For someone who is so critical of Basketball Wives, Star Jones sure is getting a lot of face time these days on its back.

According to Sister2Sister Magazine, Star clarified during her latest appearance comes on the Wendy Williams Show that her coalition against the show was not the same as the boycott started by Spelman student Alexis M. She also reiterated that she and Evelyn Lozada are now playing nice (shocker) and that she never, ever, ever, ever was trying to get the show off of the air:

“I was never encouraging anybody to boycott somebody’s job. That’s not what I’m about,” said the lawyer turned reality tv star. She added to the reality trash heap when she went head to head with Real Housewives of Atlanta Star NeNe Leakes on Celebrity Apprentice.

“I started to talk about it, and I talked about it on social media and I was pretty harsh when it came down to [it],” Star continued. “We don’t have many options on television to watch Brown women. We don’t have as much as the majority and little girls deserve our very best.”

Though she apparently never planned to boycott the show, she appeared on Wendy’s show in the not too distant past to voice her disdain for all of the women’s antics:

“For you as an African American professional woman, to use your platform to advance a matter of how black woman should interact with another black women on television — it’s major what you are doing, just even asking me about this topic,” said Star to Williams who is best known for her mud-slinging radio gossip. “I think other women, we have to recognize… Is this how you want to go out? Do you really want the world to see this as a representation of who you are and who your sisters are ? I don’t. So I would never be a part of that.”

I’m not really sure what Star’s initial motives were in gunning for BBW– though I have my suspicions — but if she can be the voice of reason that makes women such as Lozada take a hard look at themselves and realize that young women are emulating their actions, then more power to her.



  2. Yeahright2011

    Start Jones wasn’t an example of professional or reason in the first place.

  3. Cherish

    Look, I listened to Beyonce, rap and watched BBW, but I had sense not to list some of these celebs as role models. It depends on the young viewer. When I was young, I watched some catfights, but I had a mind of my own. I think that it depends if a young girl has good role models in her life.

    • Insight

      I hear you, but don’t underestimate the influence TV shows have on youth. Children become bullies, get eating disorders, commit suicide and dress a certain way because of what they see on TV and celebrities. I understand you have to have good role models in your life, but what happens when you don’t? Is it ok?

      Is it ok for you to act a certain way because you saw it in a video game and Dad wasn’t there? I guess the point I am trying to make is that I have great parents who I consider role models, but I also consider Michelle Obama, Zoe Saldana, Kerry Washington and Jill Scott role models too because they look like me (and there are very few black women with positive roles on tv).

      So I don’t think it’s much of a stretch that young black girls are taking the basketball wives/reality tv as role models too (whether it be a conscious decision or subconscious). I am boycotting the show as well (it just raises my blood pressure and I’m 24), I don’t see how it’s mature for 40+ yr old women to teach younger people that it’s ok to be gold diggers and not care about the consequences to your actions.

  4. Queen

    I have trouble taking anything Star says seriously..But yeah, if she can help woman like Evelyn take a long hard look at themselves…then more power to her. I just hope she can do the same for herself.

  5. Kacey

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who think Star Jones has a problem with integrity and consistency. Ever since her fall-out on The View (beginning with her lying about how she was losing weight and culminating with that tacky wedding to Big Gay Al) I just believe she is not who tries to convince you she is.

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