“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” VH1’s latest addition to its reality show lineup, seems to be a hit. The show that takes viewers inside the lives of some of hip-hop’s Georgia peaches is serving up all of the juicy drama audiences love.

While we can debate whether or not the show does black women and our image a disservice, there’s one thing I am almost certain of: This reality show is anything but reality; it’s totally scripted.

Although I’m well aware that most reality shows have some element of staged drama, the conflicts, characters, and situations on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” just feel more like a bad primetime soap opera than how real folks actually live. As one of my Twitter followers put it the other night, “‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ is a bad telenovela, but with negroes.”

I agree. And here’s why.

Stevie J is a horrible actor — and it shows

I’m sorry, but one of the main reasons I can’t take this show seriously is Stevie J. Instead of coming off like a real person, he sounds like he’s serving up his best Blaxplotation performance or Mase impersonation. His reaction to everything is just so lackluster and monotone and is not anything close to being real.

Pregnant jump-off? Stevie’s expression is placid. Angry girlfriend? Stevie’s face is so still (and his voice so flat) he must sweat Botox. Getting them “paws” put on him? Stevie was talking to Scrappy like he was asking for some Grey Poupon instead of getting ready to fight.

If the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” folks want me to believe this show isn’t a horribly acted dramedy, then I’m going to need Stevie J. to seem a little less plastic and a lot more real.

  • http://www.facebook.com/BeautifyMyBarbie Naomi Beautifulbarbie McKenzie

    I agree people are focusing way to hard on her being a man esp. the guys. mmmmm figures. down low men in the community.

  • Rina C.

    You all sit there saying Stevie the worst actor but you’re so forgetting Scrappys mom. Seeing and hearing her talk let me know this show definitely is fake.

  • justareply01

    actually that was a name she used for a fake id because she started stripping at a really young age. so whenever she got arrested that was the name she used. but her real name is joseline hernandez. google her name and get your facts straight.

  • Mike

    I`ve always known it was scripted or staged. However
    I watch it because its just entertainment especially stevie J.
    and joseline. I don’t take it seriously.

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