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Is your ideal guy the marrying type?
a. His marriage potential is off the charts. Just like his favorite group’s hit single, “On Bended Knee.”

b. It’s hard to say. Maybe? You’d definitely consider it if he took one of his two hoop earrings out and rinsed his hair back to black.

c. No. No. Haaaaayul naw. But you’re having fun with him. And that’s all that matters. For now.

d. Sure he is. Or he will be—as soon as he leaves his low wage part-time gig and abandons his dream of becoming the next Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, or Common.

How likely is your guy to play you to the left in front of his friends?
a. Very unlikely. He loves showing me off to his friends and I’ve frequently overheard him telling them he can’t believe his luck in having me for a partner.

b. Somewhat likely. Depends on the setting. He doesn’t like being clowned. And yes. He runs with a crew immature enough to clown him for being in a committed relationship.

c. Girlfriend who? It’s highly likely dude will not own you in front of friends. But in the bedroom…

d. Unlikely. He might be forced to get creative with your relationship status if he’s borrowing money from his female coworker who’s nursing a serious crush on him.

Speaking of money, how likely is he to ask if he can borrow yours?
a. He’s very well off. If anything, he’s floatin’ me a bill or two from time to time.

b. He works hard, and even when things are tight, he won’t resort to asking me for a loan.

c. Let’s just say he finds… “alternative income” when he needs it.

d. He asks and I lend. But he pays me back in lots and lots of affection….

Three or more A’s: Boyz II Men best describes your love style. You want the upstanding, romantic type with the good job, low drama, and willingness to cater to your high maintenance needs. When you argue, he’s quick to resolve things. At the height of your success as a couple, you can easily see yourself married and settled into a suburban life with him. White picket fence, 2.5 kids, and a dog. Other ‘90s group you identify with: Hi-Five.

Three or more B’s: You’re a Dru Hill gal. You like them a little rough around the edges, but have no doubts about how he feels about you, how hard he’s willing to work to create a decent life for himself and you, and how much fun you two stand to have together. Other ‘90s groups you identify with: 112, H-Town, Shai.

Three or more C’s: You’re all about Jodeci’s bad boy image. You can’t help yourself; you’re drawn to the guy who might stray, but knows how to beg his way back into your life. He shows great sensitivity and you two have phenomenal chemistry, but only when no one’s looking. You’re likely to give him the boot before he proffers a wedding band. Other ‘90s group you identify with: Jagged Edge.

Three or more D’s: You like them artsy like Tony Toni Tone—which means you also like them kind of broke. You’re definitely more of a love-over-money, substance-over-style type, when it comes to relationships. And if your man’s thoughtful, kind, good to your mama, you’ll keep him, even if you have to pick up the tab from time to time. Other ‘90s group you identify with: Mint Condition.

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  • Lee

    Yes! Mostly A’s..and I love, love, LOVE Boyz II Men