bright side, the bamboozling isn’t just on us! Equal opportunity, right? *eye roll* Ha.

  • Leona Vanry

    It’s appropriate time to make some plans for the future and it’s time to be happy. I’ve read this post and if I could I want to suggest you some interesting things or suggestions. Maybe you can write next articles referring to this article. I wish to read even more things about it!

  • Cre8ivgirl

    I think people are taking him WAY too literally… Let’s not forget, he’s a comedian! He wrote a book loosely based in his life experiences and offered his ‘advise’ from a COMEDIAN’S point-of-view! The man has never claimed to be Dr. Phil! In my opinion, people are way too sensitive. Men, Women, Gay, Straight, Black, White or Purple… if we would all just calm down and learn to laugh at ourselves a bit, we would be much better off!!! Let’s face it; “Politically Correct” has NEVER been funny!

  • Bram Stoker

    We’re taking him “literally” because he means the obnoxious things he says literally

  • Bram Stoker

    Steve Harvey is a self-appointed know-it-all. He offends women, gay men, gender roles , and now has the NERVE to present himself on his talk show as some sort of expert in psychology! What a joke. He’s a homophobe of the first order as well. If I saw him in public I’d spit in his face.

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