A couple of days ago, MTV Twitter J and “Fatshion” blogger Gabi Fresh had a post on Glamour about making her very first high-end shoe purchase—a pair of red bottom heels.

Though the plus style icon isn’t one to follow celebrity trends, she said she fell in love with Christian Louboutin’s Unbout Illusion pumps after seeing them on a few different gossip blogs, and at 25 she figured:

“It’s about time for a classic grown up pair of heels.”

So, to Barney’s she went and became the proud owner of the $795 pair of pumps which are now completely out of stock. Win!

Gabi’s experience made me think about my own first big fashion splurge. Like her, I spent my ends on footwear, although the pair was nowhere near as expensive as the ones she bought. I walked into Nordstrom and decided I’d try to just find a trendy, fun pair of pumps I really liked without paying attention to the price tag and I walked out with a pair of snake print Steve Madden stilettos for about $125. For someone who doesn’t like to spend on shoes because I don’t take care of them, that was big.

Most of us try to get the most bang for our buck when we need a little retail therapy but there are times when we see something we just have to have and inhibitions go out the door and ramen noodles come in as we justify as purchase. As long as you don’t break the bank, there’s nothing wrong with a little splurge in the name of style every now and then. At least that’s what we tell ourselves when we hand our hard-earned money over to the cashier.

What’s the biggest fashion purchase you’ve ever made?

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  • Mia

    I’m a watch girl, my biggest purchases were a Philip Stein watch for a little over $2500 and a Michele watch for about $1600.

    • Isis

      I want a Michele watch soooo bad

  • The Taker

    $250 pair of combat boots not meant for actual combat.

    • The Taker

      Oh and just wanted to take the time out to say, Gabi I love everything about you. You are awesome. O,k thanks….

  • apple

    none yet.. but i would loveeee an alexander wang brenda bag $400-700 and an alexander mcqueen skull ring $199 …but i’m too broke to enjoy a splurge

    • apple,

      When SaksFifth Avenew has a “friends and family” sale, Alexander McQueen jewerly is usually included with an extra 15% knocked off the price. This is just something to keep in mind. Your luck shall soon change.

  • iQgraphics

    Dear Mothership,
    Please forgive me. I know that I will not be able to take these things with me when I board.
    Back in my HEY. When I was making money, hand over fist…

    I bought:
    Louis Vuitton pumps $1,375
    Fendi Zucchino Mules $475
    Fendi Zucchino Glass Slides $375 – Which I dogged!! SMGDH
    Dior Hollywood Sandals $475
    Dolce&Gabanna Gladiators $375

    That’s only about 10% of my idiotic purchases that I made while my third eye was asleep. I have couture gowns, odd handbags… etc…

    A mess
    I know

    • iQgraphics

      I’m patiently waiting for Steve or Jessica to knock off those illusion sandals.

    • The Taker

      Hey don’t go feeling so bad.. Hopefully you kept some of your stuff in great condition and maybe you can make some money back. Maybe a shop and swap.

    • Jess

      There’s always Ebay too. I sell old designer bags and stuff each year to fund new purchases.

    • iQgraphics

      Yes, I did. Boxes, books and dustbags…

      So embarrassed sometimes. Those LV’s cost more than my first car.
      But at the time, I lived the city life. Cabs and the subway were everything.

    • apple

      Be careful on eBay . Sometimes people will buy your stuff then get a fake one and report you for counterfeiting and send you back the fake one while they keep the real one !

  • Dalili

    A Dolce & Gabbana dress that at the time cost more than 10 of my other dresses put together.