VH1 knows a good thing when they see it. After it scored a hit with Love & Hip-Hop, which followed the lives of a group of New York women in the industry, it decided to take the show south, to the A, the current mecca of bougie black America.

From the looks of the trailer, this season promises to bring the drama. While I watched the clip a few things came to mind: 1) I have no clue who ANY of these women are, and 2) This looks like a GREAT soap opera! Only, VH1 wants us to pretend it’s a “reality show.” Whatevs.

This season we’ll see some of the women trying to make it in the biz, while some of the other ladies are trying to hold on to their questionable men (uh, why?). There also seems to be some sort of love triangle and Maury Povich pregnancy test moment in the works. All things VH1 hopes will keep you tuning in and telling your girls, “Well, I know it’s bad, but this show is my guilty pleasure!”

But will it work?

Check out the trailer.

  • http://www.adivastateofmind.com A Diva State of Mind

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t know who any of these women are!

  • Kacey

    This seems completely scripted – like a telenovela (except not in spanish); like one of those dreadful urban street novels come to the small screen.

  • http://twitter.com/iamqituwrah Ke.

    I do know one of them! K.Michele….loooove her!

  • Guest

    Dear Clutch:
    Let me start off by saying that I love your magazine. Well, most times anyway. I come here most times before I check my “mainstream” news and that is saying something cause I’m a news and politics junkie. BUT every week there is a new article about how there are no positive images fpr black women in the media, yet that article is usually closely followed by one chronicling(sp?) the lives of these stupid women. Please, which is it?
    Thank You.
    Ms Lohse-Issa.

  • http://www.jessicasimien.com Jessica

    I know Rasheeda! LOL…I’ve heard of K. Michelle but couldn’t tell you which one she is.

  • Marsha

    +1 You took the words right out of my mouth

  • Pseudonym

    Ummm…did somebody’s man just threaten to send them “back to the strip club?”


    I had the same “soap opera” thought when watching the trailer. It’d probably be a lot better if they’d just hire actors and make it a real [bad] show instead of the reality spin…cuz as we learned from BBW folks get attention, mistake it for fame, and go all kinds of crazy..

  • kc

    You nailed it. Is Zane the showrunner or something? So many tattoos and bad weaves. I can’t.

  • http://www.clutchmagonline.com Britni Danielle

    Hey Lohse-Issa,

    Thanks for being a loyal reader! Unlike many sites, we share a wide range of perspectives from various writers. While our readers & writers often speak critically about pop culture, it’s clear that some still watch. So we discuss it. Here at CLUTCH we talk about everything, share a wide range of perspectives, and continue to do so.

    Thanks for reading!

  • mw

    he did. . . .but gosh darn it, she’s “not going back!”

    I watched every episode of the NYC series and maybe it’s because I wanted them to but those girls seemed way more relevant in the ‘Hip-Hop’ scene (even if only as side pieces to rappers who haven’t had real success in the last 3-5 years).

    But this right here? (in my K. Williams voice)..this right here is an absolute mess.

    Who are these women? Who are these men? Do people still wear wife beaters in public like they’re real articles of clothing? Is this a page to the back stories of the girls at Magic City–Booty and Bad Weaves?

  • Cloudy Summer Day

    This looks wretched.

  • Cloudy Summer Day/Teiko

    “Do people still wear wife beaters in public like they’re real articles of clothing?”

    Where I live, I see boys/men wearing tank tops as their primary shirt ALL THE TIME.

  • Yeahright2011

    So I’ll be watching Monk online when this is on.

  • http://globetracer.wordpress.com She Traces

    Looks scandalous enough…and I barely recognize even one of their men on there. None of these women look even average even with all their faces on, etc. So, if there’s not even any eye candy, I don’t know what is left..
    I can’t imagine that my attention will be held for very long.
    The whole pregnancy thing piqued my interest though.

  • cem100

    this looks like trash

  • Dalili

    LOL! I love/d. I have seasons 1-5 on dvd and watch them often….along with Dexter.

  • Pseudonym

    “he did. . . .but gosh darn it, she’s ‘not going back!’”

    pffffhahahaha!!!! I swear I almost died when I read that.

  • lindy

    People like you are the reason these shows wont go away

  • Andrea

    This trailer reminds me of the hood novels I would read in middle school. Not really feeling it.

  • overseas_honeybee

    VH1 is making a killing… somebody will tune in for sure and continue to fatten up their pockets. Straight foolishness. #bringbackpopupvideo.

  • Joyful1

    I miss that show like crazy. Netflix has all the seasons available.

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  • Isis

    Who are these people??

  • df


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