Did you hear the one about the reality star that tweeted another reality star, and then the other reality star got upset?

No? Well, here’s the joke:

Tamar Braxton of “Braxton Family Values” became so upset at K. Michelle from “Love & Hip-Hop, Atlanta” for calling her a muppet and threatening to beat her up that she’s threatening to sue, reports TheYBF.com.

Braxton is apparently friends with Toya Wright, wife of MeMpHitZ, former wife of Lil’ Wayne, who was allegedly so upset at K. Michelle for suggesting her husband (who is K. Michelle’s ex-boyfriend) abused her, that she began sending subliminal tweets about it. Braxton took to Twitter (why? No one knows) to say “let this girl sell her fairy tale.” K. Michelle, assuming the tweet was directed toward her, said in an interview that Braxton looks like a muppet and they “jump gates” in Memphis, so she should be careful not to talk about her.

This lead to the following cease and desist letter from Braxton:


The punchline of the joke: There isn’t one. I’m still trying to figure out when and why Twitter became the place to take “beef.” Instead of social media, it’s swiftly becoming out-take reels of every single quasi-reality show on the planet.


  • LemonNLime

    “Braxton is apparently friends with Toya Wright, wife of MeMpHitZ, former wife of Lil’ Wayne, who was allegedly so upset at K. Michelle for suggesting her husband (who is K. Michelle’s ex-boyfriend) abused her, that she began sending subliminal tweets about it.”

    Really? I can’t even understand the utter-worthlessness that is these people’s lives. But guess what?

    And Clutch, you can’t have articles on a magazine going on about how these crazies don’t represent us, how they are tacky, d-listed, etc. and THEN write articles or post videos bringing constant attention to their pathetic lives. It is one or the other or else you are no better off than the people creating and pushing this crap.

  • http://method2hermadness.blogspot.com gfkag

    This is how fights get started in high school. Apparently it carries over into adulthood for some.

  • http://orneno.tumblr.com Ms. Write

    What a bunch of clowns. That is all.

  • Lady P

    More mess. .

  • Dalili

    LOL! Agreed!

  • S.

    Tamar lost what little respect I had for her

  • Laugh

    Pray for our society!

  • http://gravatar.com/sholla21 sholla21

    Tamar’s missing the attention she got on the BFV show. Focus on your album Tay. When is it coming out?

  • http://www.browngirlwoes.wordpress.com brwngrlwoe

    Dear Tamar,

    Get over yourself & Have Several Seats! (…as you would say.)

    Signed…That is all!

  • The Comment

    The whole ATL sceen should be called ballons; cause everything is big and round. There was a discussion maybe a month ago about who is to blame for black women getting these donkey booty back ally butt injections. Some blamed it on the men..some blame the women….now I see that black women are in competition among themselves as(ass) who has the biggest ass. Just to think that 20 yrs ago black women would mock white chicks for getting breast implants…….HA!

  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks

    Petty and just dumb.

  • The Comment

    ummmmm….this Become A Social Worker Ad feat. the chick with the blue eyes is freaky….

  • iQgraphics

    Rule number 3 of the 4 agreements is
    “don’t make assumptions”
    This is silly. and tamar… you do look like a muppet.
    you really really do.


  • tight lipped mary

    Tamar is showing out because BFV is set to comeback on tv next month followed by her pathetic show…i view this as a publicity stunt which to me is epic fail. playing these pathetic high school games.

  • http://google Resa

    FIRST OFF BEFORE YOU TRY AND CHUMP OF THE “ATLANTA SCEEN”……LEARN HOW TO SPELL SCENE, That whole “who go the biggest butt” comment is NOT just an Atlanta thing. Seeing that K Michelle is from Memphis….Is say its a southern thing IN GENERAL……

  • http://google Resa

    Who is Tamar anyway?? Her sister Toni’s backup singer for her whole career!!!! Tamar honey, before you go throwing stones, pay close attention to your house that’s one more plastic surgery away from being shattered. You look like a white girl and an ugly one at that. Please stay out the public eye before you REALLY get your feelings hurt BOO BOO …….#YouAreDissMissedMariahScarey

  • Aumbria Duley

    Um , First Of All Why TF Is Everybody Getting On K.Michelle Case Just Because Her &&nd Toya Has Beef . &&nd WTF Does Toni Has To Do W. Anything I Understand Thats Your “Bestfriend” But Her Ass aint Even Got Nothing To Do W. K.Michelle &&nd Her Past Relationship . Just Sayingg !!

  • Ms.city

    Its not toni its tamar with the beef

  • Tori

    You took her comment way too seriously. Chill tf out.

  • veda starks

    tamarr probaly dont hear people with short money .k michelle jus sayin

  • Kris

    Who’s k Michelle? Never heard of this horse faced chic

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