Televangelist and Georgia megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar was arrested early this morning after he apparently got into an altercation with his 15-year-old daughter. According to police, Dollar “slightly hurt” his daughter, choking her and leaving scratches on her neck.

WSBTV gives more details:

Deputies arrested Dollar at his home after receiving a 911 call from Dollar’s 15-year-old daughter. She said her father attacked her after an argument about the girl attending a party. 

A witness told authorities that Dollar grabbed the girl around her throat and choked her causing a scratch on her neck, according to Fayette County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Lt. Brent Rowan.

As he was leaving jail, Dollar stick to his claims that he was disciplining his daughter, telling reporters, “Discipline my kid. Love ‘em,” but had no words for his congregation.

Dollar, who is the pastor of the 30,000 member World Changes Church, is facing misdemeanor charges of simple battery and cruelty to children. He was released on $5000 bond.


The police report has been released. According to Dollar’s daughter, he attacked her after she said she didn’t want to talk about why she was upset.

Check out her side of he story:

Here’s what Dollar told police:

Read the rest of the police report here.

  • Miss A

    Spare the rod……this in no way compares to what Eddie Long did! The child was probably going off at the mouth and he “reached out and touched her”!!! LOL

  • Yulez

    Spare the rod…

  • African Mami

    Ms.Info, i-Qgraphics, the floor is all yours girls.

  • iQgraphics

    I have gotten my a$$ handed to me for disobedience as well.
    I’m on the fence. I don’t beat my kid. but my mama whupped me something terrible.

  • iQgraphics

    HAY mama!
    Happy Fry-day!

  • Angie

    That mug shot….hahahaha!

  • Yb

    Disciplining is one thing but choking some one out…… :/

  • girlformerlyknownasgrace

    I believe in discipline but I would not CHOKE a kid. IDK, feels like one of those things we may never know all the details about.

  • andryce76

    Please they should have put his azz in jail
    Fake azz preacher they need to pick Eddie Long azz up also

  • CurlySue

    Ummmm….he CHOKED his child. How is choking a form of discipline? A spanking, yes. And at 15, she’s a bit too old of a girl to be spanked by her father anyway. Rather creepy. CHOKING the breath from your daughter? No, sir.

  • d_nicegirl

    Why is a father putting his hands on his teen daughter? Despicable.

  • Moneyman

    Emotions fly high when dealing with a rebellious teenager. Authorities told me to keep the hits below the waist. Then it is all legal. everyone, please don’t make this common incident in America a big deal. Its call family realities.

  • Moneyman

    How would you handle the situation if you told your 15 yr old daughter that she could not go to a party at 1:00am and she hit you?

  • Rastaman

    It was a laying of hands to drive the evil spirit out of that there child!

  • mamareese

    Here’s the thing kids at that age are hella dramatic so no telling what happened and I doubt it was that serious. Sounds like she got outta pocket and he put her back. I ain’t saying choke a heifa but… talk back in my house and you’d wish I did. I’m snatching tablets, PSPs, MP3, Wii, credit cards, phones and chargers all out the wall. I’ll show you what the dark ages was really like…you’d wish I choked you! And for calling the cops over being put in check….oh honey…you just tarnished that man’s career…I’d have ya little 17 and 19 year old bags packed….bye bye good life hello McDs! To sum it up, in this case..if they were old enough to get out….I woulda just kicked her butt out!

  • CurlySue

    “How would you handle the situation if you told your 15 yr old daughter that she could not go to a party at 1:00am and she hit you?” Well, my first suggestion wouldn’t be “Choke the sh*t out of her”. Honestly, if your 15 year old daughter feel comfy hitting you, as a father, you failed in parenting years ago.

  • CurlySue

    You brought up a good point, mama. When they’re that age, it’s MUCH more effective to take their sh*t away. Embarass them, deprive them. That’s what gets them. Choking? There isn’t a judge alive who would consider that “discipline”.

  • Dalili

    LOL! I hear ya @ mamareese.

  • Chrissy

    Honestly, if your 15 year old daughter feel comfy hitting you, as a father, you failed in parenting years ago.”


    A lot of black people (Yes, Im black) really scare me when it comes to discipline. We think that choking and BEATING our kids is great. However, if you look at the stats on our children the beatings aren’t doing anything.

    I maybe received one or two spankings my whole life and I’m in my twenties now. And I cant even remember them because they happened before I was 5.

    I really wonder about the parenting skills of parents who feel the only way they can discipline their child is beatings. I think it says more about you than your child.

  • Q

    My friend just did the same exact thing to her 16 year old son when she caught him smoking weed. She gave him a beat down. Do I agree, I don’t know. I do know that it is extremely frustrating raising a teenager today. I have laid hands on my teen daughter for mouthing off & being disrespectful.

  • apple

    Is his real last name dollar?

  • Muse

    I swear, you said everything I was about to comment. Agreed 100%

  • CurlySue

    Lol, you better stop. I read about this at The Grio and everyone was commenting about he’s a man of God etc etc. Singing his praises and whatnot. Ummm, I thought it was well-known that he’s a fake-azz, phony-azz, money grubber.

  • iQgraphics

    bet he got high after that

  • iQgraphics

    LAWD I hope so, cuz if he chose it, he shoulda asked somebody!

  • Cloudy Summer Day/Teiko

    Don’t act surprised when one day your kid knocks you the fluck out.

  • Cloudy Summer Day/Teiko

    Did God tell him to do it?

  • starr

    Choking is not discipline

  • tmc

    Definition of DISCIPLINE

    1: punishment
    2 obsolete : instruction
    3: a field of study
    4: training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character
    5a : control gained by enforcing obedience or order b : orderly or prescribed conduct or pattern of behavior c : self-control
    6: a rule or system of rules governing conduct or activity
    Nowhere does it say choke your kid out…Many people mistake the “spare the rod…” quote to mean spank your child. The “rod” in the Bible is a symbol of authority; spare your authority as a parent, and your kid is going to run amuck!!!!!!! Spanking is alright at times, but shouldn’t be the first response to an issue. Choking the kid is a bit much…

  • CurlySue

    @Chrissy. I was reading this story over at The Grio and the comments were shocking.
    “She’s glad it wasn’t me. She would have wished I had choked her ass!” Like, what’s worse than being a grown man and choking your teenage daughter? A hot poker? Cut off a few fingers? Like, damn. If your child is in their teens and STILL needs physical punishment, you need to take a long and hard look at your parenting skills. And if physical punishment cranks out model citizens, that’s news to me!

    And I have nothing against spankings when they’re necesseary and accompanied by a discussion on why said behavior was unacceptable. I’ve been on the receiving end of a few when I was young. But after a certain age, it’s inappropriate and ineffective. But you can’t tell some people anything. It’s like child abuse doesn’t exist for some. It’s all “discipline”.

  •!/clnmike Tonton Michel

    Extreme yes, but lets not pretend we do not understand what he is going through. You dont have to be a parent of teenagers not to relate. I see teens a everyday that I would love to just choke the mess out of. I know it would feel sooooooo good if I could rap my hands on their necks and just squeeze, squeeze like there is no tomorrow, the feeling just has to be euphoric, no orgasmic, a true stress killer if there ever was one. Just watching the lights slowly fad out of the punks eyes…….I digress.

    Not Guilty.

  • d_nicegirl

    Since you asked, at the point at which my daughter felt she could hit me, I would walk ask her to leave my home. If she wouldn’t go peacefully, I would have her removed. I would not; however, choke her or pin her to the ground.

  • Muse

    I can’t wait for the sermon he’s going to give on this *eye roll*

  • O’Phylia

    “Spare the rod,” my foot. Side eye to all y’all saying that crap.

    This man can rot for all I care. You don’t choke ANY ONE. Period.

  • desaraye

    He prolly beating THAT wife too his daughter prolly just got tired of his crazy @*$!

  • Jessica

    Just where was a 15 year-old girl going at 1:00am in the morning?
    Who would let their 15 year-old daughter walk out their home at 1:00 in the morning!
    Not to mention, that it is against the law for her to be outside!
    Who wrote the law that gives the under-aged kit the right to call the police
    on the parent, who is prevent the kid from breaking the law?

  • African Mami

    Girrrrrrl, 15 ain’t OLD to get a proper ass whopping. I swear my daughter disrespects me, it will be on like Donkey Kong! I am not the politically correct kind that will schedule a psychological counselling session to work through her problems. Imma WHOOP YOU! Then we will talk.

    Choking is not allowed while discipline your child.

  • omfg

    you sound cray and scary, especially if you believe hitting (or choking) a girl is okay. if you’re a man, that’s even worse.


  • African Mami

    Thanks hun!!!!

    Happy FRYday to you too… likey :)

  • TypicalBlackWoman

    I agree with d-nicegirl. My paternal grandfather was very much in favor if the rod but he taught his sons that when their daughters get to be a certain age (particularly post puberty) it is highly inappropriate to physically discipline them. That’s what mothers and aunties are for.
    Yeah, 15 is young. But think about it, you’re laying your hands on a child with the body of a woman. Yeah, that is creepy.

  • Trisha

    Right! Choking is a form of frustration or either stimulation.

  • monika

    Yeah there’s a diffrence between assault and discipline just sayin car to many times parents over step there bounds.

  • Ms. Information

    This could go either way…but i don’t agree with men spanking daughters or women hitting sons…but Iv’e worked with some teenagers and some of them can be so disrespectful and dismissive you WANT to punch them in the face..but as an adult you must restrain yourself.

  • lulu

    teenagers are very difficult to deal with so…

  • myblackfriendsays

    It is not okay to choke people.

  • Fox

    No telling how many times she may have mouthed off and maybe this time he just got sick ot it.

    Or maybe he’s beating everybodys ass in the house for breakfast, dinner, and supper.

    No way to know the truth. And I don’t like his last name.

  • African Mami


  • African Mami

    yes ma’m!!!! ooooweeeee, i’m so with you!!!

    A kid calling cops on me, is the uttermost disrespect. Their ass will be shipped back to the motherland, where REALITY will hit them like a ton of bricks! LET HER TRY, LET HER JUST TRY ME!

  • Ms Private

    Wow here it is….here it is….no matter what someone always has to throw the race card in. Knew this was comin’. But truthfully raising a teenage girl is a challenge because there is so much peer pressure. Parents go through alot and no matter how hard we try they want to blame us. We weren’t hard enough on our kids or we were to hard…you can’t when…you can’t win…..

  • Yb

    @The “truth”

    Did you bump your head and forget we live in a racist white society or just decide that bashing black children made more sense then acknowledging the many aspects in white supremacist society created to oppress POC youth and set limitations for us?

    Please GTOFHWTBS.

  • Tara


  • MuseintheMirror

    I’m sorry…I’m still stuck on his name. Who names their child Creflo Dollar?

  • Yb

    Yeah because I said racism is the root of all ills in our community. *sarcasm* There is none, absolutely NO correlation to black kids position in America and being physically reprimanded.

    This isnt a place for you to vent. Just because maybe your parents knocked the sh*t outta you few times doesn’t mean all black folks do the same to their kids. If you want to discuss issues of the black family discuss it on another article, and take the race shaming and straw mans over there too.

    Like I said before GTFOHWTBS.

  • Rochelle

    Truth pls ignore YB. I think she missed your point. maybe she got beaten as a child too many times.

  • Chrissy


  • The Comment

    damn. i wonder if the devil is a liar?

  • Jae Bee

    ITA with Cloudy…one of these days your child’s gonna be bigger & stronger than you are. You keep that type of behavior up, and don’t be surprised if they one day lay hands on YOU and lay you out…have you layin up in a hospital.

  • Jae Bee

    Agreed. The rod is also a symbol of guidance. The shepherd would use his rod to guide sheep where they need to go…not beat (or choke) them into submission.

  • Jae Bee

    Co & Sign. One little point of difference though…At 15, I’m sure her body has probably matured to (or is very close to) that of a full grown woman (even though age-wise our society still considers someone that age to be a child).

  • Yb


    No point was missed. Read my comment on page 1 and you’ll see I don’t support Creflo’s form of punishment. But You can choose to stay ignorant, and from judging from some of your previous comments on this site is something you are gifted at. Maybe parents should have beat the dumbass out of you. Would’ve have made life a lot more enjoyable for you.

  • Chocl8child

    The fact that things escalated to this point means there is lack of discipline in that house.

    15 is not the time to start correcting your kids…and if a 15 year old thinks it’s ok to even think about raising a hand to their parent, that’s an even bigger issue.

    Regardless of what she did or said, Creflo is the adult…choking out your child should never ever be an option. Put her out and keep it moving.

  • Chocl8child

    On another note though, and this is COMPLETELY off subject, I need to know who Creflo’s esthetician is…his skin is flawless! LOL…I know..that was bad.

  • http://clutch myopinion

    As a rule African Americans do believe that it is ok to spank your children and as far as I am concerned all of the African American parents I know that have disciplined thier children are now proud parents of productive lovely adults.

    African Americans who have unfortunately found themselves on the wrong side of the law are never ask whether or not their parents spanked them so for anyone to draw some conclusion about African Americans in crime are expressing an uninformed opinion

  • the Super Sistah

    Having sat on the train amongst disrespectful teenagers gone wild I for one have had to fight the urge to grab some of them and put them over my knee. Kids need discipline…lots of it, but even I recognize the difference between a beating and a beatdown.

    the Super Sistah

  • minna k.


    From reading either side of the police report, putting his hands on her seems unwarranted, considering that he had no need to physically defend himself from harm. She just wanted to be left alone. NO need to fly across the room to choke her. Even if she were being “disrespectful”.

    There was a time not so long ago when it wasn’t taboo for a man to “discipline” his wife in the same manner.

  • Shavell

    We as parents need to put our children in their place. If they want to be disrespectful then they need to find a other place to live. If you live under someone else’s roof, you live by their rules.. Sometimes a time out does not work.

  • my_reply

    @Yb – Please. You are just one of those people that doesn’t believe in personal responsibility. There must be some outside force. Every time I hear someone use that EXCUSE, it makes me want to scream. This is 2012. The majority of black youth are not the way they are because of racism. Black people don’t underachieve at school because of racism. They don’t have behavioral problems because of racism. You get out of here with that crap. Black children of African immigrants don’t seem to have these racism problems. African American parents on average just seem to not be good at raising kids. Black kids have behavioral problems because they are not raised right. TheTruth is right though. They get the crap beat out of them but still have behavioral problems. That sounds like parental failure right there. Are your kids bringing home bad grades because of institutional racism in schools? No. They make bad grades in school because they don’t study and do homework when they come home. You don’t make them bring home good grades. You allow it and then reward their bad behavior instead of punishing it effectively. Your idea of punishment is a beatdown.

    The African American community is going down the crapper real fast because too many of us don’t know how to properly raise children. Then people like you like to offer the same tired as hell excuse of racism. “Oh de evil white man”!

    Wake up. We are free people. Lots of black people who work at raising their kids properly have no problem producing productive members of society. These people aren’t constantly turned away because of racism. I’m not naive. I know that there are plenty of racist white people, but black people in this day and age CAN do anything they set their minds too. Too many are setting their minds to stupid things such as dropping out of school, or emulating thugs and rappers.

    Black Americans are not oppressed. If they are, they are the oppressors themselves. I get so sick of people like you being dishonest acting like we face the same problems of tour ancestors. Our ancestors must roll over in their graves to hear people like you make excuses for people who aren’t working hard enough. Black people have freedom, and now we hold ourselves down. All the KKK had to do was let us take over and do our own thing.

    Bottom line: Too many African Americans don’t know how to raise their kids to be productive members of society. When they figure that out, so many things will improve: crime, oow births, social mobility, educational attainment and so on. Don’t you see how those things are connected to instilling good values in your kids? Do you honestly think that the neighborhood idiots who dropped out of school who can’t get a job and now deal drugs are the losers that they are because of racism? I don’t think so, and I think deep down most black people know it too.

  • AP

    “please don’t make this common incident in America a big deal.”
    “common incident”
    Please tell me that this is some sick joke. Strangling your child is not “common” and it is a big deal. If this is common then no wonder there are so many aggressive kids.
    It doesn’t even matter if its “common,” it’s still a problem. An even bigger problem if it is common.

  • JaeBee

    ^^^You can “put [people] in their place” without having to physically assault them. We’re able to do this with other adults…don’t know why its so difficult for people to understand this concept when it comes to children. Does your boss at work have the right to physically assault you if you are disrespectful toward them or don’t do what they want you to do…even after all other “methods” fail (i.e. warnings, write-ups, suspensions, etc.)?

  • Alesia

    So there are a few things I’d like to address:

    1. At 15 this girl has began puberty and probably has the body of a full grown woman, why does he feel its right to CHOKE her, or lay hands on her period.. he’s sending a strange message, and it’s kinda creepy.

    2. Some of y’all are all types of wrong with these comments, no word of a lie. Talking about wanting to choke teenagers you see on buses and trains doesn’t sound wrong at all? And let’s not front like some of us weren’t the most obnoxious and loud teenagers ever, especially in public.

    3. Also, It wasn’t too long ago that I was a teenager myself (I’m 22) so I do realize how difficult some of them can be. I was always very mature, had an “old-soul” according to my mother, therefore she treated me as such even when disciplining me. I haven’t gotten spanked since I was prepubescent. After I hit puberty neither of my parents laid a hand on me, instead they used other methods of discipline (which were rarely necessary, mostly to keep me attitude in check cause I sho’ had/have a mouth on me.

    4. What does it say about your self-control if you have to resort to physical attacks when your supposed to be raising this adolescent to be an adult. Teens are not the same as little children, the stage is different, what you do with your kid at 5 won’t work at 15. I believe that if you’re a parent of a teen your job is to mold them into adults, emotionally and intellectually. Adolescence is a time for teens to learn how to transition from childhood and proceed into adulthood, what are you teaching your child about being an adult or adult relationships if you cannot simply have a conversation with them in which you explain why you do not want them to go to a party at 1am clearly you’re not much of an adult as you may think.

    5. I think many commenters are quick to assume that she was mouthing off as opposed to entertaining the idea that maybe he was just foul, or a bit of both(?). Because she’s a teenager she has to be the one who escalated the issue? What ever happened to personal accountability? In the end, regardless of what she did or said (as long as she didn’t hit him) he is responsible for how he reacted to her, he’s the “adult” right?

    6. If she did in fact make the first physical move, that’s another issue entirely about how much he failed years before. This failure will never be corrected.

    PS. I am fully aware that some teens are ridiculously rude and obnoxious but I refuse to say that they all are, because I know for a fact that I wasn’t. But, It really seems like sometimes we give teens no credit whatsoever. We like to act as though we were the holy grail of what a 15 year-old should be, GTHO!

  • robert tucker

    The rev. laid the smack down on his teenage ( 15 ) daughter . He will not have no baby momma in his house . You go rev . I always new you were a gangster !

  • Natural Living Diva

    Can you really trust the word of a pastor whose name is currency? ‘Mr Dollar says’ dodgy….

  • Sierra Leone Dixon

    My prayers are with you Pastor Dollar. You are the best judge of what goes on in your home with your family and don’t let the world tell you any different. Also, see 1Peter, vs. 12-13. God Bless.

  • Jess

    Poor brainwashed Sierra Leone Dixon

  • Jess

    huh? when did moles, forehead furrows, and prominently wrinkled nasolabial folds (i.e. smile lines) equal flawless skin?

  • Jess

    @Tonton “”if I could rap my hands on their necks and just squeeze, squeeze like there is no tomorrow, the feeling just has to be euphoric, no orgasmic….””

    Tonton, you are absolutely DISGUSTING and sound like you’re one step from a pervert

  • Nancy

    Punishment is done with love. If his daughter felt she had to go to the extreme of calling the police, there’s an obvious problem that goes deeper than loving punishment. I see Creflo as a bully, a man that loves to be the “KING” to dominate and have control and will intimidate, to lord his power over you. That is NOT love……

  • KC

    Im not saying he should have disciplined her like he did men shouldnt hit their daughters. he should have let mom smack her upside the head. I wish my kids would talk to my like they didnt have no sense. Who knows what happened she was probably being loud and disrespectful trying to be grown. Oh well…she learned that day well hell they both learned

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