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We don’t know if Beyoncé and Kim are best-friends-forever or if Kim is someone Bey politely tolerates since she’s schtupping the friend of her husband, but for all who’ve been on that end of the “I hate your boyfriend/girlfriend” position as the friend/sibling/innocent bystander, the latter situation is highly familiar, so we project that.

But there is a point where this animus can’t be maintained. When we’re dealing with the various bags of crap our friends, sibling, neighbors date, people we greet with all the warmth of a cold sore, we have to accept something fundamental: We are not our friends and our friends are not us.

You may think those you love could, as Drake would warble, do better, but, obviously, they do not agree. And only time will tell who was right and who was wrong. I can attest, as a person who once loved someone everyone in my life despised, that there is a powerful “us versus the world” insatiable passion that can develop from someone telling you “NO! DON’T DATE THAT BOY!” over and over. The more others freak out, the closer you two become. Until you marry, half out of lust/love and half out of delicious spite. And as you take the gasoline of love, pour it over your head, light that match, and let the world watch you burn in your romantic mistake, you know it’s a bad idea, but you do it anyway because … what do they know about your life and love?

Resistance to Kimye is futile. As futile as it was when you fell for that tacky, jerky boy in the 10th grade, as pointless as when your parents hated that chick who’d already named your kids when you were only freshmen in college. As silly as the couple that got engaged on the first date and stayed married for 50 years despite all the chit-chit-chatter. We’re on the outside looking in. Nobody knows what happens in love but the two people going through it. I know what I want and need and what my friends and family would like for me. I also know I have a fatal attraction for stoic, angry people who claim not to like anyone but me. (They really mean they don’t like anyone including me, but they think if they say I’m the only one they like, I’ll be easier to manipulate.)

Who knows why these things happen and which ones will defy the odds and be together forever? It is what it is. People in love, like the rich, are not like us. It’s emotion, it doesn’t have to make sense. Love has its own backward logic.

Love is different.

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  • The Trucker

    why am I here and how did it happen? …..and then I commented, lol. Yous guys have a great day, got to go! lol

  • Nuck If You Buck

    It’s embarrassing how much I “know” about these two and how much strong opinion I have about them. I click on these damn articles, I turn it up when E! talks about them (what the hell am I doing watching E!?) I am not in the place I want to be physically, successfully or spiritually, but I’ve let this mess become part of my daily commentary.

    If I stop paying attention, THEY STOP BEING PAID, YO. Why is it so hard for me to do it, though? They put them everywhere, everywhere, everywhere and their pretty faces cast some kind of distracting shadow I cannot run from.

    Sorry, ya’ll, I had to put this out there. Maybe this will help me. Hell, this surely does feel like an addiction, at least for me. The first step is admitting you have a problem….

  • MsZMC

    Kim and Kanye aside.. I loved this article! It is so true that we all have that “type” that we know we isn’t good for us yet we want it so bad. And we all have that one person who everyone around us is telling us we shouldn’t be with.. and yes it does intensify the relationship.

    This is a very well written article about forbidden love. Thanks for actually writing something on clutch that didn’t sound like beauty shop talk.

    I still don’t support Kanye and Kim tho.. and yes this is coming from the “i know whats best for him” mentality lmao #shrugs

  • Cocochanel31

    You are hilarious! Love your writing style!