An organization of homosexual men interested in joining Alpha Kappa Alpha, Incorporated are claiming discrimination and allegedly threatening to file a lawsuit against the sorority because they have been barred from becoming members. The men, who call themselves MIAKA, have been on the scene for years and though the “Divine 9″ try to ignore them, they keep popping up again. reports:

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., [was] founded at Howard University on Jan. 15, 1908. The group of men, whom all are homosexual, are alleging homophobia and gender discrimination by the sorority.

News of MIAKAs first surfaced a couple years ago when men founded an unofficial chapter of AKA at Texas Southern University and Prairie view A&M.

Members of the Greek community were shocked when the Tri Alpha Chapter of MIAKA presented photos of men adorned in pink and green and pearls, while throwing up their “pinkies.” People were even more shocked to learn the chapter had even filmed a probate show with sounds of the sorority’s famous call “skee wee” being heard in the background.

See the MIAKA men “strolling” here:

While some people have used the ill conceived argument that to deny the men of MIAKA entry to AKA, is somehow on par with denying the LGBT community the civil right to marry, ChaValier N. Sharps disagrees and says the issue goes so much deeper than meets the eye:

“I speak only for myself and not for any organization, in whole or in part, but having men in a sorority and women in a fraternity as it relates to the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) would completely change the dynamics of the organizations, as gender has a lot (not all) to do with the respective programs, just as the girl scouts and boy scouts,” says Sharps, a proud member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. “Men and women have different issues to address in terms of the social constructs that exist in this society, even more so black men and black women, respectively. Add this with the history of the organizations as previously stated, and membership of those who wish to join for reasons other than what is outlined by individual guidelines, bylaws, and requirements muddles everything. The institution that is AKA, much like the others of the NPHC is far more than colors, calls, synchronized movements, and inaccurate movies that solely focus on the aforementioned — which is what rogue organizations [such as MIAKA] have at the heart of their agendas, for even the calls, colors, and synchronized movements go far deeper than outsiders may know.”

See the MIAKA Men’s probate show here:

Weigh in Clutchettes: Do you think homosexual men should be allowed to be members of sororities?


  • Lopinot

    This is karma coming home to roost.

    I believe that, since it’s beginning, AKA has represented a lot of negativity, classism, colorism, cliquishness, and ugliness that it has hidden behind a “pretty face”.

    This hidden ugliness has become apparent in the past decade as the Sorority has faced numerous lawsuits over the deaths of initiates, the public embarassment of a thieving national president, and now this ridiculous lawsuit by a bunch of men.

    What’s apparent is that these MIAKA, who are basically drag queens with no self esteem or sense of history, are attracted to the Sorority’s superficiality, emphasis on the external, and lack of depth.

    Like attracts like, and the shallow clueless MIAKA are attracted to the shallow clueless women of AKA.

    While they all sit around looking into their narcissistic mirrors and competing to be “….the fairest of them all….”, the real women of DST are out in the world doing the real work to uplift African Americans.

  • Anon

    I do NOT think they should be allowed to join a female sorority. There are organizations for MEN ONLY. It would not be fair to our women organizations if a court rules in their favor. As a female member of a black greek organization (Not AKA) I would be highly disappointed. NO one is saying we don’t believe in equality but the history of our organizations have always been female only. This will ruin what our founders worked so hard to build for SISTERhood. I’m sorry but I don’t want any male members of my organization. I don’t care if they are gay or straight. I am all for them wanting to get married, that is their business. But please do NOT ruin what our founders built. The organizations will NOT be the same if they allow men to join. Furthermore I think AKA should sue these men for copying their organization.

  • Val

    Sounds like you desperately wanted to be an AKA too but were denied. Bitter much.

  • Val

    This makes no sense. I’m a lesbian, so according to their logic I should have joined a Frat? They would’ve had a better case had they been Transgender. I think more than anything else they just want attention. I hope they go away and leave us alone.

  • K

    Lol, this is silly. They can dismiss the homophobia claim because the sorority has out lesbians as members. Guess they forgot about them.

  • Liz

    …Who rejected you Lopinot?

  • Liz

    and if you are a member of DST, I think the ugliness littered all through your post is shameful. Your comment has absolutely nothing to do with the article, but you took it as an opportunity to rag on my sorority. Get a life. All the sororities, without exception, have worked diligently since their respective founding dates to uplift African Americans. If this was your way of showing pride in your organization, it doesn’t show. You sound like a bitter reject who couldn’t cut it. Sad really.

  • Cloudy Summer Day/Teiko

    Why do women always have to share with gay men?

  • CaptSpectac22

    LOL, “Tell’em why you mad son”!
    Only a Delta could hate AKA that much! Just can’t forget where you came from, huh? If yo mamma ugly, you ugly too! And you shouldn’t disrespect your roots like that!

    MIAKA’s have always deeply upset me, and I’m NO AKA. They have no respect for the movement and should be put to sleep. Period. I believe its the spirit of the drag queen, lol…willing to do anything for attention and affirmation. They each need to get a father, and then rebuke that spirit of affectation.

  • rhea

    AKAs and Deltas disagree about the founding of DST, but one fact remains constant: When the Deltas didn’t like what they saw, they threw up the deuces and made their own. You don’t like the way the AKAs do business? Fine! Get your own! If anything, it’s a stain on these men that they do not have the creativity and intelligence to form their own fraternity that will suit their needs. Instead they want to hijack a legacy, bastardize it, then throw a fit because the organization won’t let them do it! Please! No one owes you anything.

  • Chloe

    This story is absolutely ridiculous. These men obviously have issues, instead of trying to push their way into a woman’s sorority they should be trying to create their own.

  • Jared C. Wood

    Sigh. As a gay man, I get frustrated when other gay men believe their sexuality makes them more female than male. Being gay makes you no less a man (or woman). If you want to join a sorority, make that change to become a woman. I think there is a lot of confusion and unhappiness in the black gay community because of a lack of positive, PUBLIC role models/mentors who can show how to live a productive, content life. Many of these young boys believe the only two options on living the gay life is to either swish and shantay around, or to reside deep in the closet and live an inauthentic life. And frankly, there are MANY gay men in fraternities, so if they want the Greek life, there ya’ go.

  • Chloe

    I don’t understand why these men just don’t create their own fraternity specifically for them.

  • Trav

    Poignant and cogent assessment. Insightful perspective. Based on other people’s reaction to your comment being that they attack you personally and not necessarily attempt to disprove what you stated tells me that you’re likely in the realm of truth.

  • Chloe

    It just seems as though these men have no respect for women, despite trying to push their way into a woman’s sorority. Sororities were initially created to tackle women’s issues during a time when women had few places to turn.

  • Liz

    @Trav… or that it wasn’t worthy of being addressed. I’m assuming that the fool who wrote this post was not around in 1908 to know what it represented then and is certainly incorrect as to what we represent NOW. As poignant and cogent as you think she sounds, it comes off as “they rejected you, now you’re mad”. Her point, whatever it is, was not made.

  • Ms. Information

    Can’t they just go join the Kappas…lol…I kiiddd I kidd..but not really..

  • Liz

    lol.. Mean!

  • Trav

    I am not a proponent of the homosexual lifestyle nor a passive supporter of it. I do admit that you make some excellent points. It seems that being gay in the black community means that you demonstrate or display characteristics of the worst gender stereotypes of the opposite sex. For instance so many black female lesbians seem to be slang talkin’, crotch grabbing, pu$$y chasin’, wannabe what they think a black man is supposed to be. And so many black gay men think that being gay means they sachet around flagrant as hell, flamboyantly dressed, finger poppin’, etc… acting like “gay concentrate”.
    This $hit is just going bananas. Gender roles are complex and has more to do with how you conduct yourself in the privacy of your own home amongst family than it has to do with how you conduct yourself in public being that sexuality traditionally has always been a private affair.
    Although I not a proponent of the homosexual lifestyle, I do believe that all individuals regardless of sexual orientation have a right to self-determination and to live their lives in a way that brings personal fulfillment but ALWAYS WITH consideration for the COLLECTIVE. This new brand of “gayness” just seems to me to be some narcissistic exhibitionist $hit that this American culture has produced.

    You are right on with every point you make.

  • Mina P


  • Trav

    Her point which I think she succinctly made is that the energy you give off quite often is the energy you attract. At least that what I easily took from her comment.

  • CDC

    With any organization that has a quarter of a million members, critics and fans come out in full effect. I am not sure who traumatized the young lady who posted the comment with all of that narcissistic mirror foolishness but let me help shed some light on what’s happened since 1908. Our earlier members were products of their time, and at the time, being light skinned was important for joining the ranks of the black elite… It was a wide spread social problem. In 2012 however, My sisters of Alpha Kappa Alpha come in all different shapes, sizes, AND complexions (as I certainly several shades past light myself).

    And as far the superficiality argument, I believe that is the pot calling the kettle black here. You are so focused on the fun part.. The PERSONA that you have missed out on the WORK we’ve put in to the African American and international communities. Buying livestock for African villages… Tutoring youth, founding mentoring programs, hosting cottillions, providing scholarships, participating in rally’s for Trayvon Martin, hosting voter registration drives, coordinating seminars on wealth management for minority communities…you glazed over all of those things huh? If that is superficial, I’ll take it but that is a more realistic picture of who we are.

    Furthermore, I really hope you’re not a Delta because these organizations, no matter who different, share sisterhood and service as common ground. We will not tear other down, an especially not in public forum. In other words clean it up, your saltiness is showing.

    I hope these young men find the peace they are looking for… In thier own organization, with their own colors, motto, symbols, and mission. I do see a need for a gay fraternity but trying to force your way into a 104 year old female organization as my prophyte says “is not the right fight.” Focus on gaining equality by making people respect you for who you are… Be an innovator, start your own organization! Our mission is focused on scholarship and alleviating problems concerning girls and women… We won’t be changing it for anyone. So what is it really that these men are trying to accomplish? Of you were to get in, you’d have to focus on the issues we set in our platform… Which may or may not be gay rights that year. Again, wouldn’t it be more productive to have your own organization?

    I am not sure why women have to share everything with gay men. The LGBT discrimination claim is outrageous. In fact we are treating them as equals… No straight men are allowed membership and neither are gay men. On the other hand our openly lesbian sisters are fully embraced and their sexuality has no bearing on whether or not they will be denied or offered membership.

    That is all.

  • PoeticJ

    Lopinot for the record, I am a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha and if you were GREEK, then you would know that all of the historically black fraternities and sororities put in REAL work in the COMMUNITIES for people of color. Get a history book and learn something about the work that all of our organizations have done in the past and still do before you start poppin’ off at the mouth about silly outdated stereotypes. I have friends and family who are AKA’s in all shades from light to dark and I have friends and family who are Delta’s in all shades. Oh yeah you probabaly didn’t know that AKA’s and Delta’s can be friends too. Lopinot.

  • Trav

    I am not a proponent of the homosexual lifestyle nor a passive supporter of it. I do admit that you make some excellent points. It seems that being gay in the black community means that you demonstrate or display characteristics of the worst gender stereotypes of the opposite sex. For instance so many black female lesbians seem to be slang talkin’, crotch grabbing, skirt chasin’, wannabe what they think a black man is supposed to be. And so many black gay men think that being gay means they sachet around flagrant as hell, flamboyantly dressed, finger poppin’, etc… acting like “gay concentrate”.
    This ignorance is just going bananas. Gender roles are complex and has more to do with how you conduct yourself in the privacy of your own home amongst family than it has to do with how you conduct yourself in public being that sexuality traditionally has always been a private affair.
    Although I not a proponent of the homosexual lifestyle, I do believe that all individuals regardless of sexual orientation have a right to self-determination and to live their lives in a way that brings personal fulfillment but ALWAYS WITH consideration for the COLLECTIVE. This new brand of “gayness” just seems to me to be some narcissistic exhibitionist nonsense that this American culture has produced.

    You are right on with every point you make.

  • Radio


  • Ms. Information


  • CDC

    @Trav please feel free to see my comment below, it’s long but it may shed some light on a couple of things. Hope its helpful, happy Saturday everyone!

  • Trav

    Safe to assume you’re an AKA? Sorry to say but your coarse disposition seems to support Lopinot’s perspective. Just an observation.

  • BeNiceOrQuiet

    This is simple. They are men. AKA is a women’s organization. No they shouldn’t be able to join. How does this even make any sense. They are still men, I don’t care how gay they are. I would like to see more gay (openly gay) men in frats, but keep the fellas out of the ladies sororities.

  • Dee

    I feel as if they are desperate for something because instead of going through the work and founding their own organization based on their own goals and and community interests why piggy back on another organization? Not to mention, sororities are for “WOMEN” and fraternities are for “MEN”. They need to stop it.

  • KDJ

    Here we go with the AKA vs. DST ignorance AGAIN. Baseless comments like this are the sole reason these stereotypes continue to exist.

    Everything you’ve stated is steeped in ignorance and divisive.

    Your comment is riddled with contradiction. You state “AKA has represented a lot of negativity, classism, colorism, cliquishness, and ugliness that it has hidden behind a “pretty face”, a comment based on “negative” stereotypes. Can you please point out the “uplifting of African Americans” in that statement?! You know, because Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc is an organization comprised of AFRICAN AMERICAN women. Contradiction much?!

    Also, one would assume that since “the real women of DST are out in the world doing the real work to uplift African Americans”, (another negative statement based on a stereotype) you would be standing in solidarity with your fellow NPHC greek organization. An affront to AKA is an affront to DST or any other black greek organization. I hope you realize that. It doesn’t just stop with AKA, next it will be DST, ZphiB, and SGRho.

  • pb

    They should create their own organization. I support gay rights but this is not one of those issues to crusade for. A private sorority or fraternity is not obligated to let any member join, female OR male. That’s like telling a church that they must allow gay priests. As far as I know the constitution of all frats specifically state female or male, respect their history and tradition. Don’t be wannabes fellas, just create your own org with similar ideals.

  • Yeahright2011

    Side stepped the Greek option in college. Glad I did, they are mental.

  • Liz

    We give out gay energy?


  • African Mami

    Hey Radio!!!

    Why doe?! What ma pippoz do?

  • Toni

    @Trav, what is your assessment of Lopinot’s disposition? I’m curious to hear that one.

  • tight lipped mary

    they need to create their own.

    “THEY” are not women

  • African Mami

    I’m ignant to this types of these things that have no bearing to my breathing pattern at night. But if I’m not wrong, sororities promote sisterhood, fraternities promote brotherhood, with all things being equal, gay men should not be allowed to join sororities. Their is an alternative already in existence for them.

  • Maxine Shaw Atty at Law

    You said the following: “Buying livestock for African vi”lages… Tutoring youth, founding mentoring programs, hosting cottillions, providing scholarships, participating in rally’s for Trayvon Martin, hosting voter registration drives, coordinating seminars on wealth management for minority communities…you glazed over all of those things huh?”

    I’m sorry but whose fault is it that people don’t know about these things? Black fraternities and sorrorities (and I’m talking about every single one of them) have created their own image. It’s your own fault if you’re more known for your steppin (fetchin), your cat calls, your hair swinging, and whatever other irrelevant traditions you take part in. Go to youtube and type in the name of a black sorrority or fraternity and see what comes up. A bunch a damn step shows. Not your charity work or your social justice activism. You all have reduced yourselves to damn caricatures. If you really cared about your reputations, you’d have all of the videos of you steppin taken down and replaced with footage of the various community outreach work that you do. But I won’t hold my breath for that because something tells me you all are quite content to be associated with irrelevant, stupid shit. Let’s be honest, the black fraternities and sorrorities today are nothing like their predecessors. Or maybe you and your predecessors are more alike than I think. Afterall, they started these irrelevant traditions that you all seem so hellbent on continuing. Anyhoo, before you call me a bitter, AKA reject let it be known I have never in my life wanted nor tried to be an AKA. You all are so damn irrelevant even the first lady didn’t bother joining your organization and I’d rather be in her company than yours. It used to be that a black person who wanted to be “elite” or successful had to be a member of the divine 9 or had to graduate from an HBCU. What does it say when the first black president and the first black 1st lady both got to where they are without being members of either group? Oh yeah, it says your time is up and you’re competely irrelevant and non-essential outside of the little space that exist in your own head. Smooches (in my best Regine voice).

  • blackPowder.

    Since when does being a gay male make you are a woman. As a gay man can you use the ladies / dressing rooms? What about a fifth grader who identies himself as gay, can he change his clothes in the girls room? Or should I now call a gay man Miss instead of Mr. Come on. Gay men are not females. Why is the LBGT community trying to erase gender? Men are men women are women. These tactics are why many are losing respect for the gay rights cause. Now a group of men are going to tie up financial resources that Im sure the AKA cannot afford to waste. Too bad because as gay men, black gay men especially, their concerns should be placed else where.

  •!/clnmike Tonton Michel

    The fact that that they tried to join the AKA as opposed to start their own and thus address issues that directly effect them lets you know that they are not serious and do not respect the AKAs. It’s good for a laugh though.

  • overseas_honeybee

    Create your own and call it a day. Common sense should prevail sometimes. Between the strolling and proclaiming their rights … have they once mentioned their platform or intentions to better the community through their existence? Seems like all they wanted was attention and they got it. Now have several seats.

  • Maxine Shaw Atty at Law

    Michelle Obama is probably saying the same thing.

  • Thatstlphoenix

    Hiya CDC,

    You said : ” I do see a need for a gay fraternity but trying to force your way into a 104 year old female organization as my prophyte says “is not the right fight.”

    I agree. I’m putting my disclaimer out right now, I am not a part of DST nor AKA, nor any Sorority but I have high respect for them all. I have family in both and I was invited to be in both but was not able to do so due to moving and funds *le sigh* lol. Regardless, no one is pointing out that there ARE actual black greeks created especially for the LGBT community. At my Alma mater there are two such organizations, one for women and one for men, they also have a unified one for both sexes and they have participated in probates. There are ones for white LGBT’s greeks as well (Delta Lambda Phi). So MIAKA has it twisted big time and I do feel they need to be countered sued for fraud.

    IMO they do not have a cause unless one of them were Transgendered and wanted admittance. Now in that situation, it would be interesting to see how that would play out but besides the point, you can look on the web for these organizations.

    Check out: DPU Fraternity!about-dphiu

    They kind of remind me of a male version of DST o.0 but there you go, that is only one in a drop of a growing bucket across college campuses. MIKAKA needs to chillset on that and focus on founding their own thing to TRULY uplift themselves. I agree that the foundation needs to be respected even as it continues to grow through the generations. I respect them for the idea of having an organization for LGBT men but the rest got twisted along the way. If this case passes in their favor it better also affect the non-African American Greeks as well. IJS! We always the ones….and I’m going to leave it at that. Respect.

  • Seriously

    I will first admit that I am a member of a Sorority and the above argument against the organization in question is indicative of underlying hurt and pain. I suggest you get over and move on. I can assure you everyone else has. To address the issue with the young men and thr lawsuit, I feel quite simply that this move would set a precedent with private organizations and institutions that base admission on race. Women aren’t admitted into Morehouse and women aren’t admitted into Spelman, that’s the way things are and there’s nothing wrong with that. I went to college in the Louisiana and the existence of MIAKA’s as well as male interests in other sororities was no secret. Yet, the audacity of these young men to feel that their entitled to membership is outlandish. Furthermore, ALL NPHC organizations have openly homosexual members so that argument is weak. Time would be better spent founding their own organization with a purpose more meaningful to them.

  • Amber

    As a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha I see this as disrespectful and a cry for attention and controversy. They are making a mockery of our traditions and should take a more serious look at what theyre doing. The SGRho sister was exactly right when she said we are more than calls and colors and poses. It is so much deeper than that and I am hurt that these men can’t find a more constructive way to express their desire to belong to the Greek community.

  • Toppinn

    I swear ish like this makes me want to take to the streets with all the other anti gay folks. I was coming around but this type of ish makes me angry andit fans the homophobia in me.

    As a proud member of a sorority I find this nonsense disrespecrful and repulsive. These gay ninjas need to start their own FRAT and stop trying to steal the legacy of the AKAs.

  • cupcakes and shiraz

    Um so they’re mad that they can’t join a SORORITY? They should suck it up and pledge Alpha Phi Alpha (as they should’ve in the first place) instead.

  • Dalili

    Well said @ Jared C Wood!

  • Chica

    You do know that the FLOTUS went to Princeton where there are no Greek organizations, FYI

  • Trav

    Sounds like it possibly could be based in truth. My assessment was largely based on the plausibility of Lopinot’s statement but more so based on the responses she received. It’s very telling when people attack a person when it’s the statement of the person whom they’re attacking that they should be refuting. I am African so I never really took much interest in the Greek experience. It was good to be reminded of good black Greek organizations have done for the community because at the end of the day, that’s really that matters for me at least.

    I do think that both perspectives can be equally as true. That’s not to say that they both are true… but can be. I know historically black Greek organizations have extended much energy in uplifting the black community. I also understand through second hand opinion (my wife who is a member of a black sorority at an HBCU) that the black Greek experience can and has in the past been polarizing and divisive amongst a black student body. If one gives young less than fully mature females significant social status and in some instance notoriety, given the back drop of American culture, it’s very conceivable and I would say highly probably that this would happen. To say that the type of circumstance that Lopinot describes is pervasive enough to define the Greek culture, I can’t make that assessment because I don’t have that first hand experience. I am sure it depends on the culmination of any number of factor for that environment to be created and fueled by a Greek organization.

    Because Greek organization are insular, exhibit a significant amount of pride, are secretive by nature, and most importantly are exclusionary, I personally think that they are elitist. I think often SOME, not all but some Greek members, exclaim or espouse what they’ve done historically within the black community for the purpose of supporting their perceived elite status. Good works are best received when coupled with a good measure of humility which I am not sure has always been the most pronounce attribute of any given black Greek organization.

    Just one man’s thoughts.

  • Lopinot

    As Trav stated, when people constantly release narcissistic, shallow, self-absorbed energy into the universe, the same type of energy typically is returned to them in kind.

    Any real woman knows that there is more to womanhood than swinging hair, dressing nicely, stepping around parties, and being cute. Real men know that too.

    But undeveloped people who lack depth can only focus on the superficial aspects of womanhood. Hence their tendency to associate with organizations that represent what is surficial and unevolved.

    That is why the events of January 1913 represent a step forward from girlhood to womanhood. From the adolescent to the adult. From fun and games to dedication and accomplishment.

  • Jess

    This is stupid. Why not just join a fraternity? Just because you are Gay doesn’t mean you are not male. Or smarter yet, start a Gay and Lesbian Greek organization and call it a day. by the way, the Ancient Greeks and Romans had high rates of homosexuality, so why be insecure and try to intrude on an established organization for women? Their trying to join the AKA’s as men is not indicative of AKA being discriminatory against homosexuals – there are probably lesbian AKA members, but the point is that the AKA’s is a sorority, which means for women only, whether lesbian or straight. Women only.

    Crazy. This world is going to hell in a handbag.

  • Cloudy Summer Day/Teiko

    LOL! This website is starting to attract a lot of spam and troll comments.

  • Toni

    You aren’t being fair in your assessment of Alpha Kappa Alpha, and your obvious bias is more than clear. Being a “Diva” that doesn’t take any crap from anyone, being loud, brass, in your face and unwomanly is the “energy” that many would say the women of DST put out there. But as any real woman knows, there is more to judging someone’s character than stereotypes. Your harping on AKA and what you believe we represent is very telling. You don’t like us…that’s cool; I still don’t see how anything you said relates at all to the article? Are you saying that gay men are superficial and not evolved? Have you heard of the Delta Beaux’s (please PLEASE don’t tell me they were boyfriends and husbands). Everything you have said thus far, has been twinged jealousy. Shouldn’t you and your “depth” be out saving the world, instead of reading up on MIAKA’s? I have scholarships to give out tomorrow, have a great day!

  • Maxine Shaw Atty at Law

    Yep and I’m sure she’s thanking her lucky stars that she managed to avoid the pitfalls of places like the HCBUs that are home to these organizations.

  • Maxine Shaw Atty at Law


  • Toni


  • Yeahright2011

    Nah, AKA made her an honorary member during the campaign. Doubt they would’ve wanted before that.

  • Dalili

    “Weigh in Clutchettes: Do you think homosexual men should be allowed to be members of sororities?” NO!

  • tisme

    It is disrespectful but I don’t think it should make you homophobic.It should make you anti-attention whore though.

    Sororities are for women,frats are for men.I could understand if they were transgendered and wanted in but they are still male they are just gay.So this makes no sense to me.

  • alldawg

    If they sue, they may win. If a girl can get into west point, a once all male school and fraternal order, based on that then these dudes have a legal argument.

  • Yeahright2011

    No they don’t. West Point is a (fully) federally funded institution for education and training future officers in the United States Army. It took an act of Congress to get women in there. AKA, like other Greek Orgs are private social organizations and funded by its members.

  • Toppin

    They don’t have a case. Alpha Kappa Alpha is a PRIVATE organization, which means they can accept or reject whoever they want.

    There are PRIVATE country clubs in this country (Augusta home of the Masters comes to mind) that don’t allow women and some don’t even allow various races. However, because they are PRIVATE there is nothing that can be done about it.

    West Point is a GOVERNMENT run academy…..the government isn’t PRIVATE which means they cannot operate as a private business/organization would. They had no choice but to accept women.

  • alldawg

    Even so, the powers at be couldnt stop women from joining. West Point threw everything they had to stop women from joining but couldn’t do it regardless of funding. If they dont have a case, then there should be no worries in or out of court, on or off school grounds.

    I still say they have a case, no school wants to be seen as “homophobic”. School laws trump aka’s bylaws, federal laws trump aka’s bylaws. If it makes it to court they will have a case.

  • Chnyere

    I am not even about that Greek life, but these is extremely disrespectful!! Sororities are for women and Fraternities are for men, point blank period. If the Kappas were not allowing them to b in their frat, it would me another story; because THEY R MEN. The AKAs should not have to allow any men to join their sorority, smh.

  • Chnyere

    I am not even about that Greek life, but these is very disrespectful!! Sororities are for women and Fraternities are for men, point blank period. If the Kappas were not allowing them to b in their frat, it would me another story; because THEY R MEN. The AKAs should not have to allow any men to join their sorority, smh.

  • chanela

    RIGHT!!!! dressing rooms,bathrooms WHAT NEXT?!?!?!

  • chanela

    um no. a man can not “become” a woman. getting breast implants doesn’t make you a woman. how insulting to REAL women to say that all you need is long hair and breasts to be us.


  • Joy

    AKA is privately funded. Period. Argument over.

    If AKA was receiving public funds, then this lawsuit would have a shot. As it stands now, though, AKA is privately funded and privately run. It is, essentially, a private clubhouse with its own rules and federal standards do not apply because (a) it’s not a job (which is subject to EEOC rules and regulations), and (b) it’s not publicly funded.

    As it is, MIAKA is throwing money down a black hole. If any of them studied the law, they would know what a complete waste of time this is.

    And I am inclined to believe what another person said: if these guys were transgendered, that would be one thing. As it is now, they are men who are engaging in a one-sided proclamation tinged through-and-through with male entitlement.

  • binks

    No, they don’t and they are doing the MOST! I get if they were transgender then I may pause and consider their case but they are just homosexual men, so why are they trying to get into a club that caters to women…blank stares…I would understand if they wanted to join a fraternity but wasn’t accepted because they are gay but this case just makes no sense. They seriously need to have a row of seats; just because you are a gay male it does NOT make you a woman or entitled to things that are gear to women, stop it and create your own lane guys.

  • alldawg

    AKA is operating under private or state funded school, these schools can sanction any organization. If AKA wants to remain on campus of this school in question, its gonna need a better argument than the ones you guys have presented.

    They better get a lawyer…

  • who run the world?…GOD

    If these men want to be in a Greek organization, that’s what fraternities are for. This is ridiculous and disrespectful and I’m not even a Greek! I believe that the LGBT community deserves equality but this case obviously does not apply!

  • apple

    no tea no shade
    but damn they want everything, can’t women have something

  • Cloudy Summer Day

    Jail cells.

  • Toppin


    Sigh…you sir need to do some research and just stop typing.

    You mentioned some time ago that you are in a frat. I see now that is LIE.

    SERIOUSLY. I knew was a lie before but not I’m certain of it.

    If you cannot tell the difference between a Public, Private, Federal/State Institution I don’t know what to tell you.

    No school is going to touch this issue. Why?

    1). Because they CANNOT. A school cannot make a NATIONAL PRIVATE organization accept anyone. They cannot make individual chapters of said organization accept members. They cannot suspend individual chapters for NOT doing things the school’s way UNLESS it violates some type of code of conduct (hazing etc). AKA is not doing anything wrong by NOT accepting these MEN. It is a SORORITY….not a frat. It is PRIVATE…not PUBLIC. That is outlined by the organization which trickles down to its individual chapters. They have a right to reject and accept who they want…as if the case for ALL frats and sororities.

    2). Because they will be hit with a HUGE backlash from STUDENTS. It’s not just AKAs who are against this nonsense. People who aren’t even in the sorority are against it. STUDENTS are the individuals who have the REAL power at ANY college or university in this country. Not to mention the influence of the ALUM of these schools and sororities. I suggest you read the comments on the videos in this post. Almost ALL people viewing this nonsense are AGAINST it.

    If anything I expect AKA to sue MIAKA for stealing their SHIELD.

  • Michael

    As a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated. I am pissed that whoever that was at the bottom said they should APHIA. This is a cry for attention from these guys, they seem to only be fascinated by the colors, poses, and look of a AKA woman. It is a shame to see this crap. I hope AKA file a lawsuit of them for using so much of their stuff.

  • Isis

    I Love the gays but they should start their own

  • monika

    This really pisses me off…they need to get somewhere and sit down smfh stay away from our legacy that we fought for.

  • EbonyLolita

    This is a very un-PC opinion but they need to tek their asses somewhere ELSE!!! If you want to start a Greek chapter to address your individual needs as a LGBT agenda then go right thee hell ahead!! But how DARE you force your agenda on an entire Sorority that pushes for WOMEN~~ Certain gays need to sort themselves out b/c this ain’t it. I have never joined the Greek/EasterStar grps but if I was I’d QUIT before I allowed a gay man to enter it. Why?! You’re a MAN & I’m a WOMAN & those foundations were built on the premise to empower WOMEN!!
    This is becoming to much. GTFOHWTBS!!!

  • LemonNLime

    I don’t like fraternities or sororities, to me, most of them are nothing but expensive gangs but just because you are a gay male doesn’t make you female. The men are acting like their sexuality determines their sex and gender and it really doesn’t. Sororities are for women and considering I’m sure these private organizations have open lesbian and I bet transgendered members, these men don’t have a case. If I was AKA Inc. I would sue them back for copyright and trademark infringement.

  • E.M.S.

    Personally I don’t see why they don’t start their own organization, a fraternity specifically for black gay men would be a huge step forward in the fight for LGBT acceptance. They could make history if they wanted to.

    They’re trying to make this an issue of discrimination for their sexuality when that’s not what it’s really about. Bottom line is, AKA is for women, not men.

  • The Nerd Diva

    People who wanted to pledge at Princeton pledged at Rutgers in a ‘city’ chapter. I know people who were Kappas at Princeton. So Michelle Obama certainly could have pledged if she wanted to.

  • edub

    The only Greek stuff I cared about in college was Phi Beta Kappa.

  • Echo

    I’m a proud Alpha Kappa Alpha woman, a staunch supporter and advocate of gay rights, and I find this particular issue to be insanely bogus. There are, in fact, LGBT Greek-letter organizations across the country. Whether local chapters exist at these young mens’ institutions, I do not know. But they do exist. And, as so many have stated prior, these young men also have the option of joining fraternities. I am not suggesting they may not face varying levels of scrutiny or resistance in attempting to do so, but they CAN. And if they do face opposition from fraternities based on the fact that they are homosexual men, THEN they may have a legitimate case. So at least theoretically, these brothas have options that include “traditional” fraternal organizations as well as LGBT-specific organizations. I agree with the commenter who suggested AKA may have a case for misappropriation of likeness and copyrighted/trademarked images such as the crest and shield. And yes, if these were lesbian, transgendered, or intersexed women they would certainly have a case. But as gay men attempting to join a private organization that is, by definition, for women, c’mon son.

  • Devra

    ECHO: Ditto!

  • Humanista

    Yes! You have articulated my exact opinion about this issue, as I am also an LGBTQ supporter who finds this issue to be totally nuts.

  • Wmp

    Black Greeks are still relevant?

  • Pingback: MIAKA plan to file discrimination lawsuit against AKAs: For real of publicity stunt? | Freeman's Mind

  • LovelyAnon

    Exactly!! We shouldn’t have to share with men just because they are gay, they are still MEN.

  • iQgraphics

    I, personally, don’t care nothing about being no member of no group.
    I’m a proud loner.

    But really… its a fraternity. Like any other team or social club, they have the right to be selective of their members.

    There are LGBT groups to join. Join those or um…. make your own damn group, duh

    and the notion of black greeks is crazy to me.
    The greeks got all their knowledge from africa anyway.

    Please with this pseudo science and groupthink… please

  • ladyt

    The reason why these fairies won’t join the fraternity is b/c the black men would beat their ass…literally. We have here a group of men who in fact hate black women, who want to find a way to get back @ black women.

  • GordonBlu

    When you invite Thieves in your house to Dine, Don’t be surprised when you see them “EyeBalling” your fine silverware! IJS

  • seaki

    hun, being the “Ambassador of All that Gay and Fabulous”, This STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN, and if any gay ask me, ill let them know why:::::handing out a delicious cherry-flavored piece of my mind:::: Sororities wore created when black women were thought of as NOTHING. In this sacred union of sisterhood and friendship, black women strived in a society that not only did not want them, but thought very little of them. Many sororities continue to spawn successful sisters that become doctors, architects,lawyers,designers,etc., as they have for the last 125 years. In a world were black women are demoted, intensely sexualized, as the latest “video vixen”, and their importance is based on their hip to ass ratio, sororities are needed EVEN MORE. Sororities are based on WOMEN accomplishments, sisterhood, I ask you, where does ANY MAN fit in concerning this legacy? Sure yes you have have a swerve in your hips, and a snap in your fingers, (just as I do), but you are NOT A WOMEN, and never while be. This lawsuit is a testament to self serving,selfish gay men, getting what they want, by ANY MEANS. You want a legacy, like this acclaimed sorority then form your own, just like the founders of this sorority did so many generations ago. Gay men, I am taking your “sisterhood card” for this “low-blow”, because just as many men did in the past, you are trampling on women accomplishments, crushing them, to suit your own purpose. Shame on you “Queen Seaki Aché,…..yes I said it,..and what,…who gon’ check me?

  • Taj

    My sistergreek ChaValier N. Sharps said it better than any of us D9ers could. This smells like a scandal.

  • bdsista

    I’m a Delta and agree with Echo. Being a member of a grad chapter and being an older member, I do not think it serves the purposes of our organization to have men as members. This group is solely focusing on a very minor part of college chapters. The larger work is done by the Alumni chapters. I hope their suit is dismissed for being frivolous. In light of the upcoming election, these men show themselves unworthy of ANY organization by wasting time trying to join a woman’s group rather than worrying about the next Supreme Court Justices.

    Young brothers need to wake up and stop playing games. No one is interested in entertaining this when voting rights and women’s reproductive rights are at stake!

  • Ms. Information

    Checkmate sis.

  • African Mami

    sup my dear girls!!

    I see iQ, is handling this situation, RIGHT!!!

  • Wow!

    New freedoms open up new possibilities and challenges to cultural norms. At some point in the not so distant future any argument to exclude anyone from any group – private or not – will be almost indefensible. There are few private places left for men or women. Women will be at Agusta National soon. For better or for worse, at some point ladies, men are coming to your soros, gyms and other safe places.

  • comora

    WHAT!!!??? they cant file a law suite!!! thats RIDICULOUS!!! thats just like saying, because he’s gay, he can use the womans bathroom!!! so what, they are going to file a law suite against society in order to use the womans bathrooms now!!! This is a WOMANS ONLY club!!! it was founded by girls, for girls!!! if the boys want to make their own FRATERNITY then let them do that! Just tell them to make a “gay fraternity” that has the same, or relativly the same principals as the sorority as the AKA’s. I really wanted to become a aka, but now im not so sure… I dont want to join a sorority who doesnt stand by its original values. come on people!!! think!!! make your own group if you dont feel accepted!!! WHY DO YOU THINK THE DELTA’S FORMED??? they are a rival/rebel group from the aka’s!!! because one of the members did not want to follow what the other girls were doing, she didnt file a lawsuite!!! she left and started her OWN… so why are you making such a big fuss about it when you can be original and unique and just start YOUR OWN!!! Im so serious if the AKA’s dont stand up and dont hold their values, im starting MY OWN TOO…

    Note: I love LGBT people. but i do not like stupidity.

  • cake211

    I don’t think you understood any of what Lopinot is saying.

  • NoitAll

    If the young men were transgender, I could understand the desire to join a sorority. But, gay males? No way. They might as well do away with the sorority/fraternity distinction all together.

    My guess is that these young men are afraid to confront the fraternities with their demands. So, they turn around and try to bully the sorority women. It’s easier, less push back. Or so they think.

  • mamareese

    Um stop….no really stop. This is more of a matter of tradition. College students covet these title throughout their college careers…in the business world they can give you the clout you need in some cases. They are orders of brother and sisterhood…they are and have always been gender based. Leave it that way because of the history and tradition they rep….you want a to be a bunch of boys screaming and wearing pink…cool then create your own FRATERNITY and have chapters and the whole FORMAL get up like the rest do. How you just gonna think you can jump in line withput paying dues anyway? Sit down…..

  • Mr Jay

    My mom and sisters are AKA’s and are outraged, me, I blame Obama.

  • C.C

    Just like there’s a GIRL scouts and a BOYS scout, these guys need to be creative and create a new organization if they feel they don’t fit into the fraternities at their school.

  • Myisha of Pink Panties & Leopard Lipstick

    As a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. AND a supporter of lesbian and gay rights… I have to just say this is ridiculous…. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!! #OkBye

  • Toni

    *Black women were thought of as nothing*

    By whom?

    Be careful what you put out/write/it comes back to bite you in the ass a lot of times.

    I hate to see Black women write/reiterate/believe?????? nonsense like this and then are surprised when others repeat/treat them like this.

  • Serriasays

    They don’t want to just join Alpha Phi Alpha? I’m just saying.

  • Jessica

    A vicious act of intracultral deconstruction.

  • Mrvardot

    While i agree this is total nonsense for these men to attempt to join AKA, they should start their own group. Your piece is full of ignorant and vile stereotypes about about Gay men. “Cherry Flavored” “Swerve in your hips, and snap in your finger’s” “Self serving gay men”
    “Gays mens sisterhood card” . Gay men comes in all types, some probably more masculine then your BF or husband. So be careful the way you sling these broad despicable stereotypes. We has Black should be the last to do this.

  • Genie

    I am a member of Zeta Phi Beta and a supporter of LGT community, I appreciate them wanting to be part of the historic Black Greeks . . . however, join one of the frats or start your own frat guys!

    Sororities are for women, otherwise what is the point?

  • NoitAll

    @ Toni By whom, you ask? Ummmm their slave masters, to start. Their partners who beat them. The general society which still to this day largely ignores Black women or when they notice us, it’s usually something negative and derogatory. Shall I go on?

  • Ms. L. Johnson

    I think they should be allowed to join. They are still MEN no matter what their sexuality is. What you do in your personal life is your business. They should practice what the Military does. Don’t ask Don’t tell. Nine Times Out Of ten, There are men that are homosexual in the Sorority already , they are simply on the down low.

  • Melancholy Soul

    Sororities are for women. What are you talking about?

  • Ms. L. Johnson

    I’m sorry I meant No, they Should join a Fraternity. Because they are men. Not Women. Get it together MEN. you can still be who your are in a fraternity. But you are STILL MEN NOT WOMEN !!!! Find something else to fight about.

  • Xenia

    Lol, no ma’am. I can assure you that there are currently NO men in Alpha Kappa Alpha or any of the 4 African American Sororities for that matter. Openely lesbian candidates are accepted and the fraternities have openly gay, males candidates.

    But if Sororities already had men, this article wouldn’t even be up here lol

  • Ms. L. Johnson

    I’m sorry I meant they should join a Fraternity. Because they are men. you can still be who you are in a fraternity. You are Men Not Women !

  • Misconception AKA since 2000

    9 times out of 10. Let’s try 0 for 0. I would like facts on any Sorority that includes just 1 male.

    The proportion should be 5/9. They have five male fraternities to pick from our illustrious nine. Or the create one, ratify like Iota did in 1997 and make the divine nine a stunning 10!


    Sororities are for women and fraternities are for men. Point Blank. End of Discussion!

  • Anthony

    I’m gay and no i don’t think they should be able to join a sorority. I have a whole family full of AKA and i think that men should be in fraternities and women should be in sororities. I mean what would be the point if men joined sororities and women joined fraternities? Ugh some gay people just get on my nerves. lol!

  • Renee

    Why cant they start thier OWN fraternity, based off thier own belifes and value system. That would solve the whole problem. Do something innovative. I am sure there are a lot of black gay/lesbian people out there that would love to be the founders of the first black gay/lesbian fraternity/soroity. But the key point is make up your own and stop biting off others.

  • 06gogetter

    They know better than to try some ish like that. I know there are some down low bruhs that may have gotten in. It is what it is. But openly gay? The organization to which I hold so dear to my heart. The organization to which I crossed the burning sands to become a member and devote years as an undergrad to continue the legacy? The Ice Cold BROTHAS of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity Inc.? Sorry young man. We aint havin it.

  • Joseph Young

    This is really ridiculous as a member of Alpha Phi Alpha, and an old skool member at that; I am appalled. You would never have any of this back in the day and I was around before any of the guys heard of Miaka…and I have never seen Miaka’s act like this when I was in school…just form your own organization with a different name and you can do whatever you want….This is foolishness.

  • http://N/A poopsie

    I personally think that if those Men want to join an organization, they should join a FRATERNITY! That;s the whole idea behind those organizations! Sorority is Greek for SISTERS, and in the recent collegiate tradition meant SISTERHOOD, just as Fraternity meant BROTHERS, and in the collegiate tradition has meant BROTHERHOOD! If these supposed MEN want to join an organization that openly welcomes Gay Men then they should start one themselves.

  • http://N/A poopsie


  • http://N/A poopsie

    Amen! Preach!

  • http://N/A poopsie

    Preach it Girl!

  • Ovoxo

    The point is that they are copying something at has been established for over 100 years. The “Divine 9″ has a lot to do with gender. They should try to create their own. This made me upset!

  • Me

    I think it is perfectly fine for gay men or any men to join a fraternity. To join a sorority, however, goes against the essential purpose of the organization. Gay men are cool men just like any other man-but they are men-and men have no place in a sorority. The question is would this even be a question if they were straight men trying to join a sorority? Making them gay in orientation makes them no more fit for a sorority than a straight man. To the college women who purport to be women of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and are posing with them as they fashion our historical symbol I have only one question: why? Obviously to you all, it’s merely a show also. –one pretty disappointed pearl. Spr. 09

  • Nae

    A damn shame. So what if they’re homophobic? Everybody doesn’t like that crap!

  • Tawana

    As a proud member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, INC, I don’t think a man, straight or not, should be allowed in a SORORITY!!! Why else have it labeled as a sorority if you are going to allow men in. A sorority is a sisterhood. A fraternity is a brotherhood. I don’t think that its discrimination of no kind. There are co-ed fraternities or alternatives to the Sororities and Fraternities such as the Alpha Angels and Sigma Romeos that they could proudly be apart of, but to join something that our founders all worked so hard to achieve would be a punch in the face to them. So I am fully against men being in a Sorority and I hope the Lovely Ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, INC come out on top.

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