Before Bobbi Kristina Brown took the stage Sunday night to honor her mother, music icon Whitney Houston, during the Billboard Music Awards, stories surfaced online about a rift between Houston’s only child and her sister-in-law Pat Houston. Both wanted to be on the stage to accept an honor on the singer’s behalf. All reports seemed to hint that the show had only asked Bobbi, but the sister-in-law was inserting herself into the tribute.

It seemed to be a strange thing to fight over.

But then I remembered that Pat Houston has a reality show coming out about the lives of the Houston family since Whitney’s passing. And suddenly, it all makes sense.

From MTV:

Titled “The Houston Family Chronicles,” the show will feature Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, and mother Cissy Houston, though the focus will be on The Bodyguard superstar’s brother Gary Houston and sister-in-law and manager Pat Houston, as well as their daughter, Rayah.

Houston’s cousin Dionne Warwick and Bobbie Kristina’s godmother, gospel legend CeCe Winans, will also appear in the series.

According to Lifetime, the reality show will focus on Pat and Gary “as they take on their greatest challenge, supporting and guiding Bobbi Kristina as she faces the world alone, without the one person she relied on the most, her mother.”

While every family is free to grieve in whatever way they feel fit, there’s something ghoulish about grief via reality TV.

The Houston family’s sudden move from the background in Whitney’s life to the limelight has shades of the most recent season of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The series went morbid late last year in the aftermath of cast member Taylor Armstrong’s husband’s suicide. Armstrong, who was a battered spouse, rounded out her public grief with a book tour.

And the Houston family has had their reputations rocked by reality TV before with the image tarnishing embarrassment that was Being Bobby Brown. The 2005 Bravo network show chronicled Houston’s then husband Bobby Brown and his children’s lives with a seemingly out-of-it Houston along for the ride. While highly rated, the show only lasted one season after Houston refused to appear in any more episodes.

Maybe the show will be a loving, comical, and career-boosting tribute, akin to what Braxton Family Values has been for singer Toni Braxton and her loving, bickering, then loving again sisters. But something about it makes me not want to trust it. Something about how for months since Houston’s death someone within the family has routinely leaked gossip to sites like TMZ about Houston’s mother Cissy’s reactions and Bobbi Kristina’s personal life. Houston’s death knocked down that last remaining wall of what was left of her personal life and made it public.

It reminds me of some of the messier aspects of Michael Jackson’s family. That for every member who sought to protect their brother and son’s legacy, there was father Joe Jackson, out on the eve of the funeral, show-boating his latest “act” for CNN. Then Jackson’s remaining brothers turned what was supposed to be a one-hour special about an upcoming tour into a reality show in the wake of Michael’s death.

It, like Being Bobby Brown, didn’t last.

I understand that Bobbi Kristina may want to sing. I can understand a family’s need to find ways to make money after the primary bread-winner is gone. I can understand grief. I don’t understand exploitation and fighting over who gets to accept tributes on the behalf of someone they all claimed to have loved dearly. I don’t understand exposing your grief, family stress and pain to public scrutiny. I don’t understand rushing into a spotlight that, in the end, contributed to the death of someone you held dear.

I don’t get it.

But I’m sure they’ll be happy to explain it all one night a week for Lifetime Television.

  • Makisha

    Yes! There is something about Pat that just rubs me wrong. How is it that all of a sudden you’re in the middle of everything Whitney? Nobody knew you then and we shouldn’t really know you now. If anything, Cissy should be there. The tribute that has Cissy and Bobbi there will be the best one, ever. This Pat, Houston by marriage, needs to go away real fast because she just makes everything less authentic.

  • Cocoa

    I agree Makisha…her exploitation of Whitney and Bobbi Kris is suspect and disheartening…a very sad situation

  • African Mami

    May thunder and lightning strike her, trying to profit from the dead!!!! Pat i.e.

  • staynsweet

    Oh and another thing.. My mom has been deceased for five years and it feels like only yesterday. It still hurts! But IF someone was to offer me a show, hell even an interview, I would take it too and YOU WOULD TOO!

  • Simone L

    I wouldn’t. My dad has been dead for almost 10 years and grief isn’t something I want the world to see. I understand my dad’s passing differently than I did as a young, new mom on that morning my dad passed. not everything is for public consumption and they need to stop.

  • staynsweet

    Okay, I respect your opinion, Because you have a right to it, But at the same time, YOU should respect others who do not share your same sentiments. Everyone grieves differently. It’s not your place to judge or tell somebody how they should grieve, so mind your business! Maybe this is their way of paying tribute to her with the world. Who knows?

  • Ms. Information

    Pat seems mildly off..all I can remember is that hideous, botched speech she gave at the funeral..she seems mildly retarded.

  • NicaJ

    I.agree with the first few comments. Its not about them being able to grieve , it seemes like there’s a hidden agenda. I’ve heard some things about pat and Gary that awful to point out. I just think its really weird and the timing is inappropriate.

  • LemonNLime

    These people are so tacky, I would expect nothing less from them.

  • African Mami


    speak for yourself!!! You do not share grief with strangers and make money from it. i.e. some bull fecal matter!

  • YeahTam

    Everything doesn’t need to be on TV for the world to see. Celebrities (and I don’t even consider anyone beyond Cissy who is left a celebrity) share so much in these reality shows that they have nothing else left for themselves. Have they not learned from every other reality show & the problems that arise afterwards?

    It seems to be more about Pat Houston & her family – it’s all about the money at the end of the day. I won’t be watching. Pat had no business being on that stage last night. I won’t get on her dress or weave because the Lord told me to stop lol.

  • serene

    Pat rubs me the wrong way. I’m seriously side eyeing her.

  • Sasha

    LMAO you are too much!

  • Ms. Information

    I’m sorry, that speech was atrocious..

  • Sasha

    But mildly retarded though, I mean that is not even right lol maybe she’s just a little touched

  • Bee

    “I don’t understand rushing into a spotlight that, in the end, contributed to the death of someone you held dear.” YES!! I really wish that Bobbi Christina would just use the money her mom left her, take her a$$ off to college in the middle of butt-fricking-nowhere and leave the Hollywood and music industry crap (as well as certain members of her parasitic family) alone. She’s going to go down a bad path, otherwise. The shame about this girl is that she seems to have nobody in her family who truly cares about her (which is also what I thought of Whitney; Whitney seemed alone in a sea of parasites). I’m sad for this young woman.

  • staynsweet

    The Lord told you to stop before you decided to judge these folks! Lol

  • gmarie

    how does the sister (IN LAW) argue with the direct offspring of Whitney over who get’s to accept the tribute award? Bobbi is not a child, it should not have even been up for debate. This is a fame whore ladies and gents.

  • Ms. Information

    @ Yeahtam..that dress was like a bad dream from Prom 1993…Jesus.

  • MsM

    The Lord knows that she looked a hot mess. lol. When they showed her from the back walking up the stairs to the stage, I was like no mam. Way too much showing that should not be seen from a woman of a certain age.

  • Kam

    You were the one judging first when you made the sweeping generalization that everyone would want their grief televised if given money, staynsweet.

  • Fecha15

    Lmao. That would explain the death spiral Whitney’s career took in the final decade, as Pat was “managing” her.

  • Fecha15

    Yes indeed. First thing I thought was them “cankles” of hers would give Hilary Clinton a run for her money.

  • SAI Rose

    Did anyone catch Pat trying to take the award from Bobbi Kris who just ever so slightly pulled it away to ensure it was not getting to anyone else’s hands…
    All i have to say is BK (and Cissy, for that matter) needs to be very wary of Pat as she doesn’t seem to have the best of intentions for BK.

  • SAI Rose

    Agreed… Something just doesn’t seem right with that woman

  • Aja

    I have got to agree with the majority of you I am giving Pat Houston the side eye as well…she seems to be more into the ‘spotlight’ since Whitney Houston’s death all of the sudden she is appearing everywhere. Pat Houston should have let Bobbi Kris accept the award Pat needs to fall all the way back. Why has not Cissy checked Pat this is terrible.

  • isola

    Pat Houston seems like an opportunist. I absolutely have no interest in watching a reality show with her in it. And I think she should have worn a dress that was her actual size on the award show.

  • Miss A

    Makisha, I totally agree with you! I think Pat is the one leaking all the information and pictures about Whitney to the tabloids and forcing herself into their lives, trying to profit off a TV show. WHY did she feel the need to come on the stage with Kristina during the Billboard Awards show anyways? She looks sneaky and Cissy better watch her CLOSE or she will siphon all of that child’s money straight out of the bank.

  • elizabeth51

    @ Makisha, you are correct because I still wonder why Pat didn’t answer Whitney’s phone calls before her death!

  • PreciousWms


  • PreciousWms

    I was weary of Pat after the interview Opra did with BK. Pat appeared phony and also appeared to to be an opportunist.
    Should anyone had been beside BK to except the award for her mom it should have been Cissy, or Whitney Houston’s Brother ( NOT PAT) Pat is only a Houston by marriage.
    Pat’s husband need to get some back bone and make Pat stay in her lane……

  • azza

    I have a funny feeling about this Pat! In Oprah interview she said that she felt sorry for her brother running out of breath while he was performing CPR on Whitney and asked him to stop. It feels like she cares about her brother more than Whitney. Also she said she was upset Whitney’s picture was published not because it was taken. Naturally she should be upset because it was taken as it is an appropriate and unfair. Even while Whitney is alive it feels like she is treating her like she is a kid and ordering her around. Of course she is after the money now Whitney is gone there is nothing for her and her husband to do and they get used to the high life style. I feel so sorry for Whitney and her beautiful soul and heart to have to experience such pain. The husband, the family and the media…… so true she has no one to turn to apart from her Jesus…. I look to You.

  • SMaria

    EXACTLY! Ner one of them have learned from watching what happened to Whit. I do not trust any of them!They all EVEN CISSY is suspect! If any of them really knew what was right for Whitney she would still be here because they wouldve listened to the things Whitney saidto Oprah in her interview in 2009 and said DON’T GO BACK INTO THAT INDUSTRY/WORLD! Go and sing for the Lord where you KNEW that it was a gift and and stay away from CLIVE and the pressure to live the lifestyle that you KNEW was bondage and killing you before! SMH I pray of for Krissi often. She IDOLIZED Whitney and people are celebrating that which is only helping her to go down the same path! You would think Cissy would be discouraging her from following on the same path as Whitney but she is doing the same thing she did with WHITNEY! Granted it’s unrealistic to believe that Krissy wouldnt want to sing/act but there must be some lessons learned about how to do things differently. I wonder if those lessons will be taught in the show on Lifetime!
    Why would they want to be in the public eye when they saw how it treated Whitney! Seems like they always wanted it themselves and in the wake of Whitney’s passing they are getting it and riding her coattails STILL! Its sad! SMH! GOD HELP THEM ALL!

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