“Don’t listen to those who say, “It’s not done that way.” Maybe it’s not, but maybe you will. Don’t listen to those who say, “You’re taking too big a chance.” Michelangelo would have painted the Sistine floor, and it would surely be rubbed out by today. Most importantly, don’t listen when the little voice of fear inside of you rears its ugly head and says, “They’re all smarter than you out there. They’re more talented, they’re taller, blonder, prettier, luckier and have connections…” I firmly believe that if you follow a path that interests you, not to the exclusion of love, sensitivity, and cooperation with others, but with the strength of conviction that you can move others by your own efforts, and do not make success or failure the criteria by which you live, the chances are you’ll be a person worthy of your own respect.”–Neil Simon

Sometimes it’s hard to tun off the echo chamber. You get caught up in what others think or say about you, or maybe you are your own worst critic, tearing yourself apart for every misstep. Either way, allowing yourself to get beaten down by negative thoughts is not the way to motivate yourself to be better; quite the opposite. Being inundated with negative self-talk or unhelpful criticism from others is one of the fastest ways to become paralyzed by fear and inaction.

Although we are at the mid-week point, it’s never too late to pick up a few good habits. Instead of looking in the mirror picking out your flaws, try saying something nice about yourself. And the next time someone has something overly critical to say about you, politely (and I do mean politely), call them on their B.S.

Life is too short to spend worrying about being perfect. We’ll never be perfect, but we can definitely live happy, productive, and extraordinary lives.

Happy Wednesday! 

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  • Thank you so much! This is so perfect for what I’m going through. I’m from a small town and recently started applying for jobs in LA, NYC and other major cities – so I won’t limit myself because of my fears or naysayers. As I was searching I just felt so defeated like employers would take me as a joke although I’m just as educated, qualified and savvy as the candidates they’re searching for.

    Thanks for this! I needed it.

  • Cree

    Absolutely what I needed to hear today. Thank you.

    I am a person that comes from a broken family and I have a chance to visit just a few family members this week. I at times almost feel overwhelmed from the shame of years of treating each other as strangers, but I was too young to do anything about it.

    Now I am a young woman who CAN do something about it. My family may not act like a typical family, or look like a typical family. But I will do what I can, even if others say “it’s not done that way.”

    Thank you.

  • sarah

    good article. more like this on clutch please, kind of like an affirmations section. even if people aren’t commenting as much as the more controversial topics, they’re still reading and that’s what matters

  • Thanx for these inspiring words!

  • Antoinette

    I look forward to Britni’s post and agree with Sarah about the affirmation section.