After South African model Jessica Leandra dos Santos angrily tweeted about being allegedly harassed by a shop assistant yesterday, many were outraged at her choice of words. The 20-year-old called the man a “kaffir” an extremely offensive racist slur, causing many in the country to demand she be held accountable for her tweet.

One quick-thinking Twitter user catalogued dos Santos’ tweets and many of the reactions from those in South Africa.

Dos Santos’ deleted the tweet and asked her followers to “forget it,” saying she sent it in anger in response to being harassed.

Unfortunately for dos Santos, folks did not just forget it. Instead they combed her tweets and found yet another instance when the model had something offensive to say about black South Africans (she later deleted that tweet as well).

After many complained, FHM South Africa stripped the model of her title as the winner of its 2011 model competition and they’ve also decided they will no longer work with dos Santos in the future.

FHM South Africa issued a statement cutting ties with dos Santos:

“We have removed all pictures of her from our website and will have nothing to do with her in future. FHM is a proudly South African magazine and say “No” to racism.”

Dos Santos’ main sponsor, diet company QuickTrim, also dropped her as their spokeswoman, citing her tweets.

“Due to the severity of the remarks by #JessicaLeandra #QuickTrimSA herewith ends our sponsorship to her with immediate effect!” the company tweeted.

Dos Santos issued an apology again asserting that she was merely “acting in pure anger and frustration at the time” of her tweets, but that she realizes that there is “no excuse” for using the k-word and will use this experience as a learning experience.

Whether or not dos Santos can resurrect her once-rising career remains to be seen, but one thing is sure: the tweets are ALWAYS watching, and people need to think before they tweet.

  • Sasha

    A couple of things. South Africa is the rape capital of the world so with that being said, if I was being followed around and felt I was being sexually harrassed I would react with anger and fear as well. We all say things in anger and fear and EVERYONE has made a racist/ prejudiced remark in their life, she was just stupid by putting it online. Do I think she’s sorry? No she said exactly what she meant. She’s only sorry she got called out and lost several gigs in the process.

  • Tami Winfrey Harris

    No. This is not how equality works. Unfortunately, this sort of thinking is not uncommon. I’ve heard similar justifications for outbursts of bigotry, including racism, sexism and homophobia, that happens in the heat of passion.

    When you believe that a group of people intrinsically have value equal to your own, you believe it all the time and deep in your heart. This belief is not contingent on your being in a good mood. The belief doesn’t go away when a marginalized person makes you angry or annoys you. If you have it in you to use epithets when hurt, then you have it in you all the time.

    Someone who believes black people have value as human beings and that African ancestry is not a mark of dishonor would never call a black person “nigger” or “kaffir”. Ever. Because if you are not racist, you will be not racist even when a black person is, say, rude to you in a department store. If you believe that women are equal to men, then a woman who cuts you off in traffic doesn’t become “whore” or “bitch”. Equality of gender, race and sexuality are not situational things.

  • Robbie

    Even if you are mad that does not give her or anyone the right to use racist slur. Not everyone use that type of language.

  • iQgraphics

    I thought alaska was the rape capitol of the world.
    imma have to google that.

    “EVERYONE has made a racist/ prejudiced remark in their life”
    this is true

    This is a case of the over share, yet again.
    Twitter and facebook are policing your brains

  • Septembre

    I am very pleased with FHM and Quick Trim’s responses to Dos Santos’ racist tweets. Good for them!

    In response to Sasha and iQgraphics: “angry words/tweets speak calm thoughts.” Racial slurs should not be the first thing out of her mouth.

  • Anne

    Welcome to the ‘new South Africa’ the ‘rainbow nation’.
    Let’s not kid ourselves anymore, as South Africans, as the world. Many of the same feelings that dominated the South Africa of the past are still here and very much alive. They just don’t have the legal system behind them.

  • stellaxo

    Im just really impressed at the swiftness with which FHM and Quicktrim dropped her.
    I was starting to get the impression (because of other similar previous controversies and how they were handled) that we can’t count on certain companies to stand by a particular set of values or morals.
    It sucks for her- whatever strides she’s taken in the modeling world are erased and there probably won’t be much of a future for her if she plans to pursue modeling (or any job related to a social media platform), but there is no room for such blatant, disgusting racism. I’m proud that FHM SA didn’t write a long winded nebulous piece on how its okay, or how she has instantly changed, or ‘apologize if it offended its audience’.

    Not to say that i’m happy at her misfortune, but situations like this so often divide us- the two companies took a stance that was pro-humanity; which i must applaud: these days, some people are overly concerned with being ‘progressive’ or trying to play both sides.
    It still makes me sad to hear that a divide among blacks and whites exist in SA- i can’t even remember the last time i even heard the k word- but glad that corporations are not having it.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    let me see. a white women uses anti black slurs and sisters are on here defending her?
    is that right? defend the white south african? really? do you people know any history at all? jeez!

  • iQgraphics

    i’m not defending her

    I think people are going to allow twitter and facebook to rule their lives, morals and universes.

  • Anon

    There were some cross posts to another site, and some of those readers (who are a majority white audience) have been coming over here to see what “sista’s” are up to. I won’t say that she isn’t a black woman, I don’t know. But SOME of these anti-BW posters are not BW themselves.

  • Dalili

    Hmmm, her apology has the appeal of a sea sick crocodile. The girl is entitled to her sentiments no matter how asinine but she also deserves every set back and bad fortune that comes from exposing that bigotry on a public forum. What a twit!

  • Sasha

    @james- What exactly did I say in my post that would make you think I was defending her? I completely understand her reaction. If she felt like she was being sexually harrassed did you think she was going to tweet that with a smiley face? The word kaffir is horribly offensive, I’m quite aware of the history of South Africa so please stop with the condescending “know your history line”. I was simply saying that everyone has uttered a racial slur at least once in their life, including yourself.

  • BlackWomen&GirlsNeedLoveToo

    If she had said this about a Black woman or girl nobody would care.

  • Val

    She’s South African, so I’m not surprised. I’m glad she’s paying a price for her bigotry.

  • Alexandra

    You see, I can’t fault her for being angry. I’ve been angry at certain people, but I kept what I had to say about them to myself & vented at home. If you’re going to use a public forum to vent (under your identity no less), then you get what you deserve.

    Bravo to the quick actions of her former sponsors; there should be no tolerance for racism.

  • mamareese

    Hm she can put that apology where…..all the way back there. Sometimes ya gotta watch how you say stuff….even if you are African yourself.

  • Maggie

    African Monkey though? I mean for you to even think that is acceptable to put on a public format is really crazy. You make your money from being a public figure and you think that kind of stuff is gonna slide. Everyone has made a slur…everyone has NOT put it on twitter…and everyone is NOT making the type of money she was making. Not ok.

  • iQgraphics

    I agree.Fully.

  • iQgraphics

    I do agree with you.
    I don’t understand why everyone feels the need to put EVERYTHING on twitter.
    She could have kept that to herself.
    Does she live under a rock?

    People are losing scholarships, contracts, jobs, etc for information they post on social media

    use your check and buy a clue. she’s dumb

  • RYE

    I can’t feel sorry for her but this is an example of when you’re on a public forum (twitter, Facebook, etc) that you ALWAYS have to watch what you say, no matter how famous or unknown you are. I learned this lesson myself when I tweeted something about my job and somehow it got back to my boss even though I followed or was followed by NO ONE I worked with. So yes, “tweets are always” watching. So she has to suck it up and hopefully she’ll learn from this.

  • LadyT

    Oh my……….a white woman disrespected a black man?………….
    SO WHAT!
    I look forward to seeing more of this simply because many black males have this attitude that everyone is interested in him sexually. Unfortunately, many black males do not know their place. Yes! I said it. When I read Duet. 28 and compare what is happening now to the cursed listed, black men are so out of touch. Even on this website which is dedicated to black women you have black men who should have came out of the closet years ago commenting on our issues. I’m glad she said it and I hope the white women continue to come out and said mean and negative things about them.

  • Guulo

    Thank you @Tami Winfrey Harris. Very well said and much needed.

  • Guulo

    The word “kaffir” in the context of S.African society and “African Monkey” remark includes you (if you are a black woman) and anyone of African decent.

  • Guulo

    *African descent* before the grammer folks get me. Please read what Tami wrote and to add to that insulting/hating a black man, insults/hates you as a black woman. The two can not be separated.

  • myblackfriendsays

    I think it’s interesting that she used being sexually harassed as a justification for her statement. It shows how these different -isms are so often pitted against each other, and also how someone can be really aware of one type of discrimination and pretty oblivious about another.

    Also, I think white South Africans have a long row to hoe (is that the expression?) I see parallels between them and Germans–they have a really horrible history to try and overcome.

    It’s refreshing to see those companies take swift action. They were all, “I don’t think so–homey don’t play ‘dat.”

  • L

    What a shock!!!!!

    I dont know why Black South Africans did not give the White South Africans the same choice the Algerians gave the French after their war of independence- *The suitcase or the coffin*. Those White South Africans havent changed, in fact they are even more secure now with that so called reconciliation and half truths that were told.

    Fact is Africans are too passive and cowardly…with Whites and Arabs and Chinese, but let it be another African or Black American, then those Africans are quick to RWANDA them, but skin and bow down to the others. Africans are treated the way they allow themselves to be treated.

    They need to handle those Whites, firmly and humanely(if possible), then handle those Arabs who have enslaved them since the 5th century and are still doing it today and those Arabs are wealthy and fat off of stolen African land and resources. Then Africans need to handle all others.

    But Africans wont and will continue to accept mistreatment and disrespect ON THEIR OWN LAND! Imagine Africans going to Europe or Asia or Stolen so called Middle east and oppressing,apartheiding, or enslaving those people–They and their neighbors would not rest until every African woman, man and child was destroyed- and they would have every right.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    bottom line : any white in south africa needs to be driven out. kill them all.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    co sign

  • Kacey

    You seem confused (not to mention imbecilic). First you try to justify her statements as being out of anger and insinuate that she should be forgiven. Then you go on to say that she intentionally meant to be racist and thus should not be forgive. Make up your small mind, please!
    Furthermore, what the hell does South Africa being the so-called “rape capital of the world” have to do with either her alleged harassment or her comments. SIT. DOWN!

  • 1sweetrevolution

    i found it odd when white people were like…
    ‘South Africa is ok now… its a rainbow country bla bla bla’
    the years following Mandela’s release (of which as far as im concerned is recent history)
    and started travelling there and buying property there etc

    when South Africa is still so very very racist… and still very white run… and what people say behind your back and what they say to your face are often 2 entirely different things.

    her comments do not surprise me.

    most of the white south africans i have met have been v racially ignorant (in my personal experience).

  • Insight

    @Lady T – You should be disgusted with yourself for saying something like that. I hope you are not black.

    I have 2 smart intellegent black brothers who would not even think about touching a trash mouthed woman like that. And if the men you are hanging around are saying that, you are hanging around the wrong people.


  • Kacey

    First of all, you are wary off the mark to assume that this [clearly racist] white woman feels any solidarity with black women. Racism has nothing to do with gender. She is just as likely to denigrate a black woman as she is a black man. I’m willing to bet anything that she has said some very disgusting things about black women.

    Secondly, and this doesn’t just apply to you or even this situation but I’m so tired of it – why do black men and women have to behave like bitter enemies? I’m assuming you are black (with the trolls on this site, you never know; and for the record, I am a black woman). Here’s the thing: If you don’t like black men (whatever your reasons) you are entitled to not like them or deal with them in anyway. If a black man assaults you, you have the right (the obligation) to prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. If you think black men don’t want you, forget them and date other men. If you feel insulted by a black man, ignore him – he probably has issues that neither you nor any other black woman can possibly solve. Sista, you (and all the others on this site who feel like you do) don’t have to become this angry, bitter, hateful person. Let’s rise above this type of attitude and behavior. I’m not defending black men. I am defending our peace of mind, as women who are already dealing with so much. We don’t need to carry this burden around with us. Let it go.

  • H

    Are people really that stupid? I mean I know people like to come on here, YouTube, Yahoo Comments or whatever and post racist crap b/c of the anonymity, but you have to be a special kind of stupid and ignorant to post racist crap on your Twitter especially if you’re a public figure.

    I mean you had time to think the stupid racist thought, know it was a bad thought and forget it. No. You log in to your Twitter account, sit down, and take the time to post the ignorant thought. That’s why I never believe back peddlers. I may think something in my head, but as soon as the though enters my head, I can tell that’s its offensive, stop myself, and not open my mouth. It’s not that hard.

    I’m so sick of idiots like her black, white, or whatever whether it’s racist or something like what Kevin Hart did. The Internet which gives access to so much knowledge is making people more stupid.

  • chris

    Whats wrong with speaking your mind ! Where is her freedom of speach ??

  • chris

    A black is a black , a kaffer is a kaffer !

  • Chnyere

    She has freedom of speech she can say whatever she wants, even while she is unemployed. Just like ur saying what ever u want, on a website u have no business being on…

  • HowApropos

    Well stated, L.

    I watched a movie called The War of Algiers last year and it was great the way they under-minded the French. It’s romanticized to a fault, but I totally recommend watching it.

  • stellaxo

    I don’t think my approach would be as strong/radical as yours might, but I agree with everything you’re saying.
    I feel that even though some African countries are making strides towards economical independence, this passivity will continue to hold them back from reaching their full potential.

  • H

    Lol. I love it when idiots talk about freedom of speech. You have the right to say whatever you want to. No one is going to throw you in jail. No one is going to execute you. But if anyone was raised right, they know that there are consequences for bad actions.

    I could tell my boss that he is short, fat, and lazy. I will not get executed, but he definitely has the right to fire me. Any normal adult will use common sense and keep these types of comments to himself. People these days are so stupid. Is it impossible to follow the rule “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it” especially when it’s that ignorant. Why should we feel sorry for a model who was too silly to not keep her racist comment to herself. She could have told a family member, or a friend what happened to her. She could have confided in another racist friend, but no like the idiot that she is she goes on a public site and says it.

    I bet you’re one of those people that thinks that employers checking Facebook profiles is wrong. If you’re stupid enough to post reputation damaging stuff on the WORLD WIDE WEB that is public for everyone to see, you deserve everything you get.

  • Sasha

    If I feel like I’m being sexually assaulted like this young lady did then the assailant is everything less than human in my opinion, I will react with anger and I don’t care what that persons race or ethnicity is- if a racial slur slips out then oh well. Clearly you all aren’t aware that in South Africa a woman is more likely to be raped than she is to learn how to read. I’m sure she’s aware of this high rate of sexually assault in her country and reacted the same way MOST women would. She was stupid for putting it online but oh well lesson learned. I don’t really feel the need to go back and forth with or defend my comments to people on the Internet I will never meet or care to meet. Have a great weekend everyone!

  • Kacey

    How do you know what happened? You weren’t there like I wasn’t there! How do you know that this guy didn’t just make a pass at her? She didn’t mention being assaulted in her tweet. She used the words “arrogant”, “disrespectful” and later she added “harassed”. Why do you assume this was an assault? Just because he was a black man? Anytime a black man is involved you assume he’s in some way assaulting someone?
    You’ve got a lot of nerve coming in here with this BS! I am so tired of you trolls!

  • Sasha

    If I feel like I’m being sexually harrassed*

  • Kacey

    You are a very sick person!

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  • H

    Oh Sasha! She was sexually HARASSED. Sexual harassment is you know when a construction worker cat calls at you, or when someone says something sexual about your body parts. It is nothing more than someone offending you. I’m pretty sure lots of women have experienced some sort of sexual harassment in their lives and did not resort to childish and racist name calling.

    It doesn’t matter if she felt threatened. If you read the article, it shows that she tweeted something like that before. She seems to have anger and race issues. I mean plenty of people have been rude to me. Her reaction to rudeness is to punch someone in the face and call someone a monkey. C’mon.

    You said if you felt threatened you would react the same way. I don’t know how anyone feels threatened hours after the altercation happens, goes back home, opens her Twitter, and takes the time to type a stupid obviously racist comment. She was not threatened then and had plenty of time to think about what she was about to do.

  • Nnaattaayy

    +1 best post I’ve read so far

  • Aba

    Sasha or whatever you call yourself shut up!!!! some white twerp percieved she was being harrased by some black boy and my innocent self perched somewhere in Accra, Ghana is insulted as a monkey????? oo so she’s annoyed so she’s allowed to say anything? ok im annoyed now and I’m saying you are stupid and an African Hater! dont blame me, you annoyed me and I’m just reacting. Nkwasiasem ara kwa (foolish talk). Now you see why i like Mugabe!

  • Aba

    @Chris but of course black is black and white is white. and errmm a pig is a pig too. you fool!

  • jamesfrmphilly

    i aprove this message

  • QueenOfCastle


    I get your point but I dont think Uganda has recovered economically after having kicked out their Asians. Its no use to throw out market dominate minorities when they are a source of capital and job creation in society. What needs to happen is that there needs to be a very very strong civil society that protects the life and property of every single human being. There isnt a society in the world that is without racism, or sexism, crime, or religious bigotry, etc. What she said should have been expected to happen in an imperfect world. Her being sacked from her jobs was an appropriate response. It sends a stronger message than banishments or massacres.

  • cher

    @Chris…Learn the law. Freedom of speech has nothing to do with private contracts. It’s about federal entities or federal representatives. She is free to say what she wants and they are free to drop her a**

  • Sasha

    LMAO what, who are you?! How about I’m Nigerian so so much for being an African hater. Furthermore if some comment on the Internet annoys you that much that you have to lash out at 5 o’clock on a Saturday morning then you clearly have bigger problems in life.

  • Misty_Moonsilver

    I’ve always thought that the whites should leave South Africa. She is the one disrespectful. Blacks were there first and yet her ancestors came over, created apartheid and took over. Now she has the nerve…..

  • Dalili

    I agree @QueenOfCastle. Africa cannot afford the repercussions that would arise from any economic sanctions imposed as a result of mass deportations and or massacres. Zimbabwe comes to mind as an example of a country that is struggling to recover from 10+ of economic sanctions.

    Economics aside, it would be a gross violation of human rights. Despite how both groups (black and white South Africans) feel, the Boers in are indeed South Africans. Not a popular train of thought, but they are. The same situation applies to Kenyan Indians.The government can’t uproot people who’ve been in that country for generations because an overwhelming majority are prejudiced and or racist. That’s akin to burning the carpet to get rid of fleas. A civilized society learns to live as one despite their differences, members don’t have to like each other or agree on any # of issues, but it’s imperative that they respect each other.

    Lastly, Arabs, Chinese, Europeans and whatever other groups defiling the continents’ resources and it’s people are there at the behest of African leaders. Exile and annihilation is an oversimplified solution to Africa’s issues. Not until we have leadership that truly has the best interest of the continent at heart does Africa begin to live up to her fullest potential. My two cents.

  • H

    @Dalil Exactly. Black people always want to go back. It’s 2012 and in America, black people want to do what white people did in the 60s. Civilized people learn how to get along with people despite their differences. It’s much easier to get along than to have wars, separate facilities, and kick whole groups of people out of your country. If the US government thought that way, they would kick African Americans out.

    African countries do let outsiders come in and take, take, take, but the outsiders are not the root of the problem. As an outsider looking in, it just seems the 1% in Africa just really don’t give a crap about the 99%, and they don’t even pretend to. The West has lots and lots of problems, but when the US was booming, not only were companies raking in the dough, but families were moving from poverty to middle class. There was social mobility.

    America now has a 1% who could care less about the rest of us, but we at least had our social mobility at some point in time which has made the difference. Well at that time it was mostly white Americans, but still they’re the majority. I think some of these countries have leaders that are just toooooo greedy. You can’t call yourself a leader when you’re living the life, but your people are struggling.

    Leaders in those countries should be pouring everything into education and discipline. Time and time again we’ve seen that education helps with climbing the social ladder. Countries that invest in their children and education are the ones moving forward.

    This is why America is going down. We have that same greedy 1% vs. 99% thing going on, and we also have parents, children, and politicians that aren’t trying to do anything about the horrible public schools. We have childrend that sit around and say math and science are hard. We can’t compete with Asians and some Europeans. Asia knew that the key to moving up was education, and they work hard at.

    African countries that are moving up do value education. I’m generalizing about all of this, but African students who come to America do quite well. If only we could get African Americans to value education, we would see improvement for not just the black community but America as a whole would benefit.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    an african cannot hate africans?

  • Y The Bleep Won’t U Post My Comment?

    This girl has the right to express her feelings but why the heck can’t I say what I truly think of her. I have the right to think SHE’S STUPID,and please post my comment. What’s with you people?

  • Tamara

    A few more thoughts:

    - Of course, sexual harassment is bad. We live in a world where it, and sexual violence against women, are commonplace. And you don’t have to go all the way to South Africa for that to be true. 1 out of every 6 women in America will be a victim of attempted or completed rape in her lifetime. That said, it does no good to greet oppression of women by continuing the oppression of black people. If Leandra thought she was being harassed or treated poorly, racism is not the response. The thing is, we have no proof that any harassment happened, only her word AFTER she was called out on her racism.

    - Any American on this thread hollering about freedom of speech needs to re-read their own Constitution. (And I understand Leandra is South African) We are free from government intervention into what we say, but we’re not free from other consequences, like reaction from our employer or, in the case of public figures, the public. Also, free speech works both ways. A public figure getting in trouble for what they say is not anti-free speech, it’s free speech in action.

    - I am saddened to see people advocating killing other people in retaliation for oppression. Do you really believe in anti-oppression or are you just against its use against people who look like you?

  • jamesfrmphilly

    “I am saddened to see people advocating killing other people in retaliation for oppression”

    can you point out to me the peoples who have escaped oppression without killing anybody?

  • H

    @jamesfrmphilly No. Mass killing is what you all are advocating which is different. Black people escaped the oppression of the Jim Crow era without killing all whites. I bet you’re one of those people that still thinks that you are oppressed by “the man” though.

    Some of you kill me. Your answer to oppression in South Africa is to kill all whites. That’s sickening. You call white people racist and hateful, but you’re no better. I bet you’re one of those people that wants to enslave white people as payback.

  • L

    I never advocated massacres. I said Whites, Arabs and Chinese should be handled firmly and humanely(if possible). These people have never respected or even thought Africans had any rights they had to respect, on AFRICAN soil. Some of you making excuses for this is the passivity and cowardice I am talking about.

    Are you all saying Africans are incapable of ruling themselves and prospering. If Indians in Uganda could prosper and supposedly Uganda has not recovered because they left, Why? Are Africans not capable of learning and prospering and using the resources of their countries to make better lives for themselves?. Everyone else can do this , but not Africans, right? The only advantage I can see the Indians had over the Africans were their cohesiveness-they made the money and kept it among themselves and gained a sort of power on African soil. Obviously, Africans and their tribalism and their leaders are a big part of the problem. These groups are used by African leaders as a wedge and a source of profit.

    So Africans have to first deal with themselves and their leaders. You cannot fight others divided into tribes with crooked leaders and expect to win. Africans have to decide are they Africans or are they Yorubas, Zulus or Ashanti. The people united can never be defeated!. All groups in every land had to decide this- that decision ultimately made them stronger and able to conquer others and defend themselves. Africans cannot continue to turn the other cheek against outsiders. They must handle these Whites, Arabs and Asians, for their sakes and their childrens sakes. They must fight.

    Look at the Chinese. They expelled foreigners from their country. They fought back against White and every other type of hegemony and won. They did not turn the other cheek and now everyone respects them and are kissing Chinese ass. Everything is not perfect in China but you cannot say the Chinese do not have their destinies firmly in their hands and that they havent given their people a better quality of life. I dont see why Africans cannot do the same on a continent that has so many resources. I am very confident that Africans can do the same. They are more than capable of it; But they have to and must deal with these foreign elements first- Whites, Arabs and Asians.

  • L

    As for sanctions, economic and otherwise, Africans can trade with each other. There are numerous countries and people on that continent…..If Africans can feed, educate, are healthy and can house and defend themselves and their people everything comes from that. These foreign elements are mental, physical and psychological distractions and impediments to African Realization. Africans must chart their own destinies without apology or permission from anyone.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    a little irrational are we?

  • Chrissy

    Sadly, I think you’re right. It would have probably been a bi-bashing session

  • H

    Most countries participate in the global economy. I can’t see a country like Nigeria saying “Oh let’s drop the benefits and riches we are receiving from the global economy to support the South Africans who kicked out the whites.” This black solidarity is something African Americans have romanticized. You mentioned Rwanda. There’s Uganda, Togo, Liberia, DRC, and many other countries that have had black on black violence in their own countries.

    South Africa has the largest economy of all African countries. Those companies are run by white people. I think it’s stupid to kick all of those people out. Obviously income inequality is a huge problem between blacks and whites, but black people make up the majority of the population there. Here in the US, black people are a minority, and we are still able to make our opinions known. There are ways for South African blacks to make South African whites work on improving equality without resorting to violence, riots, and expulsion.

  • QofNew


    There is plenty of human potential in Africa, there just isn’t any political or social potential. The Indians, Arabs, Chinese, whites in African came as an educated capital class. That is how they have been able to succeed. They came with money, education, and business savvy. Lets not forget that African leaders in most cases have made it quite comfortable for these market dominate minorities (MDM) to exploit lax labor laws, little taxes, etc. Conversely, they have exploited these same MDM when things got bad and blamed all the countries problems on them.

  • L

    *Most countries participate in the global economy*
    Do they? Who really benefits from the global economy?

    I am not a romantic. Obviously tribalism and corrupt leaders must be dealt with, by Africans, without the interference of foreign agitators. Africans have not had a chance to sit and talk and think about what is right for them, for centuries because they have had to defend themselves or not from foreign invaders. If Africans had this space without interference to decide how to deal with their tribes, land and resources, what would Africa be and how would they have resolved these issues. There is more than one way to run a nation. Are Africans not capable?

    You mention South Africa @H and how the whites control the companies, so Africans have to put up with them. Well, how did the whites do this.Where did they get the resources and nerve to do this? Wasnt the situation the same in Algeria and the Algerians still dealt with the French.

    It is up to Africans to decide how to deal with the White, Arabs, Chinese, Indians and each other. It must be as firmly and humanely(if possible) as possible; But they must be dealt with, without apology or explanation.Every other group has this right, but it seems like everyone, including Blacks, want to take that right away from Africans.

  • L


    *the Indians, Arabs, Whites,(ok-maybe not the Chinese) came with money,educated, etc.Did they? Not originally.

    Its obvious tribalism and disunity of the Africans and corrupt leaders, then and now, are among the biggest root causes of why outsiders were able to prosper and oppress the Africans.

  • Dalili

    “I dont know why Black South Africans did not give the White South Africans the same choice the Algerians gave the French after their war of independence- *The suitcase or the coffin* Exile and annihilation are implied in that statement, are they not?

    You are mistaken in your assumption that my non aggressive approach in dealing with Africa’s issues are indicative of being passive and cowardly, hardly. I’ve just witnessed enough coup d’etats, civil wars and strife on the continent to last me a life-time, there has got to be an alternative to bringing about change in Africa without blood shed. That may be lofty thinking on my part but one can wish.

    Nowhere in my response did I state or insinuate Africans can’t govern themselves and prosper. Of course they can. I don’t need anyone to point out that we are equipped with the resources, brain power and know how to steer the continent to new heights, but we haven’t because as you noted we don’t have a united front. Our people are too divided along tribal lines and that is our downfall. So before we can even think about Whites, Asians, Arabs and any other interlopers we have to deal with our own issues on a grass roots level, chief among them electing leaders on merit and not what ethnic groups they belong to, doing away with impunity, making our leaders accountable and fostering a spirit of unity among the different tribes. That’s easier said than done.

    As far as sanctions and trade, I stand by my original statement; that Africa cannot afford it in this global market. The capacity to trade amongst ourselves more is certainly a possibility, but reality is there’s a very low percentage of Intercontinental trade. Some of it has to do with honoring and implementing existing regional trade agreements, diversifying trade to include along with agriculture and mining, manufacturing and efficient infrastructure: transporting goods requires functional roads and an intercontinental rail road system. All these ideas have been shared and discussed, it’s up to our respective governments to get things moving.

    I have every confidence in Africa’s potential, it’s the welfare of her people in general and her leadership specifically that has me worried. & we don’t have to choose, we are BOTH Yoruba, Ashanti, Zulu, Xhosa, Kikuyu, Lou, Kamba, Giriyama, Ewe, Akwamu, Frafra, Ga AND African.

  • L

    @Good points@ Dalili

    Again, I advocate that Africans should deal with Whites, Arabs,Indians, Chinese firmly and humanely(if possible). How that is carried out is up to Africans. It is their land.

    But, what are the consequences for oppressing, apartheiding and enslaving people?

  • http://themodernmedicineman d-rhyme

    The world is in sad shape. Getting rid of Apartheid was not the cure for low African self esteem. Just as civil rights did likewise. The fight for the right to inmigrate with whites says it all about self esteem. Native Americans fought to preserve their culture. To join with those who tried to exterminate natives is extremely sad. If you Google kaffir it means one who disbelieves. Huh? Is that it? This story is too stupid to believe true. Whoever is promoting this is merely showing the effects of racism on black self esteem. Which is the problem to be addressed and changed. Not some childish issues with names. I think i know who is behind this. Some are afraid of free speech. People who really don’t like anyone but their. Own selfish childish agenda. Most Africans have more important concerns.

  • African Mami

    @ Dalili

    OOOOOOOOOOOwiiiiiii!!!!!!!! Marry me!!!!! The solidness in your arguments is sooooo DAMN SEGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGZY!!!!!!!

    I LLLLLLLLLLLOVE my sister!!!!!

    *Hey sis!!!!!!*———>so proud of you!!! alililililililililillilii (literally going crazy reading your comments))))))

  • http://themodernmedicineman d-rhyme

    Don’t you realize how low and mean it is to try and manipulate black peoples issues to promote your own. Its diabolical, evil to stir or get others upset over bullshit because you find it disrespectful for someone to just disprove of your perverted lifestyle and sexual deviance. Enough is enough. Show respect to Africans. Stop manipulating like were inanimate objects to you. Complete psychosis will be your fate. Pray for healing.

  • Dalili

    @ L: Thank you for engaging me and being civil. :-)

    “But, what are the consequences for oppressing, apartheiding and enslaving people?”

    Severe punishment based on human rights law. If nothing else deal with the fools as FHM & Quick Trim did with Ms. Leandra, hit them where it’s most likely to leave an indelible mark: their pockets.

  • http://themodernmedicineman d-rhyme

    What person would tweet such nonsense. She is mentally ill seriously or this story is contrived and totally untrue. That statement shows no anger the situation transpired long enough for anger to be cooled. Its a lie or she needs commitment soon. Not guilty by reason of insanity. Show pity not anger at illness.

  • Dalili

    @ African Mami: Aaww, Hi Baby Sis!! Thank you! LOL! You tickle me so.

    In lieu of the marriage, can I just promise to keep loving you forever?

    I hope all is well with you! Have a great night!

  • African Mami

    @ Dalili,

    All is well my dear, because Jehova liveth and tomorrow is Sunday!! :) and I might see me some cutie if I go to church, story for another day.

    Have a great weekend, and yes keep loving me forever!!!!!

  • Dalili

    LOL! Aba, you see!

    Ok, love you forever, you got it!

  • http://themodernmedicineman d-rhyme

    This chick had no friend to vent to. Really sad. If the internet is her surrgate friend its a sign of a sick person and/ or sick society. She is psychotic.

  • Name Withheld

    She’s a cave witch ;-)

  • SweetViolet

    She is South African–I live in South Africa and came here 8.5 years ago from California, so I’ve had a bit of experience with South Africa and South Africans from an American’s perspective.

    This model represents a silent faction in South Africa–white people who continue to believe that they are superior to the black people who make up more than 75% of the population and who dominate the government. The word “kaffir” is the South African equivalent of the American “N” word. “Monkey” is another seriously disparaging racist epithet, and would be roughly equivalent to calling an American black person a “gorilla” or a “mud person.” It denotes superiority on the part of the speaker, not-so-subtly indicating that the speaker is human and the recipient of the slur is sub-human at best,

    Anger does not explain or excuse use of these words. The fact that they even come to her mind indicate that on some level, this person is a racist, even if she doesn’t want to admit it. I live in South Africa (and these incidents happened in South Africa–Spar is a local supermarket and Engen is a local brand of gasoline, like Shell or BP) and I must admit that service delivery in this country is far below what we take for granted in America. But reacting to poor service–or even insultingly sexist treatment–with racist remarks is beyong the pale: it is only people who carry that kind of superiority and deep disrespect in their hearts who speak such words.

    She should be grateful that the targets of her disgraceful speech haven’t charged her with “crimen injuria”–the “hate speech” law in this country.

  • http://themodernmedicineman d-rhyme

    Still. Speech is just speech. Who the hell cares if she hates blacks. My self esteem does not depend on what fools say. You should do serious evaluation to see why you are dependent on what someone says. Adults are no ones dependents. Mature ones that is.
    A law to force people to change whats in their hearts is stupid. Its tyranny. Change comes through education or growth. Force or law cannot accomplish either. Children on playgrounds cry over name calling. If you are not a kaffir or monkey that’s all that matters. You want white people to love you? you are an adult. You need only self love and the love of God. Childish, childish is whats this is. Stop wanting integration and approval from where it won’t come. You can’t make anyone like you. Integration is psychotic.

  • http://themodernmedicineman d-rhyme

    Its called self esteem for a reason. It cannot come from others unless you are a child needing love and praise from a parent. Others were not put here to praise you. Hence children and monarchs are one and the same. Praise seekers.

  • stellaxo

    This has nothing to do with praise, though!
    Its got everything to do with respect for others- which should be very basic.
    The whole “you can’t make everyone like you” and “integration is psychotic”?
    If children in school have to resort to bullying tactics and using language that degrades their classmates (simply because they cannot accept others and respect them), what should we as adults do?
    Separate them based on their personal preferences?
    Life is more than creating a bubble for yourself and living some pretend life.

    Secondly, this girl is/was a PUBLIC figure; i feel that the punishment was just- companies pay millions to have a spokesperson carry their brand along with values and the certain aesthetic that the company was founded on (or hopes to be associated with)

    I understand what you mean by saying that the self worth of others should not be contingent upon the words people paint them with.
    However, it is essential to set an example for children AND to for both kids and adults to realize that these people who resort to such vile language are the ones who have problems within themselves that they need to work out.
    It would be lovely to say ‘hey, get some self esteem so you won’t be offended when i say this’ , but people grow up in different households: the road to gaining self esteem is different for everyone, so for a company or higher authority to allow/promote such hateful language to be used publicly is, in my opinion- damaging and quite irresponsible.

  • http://themodernmedicineman d-rhyme

    @Stellaxo. Yes really. To want to join in the party of oppressing and killing those not like you is crazy to me. I guess racism and teaching people of their inferiority makes them want to be like the oppressor. Proof that denigrating others will make them want what you have and even take over. Hence Barak Obama i guess. However, it really is a perpetuation of low self esteem that must end at some point. Self esteem comes from esteeming ones heritage and preserving it. We have had integration founded on blacks giving up their heritage that actually fosters disrespect from whites. “they must be inferior, they want to be like us”. Only self respect fosters respect from others. Don’t discard my real sincere attempts to help rectify serious problems in white and black self esteem.

  • Nikki

    Good. I will not be throwing on my cape for a white racist pig today, or ever, and I’m glad to see that she’s facing the consequences.

  • d-rhyme

    like i said. she is a nut case. people who esteem themselves esteem others. hence racism stems from sickness and self hatred. pity her. she needs therapy. consequences should include therapy. actually. we don;t punish mentally ill persons. we treat them. reactionary violence is not prudent or ljust. this is exactly why Jesus said love your enemies. If you get angry with a mad person. you create a never ending cycle of violence or war. it is seneless and fruitless. tragic actually

  • stellaxo

    … i feel like we’re speaking from two completely different dimensions

    i don’t think you understood my point, like, at all. lol
    (which, if you noticed- didn’t really make black/white relations its main focus; instead, just accepting the differences of others)
    maybe you thought i was arguing against a point you made, when i wasn’t?
    & i honestly don’t get how Obama becoming pres. is an indication of blacks wanting to take over and assume a superior role in society, rather than (among other things) it being a combination of changing times and someone’s desire to assume the position (who, eh..happens to be black?).

    also, that you said “don’t discard my sincere attempts” at the end of your reply…why would i? were you being sarcastic before or something?

    so confuseddd! :/
    its okay though. :)
    our points of view and opinions on what is important in this situation are so different, it seems it would be exhausting to try and find some sort of middle ground.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    i suspect a troll here……..

  • Ms. Information

    Out of the mouth comes the abundance of the heart….I love social allows racists to come from their gut…and by the time they come to their senses…too

  • Skeef

    Misty_Moonsilver your argument is not rational. Whites deserve to be in a country that they have chosen to be their homeland, just as much as Europeans moved to the Americas, and Chinese have colonised areas in the South East. It is the racism displayed by Leandra that is abhorrant.
    Don’t lump all white South Africans under the same banner as rascist, in that case you are also guilty of bigotry.

  • http://themodernmedicineman d-rhyme

    Come now. Not rational. That’s a good thing. Here is swhy. Overly rational is the definition of psychosis. A serious error of psychiatry. It is extremely sexist and racist in origin. Many definitions in English are this way due to prejudiice for women and emotional types

  • iQgraphics

    Yaaassss Honey!
    Cuz I know, when I’m feeling threatened, harassed or scared; instead of assessing the situation and getting myself to a safe local, the FIRST thing I do is take to my twitter page!! <3

    (she only apologized cuz somebody called her on her racist BS, otherwise, she'd have been hashtagging and RT'ing away)

  • Petite Diva

    I know that people can get angry and utter things they don’t mean. I also believe that sexual assault should not be tolerated. This being said, I find it hard to believe that she uttered those hateful words because she was angry. I judge people by their course of conduct and she has engaged in the name calling before. A leopard never sheds its spots and a zebra never sheds its stripes.

    I don’t rejoice that she has lost her paycheck/livelihood but as adults, we must face the consequences of our actions. She has betrayed the trust of the companies that bestowed the honor of representing them as their spokesperson by painting them in a manner that is inconsistent with their values. I don’t attribute her actions to youthful indiscretion. Even her apology tweet was not very apologetic, she just wanted people to “forget it”. It’s amazing because she probably alienated a fan base of individuals of color who may have fully supported her.

    It is time that the society sends a message to those who encourage and promote hate and bigotry that enough is enough! I for one will not be purchasing anything that would financially further her career. As a woman from Africa and as a woman of color, I demand equal treatment and I give others the same.

  • Pingback: Privileged Freedom « BROTHA WOLF

  • d-rhyme

    now there is no way to extrapolate a race of people onto a sexual preference. there is no connection no matter how much manipulation tries to make it so. there is no similarity therefore of someone saying homophobia is term that has no ethnic or bigoted origins. if you disporve a BEHAVIOR this is not bigoted by definitiion. now what is bigoted is for a male to dislike females. these are bonified biological entiites just like a race. unlike these johnny come latelties who promote these issues of free speech for ulterior motives. further, you want punishment for someone who is clearly mentally ill. that is just as bad as what she said. you are angry and lashing out at her. a vicious cycle. you have no Jesus in you. no spiritual redeeming qualities. I like steve harvey avoid anyone with no spiritually redeeming qualities.,

  • Henri Le Riche

    Well here’s but one racist rant from a black model. Lots more out there, however with South Africa having a black government, they are hell bent to let the outside world know of the extend of black racism. –

    When people start thinking they are incapable of racism, and it’s only whites, the result is the start of supremacy. In Africa it’s black supremacy.

    Seems blacks are also prone to human negative traits….

  • Dineo

    @ jamesfrmphilly yes they can it’s called xenophobia just google South Africa 2008 xenophobic attacks and get back to me. Oh and there are those stupid black people who think putting down other black people makes them ‘white’, you know what i like to call the ‘real cocunut syndrome’ like Othello always lamenting their ‘dirty blackness’. I seriously hate that play. As for this bitch I’m glad she lost her contracts but truth be told she would have lost shit all if it wasnt for those twitter people not only finding both tweets but also complaining in masses. So i’m happy justice is served :- p. As for the other girl the black ‘model’ (i use the term loosely because the images given off her show no actual contracts she’s not exactly joelle kayembe or something) who also reacted to ths uproar with a racist tweet. She was a dumbass too. But some of the responses to her tweets are seriously disheartening. I’m not the best with words but this is basically what i want to say to them. We get it you didnt ’cause’ apartheid, that doesnt mean we (me the black person and you the white person) started this life in this country at a equal level or even that we go through it equally. As Pres. LB Johnson said “You do not take a person who, for years, has been hobbled by chains and liberate him, bring him up to the starting line of a race and then say,’you are free to compete with all the others’, and still believe that you have been completely fair.” This has tod o with everything socially and not just affrimative action. As for the people arguing that it’s pointless attacking this girl, because if we’re adults we wouldnt care about what she says. I disagree racism at its core is a form of breaking down one’s self-esteem in order to make them feel inferior thus making one feel that the oppression they feel is justified, and is it such a bad thing that I feel insulted by her comment, after all I’m human?

  • Petite Diva

    @d-rhyme: 1. Definition of bigot: A person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.

    2. I have not seen any reports claiming mental illness
    3. I never stated that I am angry, but if you need clarification, I am not angry
    4. I John 13:34 -35 you and all of God’s children even if you don’t think so.

  • http://themodernmedicineman d-rhyme

    1. Gay is not a race or ethnic group
    2. I am a professional in mental health
    3. Why you wont buy or support then? Retaliation
    4. Turn the other cheek. Love thy enemies.

    People who can’t esteem others have no self esteem. Profound lack is definition of psychosis. Who would say for the world to hear knowing she has a public job such mindless things. She has classic features of mental illness. Visit my web site. Themodernmedicineman.

  • Henri Le Riche

    I agree with most you say. But forgive me if i sound straightforward. Im not pc, as i believe it’s a racist leftist invention. Most of the people keeping black people down are people like Sharpton. They keep playing the same note of oppression and keep black people in a slave like state of the mind. Note. Not all people, but what i call the sheeple. And sheeple isn’t just black but you get the same middle white group. They don’t think for themselves but follow popular opinion by people making out as being their “leaders”.

    I’ve grown up with Africans in Africa. The colour of your skin won’t give you automatic entry to Africa to be accepted. It’s about culture, and not race. Most black people in the US are “westernised”. They won’t adapt in Africa. Im not talkin about a 2 week holiday where you embrace everything, but when you live there. The fact is you’ll quickly find you have more in common with the white folk there, than with Africans as weird as this mind sound to you. The American situation do not compare to the South African situation. Not only is the demographics the opposite where whites in South Africa, and African-American’s are the miniority, but you have to take in cultural and language issues.

    Here a white model used a bad word aimed at a black individual. Truly something i abhere. At the same time a black model says something, not aimed at an individual, but asking for the killing of a WHOLE race.

    There is no excuse for racism. Saying there is, is nothing else than being prejudiced, biased, which means a person’s racist underwear is sticking out.

  • JoyceAfrican

    I am not surprised at all. A lot of White South Africans long for the ‘good old days.’

  • Henri Le Riche

    “long for the good old days”…definitely. When things worked! There was rule of law. You got what you paid tax for thus, Education, security and health worked.

    So, in 2012 the white people i know feel the same as me. We don’t care who runs the country! As long as things work like it should in a so called “1st” world country.

  • Henri Le Riche

    Ah! lol. The “Pot calling the kettle black” – You’ve just shown your racist underwear with this comment. Try again racist. – “I wonder if you invaders (you’re no African) have a genetic component for shame.”

  • Henri Le Riche

    @SMH – We are all aware of your racist comments. Just shows it’s a human trait. Not a white trait. If it was a white trait only, then that would mean black people are super humans, in other words supreme and not prone to certain human negative traits, so then black supremacy is the new evil. Thanks for proving my point. Racist! LOL

  • Henri Le Riche

    @SWEETVIOLET – What do you have to say about the racist black model that said a whole race (white) needs to be killed?

    That would tell me someone in her family or friends is also racist.

    I also lived in the US and I can tell you people are pretty fed-up with the double standards on racism. Black people make a whole whooha, but when the shoe is on the other foot it’s downplayed. I can tell you the day people had enough, is the day we are going to re-invent the wheel why racism is wrong. Black people need to speak up again the evil in their own circles. The world is not blind to your silence. It’s going to come back and bite you in the ass sister.

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