JCPenny has ignited controversy across the country by featuring couple Cooper Smith and Todd Koch in a Father’s Day ad, reports the Huffington Post.

The couple, parents of two children, Mason and Claire, are clearly in love with their children and the feeling is reciprocated by the smiles on the kids’ faces. Still, that’s not enough for ‘One Million Moms,’ who apparently feel threatened if anyone without a uterus — or a couple with more than one uterus — are included in the exclusive parenting club. This is the same organization that spoke out against JCPenny when they featured two lesbian mothers in their Mother’s Day ad.

Someone should remind JCPenny to resend that memo to OMM letting them know they’re irrelevant.

As reported by NewsOne, total sales for JCPenny fell  20% in the first quarter and most business analysts have blamed the fall on pricing changes. Conservative columnist Al Lewis lets his homophobia shine through when sharing what he thinks is the real problem with “Gay C. Penny”:

“[CEO Ron Johnson] is alienating [their] traditional customers in a bid to attract new customers from higher socio-economic segments that now shop Macy’s, Nordstrom and Target,” he wrote.  “The result? Larger-than-expected losses, plunging revenues, dwindling customer traffic and a plunging stock price.”

Personally, I think it’s a beautiful thing that fathers, gay, straight or indifferent, are being recognized for their hard work. There are men running from woman to woman, leaving children across the country who will never even know their name. If anyone should be judged, it’s them. It’s time that people realize that every family doesn’t look like theirs does — and that’s perfectly ok.

Weigh in Clutchettes: How do you feel about the JCPenny ad?

  • CurlySue

    Oh, un-clutch your pearls. They didn’t shove anything in your face. It’s a happy ad. Relax.

  • TAE

    maybe instead of accusing penny’s of going out of thier way to offend a certain demographic we can could look at this add as celebrating the diversity of the america in which we live, not the one we think we should live in or would like to live in, the america in which people are free to choose whom they have and raise children with and whom or what they worship?

  • Pip

    Those beautiful children were adopted by these two dads. This a real family who have the same worries as the rest of us do. The little girl was adopted when she was 2-days old, because her biological mother didn’t want her. The little boy was adopted when he was 10-days old, because his mother had a one-night stand and cheated on her husband. So these people who gave birth to them, in the eyes of OMM, are better to raise children, then two loving dads. Any idiot can get knocked up in the back of a pick-up and no one bats an eye, but to adopt a child, whether you’re heterosexual or homosexual, you have to jump through hoops. How do I know all this information? I’m the sister to the dad on the left and the proud aunt to the kids.

  • Me

    But the *ad* said nothing about marriage… how was it forced into anyone’s face (2 dads doesn’t equal 2 husbands in the same way a mom & dad don’t equal spouses)? Also, I think you might want to confer with all the Christians before concluding the entire population of them share your views.

  • nan day

    I Ithought JCpenny was a christian company. Things have really change.I guess we are slowly going to Hell in a hand basket.

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