Here it is, folks. Tyler Perry is gearing up to make his action film debut in the upcoming Alex Cross, based on the popular novel series by James Patterson. Although Idris Elba was originally slated for the role, and Morgan Freeman played the character before, when the film changed production companies and directors, Perry got the nod.

While the 2-minute trailer is too short to judge Perry’s action star chops, like Tambay of Shadow & Act, I did noticed the film’s villain, not Perry, dominates the trailer. We do get a glimpse of Perry working out, shirtless, but I’m still not sure that’s enough to convince people he can carry such an intense role.

I’ll guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

What do you think of the trailer? Will you be seeing the film?  

  • African Mami

    YES! Oh wooow!! I would DEFINITELY watch it, just to see Tyler in a different role. I’ve always liked him-or should I say his hustle, albeit it’s limited creativity!

  • Ms. Information

    I am a Patterson fan..I will never be sold on this…he doesn’t have the masculinity needed for this character….Idris would have fit the character more.

  • Pseudonym

    Anyone else amused at how it is PREDICTABLY centering around the sexual abuse of women by a man? I was wondering if he’d break the mold with this one, but no…James Patterson FTW!

  • OSHH

    I read alot of James Patterson books as well, and although I do like TP this is a bit of a stretch and I do think Idris would have been an excellent choice.
    Morgan Freeman was too old in the portrayl that was a poor choice as well imo

  • freebee33

    I agree

  • Dalili

    I was pleasantly surprised with the little I saw of TP, however I am more intrigued by Matthew Fox. This role seems like a departure from his usual stuff.

  • Christal

    As a true Patterson and a Tyler Perry fan, I am actually intrigued to see how well Tyler Perry does with this role. Although I was looking forward to Ildris playing this role, it’s good to see Perry step outside of the Madea movies. I look forward to seeing it!

  • iQgraphics

    whenever Tyler Perry gets excited, no matter what he’s saying, he sounds like Madea.
    I want to see it because I think that alone coupled with the context of the film will be hysterical!

  • Whatever

    I can’t take TP seriously in this role. Idris would have been a better pick, especially since this seems kind of Luther-ish.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    he holds that gun like a sissy……

  • my_reply

    I read the Alex Cross books. When I saw Morgan Freeman as Alex Cross, I was like “Why”? But the movie was good. Tyler Perry as Alex Cross is even more shocking. When I read the books, I always pictured someone like Will Smith or Denzel Washingtion. TP is just wrong. I never thought he was masculine enough to be in an action movie. I’m not saying he’s feminine. He’s just more like an average guy than a manly man who kicks butt. Just wrong. Will Smith would have been perfect or Idris Elba or Denzel, but Will Smith does well with series.

  • Val

    Just say no to Tyler Perry!

  • Reason

    Don’t you know that in Hollywood, a black male lead + a (dark-skinned) black female love interest = “Black Movie” (ie. whites won’t see it, ergo “not commercial”)? For proof, look at the female leads/love interests for Will Smith post-Independence Day. Go ahead to IMDB right now…I’ll wait…
    Back? Anyway, back to the point. This is the movie Hollywood doesn’t want to make, period. THIS is the one. The “black-actioner”. I know many of you may not be comic book fans, but even the mighty Marvel Comics guys don’t what to make a film based on one of their strongest modern properties, The Black Panther (look him up) over the race issue (The BP is African, not African-American). Even if this thing does well commercially, there’s still a strong chance it will be written off as a fluke, and it will be a half-generation before another high-profile shot at it.
    I submit that the issue in (y)our minds is not whether or not Perry “looks and sounds right” in that role, but any black man*. That’s sure what white America is thinking. May I also remind you that this role was almost Idris Elba’s? That would be consistent with Richard Pryor’s “one n***a-at-a-time” rule he charged Hollywood with.

    *Yes I am aware that the character in the book is black, that’s not what I meant.

  • Reason

    The top of my post was cut off. The following was to be the top section:

    Not one comment about how the trailer is dominated by the white character for the (maybe not so) obvious reason. Instead, people here are actually more interested in the villain, or Perry not having the role in the first place. Many posters had the nerve to call me a self-loather (due to another topic entirely) on this website, but who missed Hollywood’s failures this time?

  • Mr. Man

    Meh, typical FBI after serial killer movie, we get, what two or three of these every year. Anyway Tyler is just too soft, I do think it’ll be entertaining flick but just not a very convincing one. Idris would have surely been ideal.

  • Tammy M.

    I am sorry, I just saw “Good Deeds” and I was not impressed. I just think Tyler is very one note as an actor. His emotional range is blah! But good on the brother getting another gig, hopefully he suprises us all.

    Sorry Idris, I think you would have been great as well.

  • LaNeshe

    AGREED! They were looking at Idris at first, and that would have been PERFECT from what I saw him do in “Luther.” I’m trying to not be judgmental. I’ll probably see it, and try to have an open mind.

  • Tonton Michel


  • Me27


  • Me

    @Britni Daniel That’s not Tyler working out shirtless. It’s the villain–note the tats, and even though TP looks slimmer, he ain’t that cut.

  • Sandra Appiah

    I would love to see Idris do something Luther-esque for an American audience but this film (with it’s cast and writing) looks like it wouldn’t do Elba justice anyway, even if he gave an amazing performance.

    As for Tyler, I’m happy he’s trying something different. It’s about damn time tbh. Will I watch it? I’m not sure, because Tyler isn’t really convincing me in the role as Alex Cross. He’s a one trick pony and we’ve seen this film done so many times before anyway. I’m undecided.

  • Regina

    This role should have gone to Idris Elba, who has proven his action-acting ability in “Luther”, “Prom Night”, and “The Losers”. Tyler Perry is not believable as an action hero. As a fan of all the Alex Cross books, what I read and seeing Tyler do not match. This is a NO GO for me.

  • isola

    I am officially a masochist, because I knew it would be painful to watch and I still did. I like the Alex Cross character. When Morgan Freeman originally was cast I thought he was too old. After seeing Kiss the Girls I as pleased. Freeman is such a great actor that he any doubt of my mind. Even at his age now he is a more believable casting choice than Perry. I never envisioned Cross as classically handsome as Idris Elba or Denzel Washington. I think Chiwetel Ejiofor would have been a better choice but I guess he is not a big enough name.

  • Thomas P. Bazemore

    Yes, Tyler can play Alex and he will do a good job…..In all of the Alex Cross.books he Was not a Superman, just a good cop.Tyler will do a better job with this role…..

  • Demetrius Sherman

    We are worried that Tyler Perry is unconvincing as a tough cop because of his Madea image. But remember a black who played a much better black detective and is better than Alex Cross? (click link)

  • http://Clutch Lanie

    Tyler Perry is Awesome! Why does a cop always have to be a hard ass? As long as he does his job, that’s all that matters! I’m soooooo anxious to see this movie!

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