After South African model Jessica Leandra dos Santos angrily tweeted about being allegedly harassed by a shop assistant yesterday, many were outraged at her choice of words. The 20-year-old called the man a “kaffir” an extremely offensive racist slur, causing many in the country to demand she be held accountable for her tweet.

One quick-thinking Twitter user catalogued dos Santos’ tweets and many of the reactions from those in South Africa.

Dos Santos’ deleted the tweet and asked her followers to “forget it,” saying she sent it in anger in response to being harassed.

Unfortunately for dos Santos, folks did not just forget it. Instead they combed her tweets and found yet another instance when the model had something offensive to say about black South Africans (she later deleted that tweet as well).

After many complained, FHM South Africa stripped the model of her title as the winner of its 2011 model competition and they’ve also decided they will no longer work with dos Santos in the future.

FHM South Africa issued a statement cutting ties with dos Santos:

“We have removed all pictures of her from our website and will have nothing to do with her in future. FHM is a proudly South African magazine and say “No” to racism.”

Dos Santos’ main sponsor, diet company QuickTrim, also dropped her as their spokeswoman, citing her tweets.

“Due to the severity of the remarks by #JessicaLeandra #QuickTrimSA herewith ends our sponsorship to her with immediate effect!” the company tweeted.

Dos Santos issued an apology again asserting that she was merely “acting in pure anger and frustration at the time” of her tweets, but that she realizes that there is “no excuse” for using the k-word and will use this experience as a learning experience.

Whether or not dos Santos can resurrect her once-rising career remains to be seen, but one thing is sure: the tweets are ALWAYS watching, and people need to think before they tweet.

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  • A couple of things. South Africa is the rape capital of the world so with that being said, if I was being followed around and felt I was being sexually harrassed I would react with anger and fear as well. We all say things in anger and fear and EVERYONE has made a racist/ prejudiced remark in their life, she was just stupid by putting it online. Do I think she’s sorry? No she said exactly what she meant. She’s only sorry she got called out and lost several gigs in the process.

    • No. This is not how equality works. Unfortunately, this sort of thinking is not uncommon. I’ve heard similar justifications for outbursts of bigotry, including racism, sexism and homophobia, that happens in the heat of passion.

      When you believe that a group of people intrinsically have value equal to your own, you believe it all the time and deep in your heart. This belief is not contingent on your being in a good mood. The belief doesn’t go away when a marginalized person makes you angry or annoys you. If you have it in you to use epithets when hurt, then you have it in you all the time.

      Someone who believes black people have value as human beings and that African ancestry is not a mark of dishonor would never call a black person “nigger” or “kaffir”. Ever. Because if you are not racist, you will be not racist even when a black person is, say, rude to you in a department store. If you believe that women are equal to men, then a woman who cuts you off in traffic doesn’t become “whore” or “bitch”. Equality of gender, race and sexuality are not situational things.

    • iQgraphics

      I thought alaska was the rape capitol of the world.
      imma have to google that.

      “EVERYONE has made a racist/ prejudiced remark in their life”
      this is true

      This is a case of the over share, yet again.
      Twitter and facebook are policing your brains

    • jamesfrmphilly

      let me see. a white women uses anti black slurs and sisters are on here defending her?
      is that right? defend the white south african? really? do you people know any history at all? jeez!

    • iQgraphics

      i’m not defending her

      I think people are going to allow twitter and facebook to rule their lives, morals and universes.

    • Anon

      There were some cross posts to another site, and some of those readers (who are a majority white audience) have been coming over here to see what “sista’s” are up to. I won’t say that she isn’t a black woman, I don’t know. But SOME of these anti-BW posters are not BW themselves.

    • @james- What exactly did I say in my post that would make you think I was defending her? I completely understand her reaction. If she felt like she was being sexually harrassed did you think she was going to tweet that with a smiley face? The word kaffir is horribly offensive, I’m quite aware of the history of South Africa so please stop with the condescending “know your history line”. I was simply saying that everyone has uttered a racial slur at least once in their life, including yourself.

    • Maggie

      African Monkey though? I mean for you to even think that is acceptable to put on a public format is really crazy. You make your money from being a public figure and you think that kind of stuff is gonna slide. Everyone has made a slur…everyone has NOT put it on twitter…and everyone is NOT making the type of money she was making. Not ok.

    • iQgraphics

      I agree.Fully.

    • jamesfrmphilly

      bottom line : any white in south africa needs to be driven out. kill them all.

    • Kacey

      You seem confused (not to mention imbecilic). First you try to justify her statements as being out of anger and insinuate that she should be forgiven. Then you go on to say that she intentionally meant to be racist and thus should not be forgive. Make up your small mind, please!
      Furthermore, what the hell does South Africa being the so-called “rape capital of the world” have to do with either her alleged harassment or her comments. SIT. DOWN!

    • If I feel like I’m being sexually assaulted like this young lady did then the assailant is everything less than human in my opinion, I will react with anger and I don’t care what that persons race or ethnicity is- if a racial slur slips out then oh well. Clearly you all aren’t aware that in South Africa a woman is more likely to be raped than she is to learn how to read. I’m sure she’s aware of this high rate of sexually assault in her country and reacted the same way MOST women would. She was stupid for putting it online but oh well lesson learned. I don’t really feel the need to go back and forth with or defend my comments to people on the Internet I will never meet or care to meet. Have a great weekend everyone!

    • Kacey

      How do you know what happened? You weren’t there like I wasn’t there! How do you know that this guy didn’t just make a pass at her? She didn’t mention being assaulted in her tweet. She used the words “arrogant”, “disrespectful” and later she added “harassed”. Why do you assume this was an assault? Just because he was a black man? Anytime a black man is involved you assume he’s in some way assaulting someone?
      You’ve got a lot of nerve coming in here with this BS! I am so tired of you trolls!

    • If I feel like I’m being sexually harrassed*

    • Kacey

      You are a very sick person!

    • H

      Oh Sasha! She was sexually HARASSED. Sexual harassment is you know when a construction worker cat calls at you, or when someone says something sexual about your body parts. It is nothing more than someone offending you. I’m pretty sure lots of women have experienced some sort of sexual harassment in their lives and did not resort to childish and racist name calling.

      It doesn’t matter if she felt threatened. If you read the article, it shows that she tweeted something like that before. She seems to have anger and race issues. I mean plenty of people have been rude to me. Her reaction to rudeness is to punch someone in the face and call someone a monkey. C’mon.

      You said if you felt threatened you would react the same way. I don’t know how anyone feels threatened hours after the altercation happens, goes back home, opens her Twitter, and takes the time to type a stupid obviously racist comment. She was not threatened then and had plenty of time to think about what she was about to do.

  • Robbie

    Even if you are mad that does not give her or anyone the right to use racist slur. Not everyone use that type of language.

  • I am very pleased with FHM and Quick Trim’s responses to Dos Santos’ racist tweets. Good for them!

    In response to Sasha and iQgraphics: “angry words/tweets speak calm thoughts.” Racial slurs should not be the first thing out of her mouth.

    • iQgraphics

      I do agree with you.
      I don’t understand why everyone feels the need to put EVERYTHING on twitter.
      She could have kept that to herself.
      Does she live under a rock?

      People are losing scholarships, contracts, jobs, etc for information they post on social media

      use your check and buy a clue. she’s dumb

  • Anne

    Welcome to the ‘new South Africa’ the ‘rainbow nation’.
    Let’s not kid ourselves anymore, as South Africans, as the world. Many of the same feelings that dominated the South Africa of the past are still here and very much alive. They just don’t have the legal system behind them.

  • stellaxo

    Im just really impressed at the swiftness with which FHM and Quicktrim dropped her.
    I was starting to get the impression (because of other similar previous controversies and how they were handled) that we can’t count on certain companies to stand by a particular set of values or morals.
    It sucks for her- whatever strides she’s taken in the modeling world are erased and there probably won’t be much of a future for her if she plans to pursue modeling (or any job related to a social media platform), but there is no room for such blatant, disgusting racism. I’m proud that FHM SA didn’t write a long winded nebulous piece on how its okay, or how she has instantly changed, or ‘apologize if it offended its audience’.

    Not to say that i’m happy at her misfortune, but situations like this so often divide us- the two companies took a stance that was pro-humanity; which i must applaud: these days, some people are overly concerned with being ‘progressive’ or trying to play both sides.
    It still makes me sad to hear that a divide among blacks and whites exist in SA- i can’t even remember the last time i even heard the k word- but glad that corporations are not having it.

    • Nnaattaayy

      +1 best post I’ve read so far