From The Grio – By the time I was 11 years old my next-door neighbor, who was a few years older than me, had given me Nas’ 1996 It Was Written album. Knowing that the explicit content would send my mom in a fury if she found it, I insisted she keep it, but she refused to take it back. Frightened, I sneaked it into our two bedroom apartment to add to the rest of my mostly R&B music collection. When I eventually popped it in to my CD player, I was in awe. It was that moment I fell in love with Nas’ music — and more in love with hip-hop. That was 16 years ago.

For so many in my generation, hip-hop has served as the backdrop to our childhoods. Its appeal was not only the heart-pounding thump of the beats, or the coolness of the women and men rapping. Finally it seemed like someone was telling our story. Rap music spoke our language in a way nothing else did. It was the true essence of giving the voiceless a voice.

theGrio slideshow: Hip-hop’s most infamous haters

Since then, feminism has changed my relationship with my beloved hip-hop. As much as I love it, I hate how it treats women. Hip-hop and black women have an abusive relationship in a sense. Its lyrics advocate violence and sexual assault against women; and it often reduces us to gold-digging “hoes” unworthy of respect.

Hip-hop “brainwashed” by infatuation with white women

As I plow through Tom Burrell’s book, Brainwashed: Challenging the Myth of Black Inferiority, I think about how the black inferiority complex (BIC) plays out in pop culture and music, particularly rap.

One of the things that has become more prevalent in hip-hop is the adoration of white women, juxtaposed with its seeming hatred of black women in rap lyrics. Historically, white women had been off-limits for centuries — black men were literally lynched; killed for allegedly whistling at white women. Therefore, snagging a white woman was the ultimate slap in the oppressors’ face —  a “look, I’ve made it and I have one of your women!” statement of sorts. Now, instead of rappers, en masse, toting white women on their arms, they parade them on wax.

Kanye West, whose music I happen to love dearly, has had a longtime obsession with the white aesthetic. His music tells the story better than I could. Visually, it has played out in his videos for songs like “Runaway” and “Monster.”  Why did all the ballerinas in “Runaway” have to be white?  In “Monster” we see the decapitated heads of white women hanging from ropes and rocking gold teeth. Most telling of his white girl fantasies was his cover art to MBDTF. But Kanye is far from alone in this line of thinking.

“My new young chick look exactly like Rihanna/A** like Nicki, but she yellow like Madonna.” – Meek Mill

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  • jamesfrmphilly

    stop providing income to fools…….

  • Pseudonym

    I agree.

    What is with all these shout outs to white girls?
    In particular?
    Despite the fact that they don’t seem to be shouting back?
    And in the same song, rappers throw shade to brown/dark complexions but shout out HILLARY CLINTON who’s in her 60s (no shade to the senior citizens, but I’m sayin…)?!
    Fo’ serious?

  • Ravi

    This is one of the reasons I have maintained Kanye is lame for years. Never bought one of his albums. He’s a good producer but as a lyricist, he is garbage. Damn near every time he speaks, stupidity comes out. I’m not so sure that I can say this is prevalent in hip hop, and especially not so with anyone with any skill as an MC. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Kweli or Common extolling the virtues of white women. I tend not to listen to the BS they put on the radio, so I could be mistaken.

    “Black men walking wit white girls on they arms
    I be mad at em as if I know they moms
    Told to go beyond the surface, a person’s a person
    When we lessen our women our condition seems to worsen”

  • lil ray

    stop blaming white women for the ignorance of DBR black men.

  • starr

    Its not hurtful to me….I just don’t listen to that ish. I don’t understand why people support people who insult whether directly or indirectly.

  • Amber

    Black women’s self-esteem has not been safe or secure in rap for a while. I don’t worry about the white girl shout outs. White consumers buy more hip hop anyway. And I don’t look to rap for any validation. I listen to it, I enjoy it, I sometimes can recite it. But everything with a grain of salt.

  • YB

    Rap has people a platform for some black men to express their internal issues and insecurities. Why tell everyone that you have issues with your skin, that you have mommy issues and take it out on other black women, and see whiteness as validation towards your existence. Since when was that cute? Seek therapy instead.

  • Nina Renee

    Kanye’s obsession with white women is one of the reasons he’s fallen off to me. But I don’t expect his music or that of any other mainstream rapper to empower me. A lot of these guys have issues.

  • Dalili

    Only if those women (and girls) hold these rappers to such esteem that they become the yard stick by which they measure their worth. I can’t remember the last time I listened to a rap album in it’s entirety. Most projects are vacuous lyrics set to a great beat. I can’t for the life of me figure out why and how these artist continue to top charts.

  • The Comment

    Thank U! I understand the article but I refuse….REFUSE to let a segment of ignorant…self hating niglets define me. Maybe we should stop idolizing men with no morals, scrupples nor humility. These people do not read books. These rappers do not adheare to the knowledge of historians, preachers or family members telling them what is sacred and what to loose. So bascially we have glorified crazy men with deep seeded mental issues rocking the mic but somehow I suppossed to be hurt because there perception of what is beautiful does not include me. HA!!!!!!! I feel sorry for sistahs that are still looking to black men for validation. It is what it is. Most rap stars hate black women. Get over it. Move ahead and do better. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much d*ck out there for me to be trippin over these fools.

  • Anon

    James, we agree on something.

  • gwan gyal

    I’ve never looked to rap for validation and actually am not that really into that type of music…..especially this vulgar cursing stuff…my car radio stays on smooth jazz or easy listening lol

    Also, I’m glad that I am conscious enough to know that most of these men are brainwashed and don’t even know it…so of course they are going to rap about stupid stuff like this and what kind of shoes and jewelry they can afford.

  • Anon

    Frankly, if you’re still listening to any of the mess that is out there right now being AND SERIOUSLY HURT , you have bigger issues at hand than the comments of some come-up fool on the radio. YB is right. You’re listening to all the reasons that dude should be laying out on therapist’s couch.

  • Keiko

    White consumers may BUY more of their music, but I greatly feel that most listeners of Hip Hop are Black.

  • gfkag

    Kanye is doing Black women a favor by not dating them.

  • YB

    *Rap has become a

  • lil ray

    and can we stop acting like colorism is new to rap all these thing have been in rap music from the start, rappers has shown us through their videos and lyrics for many years their love of light skin women with light eyes, we have let these dbr men get away with mess from the start.

  • Candy j

    I don’t understand why so many black women continue to listen to most rap, especially mainstream rap. What does it offer? A “nice” beat?

  • YB

    You are full of shit. It’s not a matter of being promoted in videos. It about being insulted and degraded in the music. Why is is that today when they majority of video girls are non-black, black male rappers still rap about sexual violence toward black women, domestic violence toward black women, and promote gendered colorism toward us? Why do they still speak about black women when we are even in their videos. Keep our names out your mouth.

    Funny how some black men and rappers can’t even comprehend how to treat another group with basic human respect but cry and moan about how white men are oppressing them. And John Mayer, David Duke dick and all still didn’t disrespect black women in music.

  • Anon

    Well, DANG! I guess I HAVE to part with my money to give to idots on stage bouncing to a beat and calling black women and girls everything but a child of God because CLEARLY there are no other entertainment options in the world except for John Mayer. #staypressed.

  • Anon

    You seem way too concerned about what black women are doing with their money white men, and John Mayer. And you know 99.9% of white men? #staypressed.

  • tia

    @The comment

    THANK YOU! Some Black women and girls are stuck on stupid. Oh well! Sucks for them.

    LMAO! Never mind.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    there are many righteous jazz musicians who could use a little love….

  • Youwishyoucouldbeme

    Black women are blessed that coons like Kanye West and Lil Wayne don’t like them. And the only reason they shot out White women, is because the hip hop industry is owned by White men who know that the majority of hip hop consumers are White women. And to the poster who said White men don’t like us, don’t bring your Black male insecurities on here. White men are diverse and some do like us and some don’t. I think it kills disrespectful Black men like you to see anyone like a Black woman, especially if he isn’t Black. But you aren’t worth wasting anymore keystrokes over. Like Nas said some years ago, hip hop (at least commercial hip hop) is dead. We need to invent a new style of music, because if you look around the artists are starting to get White.

  • tia

    I have never bought a rap cd, so I dont understand it either…..and then they complain.

  • ContrarianUK

    Here is a novel idea, why dont black women create their own music TV radio films literature etc.? Because nothing is more hurtful to the human soul than being led to believe that others control your destiny. Black women need to know that they dont need to sit on their behinds complaining moaning and groaning. Just do it…yourself.

  • Laugh

    They are not hurting me! I don’t listen to that corny mess! I refuse to support ANYBODY who doesn’t like me especially black men whether in music or movies or ANYTHING.

  • B

    So, wait. Are you on the side of these rappers? TBH, I don’t give a crap about them liking white/non-black women. What I DO care about is them insulting black women as though it justifies their preference for white/non-black women. Also, not all white men in Hollywood have “David Duke dicks” because not all white men are asses like John Mayer. I don’t know where you are getting your stats from. There are men like John Mayer, and then there are men like Robert DeNiro, Ivan Sergei, David Bowie, George Lucas, Peter Norton, Justin Chambers, Michael Fassenberg, etc, etc, on and on, in the celebrity and non-celebrity world. Those are just the ones I can remember and there are many more of them. Plus, they’re all hotter than John-less Mayer.

  • Rastaman

    Who seeks personal validation in pop music?
    So Kanye West shouts out, date and do whatever with white women. If you feel a need to boycott him you have every right to in my opinion. But in my value system it is still much less serious than the continued support by many in our community for a pedophile, R Kelly. His actual behavior is in my mind way more damaging than anything Kanye West or any other hip hop artist may say in a song. But that does not seem to get through to the hundred of thousand of black women who still buy his music and concert tickets.
    Someone please enligten me as to why kanye West pandering to his audience should make me concerned

  • arlette81

    i am confused, so you think we should jut accept being degraded by these rappers. we should just accept being called hoes bitches and every derogatory word in the dictionary, really? or are you just making those comments to get a reaction from us. what does this have to do with white men btw?

  • curious

    @ KIR
    please tell me something.
    why is it that when black women speak of not supporting black men (who clearly don’t like black women ) you guys always come back with ” them white menz ain’t checkin for ya!”?
    even when we speak of not tolerating black men who are helping to destroy the black community ( as in this case) your first inclination is to tell us we have no options. but you are the same man that is always complaining about black women choosing men that glorify rap. but the only diff between thugs and rappers is that rappers actually have money. so do you give them a pass because they have money? but want to call black women materialistic? money-worshippers? the only diff is that you wouldn’t date these men but you glorify them too do you not?

  • omfg

    i love jazz. but jazz artists are well-known for their love of nonblack women.

    the difference they generally don’t speak. they just make great music, which i’m all for.

  • Zabeth

    Its been said that if you tell a lie enough times it will eventually be accepted as the truth. The idea that the majority of hip hop consumers being white has been around since the 90s yet this statistic hasn’t ever been accurately measured or quantified. Moreover, no NEW research has been conducted to confirm accuracy. The idea that the majority of hip hop/rap consumers being white is a lie to distract people from the truth and reality.

  • curious

    and another thing, why is it so bad when black women want to take their money, time and energy to other groups of men? you guys don’t want us so what’s the big deal? if they don’t want us either they won’t have anything to do with us , right? or are you actually afraid that some do, and will prove you wrong? in entertainment some of us just want to be entertained without being insulted , and we understand that majority of the women getting shine will be white women, they are his group of women.but it becomes a different ballgame when your own group of men not only put other women on a pedestall, but they VERBALLY degrade you and promote violence towards you. your own group of women, the people you share an experience , history and culture with???

  • Lola

    LOL!! who cares black dudes are bottom feeders!

  • curious

    a lot of times a black man will complain about attitude, weave, kids oow, weight etc but when confronted with a woman who has no kids, natural hair (a lot of times kinky [i mean hey it's not a weave or greasy relaxer right?])normal weight, friendly , educated, humble, etc he is usually quick to claim she is unattractive , esp if she is dark, has kinky hair, afrocentric features.and if she has *ss on top of that he may decide to hit and quit and lead her on for as long as possible using her while she is looking for something more meaningful. we know this happens.she is not good enough to marry but hse is good enough for some *ss , right? and he is well within his rights to not find her attractive. my issue is, why attack her if she decides to venture out of the race to see what might be out there?

  • Drea

    So Clutch…you post an article that quotes Meek Mill and his love for big booty white women and the problem with that BUT the banner on this here webpage is VIBE Presents Roads to Release: Feat. Meek Mill?!? Pick a side please!

  • African Mami

    oh mi gosh!!! is that you j-philly?! Damn you look soooo healthy and strong. I had a frail, grumpy old man in my visual!! uh oh-me likey!!!!! :)

  • curious


    does it make more sense to you that she stay and grovel for a group of men that want nothing to do with her , or at least try with a small but still willing group of white men (in and out of Europe ) who love black women afrocentric features and all? what makes more sense to you?

    please answer my questions.

  • omfg

    in reality, it’s all in the same vein and about the same thing – devaluing black women/girls. and nobody, including many black women, seems to care.

  • curious

    a lot of times a black man will complain about attitude, weave, kids oow, weight etc but when confronted with a woman who has no kids, natural hairnormal weight, friendly , educated, humble, etc he is usually quick to claim she is unattractive , esp if she is dark, has kinky hair, afrocentric features.and if she has *ss on top of that he may decide to hit and quit and lead her on for as long as possible using her while she is looking for something more meaningful. we know this happens.she is not good enough to marry but hse is good enough for some *ss , right? and he is well within his rights to not find her attractive. my issue is, why attack her if she decides to venture out of the race to see what might be out there?

  • occme

    totally agree!!! We need to create some kind of network that supports black women ONLY. Showcasing Black female musicians, successful business owners and other intellectuals, history of black women, actors, hosts, ballerinas and models. And while doing that educating black women about their hair, skin, financial literacy and ETIQUETTE. but the problem with most black women is that even if we had this network one way or another black men are going to be in it because these women will allow them to. It’s like this website for example, its supposed to be by black women for black women but yet we keep bringing black men into it. I’m pretty sure if black men had a website like this, black women won’t even be shown in a picture much less discussed. Shut them out for a second and let’s see if we can do without them because they are certainly doing without us.

  • ContrarianUK

    I think you guys are a bit confused. Non blacks consume most of hip hop but a greater proportion of blacks consume hip hop.

  • Amber

    Okay. But that wasn’t really my point. I don’t care who buys it really. It’s just not for me. And these days I don’t expect too much from rap music in terms of uplifting black women. Occasionally I am suprised and actually enjoy what I hear (beats and lyrics combined), but that’s rare.

  • Clutch

    Hi Drea – we have NO control of the ads that run on our site. We are apart of a network – and our inventory is sold through a third-party.

  • Jay

    Funny, but I could have sworn all those white women in videos like “Runaway” or “Monster” were stand-ins for Taylor Swift. I mean, isn’t Kanye just trying to make amends to his white consumer base for having the unmitigated gaul to 1)disrupt a cute little blonde teenager when she received her first Moon Man, 2)diss that blonde little girl on national TV, and 3)diss that same blonde little girl by insisting that a black girl’s music video – Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” – was way more important and cooler than her little effort?

    The media all but “high-tech lynched” him for placing a black woman (albeit in a a blonde weave but you get the picture) above their all-American singer-songwriter.

    I wouldn’t think too deeply about this. Kanye is obviously still made to do penance, and as long as most of the hip-hop consumers are WHITE MALES (not white women – most of the white women I know are afraid of hip-hop because 1)they’re afraid of those scary black men and 2) the music makes their brothers/boyfriends/sons act a fool), he’s got to give a shout out to the girlfriends/sisters/mothers/daughters of his white fanboys.

    Other than that, who cares? Stop funding foolishness.

    I honestly don’t understand our paranoia as black women over black men’s supposed love for white women and vice versa. Seriously, when have white women en masse ever shown that they’re just about ready to take away all our men? I mean, after they’ve had their freak out and grabbed their purses, and pulled out their smart phones to put 911 on speed dial by the time a brother gets close to them, did they also have time to go, “Oh yeah, I’m going to date this guy just to piss my black coworker off?”

  • curious


    come on dude! you post dissertation after dissertation on here and claim to be open for debate , in fact you always complain about how nobody will refute you but you won’t answer any of my questions! what’s up with that?

  • motrenaissance

    @RastaMan Great Comment

  • iQgraphics

    what is a meek mill?

  • arlette81

    @Keeping it real
    no one said we want more black women to be in their music vids for eff sake. we just dont want to be called hoes, bitches and other derogatory terms and being compared to white women.

  • CurlySue

    @iQgraphics: I assume it’s a very shy manufacturing plant?

  • ContrarianUK


    Yes, your Ssuggestion sounds really healthy.

  • nolakiss16

    They aren’t hurting me because my self-esteem or interest is not tied up into these rappers and what they say. Furthermore I don’t buy rap music, follow these guys, etc. So yeah, I never gotten why some people give other people power over them who cares if lil Wayne wants a redbone, Kayne West likes white women, Meek Mills wants someone yellow, etc. I honestly couldn’t care less but I do care that some feel like they have to disrespect black women in order to praise their perference (those two things doesn’t need to go hand in hand). But like mention above don’t support them let women who they prefer buy their music, Dance and Be in their videos, see them in concerts, etc.

  • Marisa

    They can infactuate white girls all they want considering when it comes to sistas we were reduced to bitches and hoes so lets see how these white chicks. The way alot of these rappers stage their videos with sistas doing nothing but shaking their behinds I would be okay if we werent in them at all. Of course typical I’m sure they white girls wont be potrayed in that manner.

  • S.

    “I’ve never looked to rap for validation and actually am not that really into that type of music…..especially this vulgar cursing stuff…my car radio stays on smooth jazz or easy listening lol”

    ^^^Hi Fives gwan gyal

  • jamesfrmphilly


    miles davis was married to cycly tyson.
    john coltrane was married to alice coltrane.

  • Tonton Michel

    Rap music is big enough to find what you like, support the artists that support you.

  • shal1987

    ….Ugh , clutch you do know that white girl is slang for crack . I went to the grio and seen some of the songs they referenced and some of the songs were referring to crack which is just as bad .
    I think some times we give rap music to much credit. If the female fans are solely feeling bad based on music , they probably have some underlying issues . I stopped supporting rap music , years ago . I can’t even think of the last rap album I purchased , maybe early 2000′s and I ‘m 24.
    I know this would probably never happen but how about we stop supporting they’re music and let the white girls that they adore support them . Its not enough that they degrade us in their lyrics and don’t feature us in their videos now they have an obsession with white women .
    Lets as a collective stop buying their music , simple as that . Until they change their lyrics and rap about black women in a better light don’t support their music

  • OSHH

    When I read the lyrics over @ the Grio my first thought was that some of them namely Rick Ross was talking about cocaine but then you do have coons like Coonye who once called mixed women mutts and said that is what they prefer. Like Shai I stepped away from the genre as a whole a long time ago.

  • LemonNLime

    Ladies, why are you arguing with some fool who clearly doesn’t have the mental capacity to understand this article and the sane people commenting?

    NOT ONCE did anyone say they wanted to be objected in these crappy videos or “music”, NOT ONCE. We all know that many if not most sane women are happy to not be featured as just a prop. And many if not most sane women don’t give a flying horse behind if any of these guys prefer white women. ALL we are saying is KEEP OUR NAME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH.

    But clearly some of the people (more like one person) commenting have been lobotomized and can’t comprehend or respond to a logical thought so just leave well enough alone.

  • LemonNLime

    This is SO true. With all the music choices that are out there there is literally no reason to support anyone who bashes you in every other song. Maybe with more support lesser know artists would get more air time. Personally, I have never liked that crap. Even as a kid, I knew the music was disrespectful because my parents taught me to listen to the lyrics not the beat. Because of that I have NEVER supported arrests that promoted trash most of these idiots put out.

  • Nicole

    Who cares?!

  • Socially Maladjusted

    All the hags in this chat need to shut up – nobody loves white women more than black women.


    If some black men show more love for white women than for black women, they’re just doing what mama taught em.

  • from the sideline

    I feel that when people read these type of articles concerning rap and the image of women, the response is very selfish and ignores the psychology of images/messages and how it affects young people and their self-esteem, worldview, etc.

    Just because you believe it’s never affected you or you’re ability to filter out and critique bullshit is more advanced than others doesn’t mean it cant shape people’s ideals and perception of themselves and others.

    No it’s not right to seek personal validation in popular culture but let’s be real it’s designed to shape us subliminally from birth. If that’s what has surrounded you, when you get older and see how the shit operates, there is a lot of breaking down to do…

    With love, please do not act like pop culure never fucked with your head

  • Bee

    @Jay: Absolutely the best comment on this post.

  • Anon

    Well, you certainly have the right screen name.

  • iQgraphics

    yep…that is in fact a meek mill…
    maybe he should start all over with the name game.

  • Keiko

    Mill/Mills = Million/Millions
    Meek = Quiet, gentle, and easily imposed on; submissive
    I am guessing the name is just something that sounded good to him.

  • hehe

    I love your comment. People act like their impervious to the affects of how society deems them. You don’t know how subconsciously things like this affect them. Heck even if they are impervious to songs and images how does it affect how other black women are viewed and how they view themselves. Sometimes we need to thing beyond an individual level.

  • beautyinbaltimore

    Man I want to comment but I know this comment box will become hotter than a 5 dollar hoes puss on payday.

    Well I will say this, the media is playing on Black women’s self esteem big time. They are really tearing at you young sisters because when you turn on the TV, seeing Black women rip out each other’s weave, mammyfied, loud and bossy, pregnant and don’t know who the dad, is seems normal.

    For the love of God Black women, stop putting our or your business out there, stop supporting people who don’t support or embarrass us. Take a look at the skit Nash(#1 mammy) did on Family Guy, my mouth fell open.

  • beautyinbaltimore

    lol at Curly Sue

  • JC

    You also have to wonder how much of this has anything to do with black people. I mean, black people are not the primary hip hop consumers, white middle class teens are the primary consumers. So what if

  • JC

    I feel like we are walking around in circles. Every other day there is an article about white women. The same kind of comments and arguments come up. Instead, what if we talked about ways of moving forward or raised attention to different problems.

  • Teiko

    Again – Black People listen to Hip Hop/ Rap more than other people.

  • taryn

    who cares? i listen to the music!!

  • OSHH

    This comment is truth and really that’s the inherent danger, how it poisons minds, young and old. You have to guard your soul gates (which are your eyes, ears, speech and sex)and be very careful what you consume in the form of entertainment esp parents in regards to children.

  • Trey

    Clearly the post wasn’t about white women taking black men away from black women. The authors point was to highlight how hip hop’s simultaneous elevation of white women and devaluation of black women is an impediment to black self determination and self love. You’re oblivious if you think that constant positive images of whiteness and constant negative images of blackness aren’t damaging to the black female psyche.

  • Trey

    and probably have no idea how it shapes your values…

  • Change

    “I feel sorry for sistahs that are still looking to black men for validation.”

    ^^ this. I feel for black women who seek validation from any man.
    close thread.

  • Anon

    There are solutions on other sites. Seriously. Folks are leaving the country. Starting businesses. Starting petitions to at least get the WORD out as to why people need to examine what they watch and listen to. I’ve dropped links here for exercise, fitness, and grooming. I’m going to stop commenting here soon(as is one other commenter who I interact with elsewhere) I got to get my grad school on, but some of us are commenting to draw attention to COMMON SENSE in the younger readers who come here. I’ve become WELL aware how lost and confused some BW are, so some folks are dropping crumbs and hoping that at least a few find the breadtrail.

  • Socially Maladjusted

    Oh for sure but the irony in my screen name floats way above your low hanging bonce.

  • jmf

    Whatever. This is why we have rappers like Azealia Banks who writes songs about trolling for white boys.

    Really, who cares? How many of these rappers actually end up with white women? And really, which intelligent, beautiful black female is checking for these ignorant assholes?

    Their ‘infatuation’ with White girls isn’t hurting ME. I still feel good about MYSELF.

    Why do we care what these nouveau riche glorified hoodrats think of us?

  • Jane

    a) I like it when articles quote rap lyrics, just to clarify just how stupid they really sound

    b) every time a black man puts a white woman on a pedestal in his music he is coming off as thirsty. these black men are only making their own selves look silly because the vast majority of white women are not checking for them in any way and most certainly not in the SAME way. Let me know the next time Taylor Swift or Madonna tells the world just how much they love “dem brothas” in one of their songs. until then, BYE!

  • Jane

    so true. black men have been putting down brown and black women since slavery was abolished. paper bag parties, boule, frats (AND sororities mind you) etc. that’s nothing new. black women simply must stop caring so much. focus on finding happiness within yourself without looking to black men for validation. you are beautiful!

  • Jane

    they most certainly are not shouting back. if you look at statistics about rap sales over the past 5 years it’s been on a constantly decline, and nobody can seem to figure out why….

    here’s my theory: it’s because black women aren’t supporting it as much as they did in the past. think about it: white women might like a little rap from time to time, but they like their own music more (the john mayers LMFAO etc). black men don’t really *purchase* music, more likely to download. I imagine that even white men are getting weary of buying music where black men are constantly talking about white girls. and that leaves??? rap music is doomed, and they put themselves there by taking for granted the one group that was supporting them from the start with $$ – black women who used to love hip hop.

  • Jane

    oh and btw, black women don’t forget

  • tia

    and this is why SOME Black women are stupid…supporting their own degradation and dehumanization and only complaining NOW, when they images and shouts seem to be changing. Any Black women like this and those rappers deserve each other.

  • Leo the Yardie Chick

    Far too many rappers have been singing degrading lyrics about black women for years, yet their black female fans not only kept supporting them but defending them from criticism. So forgive me for giving an industrial strength side-eye if rappers idolizing white women or white features in their music is what finally shakes and wakes said black women and girls up.

  • Rukyoftheyear

    Instead of looking to these hot messes, look to a real man…Obama know’s what’s up. #Michelleallday

  • australiangirl

    no, Anon is correct. you are indeed a socially maladjusted troll – i mean, individual. if you dont like black women then just leave. dont let the door hit you on the way out.

  • ~E.Wilson~

    Rappers can do whatever they want. Maybe when Black women get mad and stop supporting it, they’ll change. Until then, if you don’t like it, don’t support it. It’s that easy

  • my_reply

    @SMH – Now that rap is more mainstream, they are toning down the misogyny to be on pop stations. Now that the misogyny is getting toned down, the women in the videos aren’t black. There is a big difference in the lyrics of this pop rap and rap that was made for black audiences. The music videos with non-black women are also less degrading if you haven’t noticed. Please don’t list certain songs or videos that are msogynistic and degrading. Obviously they still are disrespectful, but overall they have toned down.
    Personally, I don’t care who people date, but when black people go on and on about how a white woman or a white man is better, it looks pathetic. I’m sure white supremacists love to hear that rappers put white women on a pedestal. It supports their thinking that white women are the best.

  • MelBelle

    1. I know way more rappers that idolize black women than white women.
    2. And did you see the Monster video? I’m sure that is NOT idolizing the white female. Kanye’s album art for My Dark Twisted Fantasy pissed off a lot of white chics because it came off as degrading.
    3. Rappers just want to get the “oooh na na” from any female body at the end of the day, black or white.
    4. And it’s pretty whack that this article was written because “they’re not degrading us black women anymore. Now they want white girls!” Then let them have them!? I am confused. Stop making this a big deal. It’s been done.

  • Melissa Jenkins

    MelBelle, it is really sad how you minimize this issue. There are famous, well known rappers that idolize white women so they make an impact. It is prevalent enough that people know what is going on. For you to dismiss it is ignorant.

  • JuneBug


  • JuneBug

    Now that the test has gone through, I just want to say (as usual) that BM can do what they want. I realize that they (largely) seek to denigrate BW and it is up to US to represent ourselves in a way that is conducive to how we want to be treated.

  • JuneBug

    “Industrial strength side-eye” and you’re a Yardie…I can tell that we are gonna be friends (White Stripes song). LOL :P

  • chnyere

    This is seriously sad.
    Rapper artist r free to do what ever they want and u can’t get mad; it’s their choice, their opinion. You can not have respect for someone or support someone, who obviously does not care for you. Just stop supporting rappers, they DON’T CARE ABOUT U. This situation is pathetic and it mirrors the real life situation of, many, blk men and blk women today.

  • chnyere

    @curlysue, u seriously mad me lol

  • http://www.igwaters.rg Julian Gumbs

    Actually, the influence of rap music is not as prevelant as percieved, these folks are lucky to crack a million downloads, furthermore the black households use of downloaded music is a fraction of the white community. The images of these men are nothing but Classless Clowns, wearing dreads, sporting a black skin and singing about the Black experience when, Stop Lying, we for the MOST part don’t live that life. The real black story is seen, not sung. They continue to pollute the minds of our youth, they are nothing but facay Ingrates. Listen to Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, listen the overbearing themes of their music. How the hell we get from there soulful view to Rick Ross and Maybach Music and Lil’Wayne and Young Money in Under One Generation. Lying ScumBags!

  • my_reply

    Yes! It’s sad because many men especially the white men behind the scenes making the money see these men as clowns. It’s like a minstrel show. They embrace negative stereotypes about black people while those men laugh AT them all the way to the bank. But the influence of rap is real. The small number of downloads shows that people are illegally obtaining it. You mentioned how it pollutes kIds’ minds. This is the real problem. Black people should be getting it together buying homes and building communities and obtaining wealth by now. We got hit really hard by the crack epidemic and drugs. Hip hop is just another force that has held us back. It encourages people to be low ambition idiots with no self control.

  • my_reply

    The educational gap will always exist for several reasons. One of the reasons being that black kids think that they need to “act black” by imitating these clowns. These men are a lie created by a record label. How many ignorant men will actually become rich? Imitating them will probably ensure that you will be a loser that is unable to get or keep a real job much less a nice paying one. This is why I think black parents have to do everything in their power to keep it from their kids. You don’t have to worry about Kanye West hurting your daughter’s self esteem because she doesn’t know who he is. It’s bad parenting to let you kids listen to this trash. You don’t let your kids watch R-rated movies at a young age do you?

  • Barbara

    Rastaman, you are absolutely correct about R. Kelley. Everytime I hear of him I cringe!! He’s the sicko, and I can’t understand why Black pople in general allow him to continue his career with their support.

  • my_reply

    @SMH – I don’t care how Kanye West makes his money either. He is a grown man making grown folks music. Grown parents should do their job and keep the trash from their kids. Part of a healthy, stable, household is banning harmful media that can influence your kids to make bad decisions in life. I am not a person calling for hip hop to be killed or censored. I am for black parents not letting their kids listen to it. The majority of it is grown folks music, so why are good parents interested in creating a stable household allowing kids to listen to toxic music? Protecting and shielding your kids from bad influences is a BIG PART of raising your kids properly.

  • jess

    Rap has been hurtful to Black girls for many years now, not just since white women got in on it. Black girls need to be taught to shut out an industry and music style that makes it blatantly clear (to anyone with half a brain) that it HATES you. But Black women have been stupidly dancing to our own destruction for many years now, with no regard for the consequences of participting in a culture that makes its hatred and desire for us to disappear evident. Black women have been warned by too many concerned Black women with sense. Rap and Hip Hop are death to Black women. We should now avaoid it at all costs.

  • jess

    Socially maladjusted, take you hatred elsewhere jerk

  • jess

    Black women, don’t listen to SMH. Ever heard of gaslighting?That’s excatly what he is practicing. Don’t let the haters of Black women convince you that you are not correct in seeing the detrimental effects of the media and music industry on black women and girls. Love yourselves and ignore the Black KKK and white KKK.

  • jess


  • greyeyedgirl

    I agree, which is why I don’t…never do I support black women hating rappers, ball players, actors or anyone else that degrades black women.

  • Mali

    Your an a$$hole with a complex, kicking up hate, and its racist.
    Your heart is ugly.

  • Kathy Henry

    who give a ish about what some crummy rappers think

  • EssDot323

    I have no issues ignoring nigger rappers.

    Well before White female fetishization, nigger rappers have been making music that shits on Black women and girls. They even shit on Black men and boys but that’s a separate topic. Clearly, nigger rappers are diseased with self-hatred. They’re little boys that would rather buy expensive things than pay a visit to a therapist.

    They’re garbage so just take out the trash already.

  • Jane

    we already know jess…

  • e.breezy

    uh… white girl is a street name for cocaine, about half of the lyrics posted where referencing the white girl you take up your nose.

  • e.breezy

    white girl = cocaine, and half of those lyrics are talking about the white girl you do up your nose

  • EssDot323

    Look at this nigger troll creating a straw man argument completely devoid of facts and stats. How typical.

  • jeff

    black girls always complain, tell them to suck a dick

  • mypointiz…

    but you suck ‘em much better ;)

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