A couple of days ago, MTV Twitter J and “Fatshion” blogger Gabi Fresh had a post on Glamour about making her very first high-end shoe purchase—a pair of red bottom heels.

Though the plus style icon isn’t one to follow celebrity trends, she said she fell in love with Christian Louboutin’s Unbout Illusion pumps after seeing them on a few different gossip blogs, and at 25 she figured:

“It’s about time for a classic grown up pair of heels.”

So, to Barney’s she went and became the proud owner of the $795 pair of pumps which are now completely out of stock. Win!

Gabi’s experience made me think about my own first big fashion splurge. Like her, I spent my ends on footwear, although the pair was nowhere near as expensive as the ones she bought. I walked into Nordstrom and decided I’d try to just find a trendy, fun pair of pumps I really liked without paying attention to the price tag and I walked out with a pair of snake print Steve Madden stilettos for about $125. For someone who doesn’t like to spend on shoes because I don’t take care of them, that was big.

Most of us try to get the most bang for our buck when we need a little retail therapy but there are times when we see something we just have to have and inhibitions go out the door and ramen noodles come in as we justify as purchase. As long as you don’t break the bank, there’s nothing wrong with a little splurge in the name of style every now and then. At least that’s what we tell ourselves when we hand our hard-earned money over to the cashier.

What’s the biggest fashion purchase you’ve ever made?

  • scrabbleq

    @Honey-I can relate *claps* I buy myself a birthday bag every year. Bloomingdale’s normally has a friends and family sale around that time. My car is paid for, I don’t have debt, I clip coupons, and do a bunch of free events with my friends. I have never missed any type of payment on anything (rent, previous car note) because I wanted to shop. I don’t make a lot of money, but I manage pretty well with what I have. I refuse to be “hood rich”. A Louis bag with only bubble gum and coins inside, but no 401k.

  • overseas_honeybee

    Yes ma’am. Bought my first LV when I came home from Afghanistan. Marched right in the store and paid cash. After dodging bullets and God knows what else … a sista earned that bag. Still have it and it still knocks hard!

  • TheBlackBelle

    I guess i’m good with bargains and lucky to catch close out liquidations…Bloomies went out of business @ 1 of the malls so I got lots of things deeply discounted.So did Bebe. And Dillards gives me life year after year around Feb. when they have MAJOR shoe bargains for the start of a new season/ending an old one. As for items I actually splurged on??

    *Clarisonic Plus- $225 (I’m a skin product/tools snob..I dont skimp on skin care whatsoever!) Works like a dream! Worth every red cent!
    *Skin Biology Products- $300+( over the years)..They really work and a little goes a loooong way!
    *Jeffrey Campbells -$208 I HAD to have them! (No, not the Lita’s..cant remember the name right now though)*
    *Weaves/Maintainence of weaves $400+ …(hangs head in shame)….but after just reading and laughing @that article on Gabby’s bad weaves, I do feel like it was a justified purchase!lol

    I said when I “made it” I would easily drop on some CL’s…but i’m thinkin more Balenciaga, Balmain, Nicholas Kirkwoord and Brian Atwood. Great designs, COMFORTABLE footwear, and quality mean more to me now than showing off a red bottom statement shoe. I still have a bit of show off in me though. Cant even lie. But that will be expressed through my Chanel bags. I plan to have 1-2 by the end of the year!
    If I don’t get there I have already prepared a will that says I will be buried in Chanel and pearls! lol. Get there or die in it!

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