Frenchie Comes Out As Lesbian: Why Do We Still Care?

by Kirsten West Savali

Frenchie Davis, the absolutely gorgeous songstress who first captured hearts on American Idol, then moved on to Broadway before also making a stunning appearance on The Voice, has come out as lesbian.

“I wasn’t out before the relationship, but I wasn’t in,” she told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “I dated men and women, though lesbians weren’t feeling the bisexual thing. Now I’m in love with a woman I think I can be with forever.”

She also made sure to show her support for gay men, just in case we were wondering:

“I love the gays,” she says. “I love the gay boys. They have that awesome, masculine energy, but there’s also something else going on as well.”

As usual when someone has their come-out party, I did a private salute and allowed for a short internal round of applause at her bravery. But this time, I paused and asked myself:

Why do we still care?

I understand that coming out is an intensely personal experience, one full of hesitation, fear and anxiety. When someone takes that step to be re-introduced in the eyes of a world that they fully expect to shun and shame them, each person that offers a smile, hug or look of encouragement is a hero in my book.

The question “why do we still care?” is not the pseudo-acceptance of people who say “Be gay, damnit, but can you do it over there!” I really want to know: Why does society need an announcement? What is the fixation with is she or isn’t she? When do we move past treating homosexuality like some illicit fetish and instead like the natural state of being that it is?

I am proud of Frenchie for taking the next steps of her life’s journey open and honestly. Still, I look forward to the day when someone can make this kind of announcement and it’s met with shrugs and a slightly perplexed: “And why are you telling me?

  • melissa danielle


  • LemonNLime

    I don’t care. I mean good for you, I guess? I just see being gay as being brown or being a vegetarian or being a surfer. It is just 1 element of what make you, you. Just live your life, we don’t need announcements for everything.

  • DBG

    *eye roll*



  • Malik Hemmans

    every woman is a lesbian nowadays (sigh)

  • Treasure

    Being gay is not of God in the Christian faith

  • Treasure

    I also think it is ridiculous for people to agree to what society deems as normalcy. How can many go to church on Sundays, but somehow live a different life (excluding God) in other parts of their life? I believe—I mean I know you cannot. God did not create homosexuals— Homosexuals are a product of the sins of this world.

  • Chocl8child

    It’s easy to judge others when it’s not something you’re dealing with. I don’t understand why my fellow Christians harp so much on homosexuality…there’s a slew of other ‘sins’ that we don’t touch for whatever the reason…bad attitudes, hate, envy, pride, lasciviousness, these are just as detrimental to our walk, but no one wants to talk about that. Work out your own soul’s salvation and stop trying to make somebody else’s walk emulate your own. #relationshipnotreligion

  • Keiko

    “Why does society need an announcement?”

    Society doesn’t, but maybe some people just become fed up with having people suspect things about them behind their back.

  • African Mami

    I’ve never heard of this one?! She is gorgeous tho!

  • Val

    Didn’t Frenchie say she was bisexual? So why are you calling her a lesbian? A bisexual woman who is dating a woman is still bisexual.

  • arlette81

    thank you , that is exactly what i was thinking.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    who knows where da nose goes when da door closed……..

  • sholla21

    Now you know that’s a lie.

  • Lady

    I don’t think its about why society needs to know.

    Her father didn’t even know until this article ran. For her it was a means of telling her loved ones she knew she would have a difficult time talking to.

    Society doesn’t need to know. No they dont. But rumors get too hard to deny and its hard to carry that around with you all the time. Sometimes its about being honest with friends and family instead of hiding your life from them. Almost every interview gets personal with one or two questions about who you are seeing or dating. It’s simply too much work to continue to lie.

    Maybe its not a big deal to us but the same way you write articles that are important to you as a means of expression etc. Others discuss issues that are important to them.

    Whether you care or not.

  • African Mami


    It’s Friday! Meet me at the train station!!!!! iLUV your PICTURE. KEEP IT THERE.

  • Carolyn

    Who cares Frenchie, boo??? When are you going to drop an album or something, GEESH!!

  • HB

    I thought she’d been out for about 5 years now? oops.

  • secret6


  • Larry Wilson(拉里·威尔逊) (@TheLarryWilson)

    If she’s already been confirmed Bi, doesn’t that just mean she’s a Bi person who happens to be in a relationship with a woman?

  • angel

    … shes not a lesbian.

  • chanela17

    i’ve noticed that so many female celebrities put on a pseudo bisexual act. nicki minaj did it,megan fox did it,rihanna ect. it seems like it’s the new fad.its the new way to be a sexy woman…. telling people you’d have sex/kiss another woman. i can’t believe nobody called those celebs out on that. they fake being bisexual to use the gay community and at the same time get men to find them even sexier. am i the only one who finds that wrong?

  • Minako Utosotsuki

    Um, I thought she was out already? Did I miss something? This isn’t new to me and I really don’t care lol. Let her live her life but she really didn’t need to do an interview on it. It’s not that special.

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